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Rima's POV

Utau was in my room, panicking, she has already changed, but into a ridiculous looking dress (in my opinion) but she liked it. It was an elegant gothic Lolita dress, It was long and had white laces. I dressed in a similar looking dress, it was a blue and black gothic Lolita dress, it too, was long.

"How should I behave Rima?"She asked, shaking my shoulders. Oh that's easy.

"You have to be well-mannered, don't tell or listen to dirty jokes, and you should respect others. Secondly, remember that actions speak louder than voice, so you have to behave properly, when you sit, don't cross your legs, like you always do. A lady will acknowledge those who helped her before she takes any credit for herself. A lady will not flaunt herself, her valuables, or her accomplishments. A good reputation can surpass all of those things. Do not correct others unless they ask your advice. Do not act like you are better than anyone else. A lady is not self-absorbed. But be careful not to seem overly modest -do not be weak and submissive. You are too intelligent and classy for that."

"What else?"She asked frantically. Oh she was getting out of character.

"Never lose your cool, Don't let people get under your skin, no matter how much they try. Keep your composure. Express your surprise or disappointment at someone's behavior in a gentle way to show that their actions have affected you and to show that you have feelings, or else people might think you're cold or heartless."

"I think that's enough, I'm only 17!"She said, returning to her calm and composed self.

"Choose your words wisely."I continued, ignoring her. "Always speak at a soft to moderate tone - you shouldn't need to raise your voice. If you're dealing with a person who won't listen unless you speak forcefully, then they aren't worth dealing with. If you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all - take that to heart! Cursing or telling dirty jokes are also inappropriate."

"Even though I didn't understand half of it."

Amu's POV

"Hinamori-sama."A maid bowed before me. "Her Ladyship asked me to inform you that you are soon to visit the Tsukiyomis."

Oh. The Tsukiyomis, as in Lady Tsukiyomi and her husband, they are a well known aristocrat family in Espia, until last month, they didn't have any heirs to their family. Because of that, news spread like a fire when they adopted the previously Mashiro siblings. It started with the house maids, to the neighbours, and so on...

Sigh, servants are really big gossipers.

I wore one of my favourite dresses, in order to look perfect. Perfect is what Mother wanted, since she was born in an aristocrat family, she was raised to be the proper lady, she perfected everything. Art, music, dancing, and even cooking. Cooking isn't important for ladies to learn, since they would have chefs and maids to do their work. But mother was a perfectionist, and she wanted us to be the same.

Sometimes, I would feel that mother considers me as a failure, since my little sister excels me in everything. But she wouldn't give up on me, she would always give me advices, hired me teachers, taught me how to paint, how to play the piano. That's why I love my mother, she is perfect.

I inwardly smiled.

I hate going all emotional.

We had already arrived, the Tsukiyomis household looked like the Royal palace, before I knew it, we were already marching in the hallway, their steward leading us. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, great, I was already nervous.

What if I messed up? what would happen if I tripped?

Questions I always asked myself in these situations, being a lady was hard, it required patience, manners, confidence. But I didn't have the confidence.

Mom once told me "Ladies are not born, they are a made."

She told me that when I was ten, I had been crying over an accident that occurred in the Yoshikawa household. When I tripped and poured tea on Lady Yoshikawa's dress, that was made of an expensive fabric imported from a country called Diniah. (A\N:Let's just pretend it's the country version of India.) Her ladyship was very angry of course, and since then, she stopped inviting our family to dinner parties and such. And my family did the same.

I was feeling a bit excited at the thought of meeting Rima and Utau again, they were very nice, but mysterious at the same time. That reminded me of my best friend Yaya, yesterday she told me something about lying something something and not exist something something. I ignored since it was probably one of her childish games.

Lady Souko looked very elegant in her dress, she was in her mid thirties, she was very beautiful with her long blonde hair and purple eyes. She looked so much like Utau that I wouldn't be surprised if she was her real daughter.

Then, being the idiot I am, I started thinking. Perhaps Utau was actually Souko's daughter from an accident happened when she was drinking, but to hide her shame, Souko sent her daughter away, and decided to adopt her when she met her after 17 years.

No that would never happen.

My mind was occupied with these thoughts as Mother talked to Souko, but my train of thoughts was interrupted when Utau's brother Ikuto, descended the stairs.

My god, he looked very handsome, much more handsome than the first time we met. Back then, he was dressed in strange black clothes and he was dirty and looked worn out. But now, he made his way towards us in all his glory, making my sister swoon a bit. I felt the blood rush to my face when he threw me a smile. It was a strange smile, looked more like a smirk.

"Welcome."Ikuto said politely. "You have honoured us with your visit."

Mother giggled a bit, she turned to Souko "Your son is such a fine and polite gentleman!"

"I know."Souko smiled proudly at Ikuto, who rolled his eyes at the small exchange from our parents.

"But are you sure?"Mother asked with a wicked tone. Uh-oh! "Do you even know where they even come from? His father might be a thief perhaps!"

"I'm sure."Souko said firmly. "My father used to say 'The roots of a person are not important, his education, etiquette and their behaviour determine who he is.'"

"Oh he was such a wise man. Even though he was a poor man, he became an outstanding gentleman, and I think that could apply to your son."

"Oh it sure would!"

They are scary!

I was now sitting in the garden, with the Tsukiyomi siblings. It was silent, since nobody started a conversation, it was a bit awkward. Rima seemed to be staring at her dress, Utau was sipping tea while Ikuto just stared at me, which made shift uncomfortably.

"Um t-the we-weather is beautiful today?"I stuttered. Way to go Amu! I do not always stutter, only when I'm nervous, because Ikuto's presence disturbed me.

"How are things going between you and Hotori-kun?"Utau suddenly asked, this seemed to catch Ikuto and Rima's interest.

"They are fine really."I waved my hands in front of my face.

"Nothing new?"

"Yes, nothing new." Surprisingly, my voice didn't falter, like it would normally do. Tadase seemed rather distant these days. He would busy himself with his duties, it seemed to me that he was avoiding me. I remembered when the news about Me and Tadase-kun together became official and the new gossip of the country.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"Mother asked, in a worried tone.

"What do you mean?"I asked confused.

"You can find someone else to be with other than the prince."

"Why are you telling me this?"I choked back a sob. I thought she would be proud, since her clumsy daughter managed to catch a prince's attention. It made me sad.

She shook her head. "It would call a lot of attention to you, people will judge you, they will wait for you to make mistakes. It's not like I don't approve of him, but he is a prince, and he would be busy with his duties and not have time for you."

"Utau-san, do you have someone you are interested in?" I asked, trying to start a girls talk, and ignore Ikuto's presence.

She choked on her tea, and shook her head violently.

"But what about Souma-kun?"I recognised something in Rima's smile. Slyness.

"I have no interest in him, I'm not interested in such trivial matters."She denied.

"Someone is in denial."

"What about coughFujicoughSakicough."


"Fujisaki Nagihiko?"Ikuto suddenly glowered. Rima stared in horror at her sister.

"I will kill you, dumbass!"Rima muttered.

"My my Rima! A lady should not speak in speak in such a vulgar way! Oh hohoho"Utau started fanning herself.

"Shut your trap!"

"Mind your language!"

I started giggling at their argument, which sadly, made Ikuto glance at me, and he suddenly smiled. And as usual, I blushed. He chuckled, making Rima glance at us, she smirked wickedly and headed inside the house dragging Utau with her.

It took me exactly 20 seconds to process what had happened.

They left me alone with Ikuto.


I suddenly got an idea to start a conversation. I cleared my throat and sat straight so our eyes would meet.

"I heard you play the violin."I said. His eyes brows raised in curiosity.

"Where exactly did you hear that?"He smirked.

"From our servants."I replied. "You should know that, servants are loyal to their masters, but together they are close-knit groups strongly united. If for example, a servant was accused for murder you will find out that he had more than one accomplice."

"Oh yes, I wouldn't suspect that."He said. I was about to reply when I noticed where our conversation would be going.

"Can you really play the violin?"I asked. He nodded his head in response. Great; he wasn't the talkative type.

"Can you play me a melody?"I asked.

"No."That was quick!

"Please?"I asked, giving him my sparkly smile which no one can resist(with the exception of Mother, of course).

"No."He didn't even hesitate. I grimaced; another person immune.

"I will consider it."I beamed. "If you kiss me."

What in the world?

I flustered, making him laugh more, he actually looked very handsome laughing.

"This is not funny!"I exclaimed angrily.

"Whatever you say."

"Stop it!"

"I was just kidding."He said. "Did you really believe that?"

"Of course I didn't!"I said. "Please play me a melody?"I didn't know why I was pressuring him to do it, but I really want to know what his playing sounds like.

"Fine then."He sighed. He called up some maid and asked her to bring him his violin, and she looked happy to oblige. When she arrived with the violin he smiled at her making her swoon. Then she ran to her friends and started chatting excitedly with them.

Ikuto opened the white case and as soon as he started playing, I found myself staring at him rather than hearing him play. He didn't seem very concentrated like other people I know would, he looked content and relaxed. He had a peaceful smile on his face, as if he was in a place far away.

He looked dreamy.

"That was very beautiful."Utau suddenly said, I didn't notice her coming to the garden. "The table is now ready to be served."
She was smiling, but her eyes weren't, she looked...angry. I didn't understand what would be wrong, but Ikuto did. He put the violin back to its case and swung it on his shoulders. Utau turned and walked (or stomped) back into the house to the dining room. Ikuto held out his hand, I didn't understand what he wanted until he grabbed my hand.

I put my free hand on my cheek and smiled. Mother looked surprised when we entered the room holding hands, but Souko was beaming. I quickly let go of his hand and went to sit between Rima and Souko. Ikuto sat next to Utau and then the servants entered the room with the dishes and we began eating.

I was about to cut my steak when I felt a pair of eyes on me, I glanced around to see that Utau was glaring furiously at me. What had I done wrong? I wondered. Whatever I did, I'm sure it has something to do with the violin.
I stopped eating, I had a sudden stomach ache and lost my app├ętit. I stood up, making all eyes turn to me.

"Excuse my bad manners but I feel sick."I said politely.

"Shall I ask our servants to make some tea for you dear?"Souko asked, worried.

"No thank you, I will be in the garden."I smiled at her and bowed to them. Then I went to sit in the garden.

"Are you sure you are fine?"a voice from behind me asked. I jumped up and relaxed when i found it was only Rima.

"Yes I'm fine."I replied softly. She sat next to me, a peaceful silence surrounding us. Then she finally spoke.

"What happened between you and Utau?"She asked, I stiffened.

"Nothing happened."

"But I saw her glaring at you earlier."

"I don't know why she was angry."

"Tell me what happened before lunch."

So I told her what happened, leaving the small details concerning my thoughts of Ikuto. An understanding expression appeared on her face when I finished.

"I understand now."She whispered to herself. Before I got the chance to ask her I noticed that my family has gotten out of the house.

"Tell me next time; I have to go now."Without waiting her response, I went to Mother. She told me that we had to go. The driver helped me into the carriage, and the last thing I saw before he closed the door, was Ikuto's wave at me.

I don't know if this day was good or bad.

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"The hell Ikuto?"Utau was angry. "I didn't even know you had a violin!"

Ikuto rolled his eyes at her behaviour, she was overreacting.

"It's just a violin."

"Why didn't you tell me? I'm your sister, instead of playing for strangers, why don't you play for us?!"

A fight between Ikuto and Utau, how would it end?