Saturday morning

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And now. Forward at last.

James smiled to himself and burrowed deeper into the covers.

Finally, Saturday had come. He could stay burrowed in his covers thinking about life or whatever else for as long as he wanted (dang body clock has woken him up at 6:30 again). He might even be able to go back to sleep. The morning was so dark, so still, and-


Well, a certain Jean-Luc's screaming had certainly disturbed the peace of the morning. James groaned. He supposed this was what he got for sleeping with the window open, but he couldn't help it. The fresh air moving through his room was so pleasant. Besides, it helped alleviate his near-constant feeling of being closed in. He supposed it was another side effect of being a teenager.

Sighing, he started to pull the covers off to go see what was wrong this time. Stumbling out the window, he peeked out to see the eldest member of the family at 1701-D in insanely short pajama bottoms [1] standing on his lawn. His hands were on his hips and his expression was one of pure frustration. Meanwhile, his dark haired cousin was sitting in the flower bed, smirking.

"Why, dear cousin, I'm only picking flowers for you!" Q declared, holding out a handful of rather crushed-looking flowers.

"Well, these flowers aren't for you to pick!" Jean-Luc snapped.

"I bet they're for your girlfriend, then."

"Beverly is not my girlfriend. Never has been, never will be."

"Yes she is. Aww, you're blushing!" [2]

"I am not. Now get out of my flowers."

"Make me."

James turned away and closed the window, hiding a grin. Q and Jean-Luc, whenever they were together, were more entertaining than Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Sighing, he snuggled back into bed. Now he could rest and properly enjoy a peaceful Saturday morning. However, just as he thought this, the door slid open and Pavel entered.

"You're up early," James observed. The child looked guiltily at him before climbing into the bed.

"Nightmare?" James asked him. The child nodded and curled up next to him. James instinctively wrapped his arms around the smaller body and let Pavel get comfortable before he tried to get back to sleep. Pavel had spent many nights in James' room, so this didn't bother James one bit.

There. Pavel was comfy, or so it seemed, and his breathing had slowed. Now he could get back to-






James groaned. Of course he'd set his alarm clock last night. The one night that he shouldn't have remembered rather than shouldn't have forgotten as he normally did. Pavel bounced up, instantly jolted out of his dozing state, before giving James a look which clearly said 'really, James?' when he recognized the song. James quickly turned off the alarm and, when he saw Pavel's look, shrugged.

"Wakes me up," he replied. "Now, let's get back to sleep, shall we?"

Pavel had literally just closed his eyes when they heard a terrific crashing in the hallway. A second later, it came again. Both boys quickly leapt out of bed and threw James' door open…to see Kevin and Hikaru banging Sulu's katanas against two pot lids and yelling at each other.

"WHAT is going on here?!" Leonard yelled, throwing his door open.

"You are behaving most illogically," Spock declared, opening his door. As usual, he had not one hair out of place. He was even dressed already, wearing his black pants and blue turtleneck.

"Can't you see we're trying to sleep, lads?" Scotty shouted, throwing his door open. He, unlike Spock, looked very, very untidy.

"We're practicing for the annual county picnic!" Kevin declared.

"Yeah, all those dumb kids from Qo'noS [4] Academy will be there," Hikaru added.

Hearing this, everyone (even Spock, who declared their behavior was illogical once more) closed their doors. There was a great deal of enmity between the students of Qo'noS Academy and the students of Enterprise K-12. Worf, one of the adopted kids next door, had been supposed to go there when he was older, but had never gotten the chance. When the kids at 1701 had found out, they treated the fierce boy with plenty of distrust.

Once James closed his door, he turned to look at Pavel. The little boy was sitting on the bed, dark eyes watching James' every move. His eyes looked so soulful, so deep [5]. James wished once again that his brother could talk. Perhaps he would have interesting things to say.

"Perhaps we had better just give up and have breakfast, eh, Pavel?" James suggested. "Not much use in getting back to sleep at this point."

The child nodded and hopped off the bed, taking James' hand as the older boy reopened the door (quietly now in case the others were asleep). The two walked down the hall in silence, determined not to arouse anyone's (corrsction: Leonard or Scotty's) ire. Silently, James realized once more that it was Saturday. Which meant that Leonard couldn't stop him from enjoying the premiere right of Saturday morning. Apparently Pavel had the same idea, for his pace quickened to match James' longer strides. Yet the two continued to walk as silently as possible.

They reached the kitchen with one mind, one intention. Pavel took one look at James before turning towards the counters. Taking a drawer handle in one hand and securing one of his small feet (how small of a child he really was, even for a seven-year-old) [6] in one of the lower handles, he started climbing like a monkey up to the counter. James watched the small hands grasp the stainless steel handles and knobs in mild amusement. So that was how the kid pulled off what had been dubbed The Great Cereal Heist a few days before, even though Spock had declared the name to be illogical. As he had pointed out, Pavel had technically not pulled off a heist. Leonard had told him to can it.

The seventeen-year-old turned to the cupboard he was standing next to and opened it. Recognizing the fact that Spock probably wasn't going to want any, James got six bowls out and walked over to Pavel with two.

The seven-year-old, meanwhile, had opened the (still unpadlocked) cupboard and was holding a box of sugar cereal in his arms. James could practically taste triumph as Pavel opened the box and poured it into one of the bowls. Finally, they would enjoy their cereal uninterrupted, unwitnessed by annoyed siblings-

"Although it is the weekend, I still find your choice of food to be most illogical."

James turned to see none other than Spock standing there, dark eyes watching the action and a single eyebrow quirked.

"Spock, what's irrational in liking sugar?" James asked lightly. Pavel finished pouring the cereal. "It won't hurt you or anything."

"It will make your already irrational behavior increasingly so, if past experiences are anything to base my idea on," Spock pointed out. "And furthermore, it is unhealthy."

He was suddenly interrupted by Pavel, who had closed the cereal box and walked (on the counter) towards him. The young boy offered James' logical twin the bowl and smiled warmly at him.

"Pavel, I have just said that sugary cereal is illogical. As is standing on the counter," Spock pointed out. Pavel pushed the bowl closer, eyes silently pleading. James couldn't help but smile at the scene, and knew that Pavel was making his best effort to include Spock, even if the older boy would resist it as best he could. Or perhaps it was that Pavel had heard James' complaints that Spock should really lighten up, and was ensuring in his own little way that that would be the case.

"Pavel-" Spock cut off and looked at his little brother. Pavel was now trying a puppy expression on his brother. Spock was the only one who was completely immune it. Even Jean-Luc, who had been dubbed by Kevin as Grouch Extraordinaire, had been known to give in. Well, Data never really had, but did the poor kid count? He was like a computer.

"-that is illogical, too," Spock finished.

"C'mon, Spock. Just this once?" James asked. "You ARE human, you know. You can afford to be illogical once in a while."

"No, James. I do not wish to be illogical."

"How do you know that sugar cereal will make you act illogically. Maybe it'll affect you differently than us mere humans," James tried another tack in the argument, voice dripping in sarcasm. Pavel smiled winningly in agreement, an expression which looked like a cuter knock-off on Will's expression of the same purpose.

"James, what if I simply do not wish to?" Spock ignored his last two points.

"Please, Spock. We won't bother you when you're reading."

"No. I am not bothered."

"We won't mix your tea with coffee."

"No thank you."

And then, James saw clearly that promises wouldn't work. So he turned to threats.

"You do know that we won't be leaving until you agree to going with us, right?" He pointed out. Apparently, Spock did realize, and took the bowl. He decided that he would go for a walk later to burn the energy, and perhaps he would meditate to keep himself calm. Besides, the argument had grown tiring.

James and Pavel wore identical grins as James got another bowl out of the cupboard and took two over to Pavel. The kid filled both, then closed the box and left it on the counter. He knew that at least two of his brothers would want some later, when they woke up.

James took the two cereal bowls, Pavel climbed back down to the floor, and the two walked over to the breakfast nook. Spock was already seated, expression calm and serene as always so the other two wouldn't be able to read his emotions.

And the three sat in silence, enjoying one another's company. And yes, that includes Spock, he'd just deny it later.

(Author's note: Originally, I wasn't going to include this, as I'd planned to write a Voyager bit too and this seemed a little out of place without it. If anyone wants to see it, perhaps I'll post that next.)

After he'd manually dragged Q out of the flower bed, Jean-Luc walked back in to the house and slammed the door.

Quickly, he locked it as well, then leaned against it. Locks probably wouldn't keep Q out. He didn't know how he knew that, just that he did.

Sighing, he pushed himself away from the door and started walking to the kitchen. Tussling with Q over flowers that he had in fact been growing for Beverly (for one of her experimentx, not because he liked her or anything. Why was he suddenly feeling a little tingly?) was not the way he'd want to begin his day, especially judging the mood he'd already been in. He'd had a particularly rough day yesterday, having stayed up late with Beverly to the detriment of his sleep (and mood). Then he'd lost his temper at his siblings (two separate times), lost his favorite book on archaeology, had to force Will to clean his room after he got home from school, and had even yelled at Data. For goodness sake, how terrible of a sibling could he end up being? His damn temper and the fact that he had never really been comfortable with children, even his own siblings, even when he had been a child, made him totally unsuited for this job.

Trying to focus on other things, he reached the kitchen and grabbed the kettle to fill it with water for his morning tea. And that was when he noticed that the kettle was already warm. Someone else was up and, from the looks of it, was also having tea.

"I have already made you tea, Jean-Luc," came a voice from the dining room just as the thought crossed Jean-Luc's mind. Jean-Luc knew without turning around to see that it was Data.

"Did Q and I wake you up?" he asked as he walked over to sit next to the fifteen-year-old. He noticed that Data didn't seem angry about being yelled at yesterday and felt slightly guilty once more.

"I was already awake," Data replied. "I decided that perhaps I could partake in your morning ritual of tea, if you have no objection."

"Why this morning?" Jean-Luc asked, leaving the nasty way in which he had acted yesterday towards his siblings out of it. Even so, the unspoken question was definitely there. As was the unspoken apology.

"Why not?" Data replied, minor confusion creeping into his voice.

Jean-Luc felt a soft smile creep onto his face as he sat down next to Data and took the cup of tea that his younger brother offered. Even though it was the result of some sort of trauma, it was sometimes comforting to have a brother without feelings to hurt. No matter how badly he messed up, Data would never think less of him for it.

And that was a start.

[1]: Seriously, What was with Captain Picard's pajamas in TNG?

[2]: Remember, Jean-Luc's not much more than a teenager in this. Thus, he will have definite behavior which will be of a teenager. Including blushing (he did; he'll try denying it though). Does that seem too OOC?

[3]: If anyone identifies the song, they get free cookies.

[4]: This was the name of the Klingon home world in the series. Yep, it's obvious what I was doing there, wasn't it?

[5]: Something I always loved about Walter Koenig's portrayal of Chekov. His eyes were always so soulful.

[6]: Correct me of I'm wrong, but he always did seem pretty short in TOS…