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For You

Sam's POV – 2 weeks later

"He told her…WHAT?!" Bobby screams in my face. I cringe back from his explosive words. Yes, Bobby is just finding out what my jackass brother did to Gen. What can I say? I didn't want to do it over the phone!

I sigh, "He basically – after a myriad of insults – told her never to come back. Hell, he threw her around like a ragdoll…it was…bad."

Bobby snorts, "Of course it was ya idgit! I can't believe he acted like that. After all those two have been through! You know how many times she saved his life? What about all the times he saved her? Do those mean nothing to him?! I mean I could understand him being upset at the news, but his reaction was uncalled for!"

I collapse in the nearest chair and rest my head on my fist. This is going to go on for a while. "Hey. You guys want to share with the crowd?" a tired voice calls from the living room. Bad timing, Dean.

Bobby's eyes narrow. He sits up in his chair and wheels his way into the living room. Oh, no…no, no, no. Bad, very bad! I get up out of my chair fast to go and stop him from killing my stupid brother!

"Too late," I whisper to myself coming into the room to see Bobby beating Dean with a fire poker, screaming at him. "Hey, hey, HEY!"

He stops and turns and looks at me. "Stop beating him, he's already doing that to himself, and…where did you get the fire poker?" I ask pointing at it with a raised eyebrow, keeping my distance mind you.

Bobby shrugs and wheels to put it back to wherever the hell it came from. He turns back around and decides to go another round at Dean. So not helping. "How could you be so stupid? That girl was there for you – for all of us! And you find out that her father was an angel, something she has no control over, and decide it's fine to treat her like trash? Boy I may have raised you, but I raised her, too. You have no right to tell her that she's not allowed here anymore. I swear I should…"

While listing threats that would make Lucifer climb back in his hole and hide, Bobby wheels to the library to start looking for some way to stop the apocalypse. Adam comes from his emo corner and asks, "He hurt Gen?"

"Oh, I forgot you knew her. Yeah, he did…stupidly. And now he's trying to hurt the entire world for making such a stupid mistake!" I say angrily turning toward my brother. You see…he has decided today that he is willing to be Michael's bitch. Don't even say it, I know it's stupid. Zachariah was smart to use Adam, Dean wants to protect him. Honestly, he really wants to stop the pain he feels for what he did to Genny. Stupid bastard.

Dean shoots a harsh glare at me, "I didn't make a mistake. I did the right thing!"

"Bull crap!" I yell at him. "If you thought you did the right thing, you wouldn't be trying to let Michael take over the world. You've lost your reason for being here Dean. Yeah, I know you love Bobby, Adam, and I, but you needed Gen. I hear you at night, you know. Calling her name. Newsflash: that's your subconscious trying to tell your stubborn ass something!"

"Sam-" his eyes soften as he goes to say something.

"I don't even want to hear it. But if I find out something happened to her and it's directly related to what you did…I'll show you hurt," I warn him before walking off, leaving him to think about what I said. Hoping that maybe if he thinks it through Dean won't go to Michael…

Genesis POV

"Oh come on, Uncle Balthazar…ppplllleeeaassseee!" I beg my Uncle who I found out was 'alive' when I reached Van Nuys, CA. Why would I be here? Well in my quest to stop thinking about the man I STILL love, I decided to find a way to help him.

What? You're still helping him? Yes, yes I am. Dean had a lot of things wrong that day, but he did have one thing right: a real hunter would do what was needed. Sam and Dean don't deserve what the angels are doing to them, and Uncle Lucifer and Uncle Michael don't deserve it either. They love each other and now they have to fight each other…again.

Basically, I've been 'hunting' down my aunts and uncles on earth to help me stop this war. Lots of them agree with me that Zachariah or Raphael would make a much better Satan…and they love me! They have their assignments, and I have mine. Honestly, I'd love to find my dad and get his help…but so far no luck. Oh, well.

That's how I ended up here. I heard from the last aunt I met that there was a powerful angel hiding out here…turns out she was right. Uncle Cas told me about Balthazar. How they were friends, comrades, and how he was dead. 2 out of 3 isn't bad, right? He's actually kind of cute…he's actually living with Bobby's niece, Seraphina, and probably other things I can't tell your innocent ears.

"Gen…" he warns getting another glass of scotch.

I pout, "Come on! You hate Zachariah and Raphael, too! Castiel needs you, too. Speaking of which…why aren't you dead again?"

He rolls his eyes, "Stop playing that card! I faked my death for a reason! So I don't have to fight this war!" I give him my best puppy dog face. "Look, I want to help you. I do! But I don't necessarily want to help the mudfish that hurt you in the first place!"

I was about to retaliate to him when Sera comes down the stairs. "Balthazar!" she scolds. "We're both going to help her. We've already talked about this!"

"No, you talked and I disagreed," he points out in his British/Australian highbred accent.

"And then I ruled so that's that," she says looking at him with a look that says, 'I dare you to say differently.'

Pause. "I'm taking that Stalin biography away from you," he states, slightly scared. Balthazar finally sighs after a few moments of her staring at him. He turns and looks at me with caring eyes. "I'll help you. I owe you that much."

Beaming with pride, I rush up and hug my – now – favorite uncle. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I squeal. I pull away and look at Sera – who may very well soon be my aunt. "Thank you," I say calmly.

Sera nods her head then her eyes go blank for a moment and begins to teeter. "Seraphina!" Balthazar exclaims rushing to catch her which he does. He holds her for a few moments before she comes back to reality. Seraphina is a witch – like me – but she's also a prophet…hence HER use to the angels, and Balthazar's sudden death. Also she's one kick ass hunter! Better than Dean, Sam, and I combined.

She looks at me with wide eyes before she gives a small smile. "Sorry, Gen. I didn't mean to scare you. I bet you have other plans. I wouldn't want to keep you from them," she says caringly.

Getting a guilty look I say, "I was going to go check out the forest here, take a walk, clear my head. But if you need me for something-" I'm cut off.

"No, no. You go," she says as Balthazar helps her stand. She smiles at him and walks me to the back door, the one that faces the forest. "Honey, I know you still love him. He still loves you, too. You just need to show him you are still you," she whispers gently pushing me out.

I turn back and raise an eyebrow at her. She just gives a sweet smile before waving goodbye and telling me that she and Balthazar will be in touch. "Tell Uncle Balthazar I love him?" I ask her.

"Of course," I smile once more at her and turn, making my way into the forest.

Walking, I begin to put my headphones in to my ears. I take out my blue IPod and flip through songs before landing on Tears of an Angel by RyanDan. Singing along with the lyrics I allow the forests calmness sooth my aching heart. Wonder what stupid thing Sera saw me do to show Dean that I'm the same person I wonder sarcastically making my way deeper into the forest.

One hour later…

"Guard says stop, just kill him with your awesome, the other got hit by an arrow so you're good. Part the red sea…"

"Hello?" I answer my phone. Yes my ringtone is Tobuscus' trailer to Assassin's Creed Brotherhood…bite me.

Uncle Bobby's shaky voice comes over, "Genesis. Thank God! Where are you?"

"Hi, Uncle Bobby. How are you? I'm just peachy!" I say sarcastically. …What?

I hear him grown, "No time for pleasantries you idgit! I know what happened between you and Dean and I promise I beat him for it, but right now he needs you!"

"What happened?" I ask urgently. Dean what have you done?

"He's gone to Zachariah. He raised Adam to be Michael's vessel. Dean was already considering it, but now Sam and Cas can't stop him so they went with. He's going to say yes!" Bobby says fast.

Oh, shit! Not Zachariah…literally anyone but Zachariah. He's not just going to let Dean say yes – and I'll get to how stupid that is later – he'll torture him first!

"The hell he will," I say lowly. "Where are they?"

"Van Nuys, CA, an abandoned warehouse near the outskirts of town…on the other side of a forest. How fast can you get there?" he asks. Well that's ironic.

I snort, "Pretty fast. I'm in that forest now. Don't ask questions. I'll explain it later. I've got to go, Bobby. I hope after this…I'll be home."

Without letting him respond I hang up. Thoughts are whirring around in my head, and I now know what Seraphina was saying. I'm going to have to do something…reckless to save him. No time for thinking I say to myself and suddenly I'm running as fast as I can.

I need to get there first…I need to save him! I scream in my head. Just then a song comes on…one that fits this moment perfectly. Suddenly memories and thoughts are mixing together as I run to save the life of the man that still holds my heart.

I'm running as fast as I can, my legs are blurs. I have to save the people I love!

All I saw was smoke and fire. I didn't feel a thing. But suddenly I was rising higher, and I felt like I just made…the biggest mistake

When I let Dean find out who I really am, I could see all we had burning to ash. I felt so numb.

When I thought about my unborn child, when I thought about my wife.

My father, an archangel, and him staring at him from his spot in the holy fire, his caring and guilty look.

And the answer rang out clear, from somewhere up above. No greater gift has man than to lay down his life for love.

Cause that's exactly what I'm about to do.

And I wonder…would I give my life? Could I make that sacrifice?

Running, running toward the beautiful room I wonder the same thing. Would I? Could I?

If it came down to it, could I take the bullet? I would. Yes, I would for you.

I'm still the same person. I'm still the same person, Dean. That means we both know my answer.

Baby, you don't understand. I don't understand it all myself.

What I am…Dean's reaction.

But there's a brother on my left and another on my right. And in his pocket just like mine he's got a photograph. And they're waiting for him back home. It's weighing on my mind.

Castiel and Balthazar. They have family waiting for them back home, and they can't go back to them.

I'm not trying to be the hero, I don't want to die. But right now in this moment, you don't think twice.

And I won't.

And I wonder, would I give my life? Could I make that sacrifice? If it came down to it, would I take the bullet? I would. Yes, I would for you.

I'm almost there. I can see the outline of the warehouse. Please, Dean…be safe!

You don't think about right. You don't think about wrong. You just do what you got to do…to defend your own. I'd do this thing…for you. Yes I would!

There it is! As the break of the song is running through my head, I'm running through the chain gate, and into the warehouse. And as luck would have it, there, in the middle of the room, is heaven's waiting room. My heart pounds as my feet move faster. I open the door and see Dean being held by Zachariah, so he can't stab him. The room is shaking. Michael's coming. Then Zachariah's hand starts moving from behind him.

I would give my life…

'No!' I scream in my head. Run. Run. Run!

I would make that sacrifice!

Blood splatters across the floor, across Zachariah's hand, across my chest. 'I would take that bullet,' I think weakly. My mouth hangs open, small gasps escaping before my knees buckle and I fall to the ground with the angel blade stuck in the middle of my chest.

"Genesis!" Dean screams, catching me before I fall to the ground. "Oh my God…" he trails off seeing all the blood.

I smile up at him, so glad to see his handsome face not glaring at me. "Hey, Dean, not the best of circumstances I know…" I gasp out gripping at my chest.

Tears glisten in his eyes, but he tries to smile. "No, I guess not," he looks the other way. "Gen. I…I'm…I was just…" he tries but just can't get the words out.

"I know," I whisper hoarsely, moving my hand up to touch his face. His hand covers mine.

"You stupid bitch!" Zachariah screams getting ready to kick me. However, some other people have some objections.

Sam and Adam are grabbing him, pulling him back, and trying to stop the crazy ass. But they aren't the only ones. Suddenly, the shaking grows more intense, and two new presences are in the room.

My vision is slowly growing hazy. Dean's arm tightens around my waist as he holds me closer to his chest. I look over in the corner of the room, and my eyes bug out. "Dad…" I trail off.

There, in all their glory, is my father and Michael in a vessel remarkably similar to young John Winchester. Sam and Adam drop Zachariah's arm, and the jerk-off moves unsteadily away from the two very angry archangels.

"You dare call upon me, and then have the nerve to stab my niece?" Michael says threateningly moving toward the poor bastard.

My father moves with him, looks at me and angry fills his gaze. "I'm going to tear you apart, you damned son of a bitch!" he screams at him before his body is no longer in my line of sight…I probably don't want to know what they're going to do to him anyway.

"Is this what you really wanted?" I ask, closing my eyes. The pain has now completely overwhelmed me; the blade feels like it is literally burning me from the inside.

He starts to shake, I can feel it. With anger or with sadness? "Of course not!" both. "I'm so sorry I said that, Gen. I'm so sorry!"

"I know," I say with a caring tone before wincing at another intense burst of pain. I start grabbing at the blade, meaning to pull it out, but Dean's strong hand stops me. He knows that will do more damage than help. "It hurts…"

"I know," he whispers.

Yelling? Someone's yelling in the background. Everything sounds like I'm in a tunnel. My breathing is slowing. I can't see anything. I…think…Dean's shaking me. I can't tell. "Dean…" I choke out.

Falling…falling. Only blackness.

"I love you."

Genesis's POV – 1 day later

"Hmmm!" I groan very quietly, my chest killing me – not literally…well…at least not anymore!

Thanks to the speed healing qualities from my angel side, I can assess that I haven't been out long. How long is not long though?

"How could you let this happen?" a harsh voice sounds from my right. Dad?

"How c- are you serious?" Sam retaliates. Where's Dean?

The bickering between everyone continues. Dad and Uncle Michael are still here, and it sounds like Balthazar and Seraphina have come as well. Sure know how to make a dying girl feel special! I think sarcastically.

I attempt to open my eyes only to hiss at the light that comes at me fast. That got people's attention. "Gen!" "Genesis" "Ya Idgit!"

My head spins and I collapse back on the couch. "Ow!" I complain turning to bury my head into the couch.

"She's okay," Uncle Balthazar says. I bring his arm up behind my back and flip him off. Laughs sound throughout the room.

Suddenly, Sam clears his throat. I can't hear exactly what he's saying, but soon I hear a bunch of footsteps walking away.

"Genny," Dad's voice sounds in my ear. "I love you. And I'm sorry-"

"I love you, too, Daddy," I cut him off. He doesn't need to apologize to me.

I can almost hear his grateful smile before he pecks my cheek, and then a click. He turned on of the bright lamps off, and lets the room take on some of the darkness that matches the night outside.

Turning around I expect to see my dad, but instead it is Uncle Michael. I get a nervous look on my face, "Hi, Uncle Mikey."

He laughs, "Hello, Genesis. How are you feeling?"

"Fine…okay it hurts like hell, but whatever," I admit to the look on his face.

"I'm sorry about that, but that was a brave thing you did for that man. You're a good child. I also wish to thank you…" he looks down at me with serious, but caring eyes.

I quirk an eyebrow. "You have been working hard to get my brothers and sisters to help Lucifer and myself. I appreciate that. I've never met someone who bothered to think that we might not…want to…"

"Kill each other?" I finish. He nods. "I understand. He's still your brother…and he misses you to."

Michael's head reels back in shock, but it goes as soon as it came. He smiles down at me and also kisses my cheek. "I'd like to finish this conversation…but later. Someone else needs to talk to you right now," he says nodding his head in the direction of Bobby's desk.

There is Dean staring at me out of the corner of his…guilty eyes? I nod at Michael and he goes to join the others Grandfather knows where. Dean then gets off his seat and takes his place in Michael's vacated one.

I'm sure he looks deader than I do I think looking at him. His eyes have bags under them, and worry is sketched into his face. "Hey," I whisper moving into a sitting position…well…trying. I grunt at the pain of moving my new stitches.

Suddenly, a warm hand pushes me back down. "Don't move. You'll reopen your stitches," he says sternly in his sexy deep voice.

"How long have I been out?" I ask him, moving into a comfortable position.

"A day," well that means he hasn't been sleeping for a long time. The bags can't from only one day of sleep.

I nod. "Are you okay?" I ask worriedly remembering what happened before I got stabbed. "Did Zachariah hurt Sam, Adam, or you?"

Dean gives me 'what the hell' look before clearing his throat. "Uh, no. He didn't hurt any of us…thank to you," he looks down at me, eyes burning with sorrow. "Why are you being so nice?"

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

Dean pushes himself up off the couch and starts pacing. "What do I – are you serious? I was horrible to you! I treated you like a monster…told you I wanted you dead. All after I told you I love you and that I would always be there for you. You held up to your end of the deal, and you still risked your life for me. Why? Why would you do that?" he asks hysterically, tears in his eyes.

I motion for him to come sit back down which he does, taking my hand in his as he does. "I'm so sorry," he whispers.

"I did it because I still love you. I'm still me. Before you knew I was an angel, I would have risked my life. I'm still the same person now. So I risked my life. It's as simple as that," I tell him, my thumb stroking the back of his hand.

He looks down at me and gives a humorless laugh. "I'm an ass," he states shaking his head.

I move my head back and forth as if debating what he said. "…Yeah, you are," I say smiling and he gives me a look. "But I understand where you were coming from, no do not say anything. You were out of line in some respects, but after everything my kind has done…it wasn't totally unexpected."

"I still should never have done it," he says seriously. "I do love you. I really do, and I knew that, that one fact shouldn't change anything. I was just so worried. I know it's selfish…but I'd already lost so much. At times, you were the only thing keeping me from saying yes to Michael. When I heard you were his family, I thought I lost you, too. I thought…I don't even know."

Getting tired of our current position, I sit up ignoring Dean's protests. After situating myself, I look back at the rugged face that I have missed so much. I put a hand to his rough cheek, "I know. I was selfish, too. I didn't want to tell you for the same reason."

He leans in and rests his forehead on mine. "We're both idiots," he whispers.

"I know," I whisper back.

"I missed you," he says moving his mouth closer to mine.

I smile, "Me too." His addicting lips were about to attach themselves to mine when I move my hand between us. Dean pulls back confused.

"What? You thought because you apologized and look like crap, that I'd just forgive you and everything would be okay? Ooohhh, boy you have got another thing coming. You are going to have to work your ass off if you ever want to have sex with me again," I say with a sarcastic smile on my face, crossing my arms.

Dean rolls his eyes, "Frickin' angels"

Suddenly his hands grab my forearms and pull me roughly into him because he knows I'm screwing with him. Yes, you are allowed to take that in whatever sense you deem fit. Quickly, my hands find the back of his neck and roughly tangle themselves in his short brown locks. Dean's hands are on my waist shoving my body closer to his until I can feel all of him against me.

Leaning me back into the couch, his mouth molds with mine…opening my lips for him. He runs his delicious tongue over my own resulting in a full body shudder which he can feel. A growl escapes from his lips as they start kissing up my jaw…down my neck. He stops right above where he knows my weak spot is. Mewling I claw at his shirt, not sure if I'm trying to get it off or get him to move that damning mouth of his.

"Mine," he declares into my neck before his mouth descends. A loud gasp sounds, and I'm about to take his shirt off when.

"Get you're dead ass away from my daughter, you arrogant son of a bitch!" Here's the best piece of advice you will ever get: Don't almost have sex with your hot boyfriend on a couch with your archangel father still in the house.

"Run" I whisper and he nods.

"Way ahead of you," and he's out the door with my dad close behind him. Poor Dean. You really shouldn't screw a trickster's daughter…especially not in front of him. Oh, well.

Seraphina enters the room and looks out the door to see a pink haired Dean…and Dean yelling that at least he isn't his brothers' bitch. She just shakes her head and plops down next to Genesis.

"Caught you making out?"


"You poor sucker," she laughs at me. I glare and turn so I am lying curled on half of the couch.

I pick my head up and smile sadistically at her, "So what did Uncle Bobby say about you doing Balthazar?"

"…Oh shit!" she exclaims, her head falling into her hands as she has just come to realize that her only living family isn't going to be happy…especially after he gets to know Balthazar.

I laugh at her and look out the window. Welcome to the club! I think smiling at the scene of my dad chasing my – hopefully temporarily – pink haired boyfriend. Oh, how I've missed these guys.