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Puckleberry & Mature.

Rachel couldnt belieave she was making-out with Noah, I mean the boy was hot she wasnt going to lie but she was worried she was doing this for all the wong reasons Noah was her bully, he slushied her more then anybody. Rachel pulled back and she looked him dead in the eyes " Why me..? you hate me, I hate you why do you choose now to want to change it up and rewrite the script?"

Noah sighed and knew this chick was crazy but he buckled down and looked at her " We're both a couple of hot jew's babe plus I couldnt stand the sight of you looking like a lost puppy that's been left out in the streets" Rachel flinched and looked away, Noah sat up and slightly touched her arm. "Also because your very talented"

Rachel looked at him and nodded " I want to seriously give us a try," Noah couldnt believe what he was hearing " Uhm..yeah okay" Noah almost kicked himself 'Why the hell did I agree to that?'

Rachel pounced on him arm's wrapped around his neck smiling and looking at him with big brown eyes " It'll all get better wont it?" Noah rolled his eyes at her childish behavior and huffed " Yeah babe"

Noah ended up waiting for Rachel to fall asleep before sneaking out the window he rubbed his hand across her face, and kissed her softly 'Woah what the fuck am I doing' He stared at her wide eyes and shook his head and walked quickly to the window climbed out and swiftly went to his truck down the street and sat there.

'What am I doing? she's rachel fucking berry! the most unattractive girl, well she has a cute nose and I love her eyes and wait what the fuck stop it puck just no! its a big no no..plus I can't be finn..I can't' Puck's eyes widden as he realized he was growing feelings for rachel ' no I'll be better the finn my badassness will pay off, Berry I'll make a woman out of you just wait'

Puck decided he's going to put his heart in this and try with rachel he started the truck up and drove home, he txted rachel.

Its going to be hard babe, but sleep well, i'll be your knight in shinning armor.

Love Puck

p.s. you remind me of sleeping beauty.

The nexts morning a full dressed and happy rachel saw the txt and smiled happily. Rachel wanted Noah to pick her up but it must have been to early for him so her dad's dropped her off at school.

Rachel was at her locker until she felt two strong arm's around her waist and the smell of smoke, and she knew she turned around and saw her boyfriend Noah and smiled, Noah raised an eyebrow and smirk "What thought I was finn?" Rachel pouted "No..I was just happy to see you cause you ran out last night like lady of the night."

Noah scratched his head " Yeah sorry babe, I'm not use to staying the night at chicks house'' Rachel nodded and pouted again "Sucks we only have three classes together" Noah nodded and held his arm out for her and she smiled and took it.

Noah and Rachel turned the corner down the hallway and slushies got tossed on them. Noah eyes burned bad, "FUCK" Rachel was use to it..and she saw her boyfriend look angry and knew something like this was going to happen she pulled Noah into the bathroom and turned the water on warm.

"Rach..I can't see" Rachel nodded" I'll be your eyes she sat him down on the chair and started washing his face and hair out in the sink, Noah's arm wrapped around Rachel leg "Your really good at this" Rachel laughed " Well I had alot of practice." Noah sat up looking at Rachel with such sorrow in his eyes " I'm so sorry babe for hurting you."

Rachel got on her knees and layed her head on his lap, this was the first time they actually put there emotions in to each other with out it being awkward. "do you regret it? yeah know..us?" Noah was confused and stroked her looked down in sadness" If you want to break up with me..you can"

Noah laughed darkly "Now see look at me " He leaned forwarded and lifted her chin so those beautiful brown eyes were on his " I'd expect you to break up with me, your going to be a star and get out of lima me I'm stuck here..there's no hope for me I'm not going anywhere not till I see you off to new york" Rachel lip quivered "Your coming with me you'll make it"

Noah pulled her face closer and kissed her as deeply as he could, Rachel moaned abit and Noah was losing all his sense's he tried to hold back on the fragil girl but couldnt he ended up lifting her up and pinning her against the wall and devouring her neck, Rachel gasped holding on to his shoulders "Noah..'' Noah growled "No..mine"

Rachel realized Noah was marking her leaving hickies all over her neck, it would be impossible to eyes start to roll back." Noah" She gasped out.


The bell rung off and Noah stared at Rachel he slowly put her down, realizing her knee's were weak he held her close and walked her out of the bathroom " Sheesh rach all I did was kiss you" He smirked and Rachel hit him softly.

''Shush I never been kissed like that before " Rachel spun out of Noah's arms and posed " See I'm a lot better now" Noah smirked and pushed her against the locker " I could fix that yeah know" Rachel touched Noah's cheek and a flash of finn entered her mind and she looked away took her hand in his and kissed her temple "Will make it out of here remember?"

Rachel smiled and nodded" Oh no..." Noah looked over at her they were walking at a slow pace everyone staring at them in shock that they actually looked like a couple " Glee club! imagine what they will say" She looked at Noah scared. Noah took this as his advantage and whispered in her ear "Glee club? Imagine the cheerio" Noah walked ahead of her.

Rachel was frozen in fear " Santana.." Her eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head, Noah looked over his shoulder " Babe hurry up." Rachel looked down the hall at him, Noah stopped and stared at her " You should know I'll always protect you" Rachel grinned and ran after him her thoughts at ease.

Noah was walking into Glee, and Rachel jumped on his back and dangled there trying to climb up "So short ack!" Noah looked over at her and slipped his arm under her butt behind him so she could wrap her leg's around his waist. Rachel burried her face in his neck.

"What the fuck is going on here?"

Rachel jumped off Noah's back and saw Santana. Rachel stood her ground and her eyebrow arched up " Playing around with my boyfriend" Santana laughed and flipped her ponytail "Good just making sure you realize that your just in a game and that is all your doing man-hands is playing your part in it."

Santana touched Noah's chest and winked at him and took a seat nexts to brittny. Noah looked at her grossed out and put an arm around Rachel shoulder and sat nexts to her. Everyone was whispering but Finn's eyes were glued on them, same with quinn they both werent to happy.

(His name i'm use his first name). "I want to get straight to the assignment-" Rachel hand shot up, rolled his eyes " Yes? ?" " I have song I wanna sing.." coughed and nodded, everyone was expecting some sort of slow up beat song. Rachel pointed to Noah, his eyes shifted confused about the beat of the music.

Rachel's hips swayed and her eyes opened up full of detemination and she smirked singing was her thing, and singing with emotion was something she took pride in,maybe santana would get the picture. Everyone was clapping except Santana,Quinn, and was a new sexy side to Rachel and she wasnt letting anyone take what was her,Rachel sung straight to Noah and Santana. Challenging her.

You need to give it up
Had about enough
It's not hard to see
The boy is mine
I'm sry that you
Seems to be confused
He belongs to me
THe boy is mine

Santana got up at her seat and sneered circling Rachel like some kind of animal, she didnt like what was happening rachel fucking berry was standing up to her and taking what was her's. Rachel turned around and faced Santana making her stop circling and walked to her crossed her arms and looked her dead in the eyes.
Rachel sung fluidly but passive aggressive.

Rachel:I think it's time we got this straight
Sit and talk face to face
There's no way you could mistake
For your man- are you insane
Santana rolled her eye's shifting her wait on side of her hip with a crooked smile on her face

Santana; You see I know that you maybe
Jus a bit jealous of me
Cuz your blind if you can't see
That his love is all in me

Rachel; You see I tried to hesitate
I didn't wanna say wt he told me
He said wifout me he couldn't make
It through the day- ain't that a shame

Santana; & Maybe you misunderstood
Cuz I can't see how he could
Wanna take his time and that's all so good
[Rachel;The boy is mine]
Because my love is all it took

Santana faced him singing straight twords him the smirk and raised eyebrow on Puck's face dropped and immediatly came back up when Rachel enter the scene blocking her boyfriend from Santana's eyes which pissed her off that she was losing.
Santana;You need to give it up
Had about enough(Rachel;Enough)
It's not hard to see
The boy is mine(Rachel;The boy is mine)
I'm sry that you(Rachel;Sorry that you)
Seems to be confused(Rachel;Confuse)
He belongs to me(Rachel;nono)
The boy is mine
Rachel walked over to Noah and rubbed her hand down his chest and sat on his lap rubbing his mowhawk, which Noah in turned held rachel there and nuzzled into her neck niether of the two taking there eyes off of Santana. There eyes were possessive this wasnt Rachel fucking Berry this was..someone who was in love, Puck wasnt himself either Santana crossed her arm and frowned disgustedly confused,These two who were they. They were over powering.
Rachel; Must do the things you do
Keep on acting like a fool
You need to know it's me not you
And if you didn't know it girl- it's true
Santana sung with less confidence more, so like she realized she was losing but she was Santana she wouldnt lose with out a fight she sung with abit of depression trying to play the pitty me card because she did have puck first.
Santana; I think that you should realize
And try to understand why
He is a part of my life
I know it's killing you inside
Rachel got up and stalked over to Santana who in returned backed up abit still abit bewildered by Rachel's performance and how over-powering she was it was abit intemidating Santana's eyes looked over to puck who was sitting there with a smirk and his eyebrow raised. 'He's not enjoying this cause two girls are fighting over him' her mouth dropped slightly..'he's enjoying this cause rachel is fighting for him.'
Rachel; You can what you wanna say
What we have you can't take
From the truth you can't escape
I can tell the real from the fake
Santana opened her mouth but, Rachel stole her part in the song and made it know that Santana was the past and Rachel was his new girl and no one was going to get in the way of said get away its my time to shine, Noah got up and wrapped his arms around her kissed the side of her head swaying with chose..he chose he chose Rachel..Rachel Berry
Rachel;When will you get the picture
You're the past, I'm the future
Get away it's my time to shine
And if you didn't know the boy is mine( Santana sung the song almost as a whisper;the boy is mine)
Rachel sung the rest looking deep at Santana and smirked, Santana grabbed as much pride as she could and seperated the two and Noah scoffed and sat down, Rachel spun in a circle giggling and sung the song with the same confidence and cocky over powering something..it was something different about rachel but santana sung the song with her pride, cause he confidence was shot.
You need to give it up
Had about enough(Santana;enough)
It's not hard to see(Santana;to see)
The boy is mine(Santana;boy's mine)
I'm sry that you(santana;sry that you)
Seems to be confused(santana;seem to be confuse)
He belongs to me(Santana;he belongs to me)
The boy is mine(Santana;the boy is mine)
Rachel saw Santana facing Noah again and started to sing out to him with as much pride as she could her facial expression could be read easily and everyone frowned. Santana had lost all confidence in herself about Noah wanting her, and it puzzled everyone Rachel..Fucking..Berry..broke Santana even if it was something pointless to everyone else it was still her being broken
You need to give it up(Rachel;ohhh)
Had about enough(Rachel yelled out with all her passion;had about enough)
It's not hard to see
The boy is mine(Rachel was pouring out her emotion's;he's mine he's mine he's mine he's mine)
I'm sry that you(Rachel;I'm so sry)
Seems to be confused(Rachel;You seems to be confuesd)
He belongs to me(Rachel;He belongs to me)
The boy is mine
Rachel looked over at Noah with those loving eyes that vanished threw out the whole song, those beautiful brown loving eyes and got in front of him Noah wrapped his arm around her leg again and layed his face on his hip while she rubbed his top part of his head facing Santana Rachel wasnt being a bitch this time..she was being honest.
Rachel; You can't destory this love I found
Your silly games I won't allow
The boy is mine without a doubt
You might as well throw in the towel
Santana's coughed abit trying to fight by her voice from cracking and gulped singing on que she wanted to stop singing to sit down but her reputation would be ruined.
Santana; What makes you think that he wants you
When I'm the one that brought him to
This speical place that's in my heart
Cuz he was my love right from the start
Rachel continued to rub Noah's head, his eyes were locked on to Rachel's. Finn was red, he wasnt even hiding how pissed the fuck off he was. He had his hands gripping his pants leg till his knuckles turned white 'What the fuck is going on here? I mean I know I'm not smart but hey i'm not dumb either something is up and I dont like it.' Quinn wasnt so much pissed that Noah found love cause she had Finn but more so the attention wasnt on her, and that people wanted Noah so she wanted him to. Quinn smirked ever so slightly and touched Finn's hands,Finn eased up on his grip.' I have quinn fuck Rachel that whore and Noah that backstabbing ugh" Santana sung to Rachel and Puck she realized her voice couldnt reach them anymore it didnt touch the hearts of anybody like Rachel's..
You need to give it up(Rachel eyes locked on puck;Give it up)
Had about enough(Rachel laughs abit while looking still at puck;Had about enough)
It's not hard to see(Rachel and Noah both look at Santana;It's not hard to see)
The boy is mine(Rachel sits on Noah lap;The boy is mine)
I'm sry that you(Rachel crosses her legs and noah lays his head against her back;I'm sry to you)
Seems to be confused(Rache giggles;Seems to be confused)
He belongs to me(Noah wraps his arms around Rachel's waist;He belongs to me)
THe boy is mine(Rachel says sternly but in a melodtic voice;The boy is mine)

Rachel smirked ever so slightly worst then Quinn evil ways. Santana was deep breathing while Rachel was perfectly fine " What happened to you sista!" Kurt said liking the new Rachel, Rachel smiled big at Kurt " Nothing I'm just tired of being walked on I'm not putting up with it anymore." Mercedes tapped Noah on the back "DAMN you turned Rachel the goody good into a bad girl."

Noah lazily chuckled" Nah she's still my good girl just more badass" Finn Scoffed" You mean more of a whore" in a split second of those words leaving his mouth Rachel was standing and Noah was bashing his face in.

Rachel gasped she didnt realize how fast and smooth he got between the chairs and go to Finn, Everyone was shocked and kurt was chanting "fight fight fight" Rachel looked at Noah" Stop Noah!" Noah stopped on a dime and walked back over to rachel and pointed at finn "Disrespect my girl nexts time and I'll fucking kill you."

Finn got up sitll abit dazed " Cheap shot!" Quinn was whipping the blood from her boyfriends nose quinn smiled small acting worried 'Interesting..very interesting..'

didnt have time to react "I have 0 tolerance for fighting Noah nexts time your having detention" Noah scoffed and Rachel hit him lightly.

Santana crossed her arms and sat nexts to brittny "This is over man-hands, hes going to get tired of you" Rachel looked back and winked "Far from it.''

Kurt clapped " Finally someone shut satan up"

Noah whispered to Rachel."Stay my sweet berry when were alone okay?" Rachel nodded and kissed him"There's different types of berries you know? not all of them are sweet" Noah chuckled and rolled his eyes " Well there's enough of me to go around I'll make sure to love each berry" Rachel giggled and snuggled closer to him if that was possible. Mr. Will loved the idea of Rachel and Puck it was a perfect combination sweet and rockish " You two are going to do two duets that is this week assignment everyone else pair up and come up with a duet"

Rachel and Noah smiled "come over so we can work on it?" Noah fist pounded her " deal"

After Glee club

Noah couldnt wait to get Rachel in the car he had her pinned up against the girls bathroom wall, attacking her face and ripping the buttons from the top of her shirt trying to get more of her neck, her hickies were purple and red enought to his sweet moans filled the bathroom as she massage his mowhawk he was ready to fuck the day lights out of loved what she was able to do with him, she brought out the beast in him but then again she was able to tame it just as well.

"Wow so this is what you two do in your spare time.'' Rachel gasped and turned her head in embarrassment she didnt want to see who it was, Noah growled and looked up his eyes full of fury he scooted closer to Rachel to hide her skin from whoever walked in girl or not.

OH SHIT I know i'm not god at beginning's when it comes to story's but here's the taste of what you guys are in for, it's going to get better i just need to get this chapter out of the way to get to the real story sigh lol. So who can guess right about who entered the bathroom

I strongly dislike Finn and Quinn so this story will have a lot of bashing it.


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