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Cursed: Prologue START!

The rain… it's pouring… it's crying for him…why… because he can't cry he has cried enough in his life. Yugi Motou is standing in a graveyard looking at tombstone. This was the last person the very last person that he would ever care about. He swore it... every time…. Every damn time he ever tries to care for someone this happens. They are cruelly taken away from him. He laughs hollowly, he had almost forgotten how this felt… how Ra damn painful it could be.

As a child he didn't understand why everyone had to disappear….

Ignorance IS bliss.

He chuckles darkly again; he wants to cry. He wants to let it all go but he can't and he won't. Now that he knows the truth.

Yugi kneels down to the stone and places the flowers that he had been holding on to the small platform. He then took a water bottle out of his bag, that was slung over his shoulder. He opened the top and poured the water over the grave.

'I'm sorry,' he whispered to someone who, he knew, could never hear him… not anymore.

This was the last of his family and his friends. After the Pharaoh pasted on Yugi realized how much the others were expecting him to be like him… to be like his Yami. But he wasn't…

Yugi wasn't Atemu, and they did not share a damn soul!

Yugi was just unfortunate. Yugi now cringed at the idea of being near him instead of the innocent enthusiasm that he once had. And now stood up from the grave and smiled sourly down at it. He had no more reasons to stay here.

Yugi was now 25 years in the past six years since the Pharaoh left everything changed especially Yugi. He began changing when he started to have his dreams, dreams about HIS past life.

This is how Yugi discovered that he was not Yami and Yami was not him. Yugi had also gained his degree in history and archeology and was well known for his papers on ancient Egypt. He had also been on a few sponsored digs were he made some significant discoveries. But that was only thanks to his new found memories about the past.

Ironically the past will be discussed in the future. Right now it was time for Yugi to leave, to leave Domino City where so many…. happy memories had been made for a brief time in his 25 years of life. He still had plenty of life to live and he wasn't going to spend here.

He walks away from the grave and out the entrance of the graveyard. He waits beside the road for one of his last… old friends to pick him up.

A red car comes around the curve and stops in front of him. Anzu opens the door and smiles weakly at him Yugi just nods and gets in.

Why isn't Anzu in New York you ask? well… it's quite funny really, Yugi smirks as he remembers.

It was one of the first incidents where his life started to turn for the worst. Anzu and him had been walking down the stairs of the museum from another Egypt exhibit just after class had let out. She was just about to go overseas.

This part is simple, she fell. There was only two steps left but she fell and broke her leg. How... they still have no idea. It should have just been a scratch but it wasn't. That was beginning... and people's luck around Yugi Motou soon became public knowledge.

As they drove they went past the Kame Game shop with a for sale sigh on the door, a year ago Yugi would have cared but not now it had been a year since his grandfather had died. Yugi had followed in his footsteps and became an Egyptologist. He was happy that he got to see his grandfathers proud face before he died at least one person died in contempt.

Next they pasted Honda's house where he was playing with three kids in the playground. Honda looked well into his 30's now, life had been hard for him since his sister died and he took custody of his nephews and niece. But none of this matter. Yugi decided long ago that he wasn't coming back.

Jou was now gone, the one person that stood beside him matter how distant Yugi had become to him. No matter how many bad things happened to him because he chose to stay near Yugi he could still hear their argument that day. The day before Jou died….


'Yug, what's your problem man,' Jou stomps after a retreating Yugi.

'I don't want to talk about it,' Yugi mumbles. Jou grabs Yugi's shoulder and yanks him back to him.

'Say that to my face Yugi you've been acting weird for years now and I deserve an answer,' Jou looks into Yugi amethyst eyes, they were cold but had a lingering sadness in them.

'I can't…' Yugi says slowly looking away. Jou scoffs at him and releases him.

'What are you still crying about? The Pharaoh Yugi?' he says more than asks in a half cruel and half teasing voice , "he's in a better place now Yugi you don't have to be so sad th-'

'SHUT UP,' Yugi yells at him and Jou looks taken back as Yugi fist connected with his stomach, 'what the hell do you know?' Yugi whispered looking down at the ground he then inhaled looking right into Jou's eyes his fury barely controled.

No more sadness no more kindness in them. 'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW.' He yelled at him this time. Yugi turned his back to Jou. 'you wouldn't understand ,so just leave me alone.' Yugi didn't see Jou reach out a silent hand to him then draw it back to him letting it fall to his side in a fist. Jou bit his lip as he turned away from Yugi.

END Flashback~

The next morning, only three days prior to Yugi's leaving, Jou was hit by a car coming to see even heard the stretching of the tires and screams of nearby people as Jou's body flew over the car and landed lifeless on the street. This event only proved Yugi right.

Thinking of this Yugi put his head in his hands as he waited for his plane. 'There has to be away to stop this… this cycle I can't live like this. I don't want too,' he thought hysterically. Hell he couldn't even cry at his own best friends funeral. The airline announcements rang in his ears.


Yugi now tuned her out after giving him his instructions he lifted himself from his seat and walked towards his boarding gate. He need help if was going to do this right. The only other people that could help him were the other millennium holders. He had figured that one out quite quickly when Ryou had come to visit him. Nothing would happen to Ryou or Marik when he was with them for a long period of time. Yugi, even now, after all he had been through was willing to call his old enemies his friends. That and Ryou had become an Egyptologists aswell like him. He remembered that he said something about truly putting that tomb robber, Bakura, to rest. Yugi didn't know why he even bothered Ryou didn't have a reason like he did.

Oh, that's right we haven't told you yet, about Yugi's condition that he was only briefly spared from once the millennium puzzle was given to him until the Pharaoh was then granted his rest….

You see when Yugi was still a child his parents did nothing but argue his mother was too stuck up and all about having that pretty family image while his father was too busy getting wasted. One night their arguments went too far and ended with his mother's life. His father then killed himself saying something about how that can't kill a dead man. Yugi at only 2 years old was an orphan until his grandfather came back from Egypt to find his son dead and his grandson in an orphanage.

However Yugi's grandfather came all to late Yugi was already branded a 'cursed' child. Anyone who adopted, or even foster 'little' Yugi either died, disappeared, or strange things would happen to them and not good things.

One time when Yugi was returned to the orphanage it mysteriously caught fire and atleast ten people died. The two workers that would watch over Yugi's wing of the building and the eight other kids that shared the floor with him all died… everyone died except for Yugi. But once his grandfather came to get him and gave him the puzzle it all mostly stopped.. except for the bulling, of course but Yugi could deal with that at least no one was dying… yet.

Yugi had boarded the plane and sat at his window set thinking of what he needed to do. What he had to do to get rid of the 'pharaohs curse'? As the plane took off to deliver Yugi to England a young man about his age shoots out of bed sweating heavily holding his head.


'Why…' he breathes exasperated, 'why do I keep having these dreams.' He holds his head as his body shakes. 'why does he hate me… Heba.\? why do you hate me when I all ever did was love you?' The man lays back down in his bed panting. His name is… Atemu.


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