Chapter 20: Magically Missing Persons

(Las Vegas)

Naruto flew over the so-called Sin City duffle bag over his shoulder looking down upon it.

"This is not going to be easy." he said out loud.

'Zatarra did say it was either here or England.' said Kurama

'Yeah.' Naruto responded.

'Why did you choose this place to go to first?' his partner asked.

'You know me Kurama I tend to trust my instincts. Sometimes I'm right sometimes I'm wrong.' said Naruto. 'If the tone that Zatarra used is any indication then this John Constantine is someone who likes to cause trouble. And in a place called Sin City that should be easy enough to find.'

Naruto landed on a roof to get a closer look at the city in front and below him.

'It's also from what you would see from the brochure and the internet the gambling capital of this whole planet. So I guess we find a casino or hotel and start asking.'

'Remind me again why we are doing this?' said Kurama. 'I mean I get why and I have no problem you not following the Bat's orders. And this is your style I mean turning enemies into allies and all that but this is still a crazy idea Kid.'

Naruto sighed as he recalled what happened between himself aka his clone and Black Adam after he found him.


"But I want is an answer to my earlier question. Who is Isis?" The clone questioned.

"How did you even know her name? What are you?" asked Black Adam looking up at him again.

"You can already guess that I'm not human. The rest I'm keeping to myself for now." said Naruto's clone. "But we're talking about you right now and I'm asking the questions."

"And why should I tell you anything of her!?" demanded Black Adam

"Good question. Mainly cause I'm just curious and I get the feeling she's the reason you even joined on being part of a group that is nothing but a distraction from the ones I'm actually seeking. Besides, you were the one on the losing end of this fight." said Naruto.

Adam glared at the young Lantern for a few minutes before finally relenting.

"Her name is Isis as you know. She is my wife." said Adam.

The clone sat down on the ground next to him not caring how dirty his uniform was getting messed up since he would be a puff of smoke soon.

"Continue." he said.

"The first thing you should know is that I am the ruler of Kahndaq. A country in the middle east secluded from much of the world. To my eternal shame I was not always benevolent to my people. I once saw myself godlike after I had gotten my powers."

"And I'm sure that's changed now." said Naruto sarcastically.

"It has changed." said Adam "Yes I overthrew the government. It did not serve the people in my opinion. Granted I could not say that my reason for taking it back was completely altruistic."

"And Isis played a role for that to change." Naruto stated. Black Adam nodded.

"When I first met her, she was Andrea Thomas. She was presented by representatives of Intergang and presented her as a sort of gift. They wanted to use my country as a base for their operations. She was a slave and they just presented her as a piece of property to be used." he said with boiling rage.

"What did you do to them? Naruto asked. But he already knew the answer.

"I killed them." said Adam. "Think of me what you will but slavery is an abomination of a crime and any who practice it deserve to die for it. But more than that it was what I saw when I saw her."

"What did you see?" Naruto asked.

"Amidst her sadness I could see a fire in her eyes. The defiance. After I killed the bastards I took Sandra back to Kahndaq. As I got to know her I saw that fire grow and I saw her kindness. She showed me that while I needed to be firm I did not need to be a tyrant to rule. She made me see what I was and how I could be a better ruler and a better man. I found her to be worthy of my power and gifted her with some of mine transforming her. I even gave her the name of the goddess Isis to symbolize her new change."

"And throughout this process you fell in love with her." stated Naruto.

"And she was with me as hard as it might be to believe and became my wife and queen. Adam responded.

'Big shocker.' said Kurama.

"What happened to her?" the Lantern asked.

"One day she just disappeared. I don't know how. At first I thought she had just left on some business for Kahndaq but if that was it she would have told me. Soon days turned to weeks then they turned to months. I had assumed that she had been killed." said Adam with sadness and passion in his voice. He looked Naruto straight in the eye.

"Until one day I went to our garden. The Rose's in it had changed to a red where they were once white. They were in a lightning bolt shape pointing in a straight line directly to what I assumed was her location. But as I traveled I found nothing. I assumed that whatever happened to her and where she had been hidden from my sight."

"Okay this all tragic and fascinating but how does this lead you into becoming a member of a team that is playing decoy for someone else?" said Naruto.

"And why should I tell you anything boy? I've already told you more than I should have." said Adam.

Naruto waved his hand. In an instant Adam was able to move and get back to his feet albeit with a limp from the attack. He was healing but it was slow. Slower than he was used to.

"What is this?" said Adam. "Some gesture of mercy?"

"Kind of." said Naruto. "Here's the deal Adam. I can't just let you go. You are going to jail. But I'm assuming you have some kind of loophole? Some way out of jail without you knowing killing people? You are the leader of a country so that's just an assumption."

"Zatara and the League will surely have some way to imprison me, don't you worry about that. And you are correct that I have diplomatic immunity so I will be released soon enough to return home. What are you getting at?" said Black Adam.

"What I'm getting at is this. I got some of the puzzle with what I know about this so-called Light and I know two of the supposed members. My gut tells me that you know something that can give me more intel on this bunch of cronies. And in return, and this I'm sure was your price for the group, I can help you find Isis."

"Why would you do that for me?" asked Adam as his eyes widened in shock of the offer.

"It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. I need intel and you have it. Also frankly I can see that you do love this woman with all your heart. And if you can love that means you're not totally evil in my mind. At least not like the Joker. So do we have a deal?" Clone Naruto asked, holding out his hand.

Adam looked down at his hand for a moment.

"I have your word on this?" he said.

"You do. And I keep it." said Naruto. Adam nodded and shook his hand.

"You first though." said Naruto.

"Very well." said Adam. "The two you mentioned I knew about. The one who came to me was Vandal Savage. If there were others I don't know but I am sure there are more of his 'Light' that you will have to contend with. Think of those who would be more long term or those directed to more long term. That is all I can give in terms of information."

"It's better than nothing. Thanks." said Naruto.

"So shall we get a move on?" questioned Adam. "My cell for the next few days awaits."

(End Flashback)

Naruto looked over the city thinking about what he said to Black Adam. No matter how he changed that fundamental ninja way was still a part of him. But it didn't help with how he was going to find this Constantine.

'Not going to do anything just standing here.' he thought to himself as he lifted off the ground and flew above the city. As he did so he saw exploding glass from the Caesar's Palace hotel in one of the balconies.

'Well it's something to do at least.' said Kurama. Naruto agreed and flew towards the building. What he saw was one broken window with what looked to be ice on the shards around what was left of it.

Looking inside he saw what he had to guess were demons given their appearance.. Along with them was a rough looking blond haired man wearing a white shirt with a tie and black pants holding what the Lantern had to guess was some kind of weapon in his hand.

'I could be going senile but does that look like some kind of magic wand?' questioned Kurama.

'If you are then that makes both of us.' Naruto responded. "Excuse me am I interrupting something?" he joked out loud.

"Don't just stand there and make jokes you bloody twat I need some help here" exclaimed the blond hairdo man taking cover behind the mini bar that was in the room.

The three demons in the room turned from their victim to the intruder that entered into the fray.

"I don't know who you think you are but if you don't leave your soul is-" said one of them before he found his head cut off. Along it with its two fellows also being cut off with the bodies falling to the ground along with their heads. Naruto stood where he was only with a sword construct in his hand with the blade bleeding.

A portal opened up in the center of the room. The bodies sunk into it first with the heads coming later. But what surprised Naruto was that they still spoke. But they were not speaking to him.

"Your soul is ours Constantine!" said one head.

"Your ass is grass!" said another as they were sucked into the portal. Having delivered the demons to their infernal home, the portal shrunk and disappeared.

Naruto stood there and for once was dumbfounded at what he saw.

"I'm assuming that portal just took them into hell?" he asked the blonde haired man who was already at what was left of a poker table with a black chest containing a lot of jewels and coins inside.

"One of them, yeah." he said.

"One of them?" the Shinobi asked. The guy nodded his head. "Just when you think you've seen everything."

"That's the thing about this world and magic. It doesn't stop showing you new things." he said this after picking up the chest. "Thanks for the save by the way mate. Unexpected though it was."

"Wait." said Naruto as the man in question was walking with his spoils. "They called you Constantine right? John Constantine?"

"Bollocks." said the man, confirming his identity. "Look I don't know what it is that has one of the costumed brigade here in Vegas but I need a drink so goodbye."

"Considering I just saved your life I think you owe me time to speak." said Naruto

"Fine." said Constantine. "You've got one minute."

"It's going to be longer than that," said Naruto.

"Two minutes. That's my limit right now unless it interests me." said the sorcerer gesturing with his hand the number two.

"Okay. I need your help finding someone. A woman who according to my intel has been concealed with magic." said Naruto.

"Well that's all and good of you mate but I have to wonder why you, a member of the costume brigade, is asking me for help when you have Zatarra in the team of skin tight wanks otherwise known as the Justice League?" asked Constantine.

"Is it not enough that I just need help with something?" asked Naruto

"Nope." said Constantine, crossing his arms.

'Well at least he isn't stupid.' said Kurama. Naruto had to agree so he took a breath and decided to tell the truth.

"Her name is Isis. She is the wife of Black Adam."

Constantine's eyes widened in surprise and he would have dropped the chest on his foot if Naruto hadn't caught it with a construct from his ring.

He shook his head. "Thanks mate."

"If you are going to help me I can't have you with a broken foot." said Naruto.

"Keyword 'if' kid." Constantine responded though Naruto could see that he was interested. "You want to explain why you want to help a known supervillain get his beloved wife back?"

"Because I gave my word to him that I would help him find her and bring her home after he gave me some information about a case I'm working on. And I don't go back on it." said Naruto.

"Well that's honorable of you and all Naruto I've gotta admit. And I can see why you would want this not through official League channels. And it gets you a nifty source of information by having Black Adam in your pocket. That leaves one final question. Why me?" asked Constantine.

"Like you said you are outside of League channels. Zatarra was even the one who pointed to you on where to go for this kind of case. And right now this is something the League doesn't need to know right now." Naruto explained.

Constantine rubbed his chin thinking about everything the young man in front of him just said. He looked Naruto dead in the eyes pointing his finger at him.

"Just so you know I don't do this kind of thing for free mate."

"I thought you would be okay in the money department. " said Naruto gesturing to the chest of treasure with his construct.

"One can't always be complacent in terms of money. I've got expenses to pay, materials for spells and maybe the occasional horse race to bet on."

"Gambling money you mean." sighed Naruto shaking his head. "We will discuss how much I owe you after the mission is done."

"Eh fair enough." said Constantine. "Can I have that chest back now? I know you saved my life and all but I kind of would like it back given what I went through to get it."

Naruto shoved the chest back to the sorcerer.

"Right," he grunted. "Well since there is a fair bit of magic to be done I suggest we move this conversation somewhere more comfortable and private."

As if on cue a mansion of a house appears right outside the building they were standing in from out of nowhere. Literally.

"What the hell!?" yelled Naruto in surprise.

"What? You never seen magic before? I would have thought facing Black Adam would have given you an introduction to that realm of our world at least." said Constantine summoning a circle below his feet and levitated up towards the house.

"Fireballs, lighting and such. Not houses being summoned in the sky. On the ground but not in the air." said Naruto flying up to follow him to the mansion.

"Well then Green Lantern welcome to the House of Mystery." said Constantine opening the door and letting Naruto enter first.

Inside was a rather cozy living room space with books and artifacts all around. There were two comfy chairs nestled in a fireplace and a table in the center of the room. To the left Naruto could see a set of stairs leading to another room that he was not familiar with but it had even more books.

"Nice place. Was expecting something a little more morbid to be honest." said Naruto.

"Not all us spellcasters like to live in dungeons, kid. Ask Zatara." said Constantine, putting the chest down on the table. As soon as he turned there was a purple skinned woman who appeared out of nowhere.

"How many times do I have to say it Orchid!? Use a bloody door!" yelled John at the woman.

"Welcome home John." she responded with a smile and a calm serene voice.

"Girlfriend?" asked Naruto getting a better look at the woman. To say that she was lovely was an understatement. Purple was the wrong color for whoever she was. The skin was like a dark lavender. She was bald with a horn at the top of her head that had piercing purple eyes and light dark purple wings that floated off her back like a cape.

And she was entirely nude which made Naruto blush and did everything in his power to look at her face.

'Nothing to be ashamed of, kid. Besides I don't think she minds or even knows what you're blushing about. Not entirely anyway.' said Kurama with what Naruto knew was a smile.

'That's not the point.' said Naruto in his mind

'Sometimes Naruto I miss the younger version of you. You were more fun back then.' Kurama said. Naruto shook his head and returned to the matter at hand as Constantine responded to his earlier question.

"No she isn't. It's the magic of the house. It wanted to experience what it meant to be human and gave itself a body. I call her Black Orchid or Orchid for short."

Orchid walked up to Naruto and for a moment looked him over.

"You have suffered pain and loss. This pain leads to wearing the uniform you wear now. A uniform that fits as though you were born wearing it. You are a warrior. A soldier. Proud, solitary, and not alone." she said.

The last bit made Naruto nervous. Could she sense Kurama within him. He put up his mental barriers as he felt Kurama do the same to sure up their defenses as she continued.

"You build a wall to protect yourself. It also makes you strong. A strength that will one day have you lead instead of follow. Remember these words when doubt descends."

"Yeah I will." said Naruto nervously. She smiled again and walked away.

"Well that was riveting. Orchid doesn't take an interest like that. Not even me." said Constantine. "There's more to you than meets the eye mate."

"Thanks." said Naruto. "Now about the job?"

"Well first we need to find out who would have the power and who would be dumb enough to kidnap the wife of someone like Black Adam. And I might just have a guess as to who." said Constantine. He goes up the stairs to the room above. Naruto follows behind him as they approach the desk which has a book on it. Constantine flips the pages until he stopped.

"And there is the old bastard himself." he turned to Naruto and presented a magical vision of the page he just found. "Green Lantern may I introduce you to one Felix Faust. Wizard and arsehole extranodire."

"What makes you think it's this guy that is holding Isis?" said Naruto.

"Well for one thing his so-called Observatory of the Stars is well hidden from the likes of you and Superman and of course Black Adam. Second he is a parasite with a rather lecherous appetite for demeaning powerful women such as Isis. Whatever hold he has on her is very strong and very thought out. As for his motives as to why there is a list which neither of us wants to get into on a full stomach." Constantine explained.

"Well if it is him and he is hard to track as you say then how do you plan to find him?" asked Naruto.

"Like I said kid he has means to hide himself from you costumed sort but not from me." said Constantine with a smirk. He picked up a needle and muttered and incantation. The needle floated in the air and what Naruto assumed was a magical circle appeared with the needle in the center spinning.

The needle continued to spin. And spin. And spin. Naruto yawned.

"Does it usually take this long for it to point to something?" he deadpanned.

John just glared.

"Hey don't glare it's a legitimate question." Naruto exclaimed. "And I would like to point out that he may have hidden himself from this spell that you are using to try and find him."

Constantine sighed and waved his hand to stop the spell. "There are other ways to find him. Although mine will have to involve some grovelling from yours truly to get him to cooperate."

"You're on this person's shit list aren't you?" said Naruto. Constantine just shrugged with a smile to which Naruto shook his head and grabbed the duffle bag and put it on the table.

"Let's try my idea first. Though he isn't going to like me very much either." said Naruto as he opened the zipper and pulled out the Helmet of Fate.

"Holy shit!" yelled Constantine. "I felt that you had something powerful in the magical variety but I didn't think it was that eyesore." He looked directly at Naruto in the eyes.

"Kid I'm assuming you know what is going to happen if you put that thing on?"

"I did put it on actually. Nabu and I came to a deal." said Naruto.

"You put on the avatar of Nabu and managed to get him to let you go?" asked Constantine, surprised at the question.

"I didn't give him much choice." said Naruto putting the helmet on the table. "Doesn't change that he is still going to be a little grumpy when I do this."

With that Naruto did the finger cross hand sign and summoned a shadow clone from a poof of smoke again to the surprise of the sorcerer.

"You've got some trick up your sleeve don't you kid?" he questioned.

"You have no idea." said the clone much to Naruto's annoyance. "He's not going to be happy about this idea." the clone continued pointing to the helmet.

"I know he won't be. But right now it's our best chance to find this Felix Faust guys and hopefully find Isis." said Naruto.

"Alright." said the clone picking up the helmet. With a deep breath he put on the helmet. A bright light emitted from the body of the clone forcing both Naruto and Constantine to shield their eyes. When the light faded where stood Naruto's clone was now a man in a blue body suit with golden yellow boots and gloves and a flowing gold cape. Turning to look at Naruto, the helmet now placed on the clone's head, both men knew they were now speaking to Nabu.

"This was not our agreement, Naruto Uzumaki." said the voice of a very displeased Lord of Order as he crossed his arms.

"I know it wasn't Nabu. But you know why I need your help." said Naruto.

"Yes. And you would be correct to do so since this so-called sorcerer," he gestured to Constantine. "Does not possess the skill in the craft to find who you are looking for."

"Hey I take offense to that! Especially coming from a bloke who needs to possess someone via helmet in order to get his collective arse of the ground!" yelled Constantine.

"Enough!" said Naruto. "This bickering between you is pointless. Nabu, can you find Faust or not?"

The two magic wielders glared at each other before Nabu turned to look at the young man.

"Give me a moment." said the lord of order and he floated and went into a meditative pose. His eyes glowed in what they assumed meant he was doing something similar to what John tried.

"Interesting company you keep, kid." said Constantine.

"You don't know the half of it." said Naruto.

"So what's this deal that he mentioned?" asked Constantine.

"I would find him a new body to inhabit and in exchange whoever he chose to be the new Dr. Fate that said person wouldn't have to give up his life. And only if I and the person in question agreed to take the helmet." said Naruto.

"Are you sure you can do that last part? This is Nabu we are talking about. The Lord of Order. Through him is one of the most powerful magic casters on this Earth." said John.

"Well given that he couldn't take me over when I put it on to talk with him so I'm confident I can get him off someone else if need be." Naruto stated.

Constantine's eyes widened at hearing this.

"And how did you pull that off?"

"Kent Nelson, on the previous host of Nabu, is still inside the helmet. He helped." Naruto said lying under his teeth.

"That can't be the only reason you're not walking around with the golden bucket on your head!" exclaimed Constantine.

Before they could continue Nabu had returned to a standing position, eyes no longer glowing. He was grumbling under his breath.

"I take it you weren't successful either?" asked John with a smirk already knowing the answer to the question.

"It's not as simple as that," said Nabu. "Whatever enchantments this Faust uses it is perverting the nature around the area where it is hidden thus adding an additional layer of protection. On top of which this "body" is again not attuned to magic which makes the process of finding him all the harder."

"You seemed to do fine with Kid Flash against Klarion from what I heard." said Naruto.

"In battle perhaps. But it was only by clever tactics, not power." said Nabu.

"You said the nature around where Faust's Observatory is being corrupted right?" asked Constantine. Nabu nodded which had the sorcerer rubbing his chin.

"I've got an idea but it's risky. I know a guy who can find that corruption and lead us to it."

"But?" said Naruto.

"But he doesn't like me all that much to be honest." said Constantine.

"Shocker." said Naruto sarcastically. "But unless either of you know of any other leads its sounds like our best shot."

"Indeed." Nabu agreed.

"Okay." said Constantine with a tone of nervousness. "C'mon you lot. Lets just hope he is in a good mood."

With him on the lead the group headed out to the door that was used before. As Constantine opened it they found themselves instead of in Las Vegas but in a swamp.

"Out of one swamp and into another it seems." said Naruto as they walked out of the house. "I'm assuming that who we are looking for lives here?"

"You would assume correctly Green Lantern." said Constantine snapping his fingers instantly killing some mosquitoes hovering around them.

"This happens to be the hidey hole of one Alec Holland. He was killed and his corpse was used to become the avatar of the Green."

Nabu looked to Constantine.

"The Green still has a presence in the world?"

Constantine nodded

"And you have angered it?" Nabu asked with more than a little disapproval and some worry from what Naruto could ascertain.

"It's my charm." Constantine said with a shrug.

"Or lack of it." said Naruto. They all stopped when they heard a voice yell out to them.

"GO AWAY!" it said.

"I take it, that's him?" said Naruto, knowing the answer already.

"Yep. That would be Swamp Thing." said Constantine. He then got a box of matches and was about to ignite one when Naruto grabbed his arm.

"What are you doing?" the shinobi exclaimed.

"What does it look like? I'm going to get our boy to reveal himself. Best way to do that is to piss him off by threatening some of the flowers around here with some fire." said Constantine

"It's also the best way to start a fight with someone we actually don't want to fight with in the first place." said Naruto.

"Let Naruto speak with him." Nabu spoke up. "His Sage Mode will allow him to tap into the natural energy. It might make him amicable to this Swamp Thing. At the very least it might make him think twice about attacking us."

"Sage Mode?" questioned Constantine while Naruto glared at Nabu.

"Fine. Though you didn't need to say one of my secrets out loud." said Naruto. From there he walked toward a lake. As he approached the pond he closed his eyes as Kurama was already channeling the nature chakra into him. Activating Sage Mode he felt the presence of something large and filled with nature energy. It seemed as if the being in the lake was made of the energy itself.

"I know you are down there. I can feel you and I think you can feel me. So why don't you just come up from the water so we can talk. It won't take too much of your time."

After saying this the being came out of the lake. To say it was enormous would be an understatement. The being looked to be entirely made of seaweed and grass. It looked down upon him with red eyes.

'Yeah really don't want to fight with this guy kid.' said Kurama 'I mean we can take him but it would not be easy.'

'Agreed.' said Naruto.

"You wield the power of nature in communion with the energy you possess." said Swamp Thing, looking at him as if he could see right through him.

"My chakra. That is the name my people call the energy you see blending with the natural energy. My people call this senjutsu." said Naruto.

"Yes. I sensed this before. Earlier when you used it, battle." said Swamp Thing.

'Word travels fast,' said Kurama.

"You are also restoring a garden," said Swamp Thing.

"Along with the rest of the townhouse, yes. I find it relaxing in a way." said Naruto. "To get to the point we are trying to find someone. A wizard by the name of Felix Faust."

"One human among your teeming masses. I only know of John Constantine because he enrages me." said the guardian of the Green glaring at the trench coated sorcerer.

John just shrugs.

"I'm quickly learning that myself," said Naruto. "The wizard we seek might have kidnapped someone. A woman named Isis. We need to rescue her."

"Need is debatable." said Nabu, which earned a glare from Naruto.

"Again why should I care?" said Swamp Thing.

"You were human once. You must know what it means to love someone. Now imagine the person you love being taken from you and all that you hold onto is the hope of getting her back. And don't even get me started on if she dies." Naruto explained.

Swamp Thing paused for a moment. The shinobi hoped that meant he was at least thinking about it and decided to press on with a final point to drive the nail home.

"Also the magic that he is using to hide is corrupting the earth around it. No plants can grow where he is hiding." said Naruto.

A few minutes passed slowly before Swamp Thing turned to face them.

"I will take you to this wizard. If only to see this wizard stop his defilement of nature. And for you to leave me alone."

Naruto breathed a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"I will take it."

Suddenly vines surrounded them. The three braced as if Swamp Thing had broken his word. Instead the vines retracted and they found themselves in a land flowing with grass. No trees though.

"Hey I thought you said you were taking us to where Faust is. Not in the middle of nowhere." said Constantine.

"Quiet!" said Swamp Thing, still looking at Naruto.

"He is here in this area isn't he?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Close your eyes," said Swamp Thing.

"Uh why?" said Naruto.

"You have the ability to harness the energy of the Green." the creature responded. "Use it to find the corruption that surrounds where this wizard has gone to hide."

Naruto shrugged and did as he was told. He sensed Swamp Thing, Constantine, Nabu as Doctor Fate. He was sensing people like he always did. Hence why he was able to find out about the Fourth Great Ninja War.

"Concentrate boy. Look closer." said Swamp Thing.

Naruto clenched his closed eyes. Suddenly he could start to feel the energies of the ground beneath him. He followed the trail only to find something sickening. There was a part of the land that was in pain almost from the corrupting force that seemed to seep into the earth. Drawing on it.

Naruto opened his eyes and pointed to the naked eye was an empty space.

"It's there. The observatory is there."

"Then you have learned to use the energy of the Green to see." said Swamp Thing.

"Thank you." said Naruto.

"Do not thank me boy. I only did this so that you would not bother me again." growled Swamp Thing.

"Okay. Still thanks." said Naruto. Constantine then walked up to the creature.

"Look I know we have had our differences. But I know Faust and while he is a bastard he is no slouch in the magic department." he scratches the back of his neck.

"Look I guess I'm just saying we could use your help."

Swamp Thing says nothing as he sinks back into the ground and not coming up again.

"I'm going to take that as a no. He's probably back at the swamp now." said Naruto.

Naruto sighed before straightening up and squaring his shoulders. He held up his ring and projected a bubble around the three of them, bending the light around them, cloaking them from sight.

"Alright, I've got a good feel for this 'corruption' of the world's nature energy, so I should be able to find this place even if Faust moves it somewhere else. Should we pull back to come up with a plan? Naruto asked.

"Sounds like a plan to me." said Constantine.

"Can you summon the House of Mystery without it being detected?" asked Nabu.

As if on cue a door opened seemingly out of nowhere with Orchid standing there.

"That answers your question." said John as Naruto moved the bubble to the entrance. Opening up the bubble they got inside before Naruto opened the cloak bubble for the two to leave and enter the house.

"First things first, I need to make a call. If Faust is as powerful as you say we will need some help."

"Fine with me. More the merrier. Just hope that you have better luck then me getting them here and that he or she can be trusted." said John.

"Unlike you, John Constantine Naruto has made his fair share of friends as well as enemies. Whereas you just make everyone enraged." said Nabu.

"Piss off you overgrown fishbowl," said John, closing the door of the magically cloaked house.

Naruto immediately went to his ring and made the call.

(Sector 56)

Tomy-Fai was flying through space on patrol. Two years it had been since Naruto saved her from that prison in his own sector of space. Since then she had been getting back to what she was chosen to do and that is be a Green Lantern.

Not an easy thing to do after being tortured for six months and also being violated. She knew the trauma would not go away. But she had gotten over it. Or at least as much as she could. Thankfully thanks to counseling from Natu and encouragement from the rest of her friends she managed to get herself back on track.

Her ring beeped as she looked down to it and saw the face of her rescuer himself.

"Naruto!" she exclaimed with excitement. "It is good to hear from you. I had heard about this transfer. How are you?"

"It's good to hear from you as well Tomy." said Naruto. "To answer your question I am alright but I have a bit of a situation brewing down here on Earth."

"What is it?" she asked.

"How would you like the chance to help me save someone from a similar predicament that you were in only a couple of years ago? I will explain more face to face when you get here if you are interested." said Naruto. That made Tomy-Fai's smile fade and turn to determination.

"Give me a few hours."


'You do realize that if we succeed in this she will want to gut Faust if she sees him. Not that anyone could blame her.' Kurama commented after Naruto finished his call to Tomy-Fai.

'Yeah but it's a good way to get closure on her own trauma. Plus we could use more numbers.' said Naruto.

'More the former then the latter kid. You know we can take this guy you just want to make sure that you don't have to use as much power like you did with Black Adam.' said Kurama.

'Maybe. But I get the feeling that it won't matter all that much. If we want to end the fight I might just have to go into Kurama Mode. But that should be all that's needed.' Naruto responded.

'We agree on that at least.'

And with that Naruto saw the green flight path of a Green Lantern coming in his general vicinity. Naruto moved to fly up with his cloaked bubble intact.

Opening the hole she flew into the bubble surprised until she saw Naruto.

"Damn it, warn me first if you're cloaked!" yelled Tomy-Fai.

"Sorry Tomy. I had to be sure that you didn't give our position." said Naruto

"Understood." she responded with a smile before grabbing Naruto in a hug. "It's good to see you Naruto."

"You too. Wish it was under better circumstances like a drink or something. But we are on a time crunch." said Naruto, returning the hug and parting from her.

"So what else is new?" said Tomy-Fai "Give me the lowdown on what's happened and what we are up against."

Naruto proceeded to tell her the situation. Between his fight with Black Adam and finding out about Isis, his plan to help and turn an enemy into an ally, up to the point of finding Faust's hideout.

"Not a bad idea Naruto. But if we are facing a mage should you have not also called Torquemada? He is our strongest magic wielder."

Naruto took a moment before cringing at the memory. Torquemada was a senior member of the Corps and Tomy-Fai was right. He was a powerful mage in his own right. Naruto also avoided him like the plague when he heard about what happened to Kilowog. Every chance Torquemada saw him he wanted to talk about nothing but about Naruto's abilities, his chakra, or to nerd out about the mystic arts.

The Betrassian Blitz and his display of power only made the problem worse.

"We have two sorcerer's already here. Three would just complicate things." he responded.

"Uh huh. You just don't want to be pestered by him again." said Tomy-Fai.

"That too." said Naruto. He brought the bubble down to where the house door under cloak was. Thanks to his new awareness of the green via sage mode he managed to find it and have Constantine open the door. From there both he and Nabu walked into the bubble from the entrance of the house.

"Quick introductions. Guys this is Tomy-Fai one of our best Green Lanterns. Tomy this is John Constantine and Nabu aka Doctor Fate. Though for now we call him the former."

"Nice to meet you luv." said Constantine.

"If we are done we have a wizard to break." said Nabu.

"Sorry. He's been eager to get started for a while now." said John.

"Figures." said Naruto. "Can either of you break the cloaking spell that he has put on his observatory?"

"I can. Show me the location." said Nabu.

Naruto pointed at a hill in the northwest. Nabu held out his hands and cast a spell. Suddenly the hill shimmered and revealed itself to be a two level castle with a smaller housing area. From what he could observe he thought the top point is where Felix mostly likely would be. If he kept Isis anywhere it would be the lower levels of the castle.

Only one way to find out.

"Are we ready to do this?" asked Naruto.

They nodded. "Then let's get this done."

Naruto created another bubble and floated above the wizard's lair. He pointed his ring down at the dome.

"Normally I would prefer to stealth in. But even with cloaking from my ring and the spells I get the feeling that Faust would just find us sooner or later. And frankly, Isis has been there long enough if he has her. So with your permission I'm done playing nice."

He looked to them waiting for a response. Tomy-Fai and Nabu nodded. He then looked to John.

"I've always preferred to make an entrance. Let's do this kid." he said.

Naruto got his confirmation and fired a concentrated beam into the dome blowing open the roof. They floated down to the center seeing a floating and irate man dressed in robes with long flowing black hair with a mustache and goatee looking at them with deep violet eyes floating on a platform.

"Who dares!?" yelled what Naruto knew was the wizard they were looking for.

"We dare asshole!" said Naruto as the others scattered about.

"Get the spellbook away from him!" called out John landing a distance away firing bolts of fire at the wizard who was blocking them.

Nabu fired a beam of energy with his signature ankh at his side knocking him down even with a barrier erupting to stop the beam. Tomy-Fay grabbed and called out to them only to find herself with no voice.

The book glowed and was summoned back to Faust with him sending her to the ground with bolt of magic.

"Like what I did with the place my unknown beauty? I had the place warded. No woman. Can speak with it active. A boon for men everywhere." Faust laughed.

"So at least we know you're a fucking sexist." said Naruto charging and punching him in the face sending him flying into a wall destroying his floating platform. Faust spat out blood as he created another with purple magic energy.

"You're a brute I see. Face others like you I say."

With a fist in the air he summoned an army of what they assumed were demons that sprang from the ground. Half of the horde that had wings went for him, Tomy, and Nabu in the air while the others went face Constantine.

"I could use some help down here you wankers!" said John.

"Tomy-Fai save John's ass. Nabu stay with me." Naruto ordered as he charged the flying horde of demons with two swords in hand.

If he listened Nabu didn't show it as he fired another beam at Faust. Instead of an attack the beam created magical binds that encompassed his body. Faust gritted his teeth and glowed purple and broke the bonds with a great strain on his face.

"And here I thought the so-called sorcerer supreme was more powerful than that. Unless of course you don't have the right body for the occasion." said Faust looking into his spell book and blasting with a concentrated burst of lighting. Nabu blocked the spell but was pushed back while dodging more blasts when the shield broke.

Naruto in the meantime sliced and diced his way through the horde of demons seeing his ally in danger and returned his attention to the wizard.

"My turn." said Naruto firing a Lighting Spear at Faust blasting him in the chest. Surprised and before he could retaliate another fireball headed his way that he deflected. He looked down to see Constantine and Tomy-Fai amidst a rabble of undead demons.

"Was that it? Well it's back to the wizard retirement home for you mate. Pudding is served Thursdays." said Constantine with Tomy-Fai glaring up at Faust.

'If looks could kill Faust would be a pile of ash.' thought Naruto as Faust snapped his fingers. Pages flew through his spell book. It stopped on page with a body trapped in some kind of square. Suddenly both Constantine and Tomy-Fai found themselves in a square of water.

On instinct Tomy managed to in case herself and the sorcerer in a bubble but Naruto could see her struggling to hold it as the magic of the spell enhanced the pressure of the spell.

"Your pretty friend managed to save you for the moment Constantine. But it looks like she can't hold that bubble of her for long. And if you try another fireball the spell will just rebound." laughed Faust. That is until the familiar Ankh appeared and broke the spell of the water cube. The wizard looked down to see Fate.

"That is the last time you break one of my spells, Nabu!" he screamed, slamming lightning directly at Nabu with enough force to send the Lord of Order flying to the ground. Only Faust didn't expect the body to suddenly disappear. After that a shadow clone appeared popping up in the same spot and putting the helmet back on.

Confused, Faust turned around only to see Naruto there with his signature T-shaped hand sign.

"So you think a few tricks will save you? Here's what real magic looks like!"

With his arms stretched out many small circles of magic appeared behind Faust. In a flurry bolts of lighting came at the young Lantern. He quickly weaved out of the way, making his way to Nabu who was shielding himself from the storm of lightning.

"You know if you are going to use my clone as a body the least you can do is use it to your benefit!" He yelled out.

"I can't use your jutsu or your chakra." He said still bracing from the assault.

"I'm not talking about my chakra. You can still use the body's physical abilities! Like agility for example." He glared up at Faust and unleashed a wind scythe jutsu with a wave of his hand dispersing the bolts of purple lightning and forcing Faust away from the force of the wind attack.

"I think it's time we stopped pussyfooting around." Said Naruto.

"Twice in as many days kid?" Asked Kurama.

'Any objections?' Naruto asked.

'Hell no. It's just I thought we were trying to keep a low profile' replied the tailed beast.

'Not so much anymore. Since the battle with Adam pretty much confirmed any suspicions that the council might have had. Not much point except to only use as much as necessary for when the situation calls for it and when someone just pisses us off.' Naruto explained.

'Just making sure. Have it kid!'

Naruto grinned under his mask as he transformed into Kurama mode.

"Playtime is over asshole!" He unleashed a massive wind blade jutsu at Faust shattering the force field he had made into bits.

Bleeding from the many cuts the wizard looked scared for the first time.

"Whatever you are I will kill you boy!" He said as he blasted a stream of purple lightning at Naruto.

Naruto casually deflected the attack to the ground. He held out his hand with a Beast Gale Wind Palm jutsu which unleashed a beast formed wind attack that sent the villain flying with several cuts across his body and into a pillar cratering it.

"He's strong. Too strong." He uttered before falling. However, he was caught before he even touched the ground as Naruto caught him by the throat and lifted him up in the air to look at him straight in the eye.

"Question one. What is the spell you are using to keep my friend from speaking?"

"We already found it, kid." Said John. The shinobi looked down to see him and Tomy-Fai standing with John holding up a small statue with what looked like a female angel with a gag on its mouth.

He took the gag off and immediately Tomy-Fai took a breath and spoke for what felt like forever.

"You wanna tell me why you didn't just start off with becoming...that? Being on fire and all that." She gestured to Naruto's Kurama form.

"Lady's got a point mate. Whatever you're transformed into could have finished like that." He says, snapping his fingers. "I mean I can feel the power coming from you right now kid. I'm not kidding when I say this."

"I actually didn't need to transform to beat this clown. I was just tired of this fight and wanted to end it and this was the easiest way to do so. And I was pissed." Naruto responded, transforming back into his normal form but still held the wizard by the throat.

"What have I done exactly to warrant this much aggression?" begged Faust.

"You kidnapped the wife of Black Adam mate. We are here to take her back to her home." said John.

Naruto turned his attention back to the wizard and squeezed at his throat.

"Where. Is. She?"

"I don't have her. You have the wrong one." said Faust.

'He's lying. His emotions betray desperation,' said Kurama.

Naruto squeezed even tighter before Tomy-Fai touched his arm.

"I'm all for strangling this piece of shit but it won't help us find her Naruto." she said.

The young shinobi took some time to calm down and let some of the pressure go from Faust's neck but still kept him held.

"Alright I will take you to her! Not that it matters since you broke my silence spell. I wouldn't be able to control her anyway." said Faust, moving to snap his fingers before Naruto grabbed his hand, nearly breaking it in the process.

"You think we were born yesterday? You will take us to her Faust but on our terms." He looked to Nabu. "Do you have any spells that can restrain him?"

"Gladly." said the Lord of Order as he conjured arm restraints around Faust's arms. "And don't try to make any chants if you do myself and Constantine will know."

"Me too bastard!" said Tomy-Fai.

"Let's go." said Naruto creating a bubble around himself and Faust while the rest of the group followed behind him with Nabu flying and Tomy-Fai and Constantine in a bubble construct of her own.

"Can't you make a spell that gets you to fly on your own?" she asked the sorcerer.

"Yeah but it's much more convenient for you to provide the transportation luv." said Constantine in his usual sarcastic manner. Tomy-Fai glared at him but decided not to press the issue.

They traveled into what they assumed to be the bottom of the observatory and entered a large room filled with trinkets and paintings of the like which gave away that this was in fact Faust's room or at least one of his personal quarters.

A fact reinforced when they found an unconscious woman on the bed. She was nude with her black hair and an amulet around her neck. She was chained onto the bed and was unconscious.

"Well perhaps that spell wasn't my only resource." Faust said with a cruel smile. "She tended to struggle. It wasn't quite as satisfying but-"

He didn't get a chance before Tomu-Fai punched him in the stomach and had a dagger against his throat.

"Release her from whatever it is you are using to keep her unconscious or I will kill you here and now!" She demanded.

"You heard her pal." Said Constantine conjuring up a fireball.

Faust turned to Naruto. "Call off your dogs. I'm not falling for this bluff."

"It's not my first idea and not a bluff. And I have no qualms about them killing you other than the fact that the League would be on my ass about it." Said Naruto making Faust tremble at the coldness and hate that Naruto had in his voice. "Besides I don't trust you to undo the spell anyway."

He nodded to Nabu who moved to the bed. His eyes glowed as an ankh appeared from his outstretched hand. Isis's body glowed before a purple barrier surrounding her body shattered like glass. Instantly her eyes opened and light erupted from her body and she was clothed in a white two piece dress with a tiara on her head of flowing black hair.

She looked at the captive Faust. If he was trembling before he was now shaking seeing the now awakened goddess.

Her eyes glowed a golden yellow in rage as a dagger from a desk in the room floated to her right hand. She charged with superhuman speed with the dagger pointed straight for the villain's genitals.

Naruto's hand grabbed her wrist with the blade inches from its target.

"Why!?" She screamed. "Do you have any idea what this beast has done to me since he captured me!?"

Before he could reply Tomy-Fai spoke up.

"I can. It almost happened to me."

Isis looked to the other Green Lantern. After seeing her wait she took this as an opening to keep speaking.

"I was held prisoner by monsters just like you were. And what has happened to you, what this pig has done to you, this man." She pointed to Naruto. "Saved me from and killed the bastards that were going to violate me. So that at least should let you give him a reason why he isn't letting you remove the appendage from Faust."

Isis looked at Naruto. "You have one minute." She said,

"Because you are better than this. And before you say that you are not, your husband Teth-Adam believes it."

After hearing the name of her beloved she calmed down and the tension that Naruto felt in her arms finally relaxed. He took a risk and let her go and she pulled back but he remained guarded in case she tried again while still holding on to Faust.

"If you do this in the state that you are in it will take you down a road you cannot come back from. You are on that precipice now. Fall and the woman you were, who you truly are, the woman that Adam fell in love with will be lost." Said Naruto.

"You expect me to do nothing? Let him get away with what he has done to me?" Isis questioned.

"No. He will not get away with it I promise you. But you must move forward from it. Killing him or worse will not do that for you now. Reuniting with your love will. You can heal from this. You must for both him and yourself." Said Naruto.

There was a long pause that seemed to last forever before she nodded.

"Take what you need from this place and take me to my husband." Said Isis.

"Understood." said Naruto turning to Faust. "And don't for one second think you are getting away with this. By the time Adam is done with you you will be nothing more than a stain on the wall or your head on a spike."

"Not just him, kid." Said Constantine holding in his hand a small green crystal. "I found this while looking around for some souvenirs for the House when I found this."

"What is it?" asked Naruto.

"It's a communication crystal. It's used as a focus for a communication mirror." Said Nabu "It is also used to record such communications."

"And lookie here." said John gesturing to the large mirror in the room on a table with a small empty slot. "This is the mirror he uses on a daily basis. Shall we see who he was talking to last?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Said Naruto

With that Constantine placed the crystal into the slot. The mirror shimmered and what appeared was what looked like a young boy whose black hair was styled into horns wearing a black suit and tie. He was holding and petting an orange and white feared cat which looked more demonic then you might expect from a pet.

"Who is this?" Asked the young lantern.

"Klarion the Witch Boy." Said Nabu with no small amount of disdain which surprised him.

Naruto remembered then how the team had been sent to the tower trying to rescue Kent Nelson the former Doctor Fate and host of Nabu. Wally had mentioned a bit of this Klarion but wasn't very specific aside from his fake denial of magic.

"I know a bit about this kid. Kid Flash said you two have been enemies since pretty much the dawn of time."

"You got that right." Said Constantine. "Except he is no kid. Klarion is a lord of chaos. The natural enemy to a lord of order like Nabu here.

"Huh." Said Naruto. They all stopped talking as Klarion spoke.

"We have covered your ass Faust." said Klarion with a scowl on his face. "But we made a promise to bring Isis back to Adam after he has done his part. So in the meantime I suggest that you get started on wiping her mind of what you have done to her."

"I will do so, Klarion." said the voice of Faust. "After I am done playing with her."

"This is me giving you professional courtesy. This is me telling you to wipe her mind. If and when Adam finds you or even worse the League and they see that you have his wife and the queen of Kahndaq is bad. If her memory hasn't been wiped it's worse. For you." said Klarion.

"Black Adam hasn't found me yet nor will he ever. Same for the League. Hell I'm not even on their radar right now. Her memory will be erased when I say so. Now if you will excuse me, my date awaits." Faust mocked. The image of Klarion shimmered away with the Witch Boy has a deep frown on his face.

"That's all that was on this thing." Said John taking the crystal out of the slot.

'That was more than we thought we would find here.' Said Kurama.

'You're thinking the same thing as I am then?' asked Naruto, knowing what the answer was already.

'Yep. This brat is part of the Light. Given that the more strategic friends he mentioned I can think of one and or both of the guys that we know are involved.'

'And this action to cover up what Faust has done to Isis would be the way to ensure his loyalty and by extension Kahndaq. All with Isis fully unaware of it.' said Naruto.

"Earth to the Green Lantern." said John, shaking Naruto out of his conversation with Kurama. "If we are done here I have to ask what we are going to do with Faust here?"

Naruto thought about that for a moment. Technically no one, not even the League, knew about what this bastard had done to Isis. He smiled under his mask and looked at Isis.

"What would Black Adam and the government of Kahndaq do with someone who has kidnapped its queen?" He asked.

"Well there would be a tribunal. But ultimately he would be found guilty and executed. Of course as you already know I can do that right now among other things" she said.

"Which we already discussed would not be good for everyone luv." Said Constantine.

It was then Naruto turned to Tomy-Fai.

"I know you've already paid me a favor but can I ask another?"

"Ask away." Said Tomy without hesitation.

"I need you to escort Isis and the prisoner to Kahndaq." Said Naruto

"You mean you want me to make sure that she doesn't kill him or worse." Tomy-Fai deadpanned.

"Yeah but I was trying not to be blunt." Said Naruto. "Look you don't have to if you don't want to but she's already responded well to you and to be honest I've been gone from the team too long as is."

"You don't have to explain Naruto. I can get them to Khandaq safely and with Faust intact. At least until her husband gets back." She said with a smile.

"Thanks Tomy." Said Naruto. She nodded in response and walked over to Isis and Faust and put him into a bubble.

"I will keep an eye on you. You try to even cast a spell, nothing will stop me from killing you." Said the queen of Kahndaq.

"And I will help." Said Tomy-Fai.

Faust was dejected but obeyed.

From there they walked out of the observatory.

"Good luck you two." Said Naruto.

Isis walked to him.

"May I know your name?" She asked.

Naruto hesitated for a moment seeing as she was a public figure. But decided if she and by extension her husband were to be allies or at the very least out of the way then he needed to keep the olive branch in one piece.

"Naruto." He said.

"You and your friends have saved me this day, Naruto. Know that is a debt that will not be forgotten."

She bowed to him, to which Naruto did so in return. Tomy-Fai conjured the bubble around herself, Isis and their prisoner and flew off into the night.

"It's time, is it not Naruto Uzumaki?" Said Nabu already putting his hands on the helmet.

"Maybe not Nabu." Said Naruto.

Nabu stopped taking the helmet for the moment. "Explain."

"You said that the world needs Doctor Fate. You're right. It's been too long since you've been here in this world and it needs a sorcerer supreme. Someone as powerful as Doctor Fate is needed." said Naruto. "So I propose you keep the clone body."

Nabu stood. If he was surprised Naruto could not tell since all facial features. But he did notice him stiffen at the mention of being called into service as it were.

"Why?" he asked. Naruto took a breath.

"Because there is a storm coming. I don't know how I know but I do. Forces are gathering and we need everyone that can fight ready and able. You are one of the beings that can fight." said Naruto.

"This body is only temporary. I need a true vessel for the helmet." said Nabu.

"And one day one will turn up to take on that mantle. And when that time comes our original deal still stands. But in the meantime this clone can be your vessel. C'mon Nabu you can't tell me that after today you are okay with the Helmet of Fate being stuck in the tower." said Naruto.

Both of them stood where Constantine was watching lighting a cigarette. Finally, Nabu nodded his head.

"Very well I accept. You will tell the League that Doctor Fate has returned." said Nabu.

"I will." Naruto responded. Then to his surprise Nabu, now Doctor Fate as he called himself again, held out his hand to be shaken. Naruto did so.

"Farewell Naruto Uzumaki. Be always aware that you are the current of change. In the present and the future."

And with that Nabu flew off into the night.

"Well this job has been interesting to say the least." said Constantine, finishing his cigarette and stomping on the ground. He gave me a card.

"This has an account where you can put the money in kid."

"Gotcha." said Naruto, putting it in his ninja tool kit. "You will get it by the end of the night."

"I'm not worried. You super hero types tend to be good for it." said Constantine as the House of Mystery appeared behind him. "You know that Nabu said he might be right. Most of your costume and tights people tend not to do something like this. Try to help an enemy and turn him I mean."

"Mostly cause the other side don't give them a reason. The rest because I think that most of the League looks at them as enemies. Before people I mean. And that is the villains' fault, you know that." said Naruto.

"Yeah I do. But it's still strange to see all the same." said Constantine walking up the steps. "Like he said though it was good working with you kid. You are fuckin' badass that's nice to have around in a tight spot that's for sure."

"Thanks. And you aren't half bad at being a sorcerer. When you aren't making bad jokes." said Naruto.

"Ha ha. Good one. See you around." said Constantine as he walked into the house. From there it winked out of existence.

'Time to head home ourselves. Better give the Team a heads up that you are on the way back.' said Kurama.

'Oh boy am I looking forward to that conversation.' said Naruto to his partner as he reactivated his earpiece.

"Green Lantern to Mount Justice do you read?"

"Naruto?" said the voice of Dinah. "Where have you been? Batman has been calling about you ever since you shut off communications."

"Yeah I'm sorry about that. I had some business that I had to take care of after we dealt with the Injustice League. I will tell you about it when I get back to Mount Justice." said Naruto.

"There's a lot of that going on tonight. We can exchange stories when you get back. Black Canary out." said Dinah cutting off the transmission.

Naruto flew off wondering what she meant. Hopefully the Team was okay.

(Mount Justice)

When Naruto arrived he had just seen Zatara leave via Zeta-Tube. He looked to see Dinah who was kind enough to give him a relieved smile. When she asked where he had gone he told her everything that had happened with Faust, Constantine, Nabu and everything else in between. The only thing he didn't tell her was his own theories of the Light.

She looked at him with no small amount of astonishment. When she got over it she asked him.

"Do you really think this could help turn Black Adam to our side?"

"I don't know about turning him. But an olive branch from us would at least make him not see us as the enemy anymore. At the very least it will get him off the board." Naruto explained.

She nodded.

"Between you and what the Team pulled today I don't know which is the bigger headache." She joked.

"Would that be why Zatara stomped off?" Asked Naruto.

"I'll let the team tell you. Come with me." she said motioning for him to follow. Naruto noticed a difference in tone. She just became super serious.

"Something wrong?"

"Naruto we've been friends for some time. And you've been assisting me with training the Team since I first arrived. In the short time I consider you one of my friends." said Dinah.

"And I feel the same way." said Naruto assuredly.

"And yet you have been keeping secrets. From me and all of us." she said sternly as she led him into a large room in the cave that had the lights off.

This wasn't on his mind however. His mind was racing on all the secrets that he had kept from the League and the Team. Maybe this latest adventure was the last straw and Batman or worse the whole league wanted answers. Naruto braced himself for what might happen.

And the one that he least expected happened.

"SURPRISE!" yelled a cacophony of voices as the lights in the room came on. Naruto saw the Team there. What made him even more surprised was to see Hal Jordan in his civilian attire with John Stewart also in his civilian attire.

What shocked him was seeing Tsunade, Shikamaru, Temari, Gaara, Ino, Sai, Kakashi, Iruka and Shizune among their numbers. And the sign above them all saying words that Naruto had not read or heard in a long time.

Happy Birthday.

Naruto galked.

"You didn't tell us today was your birthday." said Dinah with a smile.

"That's because he keeps it a closely guarded secret. Like everything else." said Wally.

"He wasn't always like that," said Kakashi, who earned an elbow from Tsunade.

" When?" Naruto stuttered.

"Blame Hal kid," said John. Naruto looked to the veteran Lantern.

"Hey Lady Tsunade made the call."


Hal was flying over Coast City when his ring started bringing and he heard a voice from it.

"Hello is this thing on?" Said the frustrated voice of Tsunade.

"Lady Tsunade? This Hal Jordan." He responded.

"Finally. Sorry to be calling you Hal but I've been trying to call Naruto and I haven't been able to reach him."

"Well I'm sure he's fine Lady Tsunade." Said Hal. "I'm sure he's just busy."

"That seems to be his excuse for the last three years now." Tsunade said in frustration. "That's it! He is not avoiding it this time. I don't care if the ship isn't finished or tested we are going to Earth." she then sounded like she was talking to someone else "No I don't care how risky it is. He can't keep avoiding this because of the past."

"Uh Lady Tsunade would you mind explaining to me what's going on with Naruto that's suddenly so urgent?" asked Hal Jordan.

"Something he's been avoiding consciously and a thing that has been ignored and not celebrated enough." she responded.

(End Flashback)

"So after she explained that today was your birthday I brought her and whoever I could into a bubble and brought them here." Hal explained.

"And we've been preparing your surprise party ever since. And it helped that you were on whatever personal mission you were on that gave us more time to prepare." said Dinah.

"And it gave us a chance to get to know each other. Friends new and old." said Kakashi. "And you've been keeping yourself busy I see."

Naruto was still stunned and had to shake his head to make sense.

"I-I don't know what to say." said Naruto.

"Just remember. That you don't need to keep everything a secret." said Kakashi. "Now come on. You have a party to enjoy."

Naruto did just that.

(Kahndaq Prison)

Faust sat in his cell. At first when he arrived and the guards took him he paced. Both Isis and the green lantern she was with kept the boy's word and no further harm was done to him. But both were going to do harm to him if he tried. In the cell he paced knowing that the reason Isis did nothing is because her husband will be doing something about him when he was released.

And he knew that Teth-Adam, known to the world as Black Adam, would return home. Whether through diplomatic immunity, channels, or just by his own power he would return. And vengeance would be wrought upon him for what he did to his wife.

Finally he stopped pacing and just sat down and waited. The cell was warded so he could not escape through magic. He was well and truly fucked.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that just yet." said a female voice in the cell. Though not one that belonged to Isis or the female lantern. He turned to the door and saw through the hole a woman who looked to be in her mid thirties. She had long dark hair and wore a medieval style dress. He could not make out her face, as it was covered in a golden mask.

He knew who this was.

"Morgan le Fey." he said.

"I prefer Morgana these days Faust." she responded saying his name like a curse.

"I'm sure you are here to offer your words of bile towards me for what I've done to Isis and other women." said Faust sitting down. "So get it out of your system already."

"Believe me Faust nothing would make me happier. When I heard what had happened I was planning on celebrating tonight. But you have the devil's luck. I have come to set you free."

And with that she snapped her fingers and the warding that had been placed disappeared as if it was not there and the door opened. Faust walked through the door and cautiously walked through the door to freedom.

"Why?" he asked.

"Don't misunderstand. If it were up to me I would do to you what Isis was going to do and worse and there is no stronger force that would stop me. But when the Witch Boy Klarion asks for your help you don't turn it away." said Morgana.

"Klarion sent you?" Faust questioned.

"He did. He still has plans for you and others of our ilk for a spell down the road. Now let us waste no more time than we must go."

And with that the two disappeared in a flash.

(End Chapter)

So this took way too long then it should have. The good news for those of you that have pm'd me know that yes after these years I am alive. If you will give me a few moments I will try to explain.

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