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Chapter 17: Apex Fury

Anguirus was not like his other kin, one of the few kaiju of the old age that remained neutral, only meddling when it came to those that imposed on his territory with only the few exceptions when he knew the outcome would either lead to utter defeat in him licking his wounds or in death. He had experienced defeat many times among dominant beings, both like himself and the beings who bore powers that made them powerful 'Gifts'.

The beings presumably called themselves gods, lords of the skies and heaven in which they descend upon the world bearing their wisdom and awe inspiring power to the lower creatures of the earth. Yet the kaiju have lived for several millennia, existing even before the times of ancient man being created by the gods.

Though while they were the lords of the skies, the gods of above, he and many Kaiju like himself were the lords and gods of the earth. For it was not just the gods who were worshipped by man, but beasts themselves. In the times of old, men had been at awe and fear of the power of both groups, they prayed, and served their betters. In turn some of the great beasts protected the lesser beings from others, this was the way that was designed for thousands of years by the will of their king, their alpha.

Then it happened, the great war that transformed the world, the war among gods and Kaiju.

He remembered as he watched the end of the war of the gods and kaiju, the cataclysmic event that shook earth and sky;the color of the heavens being red with thunderstorms, the land be terraformed and in flames as the kaiju faced the gods, and even other Kaiju, beasts that were unnatural to the hierarchy of the titanic creatures.

The quadropedial was stubborn, he knew of battle, experienced his share of victory and defeat, but even as stubborn as he was the dinosaurian knew well to bow down to avoid a lost cause. Not even his alpha, his king, would possibly survive this war in the end.

His leader commenced on final command, one final roar that reached all the Kaiju to recede to the recesses of the earth and go into hiding.

Like any of the few that may have remained like himself during or after the war, he slept, hibernating his deep state for what seemed like mere moments to him, but was truly over 3 millenia. Time did not waste his body away nor did it weaken him, time was nearly irrelevant to something like him as he could live well over a hundred human lifetimes. It did not matter how long he would sleep, as long as nothing invaded his domain, his silence, his dreams, that was all he cared for.

Sadly like all good things, even dreams will come to an end, and that they did.

The beast was awoken from a response of explosions, shockwaves that distrubed his resting place, his home that he resided in, and thus disturbed his deep slumber. He rose up from his underground dwelling, both curious and angered by the sounds, only acting upon that rage as he felt the impact of something hitting his body and spreading what felt like fire upon him. It stunned him momentarily, but it only filled his anger more.

Taking notice from above he saw the strange bird-like creature, with what seemed like a lesser creature on its back, as well as what looked like a small sand cloud floating just above him. His long memory knew this was no god, his scent was like that of the lesser beings, the humans that ran on the ground in terror when they saw him or others like him. Yet Anguirus knew that man had attacked him, one quick inhale from his nostrils was enough for the reptile to know the bird smelled just like what had hit him.

It confused the saurian beast at first, he had once known man as primitive beings, they made weapons from stone, wood, and fire, soon to be iron. Weapons that they warred with amongst themselves, insignificant to something as himself.

Now they have some sort of power that feels almost familiar to the gods that his kind were at war with, but different, not as powerful . Yet it did not matter in his mind nor question what man had obtained nor how long it took for them, this fledgling struck him with it. For while the power of the attack did not harm him, such an offense to him only meant that it was an act of battle.

The man was foolish to attack him, soon he will know like the men of old before him that a Kaiju never forgets.

Anguirus roared as it followed after the man on the avian once he retrieved another human proceeded to flee, releasing short bursts of speed as he tried to catch up. Despite moving at a striding pace for his large size among soft sand, the reptilian soon lost sight of the avian as they moved further away from his vision. He halted his pursuit, quickly digging claws into the sand, tearing a massive trench as it skidded to a halt. Inhaling large quantities of air through its nasal canals, the spiked Kaiju finally caught onto the scent and continued his pursuit once more underground.

Days had gone and the scent of his enemy was fading from his nasal cavity as Anguirus kept his movements underground, the scent diluting as it passed beyond what was his territory and close toward where there was a steady river. Yet despite the fading trail, his will to find his human adversary was strong. It wasn't soon after moving further out that he had finally picked up the scent of the human once more, he could smell it on the rockline he was burrowing under as he burrowed through the ground. His instincts desired to commence the act of surprise, to catch his prey off guard from an assault below, to kill as soon as the opportunity arose.


The quadruped stopped in his thoughts as instinct kicked in, his senses on alert as the presence of something new arose in place, just under him in the earth. The low, but rumbling beat continued slowly. Anguirus burrowed downward at a slow pace under the ground before his front claws touched the emptiness of open space. He pushed his body forward, his front claws gripping the sides of the earth around him and his hind legs postured to help keep his body in position as his head made through and saw what seemed to be an underground cavern.

The cavern was a large mass that largely dwarfed anguirus, holding a mass body of water. The space itself would have been pitch black, but it was lightened with a blue fluorescent moss that illuminated the water into a pristine blueish purple that caused the fluorescent light to reflect out of the large reservoir, giving the cavern with a purple coated light. There were what seemed to be stalactites dripping fresh water into the pool, causing minut ripples that disturbed the flat surface, also dripping down upon and large mass.

Anguirus knew when he looked down in the water, while the water was pristine clear, the illuminated liquid had shown an elongated serpentine body that was slightly coiled within the water. It's length dwarfed Anguirus, double, if not more than the dinosaur kaiju's length. The creature's scales were an emerald green with an underbelly to match. The head had three horns resembling a crest on its head, long whiskers near the snout. It had four small near the front and end of the body, with long claws that had webbing on the hands and on top of the hips. The most pronounced feature it possessed was the fish webbed ridgeline that flowed from the head down the end of the serpentine tail, which made the tail look similar to a fin.

Evolution had made the great beast adapt making it suitable to aquatic needs, becoming a true hunter of the waters. Despite being able to thrive on land, it had become more renowned for being a force in the waters, destroying ancient seafaring boats and feeding off the abundance of aquatic life in the sea, being the center of the myth that was to be known as sea serpents. Anguirus knew many kaiju in the days of old. While his memory was old, it was an unforgettable one, he knew the kaiju that held the moniker that was king of the serpents and the great sea dragon.


Anguirus heard the sensation once more and at that moment, it alerted his instincts to greater heights. He felt the feeling in his bearing down on him, and though it didn't affect him, he felt his will was trying to be submitted by an unknown force. It was a feeling he had not recognized, it differed from his former leader's command under his rule, this felt unnatural to him.

With his large periphery he saw something shine from below the area, directly in front of him and close to the body of the giant serpentine Kaiju. Around the side of the room were steps that lead down to a path of flat stone, further down it lead up to a small dock. Something small, a human from what the ancient dinosaur believed stood on the edge of the walkway, with their hand held up holding what seemed to to be an orb. The orb was of softball size, the color from it was an amber color in which pulsated a yellow aura around it.

"It seems you can sense my little tool my dear intruder" The figure said, cloaked in a black and white hooded cloak. He sensed the growl coming from the beast above and smirked "A shame you couldn't be ensnared by its will, perhaps though your associate here will be more cooperative once he is in my grasps"

Raising the sphere higher it glowed brighter as a soft harmonic humming sound came from within. The external light concentrated as it glowed even brighter.

"Awaken" the voice commanded in a soft tone, the orb releasing its aura as it pulsed throughout the cave, its light brushing through the serpent and those started the process.

Pale yellow eyes opened wide, slit like pupils dilated and shaped back to normal before glowing. The large serpent uncoiled its body, disturbing the water as it shifted to its full length of 240 meters. Fins on the back shifted and shook as it raised its body up, drizzling droplets of water into the pool that it resided. Manda's maw opened and closed, releasing a low hiss from its mouth resembling a mixture of a snake and an alligator. Yellow eyes darted back and forth before they caught sight upon the orb being held below, lowering its head as they gazed down upon the holder of the orb.

The figure smiled as he gripped the orb in his hand tighter as a low hum reverberated from the orb causing the light from it to reach out to Manda once more. The astral glow touched the entranced beasts face and head before it came to a stop upon its head near the crest upon the head engraving a kanji sign upon it's head for will. The light quickly receded back to the orb as fast as it came, the glow from the orb now fading from within.

Lowing his hand the figure took a step forward "Manda, king of the serpents, great dragon of the sea, your will is now mine to use" He stated ever so calmly, "your power is now mine and my my serpent, you must be hungry after sleeping for millenia."

The serpent gave a low hiss before dunking its head under the water before turning away from the figure and dipping further down into the water. It's body came to a stop as it came close to the center and looked up staring directly at the terrestrial Kaiju above. At that point in time Anguirus had time to move back into his tunnel as Manda with great speed bursted from the water, only a third of his body above water as he latched his fangs into the quadrupeds right limb and pulled him down with his body weight. Both beasts fell into the water as sharp rocks, and other debris hitting the swelling water as chaos ensued within.

Anguirus felt the rushing flow of water as he was rammed into the bottom of the reservoir, his body being dragged by by the serpent who was attempting to get a deeper bite into the dinosaurian hide in order to pierce flesh. The serpent's movements were rapid, spinning in motion trying to coil its body around the fanged creature. Yet opposition arose with Anguirus quickly using his spare limber to claw at the jaw and face at the same time using hind legs to dig under the sea dragon's underbelly. His left claw arm had dug itself right into the nasal cavity of the aquatic kaiju, causing it to drag and cut further into facial flesh, it was brief, but enough to allow Anguirus to free his arm from the jowls of the serpent in duress from brief pain and to quickly follow up by smacking the serpent in the head with his tail.

While the body of water was large, it wasn't necessarily deep for the four legged kaiju to surface up and move quickly to the walls. He could potentially fight his newly acquired adversary, though he knew not here, not in territory such as this. He had faced others in similar circumstances and through experience knew that closed spaced encounters were next to suicidal for him.

He dug his claws into the wall and started to climb, getting enough distance to where he can begin his tunnelling. He was half way into his newly made tunnel before feeling the serpentine bite on his tail, pulling him back towards the cavern once more. He growled in both frustration and pain as he struggled for release. Anguirus felt the drag that was being put onto his forearms as muscles tensed at the battle of tug of war, despite this he would have it last. He got his hindlegs into the tunnel, just enough to get them placed on flat earth, with the strength of his legs he built momentum to launch into the earth and curl his body with tail and all into a ball, body pushing through earth while enlarging the tunnel in the process.

With the sudden pull from the quadrupeds tail, it caused Manda to launch forward into the wall, his head smacking into flat earth causing him to release the tail. The serpent was briefly disoriented from the collision, shaking his head wildly and quickly looking at his prey escaping through the newly acquired hole. He gave a loud hiss as he pushed his body through the tunnel to follow and kill the opposition at hand.

As the last of the sea dragon's body pushed through the hole the figure who had awoken the beast was all that remained in the cavern. They gave a light giggle of satisfaction, before fading into the shadows of the cavern.

"I wonder who will survive, even better, who can handle two warring beasts of burden"


The outside canyon wall shattered internally, the sound of caving rocks was the only sound emitted throughout the area, hitting ground and water as the group gazed upon the two behemoths before them. The serpentine creature gave a low intimidated growl from its throat as it released as a high hissing sound, body weight shifting as it moved into an upright position, the muscle fibers and jade scales of its body shifted as it positioned itself. The massive serpent coiled its elongated body, head raised high while it stared down above the opposing kaiju by about 50 feet as an act of showing dominance of the spiked lizard before it.

This did not go unnoticed by the opposition as dark eyes narrowed, hind legs leaning back, it gave a low chuff from its mouth, it's sharp canines bared. It slammed its front forelimbs down onto the ground, causing a loud tremor and the waters along the large steam splashed like waves. The colossal reptile was not willing to back down from this display and intended to take this action as an act of war from the other kaiju. The creature stood upright in a slacked posture as it inhaled a deep breath, diaphragm slowly expanding on a massive scale before the kaijus chest enlarged to absorb as much air capacity in the lungs, completely raising upright with hind limbs holding the form.

Naruto stared at the scene with narrow eyes, he noticed the shift in the air as the mighty beast enlarged its frontal cavity. The hairs in the back of his neck alerted him, he didn't need Kurama or Kamina to forewarn him about what was to come. An attack was imminent, he just didn't know what would be the end result, but what he did know was that he did not want to be here when the first strike was made.

He took a step back as he quickly looked back to the group "Everyone needs to move. NOW!"

"What are you going about Naruto, the c-" Sakura stopped as Naruto moved past her and jumped up to the air.

"That Kaiju just inhaled a large quantity of air, if you don't want to be in the brunt of the impact, MOVE NOW!" he yelled out, hauling ass as he reached closer to the top. "Come on Moss Head!"

"Don't tell me what I don't already know about goldilocks, I'm moving!" she said quickly following pursuit of the Jonin to the top of the wall.

"But what about the Aka-" Chiyo stopped at mid sentence as she was hoisted over Keito's shoulder as he picked up the pace.

"LESS TALKING MORE MOVING GRANDMA!" Yelled out Keito as he followed suit with the other shinobi following behind. Keito was one of many things, but the shinobi was no fool. If the past experiences with the monster of the demon's hunting grounds meant anything in the past year, he knew that moving out of the range of fire was practically essential at this point.

The giant spiked Kaiju, now known as Anguirus ceased the inhalation of air, both kaiju poised for attack until it was Manda that launched the upper half of its body with vast speed. It reached Anguirus within a moment's notice, but could not anticipate the attack that would commence from the dinosaur-like beast. A blast of sound erupted from Anguirus's mouth as it roared with such concussive force that it impacted the serpents face, then soon its body as it was sent several thousand feet back from the force of the attack. The canyon walls shattered as air hit all of its surfaces, shattering rock and debris, changing the terrain of the small gap with much intensity from the front area, with a large gusts air retreating from past Anguirus.

The group managed to get to the top just before they were blown off their feet from the hair current, they rushed through the air several hundred yards before they were able to get themselves situated midair and find their footing once more on trees, while Naruto and Fu remained in the air just out of reach from the blast. Chiyo now hoisting herself off the Kiri shinobi's shoulder glared briefly at the black haired male before averting her attention back to the scene at hand with a bit of marvel and shock.

"My word" the elder said softly "That blast, it, it did that much to the landscape?"

The scene before them was covered with pockets of dust that dissipated and quickly bore a scene of both sides of the canyon walls were completely decimated, parts of the ridge remained barely intact while the main point of impact was completely decimated as the it was wider in size, followed by heavy debris covering the river bed as though a massive landslide had occurred.

Naruto looked at the severity of the damage and the exterior surroundings. 'Definitely a few thousand meters in damage just from the epicenter, 6,000 at best,' He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the creature from afar 'that attack was just sound alone, centered at one point. If we were anywhere close who knows what type of impact that could have had on us' The blonde thought.

"I would concur, matter of fact I would refrain from coming into contact at all from that blast." The Raiju stated, "the impact alone broke the sound barrier itself, but the damage as a whole was able to not only expand a large part of the ridge, but cause some massive terraforming. If that was the full extent of his attack then power alone was worth a maybe 500,000 of your exploding tags."

'Man one thing always leads to another when it comes to my luck and these Kaiju' Naruto groaned internally, he figured handling Iris was a rare occurrence that he would probably not have to deal with again, but now seeing two supposedly extinct beasts it was a realization that Naruto also believed that these creatures aren't as extinct as the Raiju previously believe. 'You said that one was Anguirus, sounds like you had some history.'

"Yes I suppose there is, I won't give too much, that is the same one that was in the war, as far as I know he is the only one of his breed that did survive. He is definitely fully grown, maybe not at full strength, but none of his kind has ever been larger in comparison." Kamina told the boy, "Aside from that roar he has strength in his physical prowess."

Naruto looked at Anguirus, so nothing else combative wise? It seemed...less dangerous in comparison to the previous Kaiju the Naruto experienced, definitely seemed to be the underdog of the species, but a resilient one nonetheless.

"Why do I feel we were not provided some need to know information?!" Keito yelled out, "At least give us the hint that we are dealing with giant sized monsters outside of the mist!"

"Now's not the time to get overworked on those two right now, we need to find the akatsuki members." Shinji called out, "Kakashi-san, do you recall where the cave entrance was?"

"Not with the whole place was terraformed, nothing seems to be recognizable, but where they were should have sunken in." Kakashi said as he looked around the reformed area, Kakashi moved his hitaite to reveal the sharingan as he focused for any movement around the area, while not as adaptable visually as the byakugan, it can still focus on traces of movement and chakra signatures within certain distance. He averted his eyes in every direction from where the cavern would have been.

'This whole area has been devastated, I'm surprised they weren't killed in there,' thought Kakashi, he noticed faint chakra traces around the area, which led up to a large trace of chakra emanating from afar, he paused to stare at what seemed to be a large pool of chakra from far across, which quickly disappeared from his peripheral. 'That chakra source must have been from the cave, were we too late to stop the extraction?' He took note of the possibilities for reference as he continued his search.

It wasn't long before he noticed a shift in debris as a large set of white wings erupted not far from heavy rocks, followed by a head in the shape of a dragon with beady black eyes rose up, raising its mouth open as two bodies dropped down to the ground.

"Over there!" Kakashi called out, jumping off the tree as he moved, the others quickly followed in pursuit.


Deidara granted as he landed on uneven ground, patting down his cloak from dust that covered it from the sudden cave in. He barely managed to get out his clay dragon as cover before the ceiling came down, fortunately for him he was able to get it out just in time and lodge Sasori, the body of the Kazekage, and himself into his art.

Unfortunately for him he was not the most favored person in the eyes of his partner at the moment.

"You stupid ingrate, I knew the moment I saw that beast it would cause us trouble," Sasori said as he glared at the rouge Iwa shinobi, "Not only did we not fully finish the extraction, but your insolence had caused not only the destruction of one of our hideouts, as well cost me one of my artworks."

During the collapse much of the debris had landed on what would be Sasori's puppet Hiruko, damaging the tail and parts of the puppets body until Sasori had to leave the husk and escape the onslaught of falling heavy rocks. While the redhead had appreciated his partner in their mutual works of art, his art was physical and was a memento of his progress to perfect goal in life, with Hiruko gone it was a loss of his historical work, a hassle to recreate an original piece that was deemed irreplaceable.

"Did you expect me to just let that beast cause me to lose my opportunity to obtain the Jinchuriki?!" Deidara snarled, looking back at his partner before diverting his attention to the beast with narrowed eyes. "How was I supposed to know that thing was going to follow me past suna?!"

"It should have been simple to realize that attacking the creature was obviously not the best strategy at hand, an opportunity indeed, but a naive one if you don't anticipate the outcomes of unknowns. That animal seems to possess a good memory and with it a very strong grudge." Sasori took a few steps as he looked over at the creature, "Regardless, leader will not be pleased until we get all the chakra out of Kazekage, we will have to get to the next hideout for the remaining extraction."

"Yeah, yeah, don't tell me what I don't already know" Deidara summoned out a clay bird and jumped on top of it, he touched the lower jaw of the dragon which opened and dropped Gaara's body on the bird's back before the bomber dispelled the dragon. "The next time I deal with something that hinders the plan I'll just simply blow up the entire area, that sounds like a better solution."

"Your art has made you reckless, it will be your undoing one day if you are not careful with that pride of yours." Sasori turned away from the Kaiju as he walked away "it's best we leave that creature to its own devices and head to the next hideout, before we have any other intrusions."

"A bit late for that gentleman" Kakashi landed on a rock above the trio, the squad from Kiri, along with Sakura and Chiyo followed shortly after with Naruto and Fu above them in the air. "I suggest that you drop the Kazekage and surrender yourselves if you please?"

"Konoha shinobi hn?" Deidara looked at the group as he noticed different headbands, "What's this, Kiri shinobi as well? I guess Kisame wasn't joking when he said his double was fighting you guys, but to think Kiri and Konoha allied themselves, total shocker." He said

"Yeah well, it also doesn't help when you don't have anyone keeping up on news village blondie" Keito said as he grinned, "perhaps fish boy should get you guys a subscription of the latest news."

Sasori looked over to one in the group in particular, giving a flat smile "That's not all it seems"

"Sasori…." Chiyo said as she frowned, 'He hasn't aged a day since he left the village, that shouldn't be possible.'

"Hello there Obaa-San" Sasori spoke monotonously before he noticed the sky above darkened ever so quickly, he quickly widened his and cursed before he leaped to the side "Deidara move!" he yelled, making distance from the shadow.

"Hm?" The rogue blonde looked at the looming shadow seeing the tail come down quickly, he grabbed the body of the kazekage and launched himself into the air just before the spiked tail of the horned kaiju crashed upon where his land

Rock and dust scattered across the ground as the massive tail impacted upon the ground, the blonde Akatsuki grunted as he landed on the clay dragon, which flew up as the tail swung down upon where it stood. He stared down upon the beast stared upon to him with narrowed eyes, steam rupturing from its mouth as it gave a low snarl. It was about to lunge forward before the massive opposition that was the giant serpent struck the dinosaurian hard in the side. Manda's open jaws collided with the shell and hide of said beast as momentum pushed the prey in mouth and sent him flying into the wall of the other side of the cliff, breaking rock and crashing waters.

"God damned Lizard, you have other small fry to worry about!" He yelled, flying furth up in the air. "Sasori, I'm going up ahead, you best catch up!"

Said redhead was prepared to move before he was stopped by four members of the shinobi group, the puppeteer sighed "Always leaving me with his troubles." he looked at the group and ever so briefly smirked "I suppose I can give them a little dance for them before I go."

"You make it sound like you have a choice, which you don't," Shinji said, "Our mission is simple and it will be successful."

"Don't sound so absolute there, you may think you have the numbers, but I doubt the effort will result in a fruitful victory." Sasori said as he frowned, "I'll be sure to give you the finest art that you will see."

Kakashi looked back at the retreating akatsuki member "We have to catch up with that other akatsuki member, do you think you can handle this?" he asked Chojuro

The mist Jonin grimaced for a bit before he looked back to the scarecrow "I think with my team, we should be okay, if you leave your medic-nin as support I think our odds will improve...besides" He looked over to the elder from sand, "I don't think she wants to miss out on this family reunion."

Kakashi nodded "Then I and the others will follow through with pursuing the other member with haste then." He looked over to Fu and Naruto "Let's go you two."

Fu nodded to Kakashi, but looked at the peripheral to glance at Naruto, his back turned away from them as he watched the ongoing fight with the two Kaiju. "Whisker's you ready to go?" she asked.

However, the blonde paid no heed to her words as he was in internal duress. Compared to the circumstances with Iris, he had believed that such an event would not happen again. Yet now there were more popping up left and right. He was close, so close to help with Gaara, but this situation occurred with the Kaiju. Gaara was a kinsmen, a fellow jinchuriki, He had known his pain, understood it more than even his fellow shinobi.

Despite the fact that he knew the outcome of what could happen if a Kaiju would be left unchecked, practically as dangerous as a Bijuu, they could easily level villages. Iris was a disaster waiting to happen until she was stopped by Gojira and himself, yet the difference of this was that the Kaiju awoken from the sand was attacked, provoked into destruction, though he didn't seem to be hostile. The other Kaiju was an unknown variable, they both needed to be stopped, but the greatest cost to him was time. Too many outcomes, too many variables to occur, but too little time.

"Naruto, there is a chance you could make it to him, it is faint, but the pulse is still active," the Raiju spoke

'How do you know?' he didn't have to go into the depth of his consciousness to feel the blank stare being given to him, 'Right, talking to supernatural entities… Kyuubi is Kamina right, is Shukaku still inside of him?"

"No he is not, I would have sensed his consciousness if he was there." Kurama said, "However, there are still traces of his chakra remaining within his former host, fifteen percent at best, that's been keeping him alive so far."

'So there is a chance for him, that's a relief…' he wasn't sure how he could handle it if he failed Gaara

"My guess is if he's given the proper medical care he could survive. I can't assume everything, you have no time to waste, if you are going to face those beasts and attempt to save shukaku's runt then I suggest you make haste." Kurama stated, "As much as I am interested in another monster beatdown, I want to see these fools suffer for the rodents capture"

Naruto narrowed his eyes 'Agree with you on that one,' He took a few steps forward, wind circulated wildly around him as lightning charged around his body. The elements were like an external muscle, stretching and waiting to run.

The blonde looked over to Fu and then at Kakashi, "Go after that asshole, I'll catch up" He said as he launched forward in a burst of speed toward the two Kaiju, lightning streaking behind him.

"Naruto wait-" the gray haired Jonin's words stopped as the blonde was out of reach, "What does he think he's going to do about those two, he doesn't even know what they are!"

Fu walked past Kakashi, "They are Kaiju, we're familiar with them" She stated as she looked back at the Jonin, "It's a long story, but right now let's hurry and save the Kazekage, he'll catch up."

Kakashi stared at her quizzically, "I take it I'm missing out on some need-to-know information?"

"As of what's going on now, who the hell isn't?" The mint hair Kunoichi stated as she released her insectoid wings from behind her and followed in pursuit of the retreating akatsuki with Kakashi following on her heels, leaving the remaining group to handle the Rogue sand shinobi.


Anguirus roared out in pain as he crashed into rocky walls, hide and spiked shell dragging along as he was being pushed by Manda's fluid motion he felt his body shift away from the rock wall and released from Manda's jaws as he was flung across the ravine. Body tumbled and splashed into the water, before coming to stop as Anguirus laid in the water, slowly he stood up, left arm slightly limped, blood and purple toxin dripping from his shoulder to his forearm from a bite wound that was successful on Manda's part. venom from Manda's fangs were a , could feel the numbing sensation on his upper right side.

A low bellow reverberated from Manda's throat as he bared a sharp grin, fangs glistened, dripping with red and dark purple as glowing eyes gleamed with hunger as the serpentine body coiled. It gave a low hiss, before it became loud, with quick speed it launched its upper body forward to strike the weakened dinosaur like creature.

Anguirus seeing the massive head come forward had few moments to spare, while Manda dwarfed him in size, it was the one thing that he had fair game in. He pushed forward with his hind legs jumping into the air before his body started to spin forward as he curled into a spike ball. Like a hedgehog he moved forward as it crashed with Manda's large head, landing on top of it as it slammed hard to the ground. The spike lizard bounced off the snakes head as Anguirus once more bounced onto the giant skull once more, earth shaking as Anguirus bounced his spherical body, unfolding himself as his hind legs slammed onto Manda's skull.

Anguirus roared in pride as he jumped up in the air once more to drop his weight onto the great serpent, but with his arrogance came consequence. The moment that Anguirus moved off the Serpent's head, his finned tail lashed at that quadruped like a whip, smacking the akiju with such force the impact made a sound similar to a cannon shot. Anguirus felt his chest caving in a little from the force of being sent flying, it only made the pain increase as he hit front body first into the ravine.

The kaiju heaved slightly, struggling to get air back into his lungs, he felt the sky darken above him, he knew the looming shadow of the now furious and hungry serpent was above him, ready to strike down on him once more. One eye looked upright at the creature, a weak, but defiant growl erupting from his throat as he stared at the serpent.

Live or Die, he would not go down in submission.

Serpentine fangs opened like a fierce smile, blood glistening from his tongue, and side of his head that held small gashes from the assault of the smaller kaiju. He wanted blood, he wanted death, but above all it wanted the satisfaction of feeding on his foe's body. He released a fierce roar, body raising higher than 250 feet, head quickly descending to seize the downed opponent.

"Raiju Arc: Dai Shougeki!"

A mass form of lightning struck the serpent Kaiju with great force, the body quickly curled and writhed in agony, enduring the enlarged force until it ceased from harming it. A low snarl came from Manda as it looked on the top of the ravine just above his prey, staring at the source that attacked him. Glowing yellow eyes stared into the blue eyes of the lesser being, this human in front of him, daring to challenge him for his claim.

"I heard your name is Manda, sorry for stopping your meal, but I'm gonna shut this shit down down." Naruto said as lightning charged around him, "I wonder if you would ever so politely comply?"

The moment he heard the beast might roar he gave a sigh before smirking.

"I thought not" He said as he launched forward with lightning at hand against the sea serpent "Then let's ride!"


Jutsu List

Raiju Arc: Dai Shougeki- Raiju Arc: Giant Shockwave

Kaiju Bestiary

Anguirus: The spiked Kaiju

Monikers: Armored Kaiju, Guardian of the desert, The Fierce Beast, Unyielding Underdog

Height: 220 ft (all fours) 270ft (upright on legs)

Length: 380 ft

Weight: 45,000 tons

Strengths: Endurance, Durability, fair mobility

Weakness: Small body frame against larger opponents

Defense: Strong hide, spiked carapace

Offense: Fangs, Claws, Tail, Spiked Carapace, Ultrasonic Roar, (more will be announced)

I decided that I wanted to make a bestiary of all the Kaiju that will be introduced or already introduced into this story, I feel like it would be important to incorporate that seeing how they will be familiar, but also different from standard toho kaiju, being alien or radioactive kaiju.

I hope you guys appreciate the further descriptive detail of manda, I wanted his design to be different than his standard designs, I actually got it from inspiration from an artist in one of my facebook groups that made a design of him being more of a sea serpent than that of just a giant land snake and arms. It felt right given how he was throughout most of monster history.

I also kind of balanced out Anguirus to be a mixture of showa and millennium era weight wise and leaning more size wise to the millenium era. However, his design is more akin to the deviant art design.

As always I look forward to writing the next chapter, I hope to write the next chapter of this soon, but I may do the ashes of the leaf next since Legendary Edition for Mass Effect is coming out this friday!

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