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A Mother's Will

Prologue: Breaking Apart to Put Together

Twenty minutes...

Waves of jutsu crash into the walls of Konoha with unreal force.

Twenty minutes...

Orochimaru, wearing Sasuke's body like a suit, and his army of Edo Tensei, larger than any army ever thought possible, rolled into the village and began decimating its inhabitants like insects. The whole remaining Rookie 9 fighting with everything they had, along with Temari who had married Shikamaru after so much troublesome dating. Kakashi-sensei, all of the other teams' sensei, Tsunade-shisho, Iruka-sensei, and all the other ninja fighting with everything they had on the head of the battle.

Twenty minutes...

All of them falling to the otherworldly arsenal of destruction brought to kill us all in Orochimaru's sick sense of vengeance against the village.

Twenty minutes...

Me and Naruto doing our best to protect our two children from the rest of the onslaught while evacuating what little remained of the village. Both of us being pushed into a corner at the sheer number of our enemies. Naruto smiling at me sadly and putting the kids in my arms and pushing us behind him.

Twenty minutes...

Naruto doing an otherworldly amount of handsigns at breakneck speed. Handsigns I've never seen before. I begged him to come with us as he explained his crazy idea. He never stopped suprising me. He would send us back in time, to protect me, to protect our children, and to save our village from this ever happening. He looked on with a smile as he finished his jutsu. All of his chakra flared in synch with the Kyuubi's to complete the technique. I cried out to him as me and our knocked out children fly through the vortex of twisting time.

I, Sakura Haruno Uzumaki Namikaze, mother of Kushina Tsunade Uzumaki Namikaze and Jiraiya Minato Uzumaki Namikaze, wife of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze the Rokudaime Hokage, landed on the ground of our old training ground and see my younger self, Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, and Sasuke staring at me with shocked looks.

I give a small smile, "Hi, the future sucks," I say as I finally pass into unconciousness while holding my children for all their worth.

...All of this happened in twenty minutes...and now, here we are.

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