Hey guys this is my second or * third * fiction I wrote , I got this idea from a book I read called

' inkheart ' , it belongs to Cornelia Funke .

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If you are wondering about the ages :

Rima : 16

Utau : 17

Ikuto : 18

Normal POV

A beautiful blonde girl sat in her room , her gaze fixed on the pages of the book she was holding as if she was seeking peace and relaxation in the words she was reading , trying to escape from the ruckus going on downstairs . If she wasn't that concentrated on reading , she would hear glass shattering on the wooden floors , screams echoing through the halls . However , her older sister could still hear them . She made her way towards her younger sister's room , sat on her sister's bed , staring at the shelves stocked with books .

" What's wrong Utau? " The younger girl finally asked . She closed her book carefully , as if it was made of glass and would shatter if she was too rough with it .

" They are at it today , he slapped her . " Utau replied . That was what they called their parents , he and she . They even stopped talking to them .

Scratch that! They only talked to themselves . Their older brother as well , he didn't spend much time at home , they were granted all the freedom they could have . Why ? because their parents didn't care , they could quit school , get married , elope with someone , kill somebody and their parents wouldn't care . They wouldn't even notice , they could just go and die , but their parents wouldn't even go to the funeral , because they would be too busy blaming each other .

Sighing , Rima grabbed another book , she handed it to Utau who was feeling bored . They didn't have school today , so they had just stayed at home , and their brother was , as always , walking around the town , and god knows what he was doing .

" I don't want to read . " Utau simply said , throwing the book away . " All what you do is reading book . I've had enough of them ."

The younger sister looked hurt , sighing , Utau hugged Rima . " How about I make you something to eat?" Utau suggested .

"I'm not hungry." Rima said as she shook her head . Suddenly her stomach growled , announcing her hunger , Rima's face flushed in embarrassment as her sister laughed at her .

" I'll make you some instant ramen." Utau said as she closed the door behind her .

Rima sighed as she threw herself on the bed . she turned around and grabbed her favorite book . It was about a land called Euphoria , where the country Espia was , surrounded by the evergreen forest that deserved it's name . It looked like a green ocean where you could drown easily . The country Espia was ruled by a kind king called Amakawa Tsukasa , since the king didn't have any sons , so his nephew the prince Hotori Tadase was the next in line for the thrown of Espia . Everybody in town admires and respects the prince . In one of his visits to his friend the rich and young Fujisaki Nagihiko , he meets Hinamori Amu , who is Nagihiko's friend , and they fall in love . The prince proposes to Amu and they get married and live happily ever after . Even thought Rima didn't like happy endings , she read that book , it attracted her . When she bought it , she was so engrossed in reading it and before she knew it she finished it .

She heard footsteps coming to her room . At first she thought it was Utau but it was her older brother Ikuto . Today he had went to walk again around the town . He never gets lost .

" Yo!" he said as he patted her head .

" You are early today , you usually some home at 10 or 11 o'clock ." And it was true . It was 8 o'clock . and Rima didn't have dinner yet .

" I got bored." He simply replied . He laid his head on her pillow and stared at the ceiling .

"Did you have dinner yet?" She asked . " And don't make yourself comfortable on my bed ." She yelled at him after he nodded .

Utau suddenly pushed the door opened panting , A bowl of ramen in her hands , she looked panicked .

" Utau what's wrong?" Rima asked . She was worried about her sister . Utau locked the door quickly and shoved the bowl in Rima's hands .

" Eat quickly." Utau ordered Rima sharply . " We have to leave now ."

"Why?" Ikuto asked as Utau started shoving some clothes and stuff in a bag .

" He killed her ." Utau said . " We have to run away quickly or god knows what he would do to us ."

"We need to take money , much money ." Rima said . She grabbed her favourite book , she didn't want to leave without it . She glanced at the window and noticed a shooting star . Then she made a silent wish that they would go to somewhere peaceful where they will be happy . After that there was a blinding light in the room and the three siblings simple vanished into the thin air .

It was bright , sunlight filtered through countless leaves , shadows danced on a nearby lake , a swarm of bees whirred above an oak tree . The three siblings fell into a bush , luckily there wasn't much harm , but they were unconscious for an hour . Ikuto and Rima were the first to wake up .

"Where are we?" Ikuto groaned . He had injured his leg , and he could barely stand up , but Rima was luckier , there was only a scratch on her arm , and her clothes were a bit dirty . Ikuto leaned on a tree so tall and looked up into the tangle of twigs and branches .

Utau woke up and brushed her clothes , which were very dirty , a twig was stuck in her beautiful hair . She went to her brother and asked him the same question " Where are we?"

"The evergreen forest." Rima whispered suddenly. Her siblings turned to her eye brows raised .

"You know this place?" Ikuto questioned . However Rima shook her head .

"No , but it reminds me of the forest in my favourite book ." Rima replied .

Utau found the bag she stocked some clothes into and it was very dirty . She got out a flashlight she had put in there .

" At least now we can see where we are now." Utau said . She walked into the forest and her siblings followed her .

Now their adventure begun...

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