Chapter 8

Jacob's Pov

I slowly woke up to the sound of laughter and I think the snapping of a camera but I am not for sure. As the fogginess of sleep slowly started to fade I felt a slight weight on my chest confused my eyes' popped open to a sight that quickly had me joining in on the laughter.

Bella lay on top of me hugging me to her as if I were favorite giant teddy bear. Her face buried deep into my neck and her tiny feet just hit mid knee cap it was so funny how short she was compared to my 6 Ft. 4 and still growing I thought proudly. I looked up to see two very amused faces of my Dad and Charlie

"Merry Christmas!" the two fools holler scaring the hell out of a sleeping Bella causing her to pop up and bash me in the nose.

I leap forward to catch her as she falls off my lap tucking myself around her and turning so I take most of the hit. We end up on the floor with a thump and a tangled mess of limbs. I couldn't tell where her pale cream skin started and where my russet skin ended but I would be lying if I said that our skin next to each other didn't look beautifully exotic.

It was like the pale moon and the bright sun both being out high in the sky causing the earth to be half and half then blending in the middle. Making a beautiful contrast of light and dark. I look up just in time to see Charlie snap another picture and start to laugh his ass off.

Rolling my eyes at the old oafs' I helped a blushing Bella off the floor. She took off towards the bathroom the old fools laughter following behind her.

"Bella was your mattress comfortable? If so, I glad you slept so comfortable in my home", My Dad shouted after a slamming door and a fire truck red Bella. I tried to scowl my father but I felt my lips tug into a smile as I fought off laughter.

"So you and Bella ...?" My dad asked leaving a blank for me to fill in I look at the curious face of my dad and Charlie's dad mode face with a hint of hope I think.

I looked at them as I thought about how to answer this because there was no me and Bella in that sense but O do I hope there will be and soon. I have always loved Bella since that day on the beach when I was three and Bella cut her knee after tripping over a piece of drift wood.

Her yellow dress and pigtail made her look like one of those baby angels in the paintings but it was the big brown Bambi eyes that filled with tears and sweet innocents that.

That held me captive as I helped her up and to my mom. The way they brighten as she smiled at me when I keep insisting to take care of her. Her bell like laugh as I helped her into the car and even back then I was bigger than her though she was five and I was three I looked five and she looked three. I was slightly taller and bigger than her petite frame so I felt like it was my job to protect my Bell and I did.

Even after she left the feelings may have buried but not one girl I tried to date could compare to her. With Bella being back and all the time we spend together I know she is the only girl for me. No other girl will every hold a candle to Bella she is my north star high in the dark sky that is my heart and filling it with a bright white light.

"Jacob!" my father yelling my name brought me back to the present. "Where did your mind go son?" he asked.

I smiled and said quietly more to myself than to the two nosy old bats sitting beside me, "To the day when Bella hurt her knee and I took care of her."

Billy gave Charlie a knowing and a secret smile before Bella came rushing into the kitchen where I started getting the ingredients for Christmas breakfast ready. Me a Bella began to work in the small space. With me handing her things she needed and working on things while she worked on others we talked and laughed like we had been doing this for years. I loved every minute of it our own little world separate from reality.

I looked up from flipping a pancake just in time to see the sun shine bright through the window and shine upon Bella it glowed around her like a light from my ancestors as if they were saying she is right in front of you why are you waiting. Her chocolate mahogany locks flowed around like a waterfall of silk a slight breeze through the open window blew pieces of her hair creating the illusion of a halo. But I knew Bella was an angel so sweet and pure mine to cherish and corrupt.

Her pale skin seemed to glow as it basked in the warm sunlight. Her big brown doe eyes gleamed like diamonds so full of wonder, love, and curiosity. My greedy eyes began to travel over the delicate structure of her heart shape face, to the slight rosy undertone of her cheeks; my eyes drank in a button nose and farther down soft red sinful lips that called to deep primal need in me. Those lips that begged to be kissed to be ravished. I continued my journey down a petit frame no more than 5"4 in height.

The tortures curviness of her very generous body made my fingers' ache for they wish to trace the goddess sinful body. They wished to hold onto a tiny waist and protect the angel who graces the world with her beauty not only the outside but deep with her. She shines like a bright full moon and her many bright stars who guides those who travel in the darkness of night.

"Jacob Ephraim Black! If you do not snap out of where every your mind as gone and flip that pancake before it burns I hit you with this spoon," Bella scowled at me looking so sexy with her hands on her hip that I just wanted to kiss her. But instead I quickly got back to finishing up just as Paul came strolling throw the door saying, "Don't burn the food Black some of us like edible things," he said laughing as he gave Bella hug then sat down in the dinner room and jumped in talking to me and Bella.

Now I know Paul! How did that happen? Well I and Bella were out getting all the things she needed to cook for Christmas breakfast and dinner. I went off to go get the ham. While Bella went to look for pumpkin spice. What I saw when I got back will forever make me laugh. Paul had made a sexual comment towards Bella and she grabbed him by the ear bringing him down to her height and ripped him a new one then out of nowhere she invited him to spend Christmas with us.

Her exact words were, "Now that I am done embarrassing you I would like you to spend Christmas with Jake, me, and the family. I suspect you know were the Blacks' resident is be there in the morning. If you don't I will come find your ass and have Jake drag back to his house. Now have good day Paul and see you tomorrow."

The weird part was she didn't ask him if he had plans with his family it was like she knew he lived all by himself. She also told him if he didn't show up she would kick his ass and he called her is little fire woman after getting over the shock off being called out on by someone. She told him if he didn't want to feel the wrath of this fire woman than he would be at my house Christmas morning no later than 8 then she walked off naming stuff off her Christmas dinner list.

She also invited Embry and his mom, Quil, Old Quil, and Quil's mom, The Clear Waters, and Sam. They all came one after the other slowly filling the once empty home back into a home of joy and family.

After a very interest breakfast we all just goofed off until the mountains of food were finally done. Leah help Paul set the table while Bella, Seth, and I brung out the food and set it on the table. Bella announced the food ready and now my home was full of the laughter of old friends and new. We all sat together at the table like one big family. Like a pack who took care of each other and I felt a since of pride and homeliness I have not felt since my mother death.

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