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"What was the weirdest thing you ever encountered, Mara?" Mokkurkalfi asked.

Without a moment's hesitation, Mara answered "A crossdressing Terry Crews in high heels running through a crowd, yelling, 'Out of the way, motherfuckers!' How about you?"

"...I was going to say someone calling me a failed Char Clone, but you got me beat," Mokkurkalfi answered.

"Well the weirdest thing I ever encountered in this plane of existence was probably when I met with Ansuz and Tyr during a body swap event. My oh my, was that a fun night," Chibi-Hild giggled. "But let's get to the meat of the story.

The screen then showed an image.


Urd and Skuld crawled out of the TV. they looked around and saw that they weren't in the Temple.

Instead of hand-me-downs and thrift-shop items, the goddesses saw various items where the least expensive was in the 10000 yen range.

Instead of the paper walls of the temple, the walls were made of plaster.

The Tv behind them was not the one Keiichi saved up, but was a wide 85 inch flatscreen.

"That's new…" Urd muttered.

"You helped me buy it, Urd," a familiar voice said, surprising the two goddesses.

Turning around and glaring at Toshiyuki Aoshilm, in a white business suit. Urd exclaimed, "Me help you? This must be a dimension where I'm some kind of evil gold digger who just uses people to her own benefit!"

Skuld gave Urd a flat look and asked, "And that's different, how?"

Urd glared back at Skuld, while Aoshima slowly reached for something behind him. The elder goddess said, "Hey! I look out for others and often give up stuff for others! If I was a heartless bitch, then I'd have tried to mindcontrol Keiichi into having sex with me!"

Then she sheepishly added, "More than twice."

Skuld took a step back as she incredulously said, "Wow… at least Peorth only tried that once. Tell me, were both with potions or was one at least using magic?"

"First was magic. Why waste it on-" Urd uttered before Aoshima brought out some sci-fi pistol and fired it on stun, knocking out Urd.

"Urd!" Skuld cried out in horror as she watched Urd fall backwards. With hate in her eyes and a hand getting ready to pull out some SkuldBombs, the Youngest Nord yelled, "Aoshima, I'm gonna-"

Aoshima stunned her as well. Once he saw both goddesses were unconscious, he spoke to his watch, "Urd, Skuld. We have a problem. Bring the power-sealing helmets, the ones that can work on you."

"Why's that, Toshiyuki?" Urd's voice spoke from the watch, a tone of playfulness and curiosity in her voice.

"Well, for one, you and Skuld are both here and had acted as if I'm some playboy led by his dick," Aoshima answered.

Her voice now serious, Urd replied, "We'll be there in a few. Tie them up."


Some time later, Urd was waking up. She knew she was tied up to a chair, but her limbs and head felt like they were covered in lead and her magic was like she had been on a cold-turkey liquor fast.

As she was blinking herself awake, Urd soon realized she had on a helmet. "Skuld, this wasn't funny the first three times. It isn't funny now."

When Urd's eyes cleared, she saw Aoshima, Skuld, and herself. Aoshima had the pistol trained on her.

"Great… I'm in another dimension. Again," Urd sighed, shaking her head.

"Another world… Good excuse," Urd-B said with a glare. "Did Mara finally join Rita? Or was it Hild?"

Urd-A looked around and saw Skuld was still unconscious. Urd-A turned back to her captors and calmly stated, "I'm not with your Hild or Mine. But I'm feeling a bit frazzled. Y'see, I've been separated from my family for awhile. If you did anything to her, I'd be one unhappy goddess and since you're an alternate version of me, we both know that Unhappy Urd plus Harmed Skuld equals plenty of plenty of pain for the moron."

Urd-A chuckled for a moment before she said, "Of course, if your Skuld's tinkertoy still harms her, I'll harm you."

Urd-B's response was to punch Urd-A, sending her and the chair to the ground.

"You don't like threats to your family. What makes you think I like threats to mine?" Urd-B asked before kicking her counterpart into the stomach.

"Why so bitchy?" Urd-A asked.

"Ever been split into two?" Urd-B asked.

"Mara. You?" Urd-A asked back.

"Same, but mine wound up getting corrupted into a monster, then grown to like fifty feet tall. She was defeated, thanks to Aoshima, Keiichi, and the others," Urd-B answered.

"So the smarmy one is a good guy here? Kinda cheesy," Urd-A muttered.

"Let's get her back up," Urd-B sighed. Skuld walked over and carefully helped put Urd-A back up. "I'll agree Aoshima is kinda smarmy, but he's proven himself to be trustworthy and on the side of good."

"So what was that bit about giant monsters?" Urd-A asked.

"Aoshima, Keiichi, Megumi, Sora, and Chihiro are power rangers," Urd-B answered.

"Power Rangers? I prefer Super Sentai," Urd-A replied. "The original is always better."

"Oh, so you're one of those people," Urd-B muttered.

Urd-A hissed, "Just what do you mean by that?"

Just as Urd-B opened her mouth, Skuld-B's high-tech-looking watch began to beep. The Brunette goddess spoke, "This is Skuld. What's the problem?"

"News report says several putty patrols near Aoshima's apartment. We're on our way," Keiichi calmly said.

"On it," Aoshima replied to his own watch before he took out a morpher and said, "Tigerzord power."

"Huh… So you do change," Urd-A muttered.

Ignoring the bound goddess, Aoshima asked, "So will you be okay, Urd and Skuld?"

"Yup, Skuld's tech will be all we need," Urd-B answered, while Skuld-B nodded.

Aoshima nodded in response before leaping out of his apartment window.

"Um, won't people put together that a 'power ranger' leapt out of someone's apartment?" Urd-A asked, tilting her head a little in confusion.

"You'd think so, but if I had to guess, there's something along the lines of a 'Someone else's problem' field in place," Skuld-B answered.

"Or no one questions free pest removal when the pests tend to be five story tall monsters," Urd-B said with a shrug.

"...Can you wake my Skuld up? She's the kind of person who loves both Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Claims she appreciates the cultural differences, or something," Urd-A asked.

The two freed goddesses looked at each other for a few moments before Skuld-B took out a remote and pressed a button. Within a few moments, Skuld-A woke up and asked, "Where am I?"

"Power rangers dimension where Aoshima is a good guy," Urd-A answered.

After a few moments, Skuld-A laughed and asked, "No, really, where are we?"

Picking up the chair that Skuld-A was sitting in, Urd-B answered, "That's really where you are."

Skuld-A's jaw dropped as she watched the White Ranger, the Blue Ranger, and the Pink Ranger fight a large group of putties. "We're in a dimension where a group of adults and teenagers can fight evil, while dressed in magic spandex? Awesome!"

Urd-B looked at her Skuld and said, "I like her!"

"I still say we need to upgrade the 'magic spandex' to enchanted armor. Lind agrees with me!" Skuld-B grumbled.

"Lind also wants to fight alongside our Power Rangers, even after she's been refused for years because she's needed elsewhere," Urd-B replied.

"Refused by the rangers or refused by her bosses?" Urd-A asked.

"Zordon. Pretty nice guy, if a bit stuck-up at times. Although it's rumored he doesn't always think clearly. He's a mortal whose semi-trapped in a time warp. If you ask me, it's more of a dimensional warp. I've heard rumors he's actually trapped in the morphing grid, though," Urd-B answered.

Urd-A asked, "Any monsters, Skuld?"

"None yet… wait, there's an ice... cream... monster," Skuld-A trailed off.

Both Skulds said, "You have to let me go! I'm the only one who can defeat it! Not you, other me! ME-me! I need to go!"

Urd-B sighed as she used a spell to untie Skuld-A and took off the helmet. She said, "Go have fun, girls. Make sure to disguise yourselves, first."

Both Skulds cheered before they ran out of the room.

"Why does Skuld get to get untied, while I'm stuck in the dorky helmet," Urd-A asked.

"Because she has a bad poker face, while we have great ones," Urd-B answered with a smirk so smug that Urd-A wanted to punch it right off her face.

"So… Can I see the fight?" Urd-A asked.

"No," Urd-B answered with her smirk slowly growing bigger.

"Why?" Urd-A asked with yet another glare.

Urd-B answered as sweetly as possible, "Because I don't like you, sweetie!"

Urd-A resisted the urge to spit in her counterpart's face before answering "No need to get all 'Hild' on me, Urd."

Urd-B practically teleported over to the bound Urd's face and asked, "Say that again. I dare you."

"Yes, Mother!"

"Oh, that's it!"


Aoshima was in his White Ranger form, Sora was in the Red Ranger form, and Keiichi was in his Black Ranger form. All were fighting putties.

On top of a nearby building, Mara was standing next to Scorpina.

"Finster's still mad at you," Scorpina said as Keiichi flung a putty at Aoshima, who grabbed a nearby putty and used it as a makeshift weapon to knock it away.

"Hey, it's his fault, claiming that his clay monsters are better than my creations," Mara replied. When Sora put a hand by her waist like she was about to draw a blade, Mara said, "Wait a moment."

As soon as Mara stopped speaking, Sora vanished. After a few moments, she reappeared, holding out her Power sword. Almost all the putties fell down in pieces.

"...Why did you even call me?" Aoshima asked.

"I need time to charge the attack," Sora innocently replied.

"Heh, always did like her. Maybe I should look into offering a better deal," Mara cackled.

"I mean that Finster didn't like you sending him a monster that ate his magic clay," Scorpina said, dragging out her personal sword.

"Well, it's his fault for not having security," Mara replied, not caring how scary Scorpina was trying to make herself look.

"He did have security,"

"Like I said, it's his fault for not having better security. Monsters made of magic clay are poor security when a magic clay-eating monster shows up one day," Mara said when the Ice cream monster ran out in front of the trio… and was being devoured by two teen girls in techno-ninja gear. "Huh. So Skuld's got a friend. I wonder if they're real or robot? Man, Zedd's gonna be mad when he finds out his monster's been defeated again by a non-power ranger. It's still his fault for trying a booze monster on Urd."

"I have orders from Finster to take you down," Scorpina said as she held her sword by Mara's neck.

Mara merely laughed as she slowly turned towards Scorpina and replied, "The deal with Hild has a bit about one side trying to betray the other. Trust me, you don't want to deal with that particular outcome."

"You betrayed us first by using the clay-eating monster," Scorpina said with a stern glare.

"Nope. It was a prank. All it did was eat his current supply of clay, so the monster fell apart the moment it touched his monster-making machine. I asked Lady Hild and she said it counted as a prank, especially as Zedd's been using his own power to make monsters," Mara said before transforming into a party of Mini-Maras and swarmed the sword-swinging Scorpina.

After a few moments, Mara reformed and placed a boot on a now-bound Scorpina's wriggling body. With a sneer, Mara said, "I'm going to be nice and merely leave you like this for the Power Rangers. Heh. Maybe Keiichi will get a nosebleed like the time you cut my top off when I tried fighting alongside you."

"You're extremely petty," Scorpina spat as she struggled to free herself.

"Says the loser fighting for petty reasons," Mara replied as she looked out. When she saw the Ice cream Monster was half-eaten, Mara took out a capsule. "Well, this monster is a bust. Might as well use one of mine. Let's see what they'll do against a Zaku-based monster!"

As Mara tossed the capsule towards the Rangers, Scorpina said, "It'll lose because you're a loser."

"That's because this is a data-gathering mission. Mokkurkalfi added a scanner that'll allow it to send data on the Power Rangers' powers, so the next one I send out will be able to absorb all their 'morphing' energy in the fight!" Mara cackled.


Chibi-Hild turned off the TV.

"Well, their Mokkurkalfi and Mara are working together rather well. I wonder what their Hild thought about the whole situation. I hope she does at least know, because I'd certainly be upset at my cute little demons working alongside self-proclaimed evil rulers," Chibi-Hild said with a smile. Then she frowned as she said, "But I'm still saddened after learning that Super Sentai is ending, just because it failed to reach lower and lower expectations for ratings and lost market shares for its' toy sales. I understand why, but it still feels like the end of an era."

"I'm honestly surprised at the other me working with someone like Scorpina and it being a bad relationship. She's hot, but the way they're acting, that Mara not only made a deal with Zedd, but she's expecting them to fail to upkeep their end of the deal. I really hope she used the harsher deal-breaker terms in her contracts," Mara muttered.

"Muu… I want to see their Mokkurkalfi's wonderful mechanical monsters! I bet they are brimming with aesthetics!" Mokkurkalfi cooed as she hugged herself, wriggling in excitement.

Mara looked at Mokkurkalfi and muttered, "Pervert."


Notes from Hild : Beta reading was done by Xindran and the rest of the people of the Goddess Relief Office forum. The chapter was created from a thought, 'Can Aoshima be a good guy?'

If you want my thoughts, this isn't Toshiyuki Aoshima. This is a low key version of Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia.

That's cheating, HotelKatz. Bad move. If you can't write a good version of Aoshima, then don't.

At most, I kind of enjoy the counterparts distrusting our main characters, but it can be done better.

I expect better, Katz. C+.

Wait, no proper fight scene in a power rangers chapter? D+

The fact this is a chapter 69 and no sex joke? F. Wait, F-. I know! Your grade is Z-, Katz.

Skulds' Comment: Upgraded to Pass as long as the ice cream monsters keep on coming!