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Chapter one: Meeting of Shinobi and Thunder Beast

(Naruto PoV)

Raijū, better known as the "thunder beast", it is a legendary creature from Japanese Mythology. Its body is composed of lightning. It can manipulate its form into a form of any animal, may be in the shape of a cat, fox, weasel or wolf. The form of a white and blue wolf (or even a wolf wrapped in lightning) is also common. It may also fly about as a ball of lightning (in fact, the creature may be an attempt to explain the phenomenon of lightning.) Its cry sounds like thunder, it's power rivaled by few. It's movement is as fast as lightning, thus claiming the title 'Lightning Rider'.

Raiju is the companion of Raijin, the god of lightning. While the beast is generally calm and harmless, during thunderstorms, it becomes agitated and leaps about in trees, fields, and even buildings, trees that have been struck by lightning are said to have been scratched by Raiju's claws and storms follow wherever the beast has been and come with great force whenever it is close by.

Another of Raiju's peculiar behaviors is sleeping in human navels. This prompts Raiden to shoot lightning arrows at Raiju to wake the creature up, and thus harms the person in whose belly the deity is resting. Superstitious people therefore often sleep on their stomachs during bad weather.

A Raiju was probably my favorite mythical creature to begin with, at least ever since I could remember Sarutobi-JiJi told me many stories of Raiju. I believed in all the tales of the lightning spirit, even all the stupid superstitions, it just seemed like the type of companion I would want. Not the annoying fox that's sealed within me like some rat in a cage. Before some wanted to become shinobi, we always wanted to become something else or wanted something non-realistic. Girls had their little unicorns or ponies, guys wanted to be super heroes. I just believe in old legends and wish to see them first hand, not false fantasies and annoying childish dreams.

I had wanted to become the greatest shinobi, the strongest of the Hokage before my time. I had that opportunity, though that was a rough road. I was never a favorite of many of the villagers, some of the ninja in a place I'm supposed to call home. I was treated with such discrimination due to fear of what I cannot control in life. The lack of attention or aid from my ninja instructors, which led me to fail three times for lack of help, the feeling of not being unwanted and loved, the obnoxious teacher who denied my training and the two teammates who I thought were my friends, end up degrading me for my somewhat false stupidity. Part of me blames it on the fourth Hokage for all my short comings; even though he was my hero above all else, I couldn't be mad at him. He was doing this for the sake of the village, the home of the people he had loved, for the risk of using a child. Me.

Where do I begin, oh right, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, I'm currently fourteen years old on a two year training trip with the legendary Jiraiya the Sannin. Though don't let the title deceive you, he's a damn lecherous pervert who wants to do his Kami damn research more than train me. Though I can't say I can complain about it, he has been helping me hone on my skills that I already have. Though it's not enough, I need to exceed my skills beyond what I have now, I need to get stronger to bring Sasuke-Teme so I can stop hearing the childish nagging of Sakura if she hasn't matured by now. I need to out beat any of my enemies.

The fact of the matter is I am progressing by so little amounts than what I should have. I may never have the opportunity to strive and become stronger than what I am now. Strength is the only thing that will help me protect those who are precious to me, even if it means I have to use that Fox's chakra.

Thankfully I don't need to, after all, not after today that is. The power of a thunder beast in my hand, the thunder beast within calling for the storm to come once more.

(Third Person POV)

The shores of Mizu no Kuni, near the islands of Uzu no Kuni

Naruto, to say the least wasn't the brightest of the bunch to many people, though the fact remained he was an intelligent shinobi to deceive his fellow comrades as such. As the ninja code quotes 'Look underneath the underneath.' It had been almost a year along with his two and half year trip with Jiraiya, not say that it had been interesting to say the least, but the pervert did have his annoying research at hand. It was early spring when Naruto left Konohagakure and he and Jiraiya had been in Mizu No Kuni for about two months. Thank god for the war to be over because if the two were still here if that were the case, shit would have hit the fan.

Jiraiya had trained him earlier today, more so on chakra control and his Taijutsu than anything. Jiraiya style of fighting though was..complicated for Naruto to learn, the blonde took some traits of the older generation's brawling style, though Naruto felt it wasn't an all needed necessity in his skill set. The blonde jinchurriki thought well that the toad sage had other styles of fighting that he could surely learn unless he thought that it was the most compatible hand to hand combat style.

Naruto could have asked, but the Sennin probably wouldn't have paid no mind, after all where was he now? Local bar? Water springs during the winter? No, the old man was at a brothel in town while he was stuck in the hotel room near the ocean. It was almost as bad as Kakashi's excuses of being late or making excuses to not train him and train Sasuke instead. Naruto gritted his teeth slightly as he closed his eyes and sighed with anger dwelling in his mind.

Anger was not necessary, ever since Jiraiya messed with his seal, tweaking per say, he developed an irregular aggression. The desire to hurt things whenever something aggravated him just a bit, it would cause a minor chakra leak of Kyuubi's chakra. That is another reason why he kept his façade, to push away the negativity and go to the happy go lucky part of himself. Naruto couldn't deny that subconsciously, he was just letting the anger build up, it was wanting to explode. Which was why even after his training with Jiraiya ended and the man left to do some of his business, be it fun or personal, Naruto would do his own kind of training. This was one of those times to do so.

Naruto walked out of the room from the back door which lead to a small trail that headed toward the shoreline. The walkway was sandy with a mixture of soft earth, but the view of the shoreline was superb as it was soft sand and a cold breeze had gently passed through the blonde's hair. That water was coming in small waves. Gently moving from the cold breeze on the light cloudy day.

Naruto took in the cold air and exhaled it out with ease. He slipped out his shinobi sandals, orange and blue jacket and his white T-shirt, folding his upper body wear, and placed it on top of his sandals. He walked barefoot onto the sand feeling the rough texture onto his feet as he wandered across the place. He was halfway near the water now.

The blonde clapped his hands together gathering chakra around his body as a large quantity of chakra surrounded his body, pushing back slightly. Best thing before training on his own personal routine was a simple stretch of limbs and relaxing his chakra levels. Once he was done he would begin his work on his Taijutsu.

Being said that his Taijutsu needed work was an understatement, it was somewhat sloppy in some aspects. He didn't know any other actual tactics than the simple Kage Bunshin to cause a diversion to the enemy in order to think of tactic or just use simple brute force through most of his fights. He knew he wasn't as good compared to Lee, Neji, or even Sasuke. Though he needed something in his grasp to have some even ground on any of them no matter how strong they had gotten. He had tried from the academy style to Jiraiya's style of fighting, from even using a combination of the styles (which none had turned out to be much help in any case).

After what seemed like twenty minutes he stood in the same place with his head down. He closed his fist with some anger dwelling in his mind, how could he not learn a simple fighting style? It should be easy for him if he wanted to learn or make one on his own!

He growled angrily, a Rasengan forming into his hands as he slammed the sphere of chakra into the sandy ground, causing the rotation to burrow deeper into the earth. By the time the jutsu had died down, the blonde Uzumaki had formed a crater seven feet deep and about six feet in diameter. He stood back up from the crater and scoffed.

"What the hell am I doing wrong.." he muttered to himself, his eyes dimmed from all the happiness and indulged in apathy. "I defeat Neji with luck, I beat Gaara, and I almost beat the living hell out of Sasuke..so why do I feel so behind!"

The realization came to him in the end when he had mentioned Sasuke, the only fight in which he was almost killed twice, the only fight that had was to be determined through what he thought was the bonds of friendship and the hate that Sasuke held for his brother. Naruto wasn't at the level in which he could beat Sasuke during the early stages of the fight, first the curse mark, then the Chidori impaling his shoulder. It was the fight in which he pushed himself to use the Kyuubi chakra than he had ever done before until a few months ago, pushing him to become more of an animal than when he was just using a small portion of it.

Unlike the times with Neji and Gaara in which he had control and could feel his chakra replenished. He was enraged, filled with anger, but pushing to the extent that he had succumbed to the one tailed state. It was powerful controlling that feeling, though even fighting like an animal with it, he had speed and strength. It made him curious.

He searched deep within his subconscious, entering what looked like a large room that possess pipes above the ceiling. The floor held water leaking about a a foot in length and in front of Naruto was two red barred doors similar to what had looked like a jail cell. In the middle of it was a small sheet that held the symbol for 'seal' on the cage doors. The sound of deep breathing had emanated through this room, it was cold, it had bared a great sense of evil that had been ancient. Within the cage, in it's darkness opened a set of crimson red eyes that bore the hatred of all beings in the earth, one that had as too existed for what seemed like millennia.

"Ah..so my jailer comes to greet me in such…a distance" A voice that had sounded like death came from within it's own throat. "Why don't you release me from my cell..I've been a good prisoner haven't I, I think I deserve some..kill time" a set of sharp canines glistened in the dark as red chakra emanated over the beings body. Foul, poisonous and deadly it leaked out slightly as it lit the cell up, showing what looked like a fox that held orange fur and nine tails by its side.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he stared at the beast and frowned "As much as you feel like that reward is so deserving I'm gonna have to pass on that, can't let you screw with my mind after all" he said walked closer to the cage, though not close enough to where the demonic fox could claw at him like last time. "Though checking on you is always a good thing. I don't need anything reckless to happen to me while you'rr inside me Kyuubi." He told the tailed beast.

"How sweet, so you think about me?" the beast said sarcastically as his narrowed at the blonde shinobi. "I wouldn't give two shits about you if I weren't in this cage, you'd be my next meal. Though as long as I am in this cage I am to make sure your mortal body does not die, because if you die I won't reform." He gave a low growl, "So why did you come here, it's not to taunt me with that stupid old persona of yours."

Kyuubi was right about that, he had been watching his jailer from when he was a child to becoming a shinobi, to even now. He knew as a child that Naruto was smart, smart enough to know a lot of things though they never were given to him. Then he built that dumb idea in his head to be stupid and get everyone's attention when that personally screwed up his mind and built up Kyuubi's annoyance of the boy even more. Now after that loss and the lack of training he could see the young boy that wanted that strength, knowledge, and acceptance that he was powerful.

Naruto sighed softly as sapphire eyes focused on crimson, "I wanted to know if you knew a specific fighting style. My body doesn't seem to respond to the right Taijutsu that Ero-sennin is giving me." He said

"You think, the fool is a brawler his fighting style is personally his own because of his size and build. Your not going to become anything like his size and build because you have me inside you fool."Kyyubi said as the fox shifted his body to look directly at Naruto. "From what I've seen from your little..training that you found a small hint on what seems your good for. You are built for speed, your body will grow, but your mass will most likely remain a lean build due to your metabolism burning off most your fat off your body. However, you also have quite formidable strength even without my influence."

'Only because of that heritage of your boy…your damn mother had a knack for her strength aside her clan sealing arts' he thought attentively

Naruto's eyes had raised up slightly, "So..if you know what my build is, does that mean you know a style specifically for me?" he asked

"Perhaps…through my days of being unsealed I have come across some who have fighting arts you are looking for, even one of the animal that I have come to be." His eyes narrowed, "However..what makes you think I will do such things and give you something when you have not proven your worth to me. You have not come to strike some deal with me or even come to be a decent shinobi with your foolish behaviour of chasing after that annoying hormonal pink haired girl and that detestable Uchiha." he said with loathing in his voice.

"You should be able to help me if you want me to become strong" the jinchurriki's eyes glared at the fox as he heard the term deal ringing in his ears, somehow Naruto didn't like that at all. "What would you want?" he muttered lowly.

Kyuubi looked at the boy intensively before saying his demand, "I want you to kill the remaining Uchiha members..including that fool you call a friend."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock, was the fox serious, did he not realize the promise he kept to Sakura, his ninja way? The countless repercussions that would lead to a negative impact on him? Even while some of the villagers have changes and even some of the civilian council have done so, a good sum of the villagers still praised the Uchiha clan, envied their strength, but pitied for the boy. Then his friends would think of him differently wouldn't they?

"You're crazy!" Naruto yelled as he stomped his foot into the water "You think I would kill Sasuke just for a deal that you can give me what I am looking for!?"

"It's either that or keep being stupid and follow your stupid goal, with a perverse teacher who wants to watch women in the tub and go to brothels and write some good smut, see a girl who doesn't love you go to the brat who has all the fame, then see your dream of being a foolish Hokage to never happen." The Kyuubi growled, "This is reality boy and I'm always serious, if you don't take the deal then something better be interesting to me enough for whatever happens to you so I change my mind."

Naruto looked at Kyuubi for a moment, his eyes were not the same blue, they were cold, chilling to the core. It struck a slight nerve at Kyuubi, that feeling only happened twice in the fox's lifetime. The first was when he had become a separate being, meeting the Rikkudo Sennin, all the hatred he had from his true form had want to kill the human sage that was known as the god of shinobi, but that hatred was calmed when seeing those eyes of the first jinchurriki. The second was of the one who had possessed the cursed eyes, the sharingan, Madara Uchiha. The boy may not have noticed it at all..but he emanated power as of right now.

"Never.." the word came out of the boys mouth as he continued to stare at the strongest being that the boy will ever possibly lay eyes on, no hit of fear in his voice. "Call my dream..my goals..or myself stupid, I will become the strongest and I will surpass the previous hokage, I will bring Sasuke back even if I have to paralyze his entire body by snapping his spine or breaking each bone in his body. With my power of the power that I use that people have given me." He said coldly.

Kyuubi narrowed his eyes as he arched up and huffed through his nose, his eyes slightly rose up as he sensed something outside. He had sensed it somewhat earlier, but it faded, but was coming back now with a strength that was most impressive even to his standards. It's chakra levels were on the level of that of Saiken, better known as Rokubi.

"Ningen, before you get your panties in a wad go see what is going on outside. Something is out there with a strong level of chakra" The fox said.

Naruto was confused for a moment, but he could hear the sounds of thunder hitting his ears like there was a voice calling him out. It caused him to lose his focus with his subconscious connection with the fox and see what was going on outside in the shoreline, something he had not expected.


Waves of water were blasting around at twenty feet in height, dying down just a few meters away from Naruto, winds were at high levels and the clouds were dark with the sounds of thunder coming about with little sparks appearing at an unnatural form within the cloud line.

Naruto took a few steps back from the water and looked up at the dark sky. How did it come to be like this so fast, his conversation felt like no more than ten minutes atleat with the fox and as soon as he hears the thunder he sees all of this come in place. He could see shrouds of lightning moving around in the clouds in a supernatural way, streaking from one place to another in each cloud as if it was alive.

Naruto slightly moved up a little, curious at the movements of lightning as the single element move around. He looked around a little more and noticed that it had not appeared from the clouds, yet the storm still occurred. The lightning streak didn't disappear though, it had come down with great speeds, mere seconds towards Naruto. The blonde had not time to react, the speed of the element was far beyond the time he could avoid it. After all, lightning moves at the speed of one-hundreth of a second and it would be a miracle if anyone could avoid the strike of nature's sword, the lightning bolt. In that instant the lightning struck his body enveloping him in a blinding light that ascended up into the dark clouds.

All Naruto could see was light, there was no pain and slowly he could feel his conscious being pulled deep into his mind. 'Is this the way I am meant to die…?' was the only thought he had before reaching into the deep depths.


Coming out of a brothel a tall man with waist-length, spiky white hair tied back into a pony tail, with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face. He also had red lines that ran down from his eyes and wore a horned forehead protector with the kanji for 'Oil' . He also had a noticeable wart on the right side of his nose. wore a green short shirt kimono and matching pants; under which he wore mesh armour that showed out of the sleeves and legs of his outfit. His outfit was completed with hand guards, a simple black belt, traditional Japanese geta , a red haori with two simple yellow circles on each side, and a scroll on his back.

Many had called by names he is well renowned as, Gama- Sennin, one legendary Sannin, famous writer, teacher of the Yondaime Hokage, but above all else he was the super pervert; Jiraiya.

Of course in his books there was always such creative and passionate…well manly desires that men succumb to and even women. Sometimes doing a little peep show here and there wasn't enough, so he would just head to the brothel to do his research. All in all for him it was a win-win situation, he got the next idea for his books and he got laid. Not bad of a life being a legendary renowned ninja. Of course he had other things to do as well, he had to train Naruto for another year and a eight months before he brought the boy home. Otherwise Tsunade would kill him if Naruto wasn't home by now, as well get killed by her knowing that he didn't fully train him to some extent.

The sage sighed softly as he scratched the back of his head, things were somewhat complicated now as of late. Naruto was somewhat…distant, after the first four months when he loosened the boys seal in order to get more of the Kyuubi's chakra and control it. Aftermath of that event; three weeks put in the hospital and an extra week wearing a splint on his broken arm. Being a ninja had it's perks of healing, but the whole fight still hurt like hell. At one part not trying to hurt the kid at the same time attempting to subdue the beast's chakra. The four tailed state, the second stage of a jinchurriki's transformation was a frightening sight.

Through these months Jiraiya had helped Naruto gain a good amount of his chakra control completed, making a new form of the rasengan and the knack to dispel Genjutsu of low to high levels. He was impressed by the way he could tell there was a Genjutsu casted, though it would take a second for him to actually notice the higher level ones. The sage always reprimanded Naruto, telling him a second is what can change the moment of battle, from keeping you alive to seeing that you are killed. This would get Naruto a little agitated by the criticism, but in the end he would try to get better.

'I swear, he's got that nasty temper of his mother's just waiting to come out and kill me.' The middle aged man thought, to be honest the boy had much more of his mother's personality when he had first met him, having her face as well with hints of baby fat on them. While his energetic ways had diminished somewhat, he could see his father's own personality mixing in with his own and his mothers. Making him something more different.

Jiraiya had been focused on his former student, Minato was always a prodigy, coming out of the academy fresh at the age of ten, becoming chunin a little after a year. dating Kushina at the age of thirteen, secretly marrying her at the age of eighteen, having Naruto with Kushina when he was twenty one just after claiming the title of Yondaime Hokage, giving it up just as he sacrificed his life in order to keep the village safe from the wild Kyuubi, sealing it within his own son.

He knew well enough that Kushina was the previous host for the Kyuubi no Yoko, Sarutobi Hiruzen, his teacher and former hokage that had passed much almost two years ago had told him once he had met Kushina when she was young. For what had happened to cause her seal to break and release Kyuubi was something out of the ordinary. He had known Kushina well enough to realize that she held a strong will that was enough to hold even death itself, it was her nature as being who she was and from being from the once powerful Uzumaki Clan from Uzu no Kuni. If it wasn't that her will had gave up, it was from the fact that someone had intervened.

It was one of many reasons that he had not been in the village after nearly twelve years. Gathering information of Orochimaru, the orginaztion known as the Akatsuki, just as much to get any theories on what event had occurred that caused the Kyuubi to be released to which he had many hunches. Though he had just one other reason, one that made him feel guilty for more than a decade.

That reason was Naruto.

The boy had so much traits of both his parents that he couldn't bare to watch the boy, take care of him like he was meant to do. The student who was like a son to him, the couple who named him the godfather of their soon to be child to ensure that the man would always partake in the child's life in hope of better or worse situations. It was obviously clear that he wasn't there for anything, not seeing that he had proper care, treated well by the people, seeing him in his starting days in the academy, not giving him any training during his days in school, not seeing him graduate, not even seeing him for his birthday.

The man had screwed up as godfather, he had only hoped he could repent for that mistake and make amends by teaching the boy, though that wasn't going well as it is now either.

'His Ninjutsu is his somewhat strong point, but his level of doing hand signs are almost abysmal and he relies too much on those damn shadow clones of him. I try to help him with what Taijutsu I know, but it doesn't seem like he's naturally set for my style of fighting. I need to work on those two the most before I could properly teach him anything else.' he thought, the idea of fuinjutsu crossed his mind as well, the boy was an Uzumaki, perhaps his genius in seals could be around the older ma'ns own or even greater.

"Perhaps I will teach him that next, after his skills have increased with his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu." The white haired shinobi smirked, he would have to put his writing on hold for a couple months, but it will be worth it in the end after all the training with receive to improve his main skill sets before going into the sealing arts.

The rumbling in the sky could be heard from Jiraiya's ears as he looked up as he gave a quizzical grunt as he looked at the sky. He was somewhat surprised at this occurrence, there was little to no clouds in the ocean and now there was a storm brooding in the sky all black and ominous. Though what was curious was the lightning moving around in such an unusual way, it streamed across the clouds like it was alive in someway and came down as more of a ball of light that was spiraling down than a normal lightning bolt. The sound of it cracking down on the earth, the sound of thunder had echoed into town getting the attention out of everyone one, shop keepers, civilians, ninja in the area and even the great ninja himself.

The sound had quickly died down a light surged up into the sky into the clouds. Jiraiya took a few steps and stared at the light in shock before he looked into the direction the light was in. His eyes had stayed on the area and paused, it was just two miles away, where the hotel he and Naruto was at. He ran toward the direction as small beads of sweat dripped on his face the was filled with worry. He felt something had happened to his student, something entirely different than just Kyuubi or Akatsuki, but he felt like he was dead on in the subject.

'Naruto, you better not be dead, otherwise I'll have more than just Tsunade to worry about.' he thought as he hoped to make it in time before it was too late.


White, all there was in Naruto's sight was just white, he couldn't tell if he was alive nor dead. He felt though that he was still alive, just stagnant, somewhere in his mind after being pulled in so abruptly. He could hear the drops of the sewer within his mind drip as it hit the water. Though he could hear a vibrant sensation, the sound of ringing like vacuum of sorts. He could hear the low growl of the Kyuubi grow louder as it casted out the light had died out, the view now becoming what seemed like was now the sewer tunnels.

For a moment he walked around until he saw a flashing blue light at the left corner, then hearing the infuriating roar of Kyuubi along with the banging of bars as it was attempting to do attack from what Naruto could tell. Naruto as cautious as he was of whatever was making the tailed beast infuriated.

Curiosity taking over him he walked over to the left corner and took a glimpse on what was within the layer of the Kyuubi, his eyes widened to see a ball of blue light crack light lightning sparks from it. The sphere had pulsed slightly as it gave a slight ringing sound with the pulse as if it was countering the beasts roar with it's own. Naruto had walked inside and quietly observed the ball of light and walked closer to it. Once about a couple feet from it the blonde slowly had raised his hand up to touch it before a slight bang from Kyuubi's bars caused him to flinch and look at the red-orange furred fox.

"Don't touch that ball Naruto, otherwise you'll just get fried by that Raiju's current form." the Kyuubi said as he snarled and looked at the ball of lightning.

Naruto took a step back as he heard the words, 'A Raiju?' he thought in confusion until he heard another voice echo in the room.

"Hmph, as if I would want to waste my time shocking him, it's against my code of honor." the voice was calmer than Kyuubi's malevolent voice, but it held a sense of power just as the beast in the cage. "Even so, I wouldn't have come in such a fashionable way, instead I would have just gone my way." the voice told Kyuubi

"Then you should have gone your way you annoying creature, you know well enough that you Raiju aren't worth my time unless you have a death wish!" he growled as his razor sharp claws dug through the cage attempting the reach the ball. "Now leave!"

"As long as you are within your cage I think I am safe to say I can be in here without causing your host a major headache" the Raiju said as he chuckled, getting a roar back from Kyuubi in return.

"Um…" Naruto spat out breaking the tension of the situation as he heard a hum in question from the ball of lightning. "You're a…Raiju?" he asked questionably to the being within the lightning sphere.

"Of course I am, this is just one of my forms" The voice said as the sphere had began to change morphing into a bodily form. The form was slightly hunched and one two feet about seven , but eight feet tall upright, once the light died down the features were more clearer to view what the being was now. The creature bore antlers on it's hair similar to a deer's, but were differently structured. The mass was bulky, built lean yet at the same time was more muscle mass than anything. The Raiju had white fur with black stripes on its back, arms and hind legs like a tiger, but bore near similar features to that of a canine, almost like a fox or wolf. It's teeth were pure white and as sharp as it's claws and its eyes were pure blue similar to its long white hairy mane that fell from its head. "I believe my hybrid form shall suffice."

Naruto stared at the being, it radiated energy around it's body white and pure as it screamed out power. He had heard stories from Sandaime when he was little, the tales of Raijin's companion, the beast who was as fast as lightning, as such, was known as the lightning rider. To see one in person, was such an honor, but a joy for him.

"H-how did you..?" Naruto stuttered out as he blinked in surprise as he was at a loss of words.

"How did I get I here?" the legendary creature finished Naruto's words, "well it's not surprising, you were just struck by a oncoming ball of lightning outside of here. I just enveloped you and went inside your seal is all...I was curious about you so I wanted to see what was in this little head of yours." He said as he looked at the blonde, "I guess I am be surprised, if I had known you held a being such as this inside you I would have just probably just let you be. Especially with this one" the fox like creature said as he narrowed his eyes at Kyuubi.

Naruto was confused at first when he had brought up something such as a being like Kyuubi. Was there a connection of sort in this or was there a sort of familiarity. Though the though stopped within his mind when he had heard the beast, "So, I guess since you've seen him your gonna leave like that huh?" he muttered to the diety.

The Raiju looked at Naruto and hunched dowrn to match the boy's hieght, "Not exactly" His pure blue eyes stared at Naruto for the longest time. "Your lineage…more so you yourself interest me boy. Your nature as a Jinchurriki is somewhat opposite to those before you from the other Jinchurriki…and your chakra signature that brought me here, it seems to bring out some familiarity to us old ones." He said softly.

Naruto looked at the beast as he paused, "Jin..churriki?" he paused as he looked at him. "What in Kami's name is a Jinchurriki, I'm smart, but not everything was taught about something like that in the academy..as well I wasn't quite treated fairly as you know.." Naruto said, as knowledgeable as he was in fighting now and smart about shinobi art and history, his knowledge was still limited. He couldn't get books or scrolls from the library until he became a fully legalized ninja and even then some of the stuff he still couldn't touch.

The Raiju sweat dropped as he grimaced, "Sorry..tend to forget about certain things, after reading your memories I should have known you might have not known that." in it's current form the bipedal creature sat down cross-legged and stared at the young blonde. "A Jinchurriki is what the old shinobi and current ones call a person who was the human sacrifice to become the host of a demon as they call them. These demons are known as Bijuu or tailed beasts." He pressed his finger on the water with shot up in the into a medium sized sphere. In that sphere showed the beasts, "Bijuu, are beasts of pure chakra in form, their supply of energy is limitless, ranks from one to nine by the number of tails they have. The more tails they have the higher of chakra they have."

Nsruto stared out, letting all the information soak into his head as he slowly turned a looked at Kyuubi for a moment who simply glared in return. "So Kyuubi…is what you would call a Bijuu, how many of them are there?" He asked.

"Overall nine, that beast behind you holds himself as not just the one with the most chakra, but as the strongest as well, rivaling five of his kin in both power and strength combined. While we immortal beings aren't to fond of the Bijuu we know their power, while some of us are on level to some, hardly none of us can defeat a being such as him even if half of his chakra is gone." he looked up at the beast,"When your previous Hokage had sealed the beast in you, he sealed half into the Shinigami, because the beast held too much chakra to be sealed into your new born body as well as it being impossible to seal it entirely within the shinigami, he would simply reform once more into the world within a certain time, be it days or years."

"So wait, what you're telling me is that even if I die, he'll still come back!" he said angrily and pointed at the red fox behind him, "What's the point of sealing them inside a person when no matter what they will come back. That would mean that we are nothing more than just people who just ostracized from the other human population, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode!"

"Calm yourself boy, otherwise your mouth will be shot off your face" the Raiju said in a commanding tone, quickly shutting the blonde up. The thunder beast stared at the boy with tiresome eyes and shook his head. "I understand your reasoning, I truly do. A bijuu is made up of living chakra, to reform will simply be its chakra's nature. the idea of humanity holding these beasts was a mistake. Though at the same time it was choice made for the best for these creatures were born from hate, a darkness not just man feared, but the gods themselves, sealing them in humans a risky price, though at the same time is a benefit for all."

"How so?" Naruto asked.

The mythological creature gave a toothy grin, "It keeps stability for humanity, a sense of peace with no destruction caused by these chakra monsters. You gain the abilities through the beast within you, then finally the beast can tame himself unless their will is strong, thus it will be your job to be its tamer..its ally." He said.

Naruto stared upon the great deity with wide eyes, a mistake that was for the good of all mankind, Something that would benefit both the shinobi nations who hold a jinchurriki as well as the jinchurriki and bijuu themselves with risks. The shinobi and jinchurriki get power, though the shinobi worry for the jinchurriki's sanity, as well as to ensure their safety for if they die or lose control, the beast will come out. For the bijuu, the price of being sealed in order to become calm. For once Naruto could understand something, the price of power has consequences.

"I understand" his voice came out softly as he closed his eyes, "But..why, why not just befriend the Bijuu if that was the case, make an ally of one in order to have peace for all nations, as well as to ensure protection. From what I can tell…people see Jinchurriki as the beast themselves and the tailed beast are monster of mysterious origin, but I can tell they are intelligent. I mean-I have one inside me, so why not just befriend them?" he asked.

Both the Raiju and Kyuubi bore wide eyes at hearing Naruto's words as they looked at the boy. A boy had made such a simple question about the thought, the ideal of making peace with both the other nations of ninja, as well as the tailed beast. The Raiju thought for a moment before he spoke once more.

"Simple, human's fear what they do not understand. It is a human logic to think that way towards anything that is irregular to the world. Bijuu are beasts that hold limitless chakra that is hundreds to thousands of times the amount a normal Jonin level ninja holds. Yet very little humans hold knowledge of what they truly are, just believing them to be nothing more than mindless animals when in truth they are smart. Ancient as the few remaining gods in this world." the beast closed his eyes "There was a time they understood, it was a time of great fear and darkness within the world. Remember what I told you of the time in which it was a fearful time with not just man, but the gods as well. It was caused by a powerful entity…an entity that had gone by many names before it became..different beings."

Naruto was about to ask, but he had received a low growl from Kyuubi's end which silent him, he sighed softly as he looked back at Kyuubi and then back at the Raiju. "So aside from this, why did you come here, you said my chakra was familiar to you but how?"

"Ah yes, the reason why I truly came here… well when I felt that spike it caught my eye, it was so familiar to one who was just like you. In fact, you could say he was a lot like you in most ways, you and your beast share much ties with him both distant and very old. A savior to the human race." He pinted one of his large fingers, his sharp claw pressing at the blonde's chest. "Which is why I have a gift for you..I would like to give you what you ninja call a Kekkei Genkai of sorts."

Naruto froze for a moment as he heard the two words, his eyes brightened up light stars as he moved around the thunder beast with amazement and excitement at heart. "Really, you going to give me one will it be better than the sharing an, or the thing that Haku had, oh oh! Please let it be better than Neji's byakugan! " he said loudly before he got whacked on the head by the beasts large fist.

"Are you insane you nimrod of an immortal?! Do you not realize the consequences for giving him a Kekkei Genkai!" the Kyuubi roared out, "Have you not seen his memory of his reputation, he'll be a pathway of walking destruction with his pranks, he'll be worse than even Matatabi with her special time! It would be easier to just let me out!"

"I doubt he will do that if he wants this gift, this power is meant for him to make a path through peace. I have my faith in this boy, just as you had cared for your former caretaker Kyuubi..or better yet should I say" The Raiju grinned, "Kurama."

"How dare you say that name, only those who are worthy may call me that!" he yelled as he rammed his claws into the cage.

"Just as you have no right to judge the boy so quickly without even giving him a chance to see the potential he has." He grabbed the boy by the back of his jacket and looked at him dead straight in the eye."Now…it will be nothing like the Sharingan nor will it be a dojutsu, though I will tell you this, this power will exceed even what kages could do, things that even I can do possibly, it just matters on how you use your power and what for. It will grow with you as you grow and it grows more as your heart grows."

Naruto wiggled around from the Raiju's grip and was quickly released flipping a couple feet away and landing on his feet. "I'm ready for it then if that's the case" he pumped his fist, but stopped before he looked at the fox like being. "Before we start..I have a question."

"And that would be?" the lightning being asked calmly.

"Do you…have a name?" Naruto asked as he puzzled, "I mean it would be kind of awkward just calling you Raiju all the time so I figured you might have a name is all."

There was a long silence from the two as Naruto gave a quizzical brow of curiosity and slight worry. A low chuckle came from the being's throat as pure blue eyes stared at Naruto, "I haven't been asked that in a long time by anyone.." His divine chakra channeled through his body as he was preparing to release the power towards Naruto, merging some of the power in the boys body to give him a bloodline. "Kamina..that is my name." Kamina said

"Kamina...cool name." Naruto repeated as he grinned. "Well lay it on me!"

The raiju smirked as his energy burst out, the divine chakra hit Naruto like a wrecking ball, keeping him immobilized as the pressure of the chakra started to chanel through his chakra stream into his core. The pipes in his mind had glowed a Azure blue color as they grew brighter. The pain was excruciating, but it slowly calmed down, the pressure quickly subsiding had began to swirl around his mental body the chakra coating it into a form like no other.

Kamina was almost complete, the transfer of the bloodline was about to end as he prepared to withdraw his chakra until it came to a stop.

'What?' he thought as his chakra was being pulled in once more, Naruto's body itself was changing as it was enshrouded, bursting with Azure light, taking in Kamina's chakra. 'This is impossible, his chakra is drawing in my own like a magnet!' Kamina had no other choice but to cancel out the chakra transfer to a complete stop. The sudden stop cause an explosion of chakra to blast through the outside and inside of Naruto's mindscape, blinding both Kurama and Kamina.

Kurama's eyes winced as he took a notice at Naruto's figure, shroud his body was covered in an azure shroud of chakra, a shining white colour outlining said shroud. He also gained a necklace of magatama around his neck. His hair spiked up, with the two endmost locks resembling horns. The shroud split down the middle and opened up into a cloak that had a tattered appearance. The previously smaller 'horns' grew out larger, and his whisker marks became thicker, more feral like. Underneath the 'coat', the magatama were still visible and he gained a new set around the 'collar' of the coat. He gained seals on his hands and feet.

"Rikkudo-jiji?" the demon fox muttered out to himself as the chakra blew outward a little longer, until it died down as well with the light. Naruto's form was clear as day, newly produced , powerful in it's grasp. Kurama could only stare at the resemblance of the young blonde and the old sage that he had once knew. For just a brief second, the hate that bore within him for those year, died.

Narto had opened his eyes, azure blue with vertical slit pupils, like that of Kurama's. He stared at the chakra shroud in amazement as he looked at it. "Amazing.." he muttered softly, then looked in front of him to see Kamina panting heavily. "Are you alright?" he asked somewhat worried.

"Yes..just a little exhausted, I was only meaning to give you a small amount of chakra, but your chakra was attracted to mine..I think you took about forty percent of it, quite a big nasty chunk." he said chuckling as he looked at him, "I suppose you might not need to work yourself all the way to gain that form, but I would advise you to not use it unless necessary. Your body is coping with the chakra in your system still as well as the adjustments on your body, I'll have to help you train yourself on how to use that bloodline of yours, all of it's powers, to the form your in now."

"Wait" Naruto cut in before he pointed at Kamina, "Y-you mean your staying?"

"Would you prefer to not know what the hell you're doing and learn by yourself? It could take you many years to get you to where you want to be and with me it could be vastly shorter." Kamina said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Didn't say anything about you leaving, just.. Will you and Kurama start fight?" he asked.

"I don't intend on making your brain mush boy…so that's a now unless it's necessary" the Raiju could sense someone coming, "Someone is coming Naruto, I suggest you leave this place, but before you do, suppress your chakra, your like a beacon for danger out there." He said.

Naruto nodded as he turned to leave until he felt Kyuubi's, now Kurama's, claw hit his forehead. His eyes widened as memories had began to flash into his head. Something he would have never expect as he was seeing two styles of fighting, a style in which was near similar to a fox's nature, the other nearly similar to that of a dragon in flight. The memories had ceased as Kyuubi's claw removed itself from Naruto's forehead, leaving the dazed blonde confused.

Once his mind had become clear, Naruto could feel a sensation information and memory of fighting, two fighting styles. "What.?"

"Yasei no Kitsune-ken and Hiryuu-ken, ancient art in which were lost many years ago." The Yoko said as his eyes furrowed, "Do not think I like you Uzumaki Naruto, I loathe your being, but your life has become interesting and for amusing me I gave you knowledge in return."

Naruto looked at the fox with widened eyes and smiled softly, "Thanks Kurama" he said before getting a growl in return.

"You are not worthy of saying my name boy." He said in a threatening tone, of course the boy wasn't ready, at least not yet, until he had proven himself to the fox that he was the one the old sage had mentioned."Now..leave!" his booming voice blasting the boys mental body out of him mind and into the living world.


Naruto's eyes widened as he stare up at the sky, which was no longer dark and cloudy, but a serene clear blue sky. He looked at his hands for a moment seeing that the shroud was not just on him in his mental state, but his physical as well. He could hear rustling come from nearby and he quickly panicked for a moment. Quickly he had concentrated in suppressing the chakra until it died down inside of him.

The rustling came once more as he turned to see Jiraiya on his way coming towards him. Naruto held a bead of sweat on his forehead, hoping that the man didn't see what had happen.

"Naruto, are you alright!" the sage said as he walked up to the boy, "I saw a lightning strike and then a big light ascending to the sky. I was hoping that it wasn't you in any of the crossfire."

Naruto internally was relieved that the hermit didn't notice anything after that. Though the next thing on his mind was what to tell him, explain to him about what had happened.

"It would be unwise to tell him anything about my existence or your..power yet..wait until everything is settled down for awhile until you get into your training with him and with myself." Kamina said as his voice died down.

"Um, I didn't see anything" Naruto lied, "I woke up just about fifteen minutes ago and I decided to do some training after I washed up." It was hard to lie to Jiraiya, even if the man wasn't fully participant with his training, the man was still his teacher, better than Kakashi to say the least.

He had gotten a stare down from Jiraiya, making himself focused to ensure there was no sort of deceit in his eyes. Once he heard Jiraiya sigh, it was all in the okay zone after that.

"Alright, at least nothing bad had happened to you gaki. If anything did, Tsunade would bury me in my own grave" He turned to walk away, "Get your clothes on and pack up..were going to Uzu no Kuni for a couple months training, then making a couple stops to Kirigakure and Suna, then we head for Taki for our last spot in training. " He said before disappearing into the trail.

Naruto was confused at all the major stops they were going to, but shrugged them off as he grabbed his things and headed into the trail as well. 'Which reminds me…what is my bloodline?' he thought

"I haven't noticed until now, but as I can see it is one of the finest abilities so far. The abilities to manipulate the elements in a storm, such as lightning and wind without consuming chakra. That shroud is what takes your power beyond the limits in your normal state. " Kamina said "You would be able to manipulate a natural element and absorb it into your body for replenishment or as an offensive type. Same with elemental attacks from shinobi who hold the same elements the ones for a storm"

"So basically I'm a walking storn" Naruto stated as he smiled, "Freaking sweet Dattebayo!"

"Indeed.." Kamina said as he paused, "Though..what will you name it?"

Naruto puzzled as he thought for a moment, a fox-like grin appeared on his face as he said two words. "Raiju Arc!"


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