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Tori's POV

The carriages took us up to a huge castle-like building that I'm assuming is Hogwarts. The journey took about ten minutes and we basically just chatted about our hobbies and families, with Cat randomly talking about her brother and Jade throwing in snide remarks every now and again.

I found out that Jade and Cat are both brilliant singers, Beck is an actor and Robbie is also a master ventriloquist. They go to a performing arts summer school for talented teenagers and thats how the all keep in touch over the summer.

When we enter Hogwarts I follow the others to a huge hall lined with four long tables. On each table there were about a hundred pupils and I was starting to feel a bit scared. I had read some books on Hogwarts that I'd bought from Diagon Alley and I knew all about each houses. I just kept hoping that I wouldn't be in Slytherin because I don't think I'd be able to handle that. When we get inside the hall we stop and a flustered looking old woman is running towards us.

'Tori and Andre this is professor Mcgonagall, she's the deputy head mistress.' Beck explained, introducing the lady. I give her a little wave and Andre shakes her hand.

'Hi Professor!' Cat squeaks happily, jumping up and down.

'Hello Cat dear, Jade, Beck. Now you two must be the new students, Tori Vega and Andre Harris!' Mrs Mcgonagall said, dragging us off to the other side of the hall.

She takes us onto the stage next to what I assume to be the teachers table, and I see a small stool with a worn out hat sitting on top of it.

The headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, walked onto the stage and stood in front of a large podium and started to give a speech about welcoming everyone back to Hogwarts.

When he was done we watched the first years get sorted and each house table quickly filled up until there were only a few places left to sit. I search through each of the tables to try and find Beck and the girls but I can't see them. I search through Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and even Slytherin but they still aren't there.

I scan through the last table, which I'm assuming is Gryffindor and I spot Cat's vibrant red hair. I nudge Andre and point towards her, he nods and whispers in ny ear.

'I hope I'm in Gryffindor, I want to be in a house with those guys, they seem really cool.'

'Me too.' I whisper back as the last of the first years are sorted.

'Harris, Andre' The hat calls out and Andre tentatively walks over to the stool and sits down. Professor Mcgonagall places the hat on his head and Andre jumps slightly, man he's nervous today.

'Hmmm, jumpy are we? Well you are quite interesting aren't you? Kind-hearted, generous and very open minded but you're also brave. I think I'll put you in... Gryffindor!' He announces and a grin breaks out on Andre's face.

Everyone cheers and claps as Andre walks towards the Gryffindor table, he makes his way towards Cat, Jade and Beck.

'Vega, Tori'

I walk up to the hat, hoping against hope that I'm not put in Slytherin. I sit down on the chair and the hat is placed on my head.

I don't deserve to be in Slytherin, I should be in Gryffindor! I'm never mean to anyone and I've never done anything bad in my life ever!

'I don't judge you on how nice you are or what things you've done in your life. I put Jadelyn in Gryffindor when everyone said she should be in Slytherin. She may be mean but that doesn't mean she's not a good person on the inside or that she's not brave. Just because your nice and good doesn't mean you don't have a dark side and an evil within you now does it?' He asks me, and I don't answer, embarrassed slightly.

'Your determined, brave and charismatic but your also very big-headed at times.' I blush even harder, I am not big-headed! 'You are my dear, you are. However, I think I'll put you in... Gryffindor!'

I give everyone a relieved smile and walk over to the table. The feast arrives moments later and I eat and chat until I'm exhausted.

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