Disclaimer: I do not own Galactik Football. I'm not even French.

A/N: I used to watch GF 6 years ago when I was a kid. Now after randomly stumbling upon it again, I found that season 3 brought to life my private fantasy- Mei and Sinedd! I never thought it'd actually happen and I'm so happy with the way they did it. It was so in character and believable. Therefore I persevered through the whole season even though episodes 9-26 were in French and Spanish. If I can love the pairing and their chemistry despite not knowing the language that just goes to show how amazing they are! :D

Okay so this is a 100 word drabble (exactly 100). Note that though the main characters are D'jok and Mei, the pairing here is Mei x Sinedd and follows cannon.

Carolle, remember all those times we thought we wrote a drabble only to find out the word limit is lower? Well I think this is it for me :)

Losing Mei

It was only after I lost her, thanks to my misguided anger, that I saw how amazing she was; as a player and a person. Her beauty, her flux, her goals- they took my breath away. Watching her kiss Sinedd, my arch nemesis, made my blood boil. Seeing them together, on and off the field, killed me on the inside. I didn't know that I'd loose her so easily- to him of all people -and that I'd miss her so much. For me, Mei would always be my first love, the one that got away.

'Congratulations Sinedd, you finally won.'

I know this fandom is small and the support for the pairing even smaller so obviously I didn't write this because I thought I'd get a lot of reviews for it. I wrote it because I really wanted to share the epicness of this couple through D'jok's eyes. That being said; I'd still love it if you guys review so please do :D

~Alexxis T. Swan