Chapter 2 : Time for change

{Bella's POV}

I shot out of bed covered in sweat and breathing hard running my fingers through my damp hair. I lay in bed the sheets tangled around my legs trying to still my racing heart. I look at the clock and it read 8:30 am so untangling and then swinging both my legs over the bed I got up shaking my head trying to make sense of the weird dream I had.

In this odd dream shape shifters and vampires were real and I was tossed in the middle of a secret world that hides in reality. I laughed to myself at my crazy imagination but why did it all seem so real? Then the world stopped and everything came crashing like waves against the rocks in my brain I fell to my knees silent cries of pain and joy ripping through my body. I was a hurricane of emotions and wild thoughts.

I cried for all the pain I put Jake through, I cried for my parents I was going to leave them to wonder forever what happen to me why I never came back home. Was I ready to throw it all away and for what Edward, never will I make that mistake again? But I could I be so sure I wouldnt tell her the truth so I went with the half-truth.

"I just really wanted to reconnect with dad and old friends plus I think you and Phil could use some real alone time" I said half truthfully.

"Well then how about we make your last week's here perfect!" Mom said with a big smile. That night we order pizza and watch all our movies.

Around 2:00am I fell asleep with the biggest smile ever I was just so happy. The next couple days were wonderful me and my mother became so close over the last week.

That I was really actually sad to go but I had to and I was really excited to see dad and Jacob especially Jake. After a lot of hugs from mom and Phil, and promises to call and email as much as I could I got on the plane to Forks. The next step to my real forever. I just knew that the road ahead of me was more than just bumpy but very dangerous too.

Forks a week before Christmas and an hour after Bella's flight landed

Cold white fluffiness fell from gray wall that forks called a sky and it was beautiful .Christmas lights light up every street and house I couldn't wait to see Charlie's face when I showed up 3 months early than planned.

As the taxi pulled on Charlie's street I began to feel so happy and giddy like a young child on Christmas morning. I paid the taxi driver and ran as fast as I could with all the luggage I had and hoping I wouldn't fall on my assets.

I prayed to fate that I didn't tuck things up this time and thank her and whoever else for given me a second chance. I knocked on the door and began to feel nervous not about moving here but what if I see Edward and it all happens again.

I stomped the brakes on that train of thinking before I could worry myself .Me and Eddie boy will never ever get another chance that ship sailed a long ago along with any feeling I had for that boy. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice Charlie standing there staring at me.

"Bella, dad said in shock and happiness before pulling me in the house and into a hug. I've missed you so much Bells dad said. While helping me bring in all my stuff and take up stairs. Charlie turned to me I was going to spend Christmas with them I hope you dont wait to catch up with Jake it will be fun I promise it is fine. Charlie (Dad) smiled as he continued to help me get my things in my room.

My room was not all the way done and that's great because I want to decorate in a completely different way.

Which is a plus because now I can do whatever to it ,So tomorrow I'm going to go grocery shopping and pick something's up for my room. Charlie left to call Billy and tell him of my surprise arrival.

I smiled to myself and made a promise that this time I'm going to form a better relationship with my dad than last time. I was going to be a daughter a real one because I was all Charlie had left and he would know that even though he lost Renee he never lost me.

Charlie ordered pizza that night and we watched a movie and talked about what I missed after I stop coming in the summers. That night I felt at peace with myself and I knew this time things will be better. But I got the feeling this was not going to be easy.

Knowing me something was beyond to happen but this time I'm ready. Stronger and smarter I am not and will not be that shy, confused, and easily manipulated weak girl ever one once knew.

This is chapter 2 redone just a little change here and there nothing major