~Earth, Time: 12:28 Davenport's Lab~

"I've finally did it!" Davenport shouted He had just finish the last bits and bots on his teleport "Hey Everyone come down here!" he shouted seconds later Leo, Adam and Chase "Guy I did it" Davenport said with a big smile on his face "You finally making me smarter?" Adam says clapping his hand "Close but incorrect, no I've make a teleporter" "WOW what worlds are we going to see?" Leo says with big eyes "When he gets it up and running and this is not for fun Leo it for W-o-r-k" Chase said

~Mobius, Time: 12:30 Green Hill Zone~

"Nice of you to drop by Ellis" Sonic said giving a thumbs up to the Bright Yellow Hedgehog "Yeah so why are you here anyway?" asked Silver "I came to beat the hell out of Shadow" Ellis said with killer looks in his eye "Ha you really think you can beat me now?" a familiar said out of nowhere "Shadow…" Ellis mutters "Hey Shads how it going!?" Sonic shouts with a smirk "DON'T CALL ME SHADS!" Shadow blasted out "Err… I'm going to see Blaze be…" Silver said before he turns around gets sucked into a portal and it goes bigger "Oh Crap!" Sonic shouts before getting sucked in too "Silver, Sonic!" Ellis shouts Shadow then kicks Ellis in the face "Now what are you going to do?" Shadow asked with an evil smile. Ellis then uppercut's Shadow before jumping in the portal to save his friends "I should have killed that dastard then I last saw him" then jump in the portal after that the portal disappeared Cream had just saw Ellis and Shadow jumping into the portal so she goes to tell Tails.