Author's Note: Another drabble from the start of John and Sherlock's relationship. And when I say relationship I don't mean relationship, at least not yet.

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His therapist believed that he had issues with trust. She believed that John Watson had a hard time learning to trust others. But that wasn't the case, not really, John had just discovered that so few people were worthy of his trust.

John trusted Sherlock from the very beginning of their relationship.

There was something oddly comforting in the way that the detective could read John so easily. He imagined that most people found Sherlock's abilities to examine and pass judgment, in mere moments, to be odd and unsettling, euphemistically saying, of course; but not John Watson. No, John was tired of having to explain: his leg, his war, his life, to every new acquaintance. It was refreshing to meet someone that knew almost everything about him instantly. Sherlock did not feel the need to spare John's feelings; hard truths tumbled from the younger man's elegant mouth like kisses along a lover's cheek. Not that there was anything loving about Sherlock. But after everything that John had experienced hearing the truth was welcome and energizing.

Any secret that John had to hide, such as his sister's addiction or his time with the therapist, Sherlock had already deduced. He attacked John with the information in a way that he had probably done with every new acquaintance. John was sure that it was one of the habits that the world's only Consulting Detective used to keep people at bay. But not John, no, he relished the release that the truth provided. He hadn't been as comfortable around another human being in years. It was a strange kind of catharsis and he was sure that his therapist would deem it unhealthy but John did not care.

There was no reason not to trust the man. No reason at all. John knew from the very beginning that Sherlock Holmes was a speaker of truth who felt no measure of pity for a lost and wounded soldier.

John would do whatever the younger man required of him in return for such honesty.