Tori POV

'Come on Tori! We have to find a compartment!' My best friend Andre said to me as we boarded the hogwarts express.

We walked through the corridor looking for a free compartment with no such look. So we settled on a compartment with only two people already in, even though it was one of the bigger compartments. Inside sat an awkward looking boy with an afro and glasses and a puppet on his arm. Next to him sat a girl with vivid red hair and big brown eyes practically jumping up and down in her seat.

I shyly knocked on the door the slid it open. 'Hi can we sit here?' I asked gingerly, and the redhead beamed at us.

'Sure! My names Cat, this is Robbie,' she said pointing at the afro boy. 'And this is Rex' she said pointing at the puppet on Robbie's arm.

'Why hello there pretty lady,' the puppet said startling me.


'I'm Andre and this is Tori.' Andre said, introducing us. I'd almost forgotten he was here.

We sat down opposite Cat and Robbie and started chatting about us getting our letters.

'So why are you guys here so late you've already missed two years of school?' Robbie asked.

'Well my parents didn't want me oing to hogwarts so young so she sent me to public school but this year she let me come! I explained. 'Andre's mom kept it a secret that he was a wizard, cos she doesn't like magic either.

Then Cat started telling a story about how her brother had eaten her letter when a handsome dark haired boy entered.

'Beck!' Cat screamed beaming once again. Wow he was so hot, I wonder if he has a girlfriend. If not, I'll have to use my Tori charm to make him mine!

'Hey Cat, is there any room in here for me and Jade?'

'Yeah, where is Jadey?' Cat asked, curiously. Jade, Jadey, she must be Beck's girlfriend. I bet she's just some blond haired freak that flirts with every boy she sees.

'What, she's right... Crap!' he said when he realised she wasn't by his side. 'I'll be back in a minute Cat, maybe five...'

And with that he rushed down the corridor shouting Jade's name.

'Hey I'm gonna go see my big brother, he's on the other side of the train.' Robbie said and left.

'Bye Robbie!' Cat said cheerily, a girl with frizzy hair entered the compartment, grinned, and hugged Cat.

'Hi is there any room in here?' She asked with a british accent.

'Yup, guys this is Hermione, Hermione this is Tori and Andre.' She introduced us.

'Hi!' she said with just as much enthusiasms as Cat.

'Cat, who's that girl you and Beck were talking about?' I asked trying to sound casual.

'Oh Jadey! She is amazing and she is my best friend in the whole wide world! She is an amazing witch, she can do so much magic she's really brave and really really pretty!' Cat said with a lot of admiration in her voice.

'Is she Beck's girlfriend?' I asked trying not to sound stalkerish.

'Yep, and they're very serious, if you know what I mean.' Hermione said and she and Cat giggled a bit and Andre smirked.

'What do you mean?' I asked, what were they talking about?

'They've done IT before!' she said.

'What really?' I asked shocked. Then a beautiful girl with black curly hair and purple streaks walked in with Beck following.

'Yep, and we enjoyed every second of it!' the girl said and smirked.

'Jadey!' Cat screamed and hugged her.

'Hey Cat.' Jade said and smiled slightly.

'Really Jade do you have to tell everyone about our relationship?' Beck asked but he was chuckling slightly.

'Yes I must.' She said and sat down next to Cat.

And for the rest of the journey we talked about our families and what our lives are like at home.