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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Fall to the Lost World

Sector 2813. Neighboring sector to 2814. Once upon a time it was known to hold the planet Krypton in the Rao system before it was destroyed. The same planet that gave wind to Superman being on Earth. With its destruction it seemed that not much else except your usual trouble happened in this sector of the universe unless it involved its adjoined neighbor or some big bad trying to destroy the universe.

"Save for one planet it seems." he thought.

The planet named Ajnin

These were the thoughts of green lantern Tomar-Re as he lay dying in a forest, with a gaping wound on his ribcage laying on his back looking at the night sky. The Xudarian was finishing his usual patrol around his sector heading to the planet in question. As he headed in its direction however, he was soon attacked by a man with a familiar face. A face belonging to the protege of his close friend Abin Sur. The rogue lantern Sinestro.

Sinestro had once been known to be Tomar's friend as well as comrade in arms until his betrayal. Tomar's mind recalled the events that lead to his fate.

(Above Ajnin's atmosphere one hour ago)

Tomar-Re. Honor Guard of the Green Lantern Core was finishing his usual patrol of his sector before returning to Oa when he saw a flash of yellow appear above the far planet in the Aku system. Tomar-Re flew toward it to investigate.

Tomar-Re could not believe his eyes when he saw Sinestro floating above Ajnin, his arms crossed behind his back, gazing upon the planet as if it were a new favorite toy.

The former green lantern hovered using his trademark yellow power ring, for he now wore a yellow mockery of the green lantern uniform. Since betraying his fellow lanterns, Sinestro had formed his own Sinestro corp and been steadily recruiting for it by supplying yellow power rings that could detect those that have the ability to instill fear much as green lantern rings could detect those who could overcome it. However, their numbers were still far and in between. Also, the Sinestro Corps were forced to look for recruits on their own since they had yet to acquire a means to guide their rings to selected recruits.

Though why would Sinestro come to this planet Tomar-Re did not know. But he was about to find out.

Flying from behind Sinestro, Tomar aimed his ring at Sinestro, prepared to fire.

"Turn around Sinestro!" he yelled.

Sinestro turned around slowly, a smirk on his face as he saw the Lantern who yelled at him.

"Tomar, it has been sometime." said Sinestro.

"Hands where I can see them, you're under arrest." Tomar responded, ring hand still trained on Sinestro. Glowing and ready to fire.

Sinestro just shrugged his shoulders with a smile, staying as he was. "Is that anyway to greet an old friend and comrade?" his asked sarcastically.

"Like you have any right to say that after all the green lanterns you've killed?" Tomar-Re responded angrily, about ready to fire his ring.

Sinestro just ignored his threat and continued "You know for once Tomar, you and I have actually made the same mistake, or rather the Guardians and I have made the same mistake" he turned his head back to the planet behind him "We all assumed that aside from Krypton, there was nothing remarkable about this sector. Until I began to take notice of this planet."

"What are you on about? Ajnin is basically the same as Earth. Both in the planet's ecology and its people's biology." said Tomar-Re, confused as to why Sinestro was explaining something that they both already knew themselves.

Now did he think about it, why was Sinestro himself here for a recruitment mission?

Before he knew however, he found his arms and legs bound in a yellow construct version of an alien rack, his wrist's and ankles chained.

'He lured me into a trap! Idiot!' thought Tomar as Sinestro raised his ring hand, held in a fist, pulling upon his construct so it floated nearer to him until they were inches apart.

"Now that I have your full attention," Sinestro began in his infamously arrogant tone, as if talking to an ignorant child "While on the surface this race may seem identical to humans, there is one key difference." he turned his head to the planet below.

"Down there, beneath yours' and the guardians' notice, the people of that planet have harnessed a power to rival that of the Lantern corps themselves!" he explained excitedly "That will power will belong to me and the Sinestro Corps!" he continued.

Tomar-Re eyes grew wide at Sinestro's claim. Had he been that ignorant? Had he not seen that down on this planet that there could be a possibility of another source out in the universe that could rival the Green Lantern corps?

'No.' he thought as he remembered Sinestro's words 'He said 'lantern corps' as in all the lantern corps!' he realized.

Sinestro recomposed himself. "A shame you will not live to see it," he spoke calmly as he created a cutlass sword, poised himself and lunged at Tomar-Re.

Tomar mustered all his willpower into his ring and managed to free his right arm, his ring arm, and created a shield at the last instant to keep the blade from stabbing into his chest. With Sinestro surprised, his broke the rest of his limbs from the rack construct, created his own gauntlet construct upon his left hand and punched Sinestro in the face. With him reeling from the punch, Tomar pressed his attack changing his gauntlet to a proton grenade and threw at Sinestro hoping to destroy him once and for all with a surprise attack.

However, Sinestro recovered from the punch just in time to see the grenade coming a put a shield with what looked like reinforced plating around himself as the grenade struck his shield and exploded with massive force. When the smoke cleared, Sinestro was still there with his shield and a smile on his face.

"Can't use my own trick against me Tomar!" he yelled.

Or rather where he was as Sinestro looked around to no longer see Tomar in his previous spot. He looked around only to find Tomar below him, with an energy cannon ready to fire. This time, Sinestro was prepared. He disengaged his shield and created a large broadsword and flew at Tomar-Re in a zig-zag formation so Tomar couldn't target him with his cannon, flew under until he was practically in front of him. Gripping the sword in both hands he brought down upon him with as much force as he could.

Tomar barely had time to react before he changed his cannon into a longsword and block Sinestro's downward swing. Their blades locked briefly with Sinestro trying to overpower Tomar with him towering over his enemy with his superior height . Tomar soon realized this and disengaged then went on the attack with a side swipe which Sinestro distanced himself from. The two then swung their blades at each other in different arcs their blades making sparks with each clash of energized blades. One made from fear the other will.

But Sinestro was still the better in close range combat. Tomar knew that as soon as Sinestro shattered his sword construct. He fired a few blasts from his ring but Sinestro quick made a shield and deflected the attacks and threw it at Tomar-Re, hitting him in the stomach and sending him flying toward Ajnin's atmosphere. Tomar managed to stop himself but didn't recover fast enough to avoid Sinestro stabbing him in the chest right beside the sternum with a short sword construct. The intense pain from the blade's edge and dark purple blood gasping from his mouth told him what he needed to know.

The wound was fatal.

Surprisingly, Sinestro seemed almost solemn as he looked upon his former friend keeling over.

"For what its worth Tomar, part of me wishes it hadn't come to this. You were one of the best Green Lanterns next to myself." he said as he looked at Tomar-Re breathing his few remaining breaths. "But you you never understood. The universe needs fear to bring order to it. This world will provide me the means to instill that order. That is what Hal Jordan never understood. That is what the Guardians never understood." he said. Speaking as if to a captive and obedient audience

"F-First of all, I am sick of hearing about your brand of order." said Tomar-Re as rose his head to meet Sinestro's gaze, coughing up more blood as he spoke. Then with the last of his strength slammed a green construct on Sinestro's chest "Second, Hal Jordan sends his regards." he stated. Since it was talking with Hal that gave him the idea.

Which Sinestro just realized as looked at the green device on his chest firing what appeared to be a small rocket. The next thing he knew it was flying across space from the rocket's propulsion. The initial blast however sent Tomar falling toward Ajnin's surface at a pace that could not allow him to stop in his condition. He was able to use the ring to help him survive through the atmosphere but that was it.

Soon passing it he looked from the corner of his eye and saw he was rapidly approaching what appeared to be a forest. He then crashed into the ground, the impact forcing him up then landing again skidding upon the ground before stopping on his back.

(Present time)

He had since been falling in and out of conscious ever since, his wound bleeding out. He knew he was dying. He needed to three things before he was put in forever sleep as some people called it.

Tomar-Re barely managed to raise his ring arm to create a message to Oa as Abin Sur had. "This Tomar-Re of Sector 2814. I've encountered Sinestro, suffered heavy wounds. I'm bleeding out...dying.

I-If you receive this message, I've made arrangements for my family...my will and testament are in my quarters. This message will be sent along with the new recruit who receives my ring and battery..." he took laboring breaths as he tried to continue. "Sinestro was looking for something on this world. It is called Ajnin in the Aku system. I believe he was looking for new recruits, ones who had powers additional to the rings. This pla...(cough) planet has something he wants" he wheezed coughing up blood. "I only hope that we find it first" he finished with a final statement "Please...tell my son that I died with honor...and that I always loved him"

He ended what would be his final log entry to his ring. Then he raised his arm to the sky, his hand clinched into a fist and sent the beacon to Oa. He hoped they would find it in time. He also managed, with the last of his strength to summon his battery from the pocket dimension he had set up in this system. The small black hole opened and the battery materialized right next to his body.

'There goes the easy part' he thought as he then looked at his ring.

"Go...choose well" he whispered with his breathing getting more and more difficult.

It was then that the ring left his hand and flew into the sky searching for its next user. Little did he or how anyone else would know how these events would shape the very future of this world and others.

For the ring chooses the wielder who has the ability to overcome fear. And there is one here on the planet Ajnin who could overcome fear better than all those who had come before this ring bearer. One who could change the balance of power. One who would join not just the Green Lantern Corps but also join others as well in the battle against fear.

He just didn't know that he had been chosen yet.