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Chapter 2

When Ethan left for the movies in the afternoon, Jane took that opportunity to sneak into his room. Her parents were leaving in 20 minutes, so she didn't have much time. She dragged an empty recyclable bag into his room, and began her search.

"Okay. I need Rory's number first." she established.

Jane found an address book on Ethan's bookshelf, and skimmed through. She had no idea what his last name was, so she found Rory randomly, and memorized his number.

Next, she needed some raw meat. She would get that in the kitchen. But where to find human blood?

She couldn't risk using her own, because her vampire friends including Rory would get too hungry.

She found a bag of someone's blood on Ethan's dresser that said: "For Sarah", proving even further that she was a vampire.

Jane snuck into the kitchen and slipped some raw uncooked chicken in her bag along with a pair of rubber gloves.

She also slipped some garlic into a bag and tucked it next to some chloroform on a washcloth she also found in Ethan's room.

All of this she hid under her bed with the home phone until Sarah came, which was five minutes later.

"Let's play dress-up." Jane decided. "I have a super cool outfit I want to be a surprise for you, but it takes a while to put on."

She closed her door and set a bowl of garlic on the floor next to it. Jane had everything planned out, including starting a voice recording of her making various noises which sounded like her getting dressed for a good hour. Sometimes in the tape she would randomly say "It barely fits", "almost done!" and "I'm okay!".

Jane locked the door and dialed Rory's number. She knew he wasn't going to the movies that night on account of being a third wheel.

"Hello? If this is John's Pizza, I didn't prank call you and say I'm the Food Police!" Rory said.

"Remember that day Ethan and Benny ditched you, and you guys didn't get to go to the movies?" Jane asked.

This occurs in my other story I mentioned earlier, and I haven't gotten to that part. Rory had agreed that Jane owed him one.

"No. I've been ditched a lot of times."

"Well, this is Jane, and you said you owe me. Show up at my window ASAP."

Jane hung up and opened her window with her bag in hand, and Rory arrived there in an instant.

"Good. Now carry me to the White Chapel Elementary." she ordered.

"Wait, you said I owe you one favor. That was your favor. Me coming here." Rory said. Luckily, Jane knew about his airheadness.

"You owe me one favor?" Jane asked. "Oops, my bad. I meant to say you promised me as many favors as I want!"

"Okay!" Rory agreed. The vampire was deceived.

Jane climbed on his back.

"Hurry! The White Chapel Elementary Mythical Creatures Unanimous meets in ten minutes!" she warned. Rory was about to take off when he paused.

"Wait. The WCEMCU meets in tem minutes? At White Chapel Elementary? I don't know where that is!"

"Rory, you went there in Elementary School." Jane reminded him.

"Oh yeah!" Rory said, and flew off.

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