This Is War

Summary: Orphaned in the First War, Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks were adopted by the Black & Lestrange Families. While their families wage a Blood Feud against the Dark Lord, they draw closer to each other. AU.

Authors Note: Please read this, as I do not wish to explain it more than once. Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan, in this story, never joined the Death Eaters. Bellatrix's nickname is 'Cap' and is used interchangeably with her real name. Andromeda Black was never disowned. Got it? Good.

Disclaimer: This is a Blanket Disclaimer. I don't own anything here.

Chapter 1

July 2nd, 1971

The warm liquor flowed down the three young Hit-wizard's throats while they sat at their favorite table, downing their favorite after-work drink.

Blishen's Firewhisky comes in a 150 proof and is perfect for washing down the day's stresses. But it comes with a risk. If given the correct opportunity, it'll turn a man blind in a heartbeat and can burn a hole in the back of his throat.

Bellatrix Lestrange felt that she hadn't given it one, as she'd been drinking it ever since the day she turned 15. Even her milky left eye hadn't been because of Fire-Whisky.

She looked over to her husband with a tumbler glass in her hand. "When the Hell are they getting here?"

"I have no clue, ma cher." replied Rodolphus Lestrange as he put down his glass and laid his lips across Bellatrix's.

"Get a room you two." is what Adrian Parkinson wanted to tell the couple while he stared at them. What he'd wanted to yell at them ever since they'd been assigned together in the Hit-wizards two years ago.

But no, he didn't have the guts. The happy couple in question had to be the only two people in the world that he was afraid of.

So instead he downed the rest of his drink and asked, "Rod, Cap, you hear about what happened in Scotland yesterday?"

"Who didn't, Adrian?" began Cap, before the entrance door of the bar banged open, causing her to look up as three people walked in. Eyes widening, she dashed over to bear hug the only female of the group.

"Bella, I need air." gasped Andromeda, trying to escape from her sister's hugs. Bellatrix 'Cap' Lestrange did not know the meaning of personal space, and often gave killer hugs to her sisters.

As Cap released Andromeda, Rodolphus was able to scoot past his wife and walk over to his little brother Rabastan to give him a hug. Just not as killer.

Finally, because the third man didn't have any blood family present, Rod walked over and shook the hand of Ted Tonks, who returned the favor with a firm grip of his own.

Returning to their seats, Rodolphus took out a Cuban cigar and as he lit it, said, "Congrats you three on graduating. You all did good. Real good."

"Thanks bro. Means a lot to me." replied Rabastan, lighting up his corn-cob pipe and looking over the five others gathered at the table.

Silence plagued the table for a few minutes before Ted broke it. "Everyone, me and Andi have something to announce."

The 4 other sets of eyes at the table turned to the duo as Andi held up her left hand, revealing the diamond ring on her finger. She said, "We're engaged."

Silence came to the entire room. Soon though, it was broken by the sound of a bar-full giving a standing ovation to the soon to be married couple.

After about 15 minutes, the ovation died down. Ted and Andromeda finally had the chance to down some Fire-Whisky.

Rabastan put out his pipe and said, "Ted, meet me out back. I want to talk with you a sec."

Eyeing the other man carefully, Ted put down his glass and walked side by side with Rabastan out the backdoor.

Andi looked to her sister and brother-in-law with suspicious eyes and asked, "Is Rabastan going to hurt him?"

"Nah. Rabastan could kill a man in a heartbeat if he wanted to. But he's not going to hurt him." replied Rodolphus, taking a puff of his cigar and wrapping an arm over Cap's shoulder.

"I'm going to go to Loo."

Andromeda got up, set down her own glass and walked away. Cap waited until she was out of ear-shot.

"Like I said, Adrian, everyone's heard about it. Hard to miss hearing about 200 Muggles dead in one day."

"Who do you think did it?" asked Rodolphus, leaning forward as the Bartender turned on the Jukebox. It was 'Born On The Bayou.' Wasn't his first choice. But it was still pretty good.

"Well, it definitely wasn't the IRA. Probably some upstart Dark Lord." replied Adrian, putting the file down in front of them.

"I know one thing. I'd hate to be an Obliviator right now. Took forever for them to clean up the survivor's memories."


The fire crackled around the stone fireplace. The wind howled against the windows of the Ancient Manor.

Cygnus Black took off his glasses. He'd been an Auror for most of his life. It'd shaped him into who he was today.

But nothing he had done could have prepared him for the previous 24 hours.

Maybe that was why he'd called his daughters and sons-in-law to his house. Adrian and Jennifer weren't immediate family, but they were close enough.

He looked to Bellatrix and Rodolphus, the closest people to him. Deeply sighing, he put the glasses on his desk. He asked "Are you and Rod taking Nymphadora in?"

"She's our goddaughter Dad. I think Cassy and Roddy will love her as a sister." replied Cap as she hugged the 3 year old baby girl who was sound asleep in her arms. She'd take care of her no matter.

After all, she was all Cap had left of her baby sister.

"This is an outrage, Cygnus. We can't let this go unpunished." said Rodolphus, putting the cigar in his fingers in his mouth to give a wet-eyed Narcissa a hug and to run his fingers through Cap's curly hair.

"I know Rodolphus…" began Cygnus, taking a sip of Fire-whisky before Rabastan interrupted.

"That bastard kill Andromeda and Ted! I want to see some justice!" Rabastan wiped the tears from his eyes. He spit a lob of tobacco juice into the fire, listening to it crackle.

"We all know it was You-Know-Who or one of his goons, Cygnus. We don't need proof." calmly said Druella, placing a hand on her husband's shoulder.

The head of the Black Family looked around, staring everyone in the eyes. He said, "You're right Druella. We don't need proof. From this moment on, the Black Family is at war with Voldemort."

None of the people there dared to flinch at the name.

"Count the Lestrange Family in." commented Rodolphus.

"You've got our support too, Captain." said Adrian, placing an arm around Jennifer. His wife nodded at his declaration.

Rabastan took another pinch of tobacco from his pouch and put it in his mouth. Cygnus continued, "We're going to wipe that bastard off the face of the Earth. And if we come across the man or woman who killed my daughter…"

"We kill the Son of a bitch." finished Bellatrix, patting Nymphadora Tonks on the back when she started to stir.

So, how am I doing so far?