So this story i originally had nae Diffience. With minor one-sided PBxFinn and major FinnxFP. Some people may be OOC though. Hope you enjoy.

"FLAME PRINCESS!" Finn called out into the forest where they'd built FP's new home. Something was wrong. Very wrong. You see when the young adventurer was walking back to the Tree house after a day of adventuring with FP. When Finn heard a boom. Like something was exploding. Sure enough when Finn looked towards the sound of the explosion there was smoke rising up. It was coming from the direction of where they'd built FP's home.

So he ran with all of his might towards her home, praying tat she'd be okay. Who knew what could've happened to her. After all she was only fire. Like a million things could hurt fire or put it out. "Oh glob what if she'd fallen into that lake next to her house." Finn's eyes widened and started running even faster if that was possible. In retrospect it was not the best idea to build a home for a fire elemental right next to a large body of water.

"FLAME PRINCESS!" Finn called out again pushing twigs or fallen branches from his path. For a second Finn felt happy. If all of this stuff was burnt then tat would mean that she didn't fall into water and die. That was very good. "Maybe she's okay. Maybe just maybe-" Finn stopped cold in his tracks, feeling his blood freeze when he saw what was up ahead. right in front of him was a body. But this was not the body of just anyone. no this was the body of Finn's girlfriend. Flame Princess.

The young hero ran to her side. He placed his hand on her cheek. Cold. She should never be cold. Something was very, very bad if she was cold. Finn cradled her in his arms tears fall from his face onto her cold, unconscious body. But Finn didn't care about that. All that he cared about right now was her. FP. His girlfriend. Who was laying probably dead right now in his arms. "FP. FP please be okay. I-I need you right now." Finn kissed her forehead affectionately hoping that his girlfriend would once again open her eyes to him.

"Please wake up FP. I need you." Finn whispered to her holding her even closer then just sat there for what felt like years and years just cradling her in his arms, whispering that over and over to her again and again. Hoping that she'd awake. "M-maybe PB can help you out, FP." Finn sniffed. He wiped the tears from his eyes clearing his vision. Then he got onto his feet and carried FP bridal position. "Hang in there FP I'll get you help.

PB was in her lab working on a genetic experiment with two rats that she had found outside. But she wasn't paying any attention to them. She was too busy thinking about Finn. Ever since he'd been spending so much time with his new Girlfriend Flame Princess he had been spending less time with her.

She felt kind of replaced. Jealous maybe? Oh she wasn't good with things like this. Not at all. "Maybe i should just not focus on them and just get on with ruling the kingdom." PB muttered going back to work.

But she just couldn't get them out of her head. He was always chasing after her. Now that Flame Princess was involved it was completely different. PB sighed frustratedly. She should just forget it.

Just then Finn burst into the room carrying FP in his arms. "PB! PB, FP's hurt. Bad. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP?!" The boy was in tears now clutching the young body of Flame Princess in his arms.

"What happened, Finn?" PB ran to him forgetting her recent thoughts about Finn and FP. Flame Princess didn't look good. Not at all. Her body was more of a blueish then orange now, and her hair wasn't flaring up like it would always do when she was okay.

"I don't know PB, i had just found her like this. C-can you help her?"

PB smiled down at the boy. "I'll see what i can do Finn. Here put her on that table over there and i'll see what i can do to help her."

Finn nodded obediently and set FP down on the metal table. Please be okay FP. I need you to be okay.

"Ok Finn step back while i help her." Finn stepped back and with that PB began to work on Finn's girlfriend. PB had done everything she could think of. Anything at all to rekindle her. But it failed. It all failed. "Finn..." PB's voice trailed off not believing that FP was dead. "I fear there is no wayto bring her back. I'm afraid to say that s-she is dead."

Finn looked down at the floor avoiding eye contact with PB. After many awkward minutes of just standing there Finn spoke softly in almost a whisper. "No, PB."

PB shot Finn a confused look, "What Finn?"

"No PB. I always defy nature. I've fought the Lich and won. I've saved Ooo and it's citizens repentantly. I even once brought someone back from the dead. Okay i am not going to let her go when i do all of that on a daily basis already. Ok PB goodbye." Finn turned to leave when PB put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"Wait, Finn, while that may be true you can always find another princess right? All of the princess', including me, look up to you and would do anything to help you. So why don't you just let her go and maybe find another more suitable Princess, okay?"

Finn used all of his will power to control his anger and not snap at the princess. Instead he took her hand off of his shoulder and said to her. "PB, Flame Princess was there for me when i was heart broken about you, okay? I'm not just throwing her away the second she dies. No PB i'm fighting for her. Either you're with me or against me but no matter what PB I'm getting back FP. Because she's MY Princess. And MY girlfriend."

With that Finn grabbed FP's body and frustratedly walked out holding FP close. If he's going to go and try to save FP the least he could do was keep her at the tree house with Jake so he could at least protect her while Finn was gone on his quest. Well i'm not going back to the Candy Kingdom, so i guess that I should see if maybe the Flame King could help me. After all he was a fire elemental too, so maybe just maybe if I could convince him not to shoot me then maybe he could help me out. FP is his daughter, so yeah he would help.

Sure Finn had his doubts about his plan but when he looked down at his girlfriend he felt great again. He knew that he would get FP back one way or another. All that he had to do was fight.

So sorry that i had to kinda make FP be dead in this story but it'll still be a FPxFinn and i just had to put that in to make the story line. Please review/follow/favorite.