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{Bella's Pov}

The pain was excruciating like millions of pieces of glass tearing me from the inside out. Then I was swallowed by thick blackness I knew it was not death yet it felt more like I was in blanket that wrapped around and blocked everything out. In it I felt cold, alone, weak, and lost because at that moment I realized that marrying Edward and everything else Edward related in my life. It was not healthy though I may not regret having my daughter I do regret never given Jake a chance.

Given us a chance when we kissed on that cliff last year I saw a different future I was laughing as I walked through the back door and on to the patio with a tray of lemonade in both my hands the tray resting on my very pregnant belly.

The pack, imprints and other family members were in Jake's and my back yard joking and playing. Jacob was chasing two adorable 4-year-old boys with sun-kissed skin, they bothhad Jacobs's hair and beautiful brown eyes. Everyone looked so happy I looked happy a smile full of true happiness and love rest upon my lips. So why am I here fighting to live and not living that life ? I will tell you because I was blind, naïve, and stupid.

the vision started to fade and I began to feel warmth spread my body like a small fire was being lite in my soul I knew this was the end and that my last thoughts would be of my love for my love, my warrior, my wolf, my Jacob. But I couldn't leave without Jake knowing this ,I can't die before I tell him I love him even though he knows.

He needs to hear from my lips , he needs to know that the love I have for him is enough it is more than enough and so much more than my love for Edward. That it is so much brighter and stronger that my love for edward was no longer there but had been banished by my love for him. So I fought against the thick blackness and fought thinking of Jacob the whole time finally I broke through I felt numb but peaceful. I knew that it was over that my baby was born and that death was slowly approaching creeping through my veins until it stole my last breath. T

he last beat to my heart. I knew Jake was there holding my hand it felt nice the room was quiet and somehow I knew Alice saw what I finally come to my senses about how I truly felt . Edward was probably hurt but now that didn't matter only Jake did. "Jake his name barely a whisper fell from my lips, I love you so much more than what I ever had truly wanted to admit and even though it's too late and I'm not going to make I want you to know that I made the biggest mistake of my life never given you chance.

Never showing how much I wanted to be in your arms at night and wake up every morning to your smile that light up brighter than the sun. My true love, my Sun , my Jacob I Bella Swan will love you forever, I say looking Jake in the eye letting all the love I have for him shined through them. There is so much more I want to say but I know I don't have the time so I relish in the warmth Jacob brings.

Silent tears slip down my face .Jake was crying has he cradled my head in his hand wiping away my tears He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. Death rushed over me to fast I wanted to scream for it to give me a little more time with Jake but the dark tunnel didn't listen I heard a Jake say I love you to My bells, My angel, my life. Then life was gone and there was darkness again but this time I would not open my eyes . Moments later I felt the soft rays of sun warm my skin.

Opening my eyes I was back on the cliff but there was a woman her brown hair long and wavy and white orchids weaved through. She was wearing a white dress that had flower around the waist cover the skin that showed where her shirt and skirt did not connect. On her face was green vines with flowers tracing around her face it started at the top of her head down the side of her face and father it went.

"Where am I, I asked" looking at the strange woman. "You my dear Bella are in the middle not quit a place that is right in the middle of heaven and earth", was her answer. "Why am I here? I asked confused in why was not in heaven. The woman Laughed she sound like a waterfall and the soft rustle of leaves. "Because your story tugs at my heart I my dear am Fate or destiny if you will."

"I'm going to give you a second chance at life or a redo, she said getting up and walking to me. I was quite waiting for her to say more praying this real. "No one ever gets a second chance at life only special cases but if you mess up again my dear young one. I will not do this again so choice wisely one path or another, love or tragedy only we can fix the mess you made. I will help along the way good luck giovane dea. {Young Goddess} Tags: Bella, Death, Fate