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Chapter 3

At the Elementary School, Jane and Rory crept into the unlocked older kids' playground. There were some chairs set up in a circle in the light forest.

Jane pulled Rory behind a tree with her as a boy without a shirt and a very hairy chest walked in and sat down.

"That's the minotaur!" Jane said. Rory nodded in agreement as a girl in a pencil skirt and blouse entered and sat down also.

"That's a vampire, right?" Jane asked.

"How should I know?" Rory asked. Jane rolled her eyes.

"You're a vampire." she supplied.

"I don't know. She looks like a regular girl to me."

"We're going in." Jane decided, and pulled Rory into the meeting.

"Hi Junior. Hi Nicole." she said. Nicole put her hands on her hips.

"Jane, you know the rule. Only elementary schoolers." she said. Jane was busted and needed an excuse.

"Um, Rory, what's two plus two?" Jane asked.

"I don't know!" Rory whined. "It's not on the times tables chart!"

"Yeah it is smart one!" Junior spat. Jane put her hand up as if to stop him.

"Don't even try." she warned. "Rory peaked early height wise, but not by smarts."

Jane and Rory sat down officially welcomed. Hopefully Junior and Nicole were the only ones coming so that her plan would work.

"Is this our turnout?" she asked.

"No. Uh, Corey is coming." Junior responded.

Now Jane knew she had to hurry up with her plan. Another mythical creature could mess everything up.

"Um, bathroom break, Rory!" Jane said, pulling him out of his chair.

"But I don't have to go!" he whined.

you do!" Jane snapped, and pulled him out of the playground into the front of the school.

"We have to set the trap now" she said. She took out the bag of blood to set a blood thirsty trail.

"Blood!" Rory yelled, and tried to grab it out of Jane's hands.

"Give it back!" she yelled. Rory beared his fangs and hissed at Jane, causing her to quickly let go.

On TV it looked a lot less scary, but when a blood-thirsty vampire hisses at you, you fear for your life, your future. Jane guessed Rory was too hungry to care about the fears of an eight year old.

Rory stuck his fangs into the bag, and sucked every single drop out of it. Jane wondered whose blood that was.

"Fine." she said. "I'll just use raw meat. Can you get me the gloves out of the bag?"

Rory stuck his hands in the bag and screamed.

"There's garlic in there!" he yelled. His panic caused all of the contents to spill out of the bag and all over the street.

"Ooh, what's this?" he opened the baggie with the washcloth in it. Jane thought of telling him not to mess with it, but they were short on time, and she needed something to keep him busy.

As Jane put her gloves on, Rory smelled the washcloth, and passed out. Finally.

She put the chloroform washcloth away and tried to drag Rory down the street. She should have guessed that high schoolers were that heavy.

Jane ignored Rory and began to set a trail of raw meat leading to her house. But she didn't worry about Rory too much. He would find his way home.