Chapter 2


The howling wind and rain rattled against the old manor. The thunder storm had been going on for a few days now.

Bellatrix 'Cap' Lestrange couldn't help but wonder, while she walked through the hallways and sipped her glass of Fire-Whisky, if the thunder-storm in her heart and mind would ever stop.

She had never forgiven herself what had happened to Andi. She never forgot the vow she made to cut off the head of the one responsible. And she would never forgive them.

This was assuming that Nymphadora, when the time came, didn't get to the person first.

'If that happens, I won't stop her.' thought Cap to herself, smirking at the idea.

Silent sobbing brought Cap out of her thoughts. They were muffled, but she could hear them.

She walked over to Nymphadora's room and peaked in. Her goddaughter was laying with her face pressed against her pillow, sobbing as quietly as possible.


The 11 year old girl didn't answer. Sniffles kept coming.

Cap walked in, put the glass on top of a nearby dresser and took a seat next to her. "You're thinking about them, aren't you?"

No response.

Her hand went to Tonks' back and started rubbing it gently. "There's no shame in admitting it, Dora. I still think about your Mum all the time too."

"Really?" was the answer. The girl turned her head around to face her godmother. Her eyes were blood-shot.

"Yeah." Cap conjured a tissue and started wiping the tears from Tonks' eyes.

Suddenly Tonks was clinging to her, taking the Hit-Witch by surprise. She held her back anyway.

"Why did they have to die, Aunt Bella? Why?" sobbed the Metamorphagus into her Aunt's shoulder.

"It was because of a madman who didn't like that your Uncle Rod and I told him to go bugger himself." was all Bellatrix could say without going into tears herself.

Silence came over the room. The sobbing continued. "I miss them, Aunt Bella."

"I miss them too, Dora." replied the older woman, holding her goddaughter closer to her heart.

Tilting Tonks' head so they could see eye to eye, Cap planted a soft kiss on Tonks' head. "You listen to me, Dora. Your parents were two of the bravest people I knew. Never forget that they'll always be with you in your heart."

Silence came again while they embraced one another.

"You know, I still remember the day your Dad asked my Dad for permission to date your Mum."

The words caught Tonks' attention. "What happened?"

"Your Daddy was scared out of his mind. My Daddy enjoyed every bit of it."


"Mr. Black, I want to ask your permission to date your daughter, Andromeda." Ted Tonks spoke humbly as he looked the 40 year old man, silently hoping that he was not glaring at him.

Cygnus Black lit up his pipe and leaned back in his chair a bit. "Would you give your life, if needed, to protect her?"

"Yes sir."

The Auror Captain gave a sly grin and replied, "You've got guts to ask me for my permission, Mr. Tonks."

Exhaling a pillar of smoke from the pipe, Cygnus said, "Don't screw it up. Maybe one day I'll even like you."

"Thank you, sir." Ted replied.

"He really told my Dad that?" asked Tonks, with amazement in her eyes.

"Yes he did, Dora. Now come on. Let's you get you some warm milk and back to bed." replied Cap, before she helped Dora stand up.

While they walked to the kitchen, Rodolphus was busy working on some paperwork when a soft voice asked, "Dad?"

He looked up to see his 9 year old daughter standing in front of him. "Yes Cassiopeia?"

"I had a bad dream, Dad."

Rod put down his papers and motioned for her to come over. "Again?"


Picking up his daughter in his arms, Rod held her close.

"It's alright, ma 'Cherie. The monsters can't get you." is what he wanted to say so badly. What he had wanted to say ever since he and Cap had had her and Roderick in 1975.

But how could he tell that to his own daughter when he knew all to well that there were REAL monsters out there, just waiting for a chance to hurt or kill her, Roderick, or any of his family? "One day, you will grow up to be big and strong. Until that day, I will be strong for you. For all of us."

Somewhere in Ireland, at that same moment

"I wonder when this storm will clear?"

The man looked at the rat with disgust. Didn't he know that he LIKED the rain? It made the voices go away, most of the time. Come to think of it, it had been raining the day the Dark Lord told him to go into hiding.

"Shut the Hell up, Wormtail." was his cold reply, while he stared at the Dark Mark on his arm. Faded, yes, but there none the less.

He sipped his glass of Guinness and stared out the window. He hated Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew. Had ever since he met him. Why hadn't the Dark Lord let him kill him? He'd have gladly done it.

Then again, he hated a lot of things. Like tea and chocolate.

"Sorry, Mr. Death." The shorter man started wiggling in his seat.

The man smirked at the use of his nickname. "That's more like it."

The thunder sounded again and the wind started picking up. It broke one of the pub's upper windows and might have damaged the roof.

Most of all, he hated his filthy, Muggle Mother.

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