Cursed chapter 6:


Lgyer: Shit…-runs away-

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Lyger: -hiding behind j-at-war- You know I suck at housework, you knew what you were inviting when you told me to do laundry.

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Lyger: I'm not an outdoors person you know that.

Rose: I can't clean everything all the time!

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Rose: Gah!

Atemu: -pulls up chair with popcorn in hand- Free entertainment

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"Alright Yugi pull yourself together!" he frantically thinks. It was dark and cramped where ever he was. He moved his hand alittle and froze, something was in here with him! He slowly felt around him. It was cloth, that he could make out, but it was strange it felt like old bandages. Yugi gulped as his hand moved further to his left hitting something more solid. He let his hand trail up the side of it. The frame was…


Yugi felt himself starting to hyperventilate. He placed his right hand above his heart in a frail attempt to slow his ever quickening heartbeat. His left hand was still on the other, frozen in place. He was so scared to breath in he hadn't noticed that he had been holding his breath. He breathed in through his nose. Bad move, the scents were too familiar to the young archeologist. He had let out his anxiety or he would be dead long before anyone could reach him.

"RYOU! MALIK! SAVE ME!" he screamed in his confined space.

"What the fuck was that," a man said ,with an Australian accent, his head shot up next to the sarcophagus.

"What are you whining about now Alister," the brunette beside him said lifting up another box that they were packing away. Alister turned to look at the Egyptian coffin. The noise had come from that direction, the direction of the sarcophagus. Alister slowly approached the item. Right before he touched the item.

"Hey what the hell are you doing?" the brunette cut in again. He bumped Alister with box he was carrying. This confused Alister enough for the other to hand him the box he was carrying. "We're getting paid to move this dusty old shit not examine it."

Alister's confusion and surprise turned into anger and annoyance. "You're such a hard ass little prick sometimes Valon, you know that," he snapped at the other. Valon turned to raise an eyebrow at Alister.

"Your quite plucky today as well, and what's with you spacing out all the time," Valon asks picking up another box.

"None of your damn business," Alister answers as they both exit the room. Leaving the sarcophagus untouched.

Yugi whimpers inside, praying to Ra that someone would find him before it was too late.

-scene change-

"WAH," Atemu woke up with an out reached hand. Everyone looked at him as he awoke dramatically.

"And would you believe that this is normally how he wakes up," Marik mocked Atemu but shot the comment over to Malik, who in turn glared at him. Marik's mischievous grin turned into frown. Ever since Atemu had pasted out he had tried to make the younger blond notice him. To no avail and it was getting quite annoying being either ignored and glared at.

Atemu's little display had disrupted the groups conversation. Atemu brings his out stretched hand to his face. He moans as he rubs his temple. "Fuck," he growls into his hand. Bakura walks over to him arms ever crossed over his chest.

"Would you like to share," he demanded more then asked. Atemu let his hand fall from his face as he glared at Bakura. "Glaring at me wont change the fact that you passed out in the middle of the hall and have been out for nearly two hours," he sounded like a mom.

"Ryou I think that you have some competition," Malik cooed in his ear. Marik saw Malik whisper to Ryou. When Ryou and him looked eyes he made sure to glare at the whitehead. What did his Malik-pretty see in him anyway. He was sure that he was faster, stronger, and maybe even smarter than the other male. Ryou whispered something to Malik, the blond quickly pulled away from the other. It looked like he even refused to look in Marik's direction. Oh, like hell that was going to happen to Marik Daemon.

"Bakura stop being the man's mother, it doesn't suite you," Marik drones still glaring at Ryou. Bakura gave Marik a curious look, while the comment made Malik look at him again. Marik smirked, perfect.

Bakura noticed that the others eyes were not even on him. He followed Marik's line of sight and it landed on the thin blond. Malik was his name? Great the man was leading with his dick again. How many times had the man's flirtatious motives gotten the two into trouble? Atemu laid back down covering his head with the red sheet. Bakura rolled his eyes and decided to deal with Atemu in a minute. He turned to Marik who was eye groping Malik. He was going to squash this now.

Bakura glided over to Marik's form. Marik looked up as Bakura hovered over him. "Can I help you?" he asked annoyed.

"As a matter of fact, could you leave your dick in your pants this time," Marik's mouth dropped open almost instantly. Malik and Ryou where silent, though Malik did feel the need to roll on the floor laughing his ass off. But for the sake of not being scolded by Ryou he stayed in his seat. Bakura smirked at Marik's reaction. "The last time you played it got rather messy, did she end up keeping the kid?" Bakura's eyes were full of humor as Marik cheeks flushed a red color.

Marik stood up from his seat. "What are you getting at," he asked in a low voice. Bakura's smirk only widen, Marik let out a 'tck' sound as he glared at the redhead.

"Um… excuse me," the two looked at Ryou who had spoken up. He shrunk back alittle at the attention. "Could we look for Yugi hes been missing for two hours?" he asked quietly. Ryou couldn't seem to bring his voice above a whisper as the redhead stared at him. He fidgeted under Bakura's gaze.

Bakura made an abrupt turn towards Atemu, "you hear that?" he asked. He saw Atemu shift alittle under the covers but wasn't given a response. Bakura's eyebrow twitched alittle. He was not being ignored. He waited a few more moments before stomping over to Atemu yanking the sheets off. Atemu curled into himself more as he searched for his sheets with one hand. "You wont find them," Bakura assured him.

Atemu opened his eyes to continue glaring at Bakura. "I hate you," he said plainly.

"We established that a long time ago," Bakura reply's just as plainly tossing the sheets onto Marik. Marik fought with the sheets alittle to get them off of himself. Once he was finally free of them he made it point to stomp on them a few times before kicking them to the side. Malik had to cover his mouth to hide his giggle. Marik and Ryou heard and looked at Malik. Marik smirked at him, while Ryou's was a look of disapproval.

Atemu pulled himself to sit on the side of his bed. "My head is reeling do we really have to do this now," he was answered with a thwack. He looked up to Bakura while rubbing the back of his head. "He ran off on his own why do we have to look for him?"

"Why do we have to look for him?!" Malik cut Bakura off. The young blond stood up from his seat. He stomped over to Atemu, with Bakura side stepping out of the way, and yanked him up by the collar of his shirt. "My friend is missing and it's your fault," he shakes him alittle. "You wanted to meet him, you wanted us to come here, so Ra damn it you are going to get off your lazy posh ass and FIND MY YUGI!" Malik yelled the last part in his face.

Atemu just blinked a few times before slapping Maliks hands off. Atemu glared into Malik's eyes. "Your Yugi," Malik anger turns into shock realizing what he had just said.

"My Yugi," he thinks looking down at his feet. His eyes widen in pain as he sees a fist connect to his stomach. His body flies back only to be caught by Mariks strong arms.

"Hey," Ryou cries but Bakura appears beside him to hold him back.

"Give it a moment, "Bakura whispers in his ear. His hot breath making Ryou shiver. It doesn't go unnoticed by the redhead. He smirks quite pleased with himself.

"Wha- What the hell!," Malik yells launching himself from Marik's arms. He was still alittle dazed from having the wind being knocked out of him but Ra if that didn't stop the man from doing something stupid.

Atemu smirked, oh how long had he wanted to do this. Atemu pulled back a fist in hopes to connect with Malik's left eye but in just seconds. Ryou turned to Bakura and pressed his lips against the redheads. He was no fool he had seen the way Bakura had looked at him when they had first arrived.

Ryou pulled back from the wet kiss with a look of determination in his eyes. "Please stop them," he pleaded. For some reason he knew that Bakura could stop this. Even through his shock Bakura's brain still processed the whiteheads plead. Bakura disappeared in a flash catching Atemu's wrist in with his right hand and pushing Malik back into an, ever so happy, Marik's arms with his left.

"Enough," he says pushing Atemu's fist down. He looks to Malik, "you can settle this later," he shifts his gaze to Ryou. "After we figure out where the chibi ran off too," Ryou gives Bakura a broad smile, making Bakura burn with pride and accomplishment. He had made Ryou smile like that. The look suited him, he looked like an angel.

Atemu yanked his wrist from Bakura's grip, "since when do you care." Bakura raised an eyebrow at Atemu the self-proclaimed pharaoh frowning at him. He sighed, "if we split up we can find him quicker."

"Great," Malik freed himself from Marik's grip, "let's go Ryou," Malik link his and others arm and started dragging him towards the door. This was a bad idea, all Malik wanted to do was leave and never come back. Shit he would trade e-mails with Atemu and give him the fucking information that way.

"Hold it," Atemu voice boomed full of authority. Malik cursed to himself as he involuntarily froze. "Let's try and not act foolish any longer shall we," Atemu's voice had a hint of mocking in it which just made Malik want to return his punch ten fold.

Malik's urge only increased when he turned around to see an arrogant smirk on Atemu's face. Well wasn't he just the shit now that he landed the first blow. That's right , Atemu may gotten the first in, but he wasn't going to the last, Malik would insure that. Now matter how angry he was, he thought twice about giving Atemu the pleasure of knowing that he had gotten under the other blonds sin. Malik just frowned at him raising an eyebrow his hands placed on his hips.

Atemu scanned the room seeing all who were present, an odd number. Malik and Ryou couldn't go alone because they didn't know mansion like he and the others. As much as it irked him to say, "We'll have to spilt up." All eyes returned to him now focused on what the reincarnated pharaoh had said. Granted he noticed that the only eyes that weren't on him were his dear friends. Bakura seemed to like the look of that Ryou guy, and Marik was undressing, not practically undressing, but undressing Malik Ishtar with his eyes. He would have to put a stop to it, they were having enough distractions. His mood became darker as he remembered his dream. It was alittle hazy but, Atemu looked straight at Bakura studying him. He remembered that Heba was with the Thief King Afekie, but he couldn't remember why. Only that it made his blood boil.

"Marik will go with Ryou to the back gardens that Mouto-san ran to, the rest of us will search together through the house," Atemu decided. He was answered with a chorus of 'what's'. Ok well, only Marik and Malik seemed to have that reaction. Both for completely different reasons.

"Like I'm going to be alone with you in place I've only been to once in my Ra forsaken life," Malik glared daggers straight into Atemu's crimson eyes.

"You have no choice," Atemu said simply leaving no room for debate.

"Like hell I do," Malik started towards him, but Marik stepped infront of the blond.

"I agree let me go with Malik and Ryou can go with you," Marik bargained.

"No," Atemu says walking past the two to the door Bakura hot on his hills.

"But-" Marik's whine was cut off when Bakura grabbed Malik by the collar of his shirt dragging the man backwards to follow him. The door slammed in Marik's face, him and Ryou stood there in silence for a few minutes. Letting it sink in that Marik had been dissed. Marik gave Ryou a sharp glare and the other flinched away. "Fuck me," he growls opening the door back up leaving Ryou to jog behind him to keep up with his long strides.

Atemu felt quite happy with himself, not only did he get it his way, but he was sure that he had broken any forming connection the two couples around him were trying to make, weather they were aware of it or not. Malik still didn't seem to register that he was being dragged like a lifeless doll, for that he thanked Ra.

"Let me go, "Malik hissed.

Or not…

Atemu and Bakura stopped walking, Bakura releasing Malik in the process. "What the hell was that?" Malik asked pointing back towards the room. He wasn't answered which only creased him more. "He was talking to you."

"Why do you care?" Bakura asked not a beat later. Malik wanted to answer the redhead but the question confused him.

Malik huffed crossing his arms, "I don't," he finally said deciding that he could answer the question for himself later.

"Then I don't see a problem here," Bakura turns back to Atemu and they continue walking. Malik silently follows the two for awhile but he gets bored easily. Plus the two infront of him weren't talking so it was quiet too. Way to quiet for Malik's standards, if only to save his own sanity did he speak to them.

"So where do think Yugi would go," Malik asked to anyone. The two infront of him only shrugged and Malik scoffed at them. "Really, you have no idea," he said in a semi-mocking voice but this was serious to the situation.

"Shouldn't you be the one with the idea," Atemu says.

"How am I supposed to know," Malik snapped back.

"Well he is your Yugi," Atemu says the last two words dripping with venom. Atemu turns around to glare at Malik. They have a short glaring contest until Maliks eyes brighten and his deep frown turn into a chester cat smirk.

"Jealous Pharaoh," Malik asked. Atemu eyes widen in shock as he took a step back. Malik mirrored him with a step forward.

Bakura looked on with slight interest, he didn't know what was going on only that it didn't sit well with the him. If there was anything to know, he made sure that he was the first to get his hands on the information. Especially if he was to be thrown into a situation that required it. So the question for Bakura was; How did Malik know that Atemu really was the reincarnation of the Pharaoh? His tone implied that he knew the truth, and that didn't sit any better with the man. Could this new information lead to friend or a foe.

(A/N: The gauntlet for Yugi's heart is being thrown down!)

"Ra fucking damn it," Marik cursed as he stomped through the garden, Ryou following quietly behind him. "I'd rather be with Mr. 'I'm the pharaoh so you will show me respect or I'll make your life a living hell!" He kicked a rose bush in his anger yelling out the last part of his sentence.

"Marik-san," Ryou yelled at him for hurting the defenseless plant. Marik snapped his head in the whitehead's direction eyes wide with rage making Ryou flinch back. Marik turned fully to face Ryou and with a horrific kind a calmness walked over to him. Ryou was scared, no strike that he was scared shitless everything told him to run but his feet kept him perfectly planted in place. Cursing his unresponsive muscles as Marik drew closer to him, then he did the most stupidest thing that he didn't think about, he glared at the man.

"Well don't you have some unexpected balls," Marik thin line pressed lips turned into a chester cat grin. Who did that remind Ryou of? "Fine, I guess it could be worse," he placed a hand on his hip still giving Ryou that grin. "So… how about you tell me all you know about Ishtar."

Ryou raised an eyebrow at the man, "if you're interested good luck." Ryou says finding his paralyses gone, as he walked past Marik to inspect the uprooted rose bush.

"Please, you tell me and I'll tell you," he cooed.

"Tell me about what," Ryou tilted his head in confusion however he didn't look away from his work at placing the bush straight up again.

"Oh I think you know," Marik's breath traveled down the back of his neck making his hairs stand on end. Ryou made an 'epp' sound turning to look at the man who had somehow come to stand behind him without making a noise. "Don't think I didn't see that little number you pulled with Kura," he had a devilish light in his eyes.

"K-Kura," Ryou shudderedre as he now backed away from Marik.

"That kiss," he hissed like a snake and Ryou gulped. He had hoped that no one had seen that, it seems that he had been mistaken. Marik leaned forward even more to intimidate the small male. It was working till they both heard a gasp. Both men turned to see woman standing at the entrance to the rose garden. It was Atemu's mother….fuck.

"MARIK," she screeched. "I have forbidden you from this place since the last time you set my garden on fire! And you bring this… this," she pointed at Ryou not sure what word she should use for him. Marik made a 'tst' sound and hauled Ryou to his feet hitting the rose bush in the process having it fall over uprooted again. "MY ROSE BUSH!" she screeched again she let her basket drop as she gripped her perfectly manicured nails into her long blond hair.

Marik growled and yanked Ryou like rag doll to follow behind while Nefer called profanities from behind them. Once Marik was sure that he had lost her he released Ryou so the exasperated male could fall to his knees.

"What –huff- Who- huff- who is she?" he finally got out when he caught his breath.

"That little harpy was Atemu's mother," Marik cursed under his breath thinking about how uncouth that woman really was.

"His mother," Ryou looked at Marik curiously now.

"Yeah that's where he gets half his shit from," Marik nearly laughed at his own remark while Ryou merely frowned at him. "But this is bad," Marik says seriously all of sudden. Ryou stands up from his fallen position brushing the dirt from his jeans.

"How so?" he asks Marik walking up to him.

"If she's in her she must have ran into Yugi by now," Marik says. Ryou nodded his head but he didn't see how it was bad thing. "Atemu didn't want his father to know that he is thinking about agreeing to Ishtar's terms." Ryou still was following on how this was bad. "Ishtar has already mention Mouto-san to the Sennens so they know about him." Ryou still gave him a deer in the headlights look. Marik sighed and his hand hit his face. "You don't know his father Aken do you?"

"Nope," Ryou says unashamed Marik almost did an anime fall.

"Luckiest. Man. Alive." This statement only gets a head tilt from Ryou. "Come on," Marik grabs him by the forearm dragging him back towards the gardens exit.

"Wait!" Ryou looks behind him, "what about Yugi!? We came out here to look for him." He is pulled even harder as they exit the garden. "I said wait!" Ryou somehow pulls his arm from Mariks grip. "Listen to me when I'm talking to you!"

Marik stops and turns around to glare at Ryou. Ryou gulps and shrinks back alittle surprised at even himself for the outburst. "I'm going to say this once, and only once," Marik said then approached Ryou. "Don't piss me off pip squeak or not even your little boy crush Bakura will be able to save you. Now follow me and shut the fucking hell up." Ryou was left scared and stunned at Marik's blunt words. Marik started walking away but Ryou felt like he still wanted to say something. "If you hurry up I might just tell you something interesting," Marik calls back to him helping Ryou to spring himself forward to follow Marik.

"Me. Jealous," Atemu found his voice again, "you've got to be kidding me, look at me and then look at you. What do I have to be jealous about?" Atemu put on his infamous smug smirk on glaring into the mischievous lilac eyes of Malik Ishtar.

"I have the one thing that you've wanted for over three thousand years," Malik replies just as smug.

Atemu's eyes widened, "and what would that be exactly?" he asked trying not to seem bothered. Malik's face became dark as the mischievous glint in his eyes turn malicious. Malik got real close to Atemu's face, he would have back up somemore but he found himself stuck between a wall and hard place.

"You wanted him back then, and you still want him now," Malik cooed. Atemu hands balled into fists as he growled at Malik.

"What would you know about me," he asked lowly.

"Really…" Malik lets the question hang as he pulls back. He abruptly turns to Bakura who is leaned up against the wall watching. "Nothing from you thief king," he states.

Bakura pushes himself off the wall and walks over to Malik, he stares down at him in an intimidating manor. Malik continues to look at him eyes half lidded and bored. "What do you know exactly?" he asks darkly.

"Atemu and Yugi aren't the only ones with a past here," Malik points at Bakura," you and I have history here aswell." Malik lets the words sink into the two men, Bakura slowly glares harder at him while Atemu's eyes grow wider slowly. Bakura was about to say something when a shy voice cuts in.

"Pardon me," everyone's eyes turn to see Kira standing in the middle of the hallway in her maid outfit. She looks between Malik and Bakura then focuses on Atemu. "You father wishes to see you in his study." Atemu nods and she bows taking her leave. Atemu gives both men glare before he excuses himself.

"What do you know," Bakura hisses as he pushes Malik up against the wall hand on his throat. Malik struggled against his grip and tried to bite at his hand. Bakura smirk devilishly as he watched him struggle.

"Thief-cough- King," he gagged out. Bakura's smirk turned into a frown and he left Malik fall to the floor in a heap as he held his now red throat.

"So you at least know who you are dealing with," he crossed his arms.

"Do you still hate him?" Malik asked. Bakura returned his gaze to see Malik staring him down from his spot on the floor.

He snorted, "Of course not. Why should I let that ass ruin two of my lives, my world doesn't revolve around him."

"Then why are you here," Malik cut in sharply. Bakura glared even harder at him if possible.

"That's…" he paused and turned away, "none of your business."

He starts to walk down the hall to where Atemu had disappeared along with maid. Malik gets up to his knees calling out to Bakura, "is it?" he asked. Bakura paused for moment before turning back to look at Malik.

"What are you getting at?" he now looks at Malik suspiciously. He was beginning to think that letting Atemu go on this dig with the Ishtar's was becoming more and more dangerous.

"Oi Bakura," Marik's voice boomed down the hallway. Both Malik and Bakura look to the two approaching men. "We have problems," he says once they regroup.

"How so," Bakura asks returning to his indifferent state.

"Their royal majesties know that we have guests," Marik says.

"Well aren't you full of information," Malik sarcastically says lifting himself off the floor before the other notice where he was. Marik was about to snap a smartass remark when he was interrupted by Ryou.

"He believes that Yugi ran into Nefer in the gardens and she handed him over to Atemu's father Aken," Ryou stops the upcoming bickering of the two Egyptians.

"Shit!" Bakura and Malik let out.

"We have to find Yugi now!" Malik says to Bakura.

"No we need to inform Atemu," Bakura says the two share a small glaring battle.

"What is he your mommy, you can't do one thing without him," Malik starts Bakura opens his mouth to respond but Malik made sure to cut him off. "You are man aren't you?" This question made Bakura visibly seethe.

"Fine," says trough gritted teeth, " we will go find the chibi."

Ryou leaned over to whisper to Marik. "Is it just me or does Malik seem to have a way to get under Kura's skin?"

Marik gives him his chester cat grin again. "Kura, eh," Ryou blushed at the statement and fidgets uncomfortably. "Yes he does," he pauses to lick his lips as he stares at Maliks ass, "and I find it delicious." Ryou gave him a blushing glare.

"What are you blushing about," Malik asked Ryou but glared at Marik who only gives him a lick of his lips and a wicked grin in return. Bakura snorted again and started walking off, everyone eventually followed leaving many unanswered questions.

"You called for me father," Atemu droned as he closed the door to his fathers study behind him. Atemu looked up to see the back of a black leather swivel chair.

"Have a seat," his father hands points out from behind the black leather to a chair. Atemu glides over to the chair and sits down. They sit there in silence, Atemu feels his skin becoming hot and damp as beads of sweat start to form on the back of his neck.

He rubs his neck uncomfortably, "Father-"

"Silence," he hisses. He swings his chair around to show his son the full extent of anger as he gets up and stomps towards him from behind his desk. Atemu freezes in on the spot until a load slap is heard and Atemu's face is thrown harshly to the side.

Atemu slowly turns back to his father raising a hand to his stinging red cheek. "Father-,"

"You dare disobey me," he hissed again.

"What," Atemu asks.

"You brought him here didn't you?" he asks a crazy tone to his voice, Atemu was now more than confused. "That accursed child, you brought him here," Aken now points to his confused son.

"I don't understand," Atemu said trying to slide out of his seat and giving a quick glances to the door looking for any chance to bolt away from his obviously derange father.

"You know everything don't you?" Aken asked. "He told you everything that happened didn't he, he's the one that's been telling you all along," he now mumbles to himself. Atemu finally stands up when his father turns away from him.

"Who are you talking about?" Atemu asks approaching his father. Questioning his own sanity at the action. He should be running away from the man not walking towards him, but he was curious, a dangerously kind of curious.

Aken abruptly turn the upper half of his body to look at his son and crazy kind of grin on face. It made Atemu stop in his tracks for sure. "Why Heba, of course."

Atemu's breath hitched in his throat, he knows…..


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