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Chapter one: Kocari Wilds

(In the Wilds)

Eyes are watching me for a while now I just know it, but I pay no mind and resume examining this strange flower, "surely not nightshade..." I mumble without thought, lost in fascination at this rather unique flower. I simply put this rare ingredient into my basket for further examination for another time. I look down into the basket at my acquired ingredients quite pleased, I turn my head west towards a gaze. I look and see nothing more than a squirrel staring at me from upon a tree. How strange? Surely, a squirrel doesn't smell like magic and ...stew?

My mind questions this squirrel and its strange smell, my sharp senses tell me that this squirrel has indeed been the eyes following me throughout my little voyage in the woods. The only possible explanation that a squirrel smells like magic, is that this squirrel is in fact, a mage. I look the squirrel in the eyes, "rather curious of me aren't you?" I said with a gentle smile, thinking about the reasons for it to follow me is that perhaps it is aware that I am from another world? but it looks back at me with what seems to be panic? worry? or surprise in its eyes from talking to it? I had no clue, seeing as how I couldn't possibly read the expression of a squirrel, surely I would just shoot it with an arrow and cook it for lunch or maybe dinner, but I was just way too curious of this strange new world. It seems that this mage didn't think I would know of its identity. Perhaps I shouldn't say anything else...maybe in this world it is rather strange to know? Thus, I paid it no mind.

Being in this new world is rather frustrating and confusing. It seems that I was teleported into some type of world where mages get treated like criminals, everyone prays to something called...Andrasta? or Andrea? and then some guy called 'the Maker'? The Maker of what exactly? but I suppose I will shut up considering my world has many gods they worship. What striked me odd was WHERE I woke up at, inside a tent within an army. By Sithis, why do I always get into these situations? I recalled that very day when I stepped one foot into Skyrim, where I managed to walk into a battle of Stormcloaks and Imperials, then got token to the chopping block, where moments later the town gets burned down in flames by the mythical Alduin, which later results in me finding out that I'm the dragonborn.

And of course there was that time with Sanguine when I almost got adopted by a giant, turned into a hagraven, and almost married his brother, the Daedric Prince of Madness, and all I did was join a drinking contest! and there I was almost becoming Queen of Madness! Thankfully nothing happened that couldn't be fixed, surely my presence in this world most have something to do with those Daedric Princes or maybe even the nine divines...who knows? Anyways, from what I could gather from my brief presence here in this so-called place 'Ferelden' , was that there is some type of war going on, with some 'creatures' called the Darkspawn and something called the Blight; either way, It seems that the people here are nothing compared to those of Planet Nirn. The mages are considered so powerful here, that they are forced to be locked inside a tower, whereas in my world, most people consider magic weak... which I have to disagree with, magic is surely strong but it's not enough that you should lock someone up for. Which leaves me to believe that there is surely more to it then that. During my stay here in Ferelden, I have removed my daedric helmet from my head as to not cause panic like before, because when they first saw me, some soldiers freaked out until I took my helmet off, and their reaction was quite humorous to say the least when they saw my attractive face.

I had managed to pin-point the leader of the army; King Cailan, who seems to me as if he was relying on those called 'the Grey Wardens' and that Loghain guy who seems to have a untrustworthy look into his eyes, equal to that of the deceased Mercer Frey. It seems I must intervene in this war, if they have any hope of winning, but of course it won't be free. I'm pretty sure I can have the opportunity to convince him of my value, but my little knowledge of this world might ruin things, but thankfully many men find me quite trustworthy due to my appeal. Strangely I hear voices heading my way, I look ahead to catch a glimpse of four men.

Due to my lycanthropy, my senses have improved tremendously, causing my eye-sight, hearing, smelling, and strength to enhance. Hearing and seeing them from a distance, yet walking my way back to the camp, I see an older looking man with little hair, shaking like a frightened little child, talking to a young man with blonde hair possessing somewhat of a boyish charm. The first seems rather nervous dwelling into the forest mumbling something about witches of the wilds, about how the forest was dangerous, and how the darkspawn could ambush them at any second. I found it rather humorous considering that I haven't even encountered one of those creatures yet, but I did however notice their presence lurking around. It seemed to me as if the darkspawn were avoiding me, as if they were afraid of me or perhaps curious? Like their instincts knew that I was extremely dangerous or perhaps they felt the power of my daedric artifacts inside my inventory, either way it didn't matter, I was left in peace to explore the strange ingredients throughout the forest. Although, I did manage to hear screams earlier, no doubt from scouting soldiers.

Still walking back to camp and listening in on the soldiers conversation, I discovered that they were the so-called 'Grey Wardens' that I heard their King mention. The blonde boyish man who I now assumed was the more experienced, seeing as he was less worried, mentioned something about grey wardens sensing darkspawn to the two of the three recruits whose names were mentioned as Daveth and Jory? They seemed really nervous and scared, as the blonde tried to give them some relief about Grey Wardens; which unsurprisingly seemed to have back fired on the blonde when he mentioned that the darkspawn could sense them aswell. I couldn't help but chuckle when one of the two mentioned that they should turn back now with a stuttering voice, but was told that they still had a mission to complete which required something about blood vials and old treaties. Perhaps they were vampires? or maybe they needed the blood for some dark ritual? or maybe for research? I wasn't a bit too sure. If they were vampires I would have immediately smelled the scent of the undead. The scent I knew but could never describe, the scent that I had once possessed.

From afar, the two nervous men, Daveth and Jory, were pushed aside by a young man who had a look of pain and irritation in his eyes; he walked ahead of them,called them cowards, and ordered them to move forward, and to shut up. I couldn't help but smirk, finding the whole thing quite humourous while the blonde looked at the young man baffled that he was leading the group. Closing distance from them every second, and finally coming into view, they see me. The young man's eyes were on me first and had looked at me quite stricken, perhaps wondering who I was and why I was in the 'dangerous' forest all alone. I took a moment to look at him thoroughly.

Looking at him better, he had long dark brown hair that looked well maintained, as if he was well off, like the noble citizens in Cyrodiil. He had lightly tanned skin that looked as if they just met the sun, his muscles, although not as big as a Nords, were quite lean and admirable. His armor, like the other people in this world, striked me as weak and insufficient. The way he walked seemed to somewhat show tension. I looked at his highly attractive face, and I finally laid my eyes with his, looking for information to obtain. No doubt he was or had sized me up aswell. His eyes which were looking at me with great fascination, were dazzling. They were dark blue like the color of the deep ocean just looking at them reminded me of that which was known as blue fire. They were the type of eyes that always lured me in... he had the eyes of a Dragon. His eyes possessed the spirit of rage, hatred, pain, and dominance! Which, he probably had no knowledge he possessed. It reminded me of... Alduin's eyes... but instead of blind hatred, there was the seed of sorrow lying within them. It seems to me this war must have had a price on him...for he seemed upset over a certain sadness.

My eyes shift as I analyze the other three.
I looked into the eyes of the two who were shivering nonstop. They seemed to be frightened by me, no doubt suspecting I'm the witch they mentioned earlier. I smirk and chuckle darkly, no doubt, encouraging their current thoughts. I paid no mind to those two cowards, they weren't worthy to be looked upon by me. The blonde looked at me nervously, perhaps thinking too that I am indeed a witch. He had short dirty blonde hair, which reminded me to much of most Nord men, but yet, something about him struck out...I couldn't place it. He walked like he was a soldier, yet he didn't hold any sense of authority. He stood there like a new-born baby waiting to be devoured by me. Not that he intentionally expressed that, it was mainly just how I grasped it. I looked into his eyes, He looked at me as if he knew I was foreign to this world, like he's never seen a woman like me. Maybe it just means I'm captivating? or perhaps it means that where we are, and me being here, in this 'dangerous' forest, leaves him baffled or maybe...just maybe, he has never laid eyes on a woman like me? I sense a hint of purity in him, like he's never done anything bad in his life. I having full knowledge of the word 'impure', seeing as how I serve some very naughty Daedric lords, leaves me to know when I encounter something sent from the nine divines themselves or whoever their god is in this world...

It seems I'm going to have to talk myself out of this situation. The situation being: 1. how I wasn't even given permission by the guard near the gate to enter the 'Korcari Wilds'. 2. how I even managed to sneak past said guard. 3. why the darkspawn didn't attack me while I was here. 4. why I am even gathering ingredients in the first place. 5. Who I am? Now I COULD tell them the truth but WHY should I? I COULD tell them that I am NOT supposed to be in this forest and that I used 'MAGIC' to sneak past the guard, and that the Darkspawn didn't attack me because they were wary, and that I was curious of these ingredients because I'm from another world. Would they even believe me? They might but seeing as how magic is frowned upon, to say the least, I'd rather not. It could easily backfire, and who knows what the results could be. I would have to kill them all to maintain my safety and identity. But luckily, I have been known for my silver tongue that has always manage to squeeze myself out of many situations...that and a dagger to the heart of course.

~~~~~ [Cousland's P.V.]

As I walk into the Korcari Wilds, I couldn't help but notice the other two recruits fidgeting, and shaking with fear. I found it quite annoying that they were frightened yet there was nothing frightening yet around, Alistair seemed to be a bit too quiet, perhaps frightened himself. I don't know why he's frightened, he has faught darkspawn before. The other two I can understand, considering that one has a family, and the other is just a common thief; whereas, Alistair is a legitimate Grey Warden, yet I, was not frightened, not in the least; one could say I was unfazed.

I couldn't feel fear, I couldn't find it. I knew that the Kocari Wilds was in fact dangerous and that it was covered in darkspawn, but it seems that other emotions drowned out and blocked that in which was my fear. I couldn't think straight, my mind was clouded. It was swirling back at me, those feelings were coming back, the pain was returning, the memories were approaching...the memories...of them were returning. I shoved those thoughts away, refusing to remember.

I snap back into reality, and manage to hear Alistair mention something about Grey Warden's sensing darkspawn to the two recruits, "we can sense them, but they can sense us too" he says in a very blunt way, surely thinking that the information would provide some relief to the two. It wasn't surprising to know that the information didn't sink well with Daveth and Ser Jory as even more fear crossed their eyes.

"G-great, so we'll just k-know when they will about to k-kill us, huh?" says Daveth in a frightened yet sarcastic way.

"perhaps we should go back" blurts Ser Jory, before stepping into his tracks, trembling.

I couldn't help but scoff, what price is his life worth? He may have a family, but what difference does it make when those darkspawn see to it their demise. Dying here isn't an option. I will retreive the blood vials and treaties, and make it back to camp before nightfall. They are wasting my time walking slowly like cowards. I walk ahead of them pushing them aside, "you call yourself men?" I asked more like a statement then an actual question, "hurry up and keep quiet" I ordered them while walking ahead with my back towards them, leading the way. I was already used to giving orders back in Highever, to the soldiers in my father's army, down to the servants. I could feel them tense from behind me, without me looking them face to face. Even Alistair obeyed me, shutting his mouth feeling slightly relieved of my authority, and followed behind. He seemed rather used to following, than leading, which I found in my favor.

The deeper we went into the wilds, the thicker the air became, and I could just feel someone watching me. The forest did however make me wary, as I felt the ominous aura surrounding the forest, touch my skin; I knew that the forest was slowly being tainted. The darkspawn must have been near, because the air didn't seem as fresh as before. As the four of us walk deeper into the Wilds, I come into view of a young woman walking our way.

"w-who's th-that?" asks Ser Jory in a surprised tone, stopping in his tracks.

"It must be a witch of the wilds!" said either Daveth or Jory, the woman continued walking towards us in a peaceful manner, which startled all of us since we are; after all, in the Kocari Wilds, where only forest critters, darkspawn, and witches dwelled. Noone expected her to be a soldier from her looks, but the way she walked possessed some sort of confidence, like nothing could touch her. The distance was breaking, we all stopped dead in our tracks, as she came closer stopping and looking directly at me.

The young woman had to be no more than seventeen or eighteen at most, carrying a basket full of flowers in her arms. She had soft caramel skin that glistened in the sun, and possessed a very womanly figure as she wore strange armor. Her armor was very odd, one would say it was darker than black that it looked purple, and she had a very large frightening mace hanging from the right side of her hip along with a strange-looking dagger to her left side, which I barely managed to see since it was covered by her shield which also looked very unusual. This girl was strange, she looked arm to the tooth, no wonder she didn't look at all fazed or frightened about being in the Kocari Wilds, she must be a skilled warrior confident in her skills. The thought of her fighting many darkspawn made me a bit skeptical though, considering she looked nothing like a warrior but more like a mage. I found it quite humorous that Daveth and Jory were shivering behind me out of fear she might be the infamous witch of the wilds.

I looked at her face. She was very attractive, she had long, dark, brown hair and a round face. I then looked her in the eyes, finding her eyes back at mine; Her eyes were so beautiful yet so unnatural, they were a lovely shade of green like that of an enchanted forest, with an inner shade of yellow. She looked at me with interest, like a cat eyeing a bird in the sky. I felt as if she was looking through me as she looked at me with a soft knowing smile. I felt my heart thump, beating faster than usual, but paid it no mind.

I felt myself lose my cool, after already being irritated to begin with by those trembling fools. This woman, she is unnatural; I can tell, but I don't know why. I find her eyes straying away from mine as she looks away towards Daveth and Ser Jory's direction; she immediate looks at them for a few second as they shiver at her gaze, perhaps still considering her to be a witch of the wilds. She chuckles darkly, which no doubt terrified them even more. She paid little mind to them compared to me, almost as if she didn't find them interesting at all. I looked at Alistair, who looks a little alarmed, perhaps also thinking she may, in fact, be a witch. He was looking at her in somewhat awe, but began to speak.

"A-are you a witch of the wilds?" asked Alistair in a slightly shattered tone. The girl looked at them with humour in her eyes, and gave an inscrutable smile.

"Me? a witch?, she says softly, "why of course not" she replied while flicking her hair, causing Alistair to ease. He looked at the girl still skeptical as why she was in the Kocari Wilds in the first place. She looked at him and widened her eyes briefly, as if she was toying with him, daring him to play with her. He got nervous, and felt a shiver down his spine. The girl was standing there in front of all four 'grey wardens', with such mystery. She stood there secretly delighted to be looked upon in awe, as she found the people in this world quite fascinating.

"then you're a soldier in the army?" Alistair said in doubt since she wasn't dressed like one.

The other three Wardens were looking at this girl sharply, each with different thoughts.

Daveth, was looking at every curve in her body enthralled, like he wanted to eat her up.

Ser Jory, had his hand right next to his sword, ready for any signs of an attack. He was prepared (yet scared) to fight the witch.

Cousland, just stood there quietly looking into the girl's eyes, trying to read her intentions which to him still seemed unknown. He too was looking at her with great suspicion.

All four of them wondered who she was and why she was in the Kocari Wilds.

"Just passing through" she said in an unreadable tone that sounded either emotionless, or playful. The girl slightly lifted a basket in her right arm, while looking Alistair in his eyes. "I have ingredients to bring forth" she explains. She walked closer to him now standing only a few feet away, she tilts her head slightly, "what?" she asks cooly, "do I look that suspicious to you?", she looks at Alistair with a playful smirk.

Alistair, being an honest guy, just couldn't lie to her, "yes, actually. You kind of do~ with wearing strange armor and having that blasted scary mace and all" he looks at her mace with wide eyes, disturbed by its eerie green glow.

She smirks, "pay no mind to the mace, for it was a gift from a friend, along with the armor or any other apparel I wear", she walks past them,"As lovely as this brief encounter has been, I must bid you all fair well, seeing as how I have no business here to begin with" she says with a slight chuckle, "I was simply to curious of this forest to not venture, but seeing as how my curiosity has been satiated, I will make my way back into camp" she explains, before waving them off with her right hand.

They all look at her speechless, no fact due to the many questions swirling in their head, before she walks away to leave them with no room to question. They see a soldier running their way. He looks greatly wounded and out of breath.

"T-The Darkspawn!" he yells, "they attacked out of nowhere!" The girl stops in her tracks, and tilts her head back towards the wounded soldier in interest.

"wait! slow down" says Alistair waiting for the man to catch his breath. Daveth, Ser Jory, Cousland, and the girl listen and watch silently to the wounded soldier.

"The scouting party was *cough* *cough* am-ambushed" the soldier was coughing out blood and losing it fast.

"We gonna help him?" asks Daveth to Cousland, and NOT Alistair.

"We have no time for this" Cousland says coldly, taking in the fact that it would be a waste of time, walked passed him.

"you can't be so cruel as to just leave him there" says Alistair in disapproval before looking into his backpack for some bandages. "let me at least wrap up his wound"

As Alistair digs through his backpack for bandages, the girl with strange armor passes by him towards the wounded soldier. She pulls out a small potion in her inventory, "here drink this" she says bringing the little red potion to his lips. The wounded soldier drinks it without hesitation, and his wounds began to heal slightly. "you should be able to walk, at least" she said, "it's only a small healing potion". The Grey Wardens look at her slightly surprised that she even had a potion. She extends her hand towards the soldier, "come on, let me take you back to camp" he agrees and grabs her hand. Alistair already putting his backpack up, sighs in relief as the girl and the soldier head back to camp with him holding on to her shoulder for support.

The group continues on through the forest in search of the ambushed scouting party, which they already assumed had no survivors.

"I can't believe you were just going to leave him to die..." mumbles Alistair to himself, regarding Cousland's decision; subconsciously unaware of the fact he said it. Daveth and Ser Jory manage to hear this, as did Cousland. Cousland ignoring his banter, continues walking through the dense forest searching for any sign of darkspawn. While Ser Jory couldn't help but press on.

"He's right you know, that was kind of cold" said Ser Jory to Cousland. Cousland hearing every sound in the forest, stopped in his tracks, which caused Ser Jory to tense by the sudden stop.

Cousland turned around, and looked at him with great intimidation, "and?" He asked more like a statement then a question. Ser Jory couldn't help but take in a huge gulp by the dangerous look in Cousland's eyes. Even Alistair seemed frightened by him, that he remained quiet, whereas Daveth looked at Ser Jory with pity. Cousland slowly removed his gaze off him and continued leading them north deeper into the Wilds.

The deeper they got, the deeper the air thickened. Alistair suddenly stopped walking and stood still.

"wait!" he said with panic. The three turned around and looked at him. "The darkspawn are nearby" the words suddenly causing the three recruits to take even more cautious.

Cousland proceeds ahead, and the others follow behind. Alistair takes out his sword which causes Ser Jory and Daveth to do the same.

~~~~~~~~~ [Cousland's P.O.V]

As the mysterious young woman headed back to camp, leaving even more questions in my head, a wounded soldier suddenly appeared before us. He was wounded and all banged up, he had a huge wound in his leg that kept bleeding and he was coughing out blood. He was out of breath, but mentioned a scouting party in which was ambushed; I couldn't help but notice the girl stopping in her tracks just to listen. I found it quite odd that she manage to even hear him from that many feet away. Daveth suddenly asked me if we should help him. I instantly rejected the idea. We were losing time and daylight each minute; and the man looked like he was about to drop any second. I walked ahead putting this nuisance to the side, and focused on the current goal which was retrieving the treaties and obtaining darkspawn blood vials. Before I got a few feet ahead, I hear Alistair disapproving of my decision, mentioning something about me being cruel. I couldn't help think he was too soft, I mean we were after all in a war fighting tainted creatures serving old gods. Even if we managed to carry him back to camp, he would just bleed out; therefore, he was a waste of my time.

While Alistair was looking through his backpack for bandages, the young woman walked past him to the soldier and pulled out a potion from her inventory. After giving it to him the man's leg healed slightly. 'Great, so she would have taken care of him without us needing to stop, what a waste of time.' I couldn't help but think slightly agitated. When I saw Alistair putting up his backpack, I continued walking forward in search of those in the scouting party which I could only assume had already been dead. As the young woman and soldier head back towards camp, Daveth and Ser Jory follow behind me, while Alistair soon catches up from behind.

Minutes pass, my focus lies within the forest and those that dwell within it. I get frustrated that I haven't yet ran into any darkspawn. "you were just going to leave him there to die..."I heard Alistair say from behind, obviously referring to me and my earlier decision. I was slightly irritated by that remark, but choose to ignore him. Still walking and listening carefully, with much annoyance from this group, I managed to hear Ser Jory agreeing with Alistair referring to me as cold. I stop in my tracks, very annoyed. He dared call me cold? He, who was trembling in fear earlier? I turned around and looked him in his eyes. "and?" I said, causing him to tremble like the coward he is, while I looked him eye to eye. His eyes were full of fear and not just by me, but by everything that is the Kocari Wilds. How I hate cowards, they're so unreliable, and predictable. I turn my gaze back north, continuing towards the right path; highly annoyed with the time lost on menial events.

I feel Alistair suddenly stop, he tells us to wait which causes me to look towards him; he warns us of the darkspawns presence. Remembering earlier, that the darkspawn can sense us too, I walk forward ready for what was to come. The annoyance from earlier seemed to drift away, as I heard the grunters of the darkspawn nearby; my body was filling with adrenaline which I so often craved. How I've always had an attraction for danger. Now that I think about it, I have never really fought a darkspawn before...

I don't know much about darkspawn other than them possessing dangerous blood that can taint you and that they look monstrous. Strangely, I feel eager to fight them, to see their blood dripping from my sword, to look into their eyes as they slowly die, and search for any given fear. Can darkpawn express fear? Can they beg for mercy? Can they feel the pain that I possessed?

Soon enough, I'll make them.

Well, its short, but I just thought I should introduce Cousland's first encounter with the Dragonborn in a blunt way. Kinda like a brief mysterious encounter. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, Cousland's personality will be cold...due to his parents death and being brought up in high society whose second only to royalty. I plan on going deep into the character's mental state. As for the Dragonborn, she will be unnamed until later chapters. she will have a perplexing personality that will not be easily understood.

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