Light and Shadow

The fourth great ninja war is over. Tobi and Kabuto have been defeated. Though not without cost. Naruto most of all suffering from his most personal loss since Jiraiya dying. Losing Sakura, the woman he loved, and having to kill the man who did the deed, his former best friend Sasuke.

As the Village Hidden in the Leaf rebuilds and the elemental nations looking at true peace, Naruto's dream to become Hokage, his life long goal, no longer matters. For the first time in his life he does not know what to do. Until the ring of the fallen green lantern Tomar-Re chooses him for his ability to overcome fear.

With Kurama, the Kyuubi no Kitsune as the only guide he has from his world, Naruto embarks on a new adventure. On to a new world of heroes and villians and perhaps the chance to start anew and find a new goal for himself. As the new Green Lantern.

AN: Hello, this is Garrek, the author for the summary you see above this very lovely summary right above. Now this is my very first attempt to try to write fanfiction of my own design. Keyword atttempt because to be frank I'm not even sure I have the talent to do this story. Especially one of the scope that I am trying to take it to.

With this in mind if anyone feels inspired with this general idea, I will feel like I have done my job.

Again I will try my best to write a decent story.

Now I am putting this in Young Justice because I do want Naruto to be a part of the team in his own capacity. However, as a Green Lantern, I will attempt to make his own adventures that correspond with whats going on during the team's events.

One thing that I will address before people say something. As much as I like the dimensional shift crossover for Naruto, I feel that I wanted to try something that isn't done that often with crossovers of this kind. This will be rated M for violence, blood and possibly suggestive themes to a lemon though that is not a guarantee.

Pairing undecided because I want him paired with someone other the ladies on the team.

Personally stuck between Wonder Woman or Black Canary (just considering and apologies in advance to GA/BC and BM/WW fans out there). I probably won't be going into the pairing until farther in the story, appropriate time for Naruto to grieve. Like I said I am putting more emphasis on his time with the other lanterns.

Finally, I am now requesting a beta-reader/someone to share ideas with. Not to mention help me with fight scenes and a list of jutsu for him to use along with the power ring. I'm going to attempt for him to combine using the ring with his list of jutsu (which if memory servers in the canon is actually quite long). I also intend to give him a second element but that could change. In fact, anything in this story my change, depends on how I see things going or what you guys think on. Reviews, positive or negative, will be considered but I will do my best to continue writing this story and do my best to finish it.

I will update with the first chapter as soon as I can. Thank you for reading this exceeding long lines of text and for your hoped support.

P.S. Almost forgot the disclaimer. Young Justice and Naruto do not belong to me. I am making no money whatsoever. If Young Justice was my creation... well I'm still not sure about the whole SB/MM sittuation.

(Update) Yeah sorry guys I forgot to mention that the events pertaining to when Naruto joins the lanterns, training, first mission etc. takes place three years before season one of Young Justice. So when Naruto joins the team he will be nineteen. Very sorry for the inconvinence.