My name is Maya.
I'm 10 years old.
I live in Paradise, Ohio.
My mother is Starla and my father is John.
I have 3 Aunts and 3 Uncles, but none of my parents has any brothers or sisters, they're not my blood Uncles and Aunts, but to me and my parents, they are family. I've known them my whole life and I love them all.
I'm not allowed to date yet, I'm only 10. But I have a crush on School.
Mom and dad are really Cool and Funny, but they can be strict and mean if I break any of the few rules they ask me to fulfill.

Today is April the 12th, tomorrow's my Birthday and my parents invited Uncle Sam for dinner today. "Maya." I hear my mom calling from downstairs. "Come help me and Set the table!"
I go downstairs and find my dad sitting on the couch, watching TV. "Why doesn't he do something to help? Just to break the routine, you know?"
Dad never does anything around the house. Well, neither does mom, only when someone's invited to dinner. Otherwise, Palma does everything. None of them works. "your father heard something very suspicious on the news earlier. He's trying to find out if it's the Morgadorians or Not. Now do as you're told and set the table." I roll my eyes and open the plates cupboard. " BK! There you are!" A little bird flies out of the cupboard and right before it touches the ground, it's gone. And in its place there's a small cute dog. Mom smiles and shakes her head. "playing hide and seek again, I see." BK goes to the living room and I take five plates from the cupboard, mom looks at me and shakes her head, I pout."Aunt Ella isn't coming?" I was sad… "No sweetie, she's out of town…" I love Aunt Ella. She can change her whole body and voice to make it look like she's 10, or whatever other age she wants. I always ask her to be 10, of course and she plays with me nonstop.
I set four plates on the table and close the cupboard, then the door bell rings. Uncle Sam! I look to mom and she nods, giving me permission to open the door. I run and open it. "Hi Uncle Sam!" He hugs me and drags me inside, closing the door. "Hello Sam" Mom and dad are both behind me, smiling. "Hmmm! Smells good, Six! Someone's been practicing." Mom laughs. "Well, actually, I only put it on the oven. , Palma did the rest." She goes back to the Kitchen and I follow her and finish setting the table, while Sam and dad talk in the living room.

"Dinner's ready!" They come and join us at the table. "Pizza?" Sam looks confused. "But it smells nothing like Pizza."
It's vegetarian" I reply with a weird look on my face. "Isn't it?"
Just eat, Maya." Dad's looking at me and I can't understand if his expression is funny, and or just serious.
I do as I'm told and we all eat. The three of them talk about the weather and Politics and a bunch of adult stuff, so I eat in silence.
After dinner Sam calls BK and mom shows him a few tricks while me and dad go upstairs and watch Doctor Who in their room.
After a while mom knocks and opens the door slightly. "Bedtime sweetie." I kiss dad on the cheek and walk to my room. "Hey uncle Sam" He's sitting on the edge on my bed, smiling" Hey kiddo, I won't be here tomorrow… So I figured I could come here and say goodbye." He opens his arms and I hug him. He kisses me on the cheek and lays me on my bed, then stands. Mom kisses my forehead. "Sweet dreams sweetheart" They both leave the room. I close my eyes and fall asleep instantly.