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Chapter Two: A Storm is Brewing

Naruto and Jiraya walked through the town's streets towards the harbour platforms in order to rent a boat that will take them to the homeland that is Uzushiogakure no Sato.

Naruto glanced upwards and scowled, covering his eyes with his hand, as he aimed to block out the harsh rays of the sun. It was unnaturally hot today and it showed from the fact that many of the town's populace were fanning themselves or guzzling down water in the way Naruto would chow down on his beloved ramen.

"Oi, Ero-Sennin, why are we walking here through the town? Why can't we just run on the rooftops to get to the harbour?" Naruto asked. Jiraya turned back to glance at his disciple.

"Naruto, it is best to keep a low profile here seeing as how we are in an area of the Elemental Nations where shinobi tend to be rather scarce. Also, I don't want to take any chances with the fact that even though the Akatsuki have paused in their activities, they may still be wanting to keep an eye on you. Us performing shinobi acts might ruin our chances to avoid being detected by the Akatsuki as well as making a big spectacle of ourselves should we do so and if they are watching us, they may want to attack and you are not strong enough to take them on yet." The white haired sage explained. Naruto frowned. His sensei's reason and logic did make sense as there was no telling what the Akatsuki were planning, even with Jiraya's spy network doing what it could to keep an eye on the organization.

Naruto's hands clenched into fists as the images of Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame appeared in his mind. It was the image from when the two Nuke-nin had first arrived to take him for the Kyuubi that resided within him. He was practically useless when Kisame had Samehada take his chakra and there was nothing he could have done to stop the two powerful shinobi if Jiraya hadn't shown up when he did to stop them.

'I have to become stronger...and I will.' Naruto thought, determination flashing across his face. However, the determination was soon replaced with annoyance when the sunlight assaulted his eyes.

'Ugh...wait Kamina said Raiju Arc could allow me to manipulate elements of the storm. Maybe I could make a cloud cover or something to block out the sun.' Naruto smirked as he aimed to draw on the abilities of the thunder beast, but suddenly he felt a tugging at the back of his mind. He blinked and he found himself within his sewer-like mindscape standing before the dragon-like beast and the crimson furred kitsune.

"Huh? What the...Kamina, Kurama?"

"I would advise against you using Raiju Arc, Naruto." Kamina spoke, his form letting loose random sparks of lightning as he did so. The red eyed kitsune snarled, his tails swishing back and forth in a wild manner.

"And I would advise you not use my real name without my consent to do so. My true name is a name given to me by my creator and I will not have some idiotic monkey such as you utter it from your lips. My name is to only be spoken by those who have earned my respect and you...Uzumaki...have not done so. You are to refer to me by my title and my title alone. I am the Kyuubi no Yoko, most powerful of all the bijuu and I suggest you refer to me as such until I have deemed you worthy of earning my respect else I flood your system with my chakra and burn your entire chakra network."

Naruto and Kamina stared in shock at the malevolent tone the bijuu had used in response to Naruto's usage of his actual name. True, the beast was a being of pure malice and contempt with a mixture of pride, but the anger that came about by Kurama seemed different to the one that Naruto usually felt when meeting with the demonic kitsune.

"You seem rather against my using your real name. But what is the point of my knowing your true name if I can't even use it?" Naruto asked. The nine tailed fox snarled at its jinchuriki before slamming its claws against the bars of the cage that held it back.

"If it weren't for this damned seal I would have your head, Uzumaki. The point is that my true name is reserved for those who I have come to respect and I will NOT have some pitiful HUMAN such as you utter it." Kurama roared. Naruto stared into the crimson iris of his bijuu. The blonde then broke out into his trademark foxy grin.

"Well then Kyuubi, guess I'll have to work hard to earn your respect then." The response caught both thunder beast and bijuu off guard.

"Wh-What?!" Kurama exclaimed. Naruto chuckled.

"I can see how much your true name means to you. After all they say the eyes are the window to the soul and you seem very prideful of your true name, so I will comply with your request and earn your respect. After all, I did say that if I can't say your true name...then what is the point in me knowing it." Naruto said. Kurama and Kamina looked at each other and then back at the blonde.

Kurama growled, but an amused smirk found its way to his face. "I will enjoy watching you struggle to achieve that, gaki." Kurama then turned and headed back into the darkness of his cage to take a nap. As the fox did so, the Raiju turned to look at Naruto.

"You really are an interesting individual, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Hehe, maybe so...but I enjoy being challenged. I've gone up against impossible odds before, like when I learned the Rasengan and I've come out on top all the same. Besides...if I do this I can go down as one of the first jinchuriki to befriend their bijuu." Naruto grinned, earning a chuckle from the thunder beast. Kamina nodded before Naruto spoke once more.

"So why did you say you were against my using the Raiju Arc just to make simple cloud cover?" Naruto asked. Kamina cleared his throat before speaking.

"Yes well you see Naruto, you have only just received my powers yesterday. The powers of a Raiju, your Raiju Arc as you have dubbed it, combines the powers of wind and lightning to give you the ability to command the elements of the storm. True, you may be able to draw upon them and use them...but you are still inexperienced. Lightning and Wind are two of the most unpredictable elements in all of nature and in chakra as well. These elements combined can make an even more haphazard result if you choose to perform Raiju Arc and you may end up hurting yourself or the people around you, like the civilian populace you are now walking through with your sensei. As a result, I suggest you train in Raiju Arc when you arrive at this Uzu no Kuni that your sensei spoke of." Kamina explained. Naruto blinked rapidly as he watched the beast of harnessed lightning.

"Oh." He said intelligently. "Well I see where you are going with this, okay. I won't use Raiju Arc yet. Well I better get going then before Ero-Sennin realizes I might not be paying attention to him." Naruto then vanished from his mindscape, leaving the two powerful being that resided within it to their own devices.

"Hehe, that boy is going to be something else."

"Well maybe if you told him that his chakra's natural elemental affinity is for wind, he may have reason to believe he does not have to work as hard in order to use that Kekkai Genkai you gave him." Kurama said.

"Now, now Kurama, the boy has other things to learn. He will grow at a surprising rate. Besides, I thought you wanted to sleep."

"Zzzzzzz" Kurama snored causing the Raiju to sweatdrop.

'Smartass bijuu.'


Outside Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto blinked and then quickly twisted his body to avoid colliding with a woman who was walking past him. However, as he turned back in front he found his walking form colliding with that of his sensei's.

"Itai. Oi Ero-Sennin, why'd you stop walking?"

"We've reached the harbour, gaki." Jiraya said with a large grin on his face. "Come on, I've just got to talk with the manager and we'll be on our way." Naruto nodded and sat down atop a small crate he had spied and looked up at the clear blue sky, the sun now blocked out by a fortunate little cloud earning a smirk from Naruto as his eyes were temporarily free from being seared by the harsh golden rays.

"Hmmm, Ero-Sennin better teach me some good stuff and not try to peep on any women that are on Uzu. If he does, I don't give a damn, Sannin or not, I'm kicking him where the sun doesn't shine." Naruto muttered. He looked up to see Jiraya talking with a rather lanky looking man who had a stern look on is face, most likely the boat manager. After watching the two men converse, Jiraya pulled out his Icha Icha Paradise Volume 8 and handed it to the man.

"A pleasure doing business with you, Jiraya-sama!" The man yelled out. Naruto's eyes narrowed.

'So much for keeping a low profile so the Akatsuki won't find us.' He thought. Jiraya sauntered over his disciple before pulling the teen to his feet.

"Come on, I got the boat for free because the guy loved my novels."

"You mean the disgusting smut you write? Guess there is some good that can come from those things." Naruto laughed. Jiraya slapped his student upside the head, but the blonde continued to express his amusement. After getting on the boat, Jiraya made a kagebunshin to row the aquatic vehicle across the clear waters.

"So Ero-Sennin, are you going to teach me anything cool?" Naruto asked with an excited look on his face. Jiraya tapped his chin as he observed his student.

"Well, I don't think I can give you any taijutsu training until I can find a suitable style for you so I guess I will work on your physical capabilities a bit. After that I will help you with your chakra control. When we're through with that, I'm going to teach you how to perform Fuuinjutsu." Naruto blinked at the elder man.

"Fuuinjutsu?" He asked. Jiraya nodded.

"Yeah, the place where we're going, Uzu no Kuni, was famous for having a great talent in the art of Fuuinjutsu. It's one of the same styles of jutsu that was used by the Yondaime and it was through similar teachings, ones that I had taught to him, that allowed him to devise the Shiki Fuuin. The seal that holds back the Kyuubi inside you." Jiraya said, pointing at Naruto's stomach. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Like the...Yondaime?" He whispered. A style of jutsu that his idol had used, he was going to learn that? A big grin broke across his face, threatening to break it. "That's amazing, Ero-Sennin."

"Damn right it's amazing. Fuuinjutsu is also what I had done to seal the flames Itachi had used when we ran into him." Naruto remembered with a nod. Jiraya had pulled out a scroll, scribbled down a seal at a rapid pace and suddenly sealed away the black flames that the elder brother of Sasuke had used to escape his current sensei's jutsu.

"So I'm going to learn things like that?" Jiraya nodded.

"Fuuinjutsu requires a lot of theoretical work so you'll have to use your head a lot. I know you're the kind of person for practical work seeing as how you're a kinaesthetic, a person who learns better through actions rather than theory, but I have a feeling that you will have a rather unforeseen talent in the sealing arts." Jiraya said with a proud grin. 'That and because you have the blood of an Uzumaki and a Namikaze in you. You will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with if you get the hang of fuuinjutsu, Naruto...just like your parents.' He added an as afterthought.

"I see...anything else you have in mind?" He asked.

"Yes actually. I will teach you play some strategy games to sharpen your mind. Chess and Shogi are two prime examples of such games. It will help you to make strategies and rely on tactical warfare when in battle. Naruto, you often rush into the fight and end up making up a plan on the fly, but this only occurs when you are in the middle of the fight. I have noticed that you are a great shinobi due to this amazing gift to come up such amazing strategies, but if you are able to come up with such strategies prior to the battles you will fight you will have a greater chance of success with less casualties especially since when you return to Konoha, you will be returning to fighting with a team by your side instead of just going with me or solo." Jiraya said.

The blonde jinchuriki remained silent as he looked up at the clouds. He smirked as he felt relaxed upon looking at the skies.

'So this...is why Shikamaru always likes to watch the clouds.' The blonde mused. After a half an hour had passed, Jiraya stopped his kagebunshin from rowing and the clone dispersed in a puff of smoke. Naruto's eyes shot open, having fallen asleep during that time, and stood up.

"Are we here?" He asked. Jiraya nodded and moved aside so Naruto could see the large island of Uzu no Kuni. Living true to its name, the island was surrounded by a large mass of whirlpools. Naruto's eyes narrowed, trying to see up further ahead, trying to see if he could get a glimpse of the island's characteristics other than the scattered forests. He then turned upon hearing Jiraya step atop the water.

"Why are we walking?" He asked, picking up his backpack and followed his sensei's lead. The fourteen year old boy stepped atop the water as well, standing atop it as if it were solid ground due to the chakra that was continuously running through his feet.

"The island of Uzu, despite having been wiped long ago, still has some protection seals surrounding it. There's a reason why people rarely come to visit or even venture towards this place." Jiraya said as he took out a shuriken from his weapons pouch. He flung the star-shaped weapon and as it crossed over into the territory of whirlpools, Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the whirlpools suddenly react to the shuriken's presence.

Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the whirlpools suddenly spring to life, rising up like serpents before one of them engulfed the shuriken and dragged it down into the depths of the ocean. The whirlpools then returned to normal and the two shinobi were now staring at the waters.

"What was that, Ero-Sennin?"

"That was a protection seal devised by the inhabitants of this island when they were still alive. It is still a mystery as to how the feared people of this island had their defenses breached and thus resulting in their people being slaughtered. It was one of the worst genocides in the history of the shinobi world." Jiraya informed his student. "However, I do know a way around it. Follow me."

Naruto followed Jiraya and they walked along the water's surface before coming to a clear path, void of whirlpools. Jiraya glanced back at Naruto.

'Uzushiogakure, former homeland of the legendary Uzumaki clan. Naruto...the island only recognizes those with Uzumaki blood and so you will have to venture through the path first before I can follow. Once it recognizes you, the defenses will be dropped until you reach the island's coastline.' Jiraya thought. He never really liked using people, but it was the only way he could get to the island without being killed by the island itself.

Plus, he couldn't tell Naruto of his heritage. Not yet.

'I made a promise to your parents that I would protect you, Naruto. If I didn't keep your heritage a secret, I'd be failing that promise.'

Jiraya then ushered Naruto through first causing the blonde boy to wonder why he had to go through first.

"A real ninja fears nothing, now go. I follow you after, I just need to make sure I have the supplies I need to teach you the fuuinjutsu." Jiraya half-lied as he pulled out a small scroll. Naruto stared hard at Jiraya as the white haired porn writer was going through his backpack in a very serious manner. Naruto shrugged before venturing through the clear path. Unknown to him, the water beneath suddenly had a large seal array on it and a chakra pulse was released.

Naruto felt the pulse and looked around before noticing nothing, though he kept his guard up even more than he had done before.

The seal array suddenly began to twist and swirl. A ring of seals appeared, forming concentric circles. The center of the seal suddenly morphed in shape and where there was nothing, there now lay the kanji for 'Uzumaki'. Jiraya spotted that and smirked. The defenses had been let down as the island had recognized the Uzumaki blood within the blonde.

'Thank you Kushina-chan.' He thought to the heavens, clasping his hands in prayer. He then followed after his blonde pupil and the two continued to walk until they reached the coastline of the island. As soon as the two set foot on the island, Naruto immediately surveyed his surroundings. The stone beach make a crunch-like sound as he walked along it, Jiraya walking alongside him. Numerous trees formed the forests he had spied earlier on. However, what took a large majority of the island was the large amount of rubble that filled the island.

Dilapidated buildings, towers and other forms of infrastructure that once stood tall were now cracked, broken and some of which had been reduced to piles of clay and stone. Naruto observed the area and felt a tug at his heart strings.

'What happened here?' Naruto thought before he heard a loud SNAP! beneath his foot. He looked down and his eyes widened. A human's skeletal forearm, now broken due to the pressure Naruto's foot had exerted on it, lay beneath him. The body that the arm was attached to lay beneath a large slab of rock and Naruto saw traces of red hair poking out from beneath the slab. He looked at the forearm once more. It was small.

'A child?' Naruto guessed. He then turned to Jiraya who had placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on Naruto, we can't bother with the dead." He said. Naruto gulped before looking at his sensei.

"I know you said that the people of Uzu no Kuni were killed off in a genocide but...this is unlike anything I would have imagined." Naruto walked away from the broken form of the child before following Jiraya through the broken land of Uzu. After a few minutes, Jiraya and Naruto had reached a suitable area of forest that lay past the ruins of Uzu. It was spacious and there was a river running through the area. Naruto followed the river's opposite flow path and came to stare in awe at the majestic mountains that were almost completely obscured by the tall trees.

Naruto channelled chakra into his feet and climbed up a tree as Jiraya was setting up camp. Naruto hopped atop one of the higher branches and continued to stare at the landscape. The forestry made extreme meanders around the areas where there used to be civilization, now a bunch of rubble. The river seemed to cut the island in half, its path starting in the distance where several mountains lay, their peaks seemed to scrape the sky. He then followed the river's actual flow pattern and saw it had come to a stop at a large lake near the upper sections of the land of Uzu no Kuni where there lay the largest amount of destroyed infrastructure out of the entire island.

Despite Uzu no Kuni appearing small, it was apparently far larger than one would have anticipated. Naruto continued to stare at the landscape before dropping down from the tree. He landed on his feet, bending his knees to prevent the shock from hurting his legs. As he stood back up, he looked to see Jiraya had finished setting up the small camp site.

Their two packs lay against a pair of tall trees while a large pile of firewood lay next to their bags and Jiraya was already making a small pile, circling it with stones, to prepare for the night when it came.

"Alright, Naruto. Now that I've made the camp it's time to start your training." He said in a serious tone. Naruto nodded as the training began. It was a rather uneventful set of training though seeing as how Jiraya had him practice his chakra control by running up and down trees as well as walking along the flowing waters of the river. He had walked atop the frickin' ocean to reach the island so the river was child's play to the blonde jinchuriki. After a few hours of practicing chakra control, Jiraya had Naruto do a various set of exercises to increase his body's capabilities.

Four-hundred push-ups, two-hundred sit-ups, three hundred and fifty handstand push-ups and then a few punch and kick drills against the thick trunks of the nearby trees which were also placed at a number within the hundreds margin.

"Alright, Naruto now that the warm-ups are done I'm going to get a feel for what you would need improvement in. Your tests will be in terms of strength, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility and stealth." Jiraya said before getting into a basic stance. He tucked his arms in so that his hands were against his waist and his legs were spread a bit past shoulder width and bent at ninety degree angles.

"Alright, now then...punch me and kick me." Jiraya said. Naruto shook his head.

"What?" He asked.

"I said hit me. Give it everything you've got. I know you're fourteen and genin level, so your strength may not be all that great, but I can take it. I've been hit with Gamabunta's hand and pummelled by Tsunade. Nothing will outclass that woman's hits so give it your best, Naruto." The blonde hesitantly held up his fists, wondering if it was alright to punch his sensei, but he got over it. He gave a battle cry and charged forth before punching with all he had. He reared back his left fist and nailed Jiraya in the centre of his chest. Jiraya released a small grunt as he was sent leaning back a few centimetres, but nothing more.

The white haired man returned to his original position, looked down at the shorter blonde and nodded.

"Now go with a straight kick." Naruto did as he was told and he achieved the same result. Jiraya had not even shifted from his spot, either that or the shift was minuscule one wouldn't be able to tell. The Gama Sennin was put into a position where he was leaning backwards, but his feet had remained anchored to the spot. Naruto had repeated the action in order to make sure he wasn't staying on the ground due to sticking to it with chakra, but found his claim to be false.

"Okay, your strength is something we need to work one. I'll whip up some weights and gravity seals for you soon enough, but right now it's time for your other test." Naruto frowned as he held up his fist. He had put everything he had into his punch. He had kicked so hard during the Chunin Exams that he was able to send Kiba airborne, he was also able to do so with a punch like he did with Neji when he used the tunnelling tactic to nail him in the chin and earn himself the win. He was able to appear in time to save Sasuke from being attacked by a half-transformed Gaara during the war against Suna and Oto by kicking him in the jaw, sending the red headed boy soaring for a few seconds. However...Jiraya hadn't even moved from his spot.

'Is the gap between me and Ero-Sennin really that big?' He thought. He then looked up upon hearing Jiraya take out a few kunai and shuriken.

"Now I want you to dodge these. I will throw them at only half my actual speed of throwing so that might help you a bit, so be prepared." Naruto's legs tensed as Jiraya held up the weapons and with a flick of his wrist sent them soaring towards his pupil. Naruto's eyes widened, but his lightweight body and his lean frame was what gave him the edge.

The four shuriken that were sent towards him were avoided. One was ducked under, the second was avoided by Naruto twisting at the waist before he leaned backwards so his upper body was parallel to the ground to avoid the third. To avoid the fourth he had went with the momentum of his leaning backwards and went into a handstand and bent his arms, allowing him to push off and avoid the fourth shuriken. However, he quickly had to rotate his body to avoid the kunai that was aimed for his head.

"OI WATCH IT!" He yelled as he performed another aerial twist, spreading his legs apart in a straight split to avoid the second kunai that made him gulp and pale with fear as he felt the blade just barely touched his genitalia. He then reached out and snatched Jiraya's third kunai out of the air and threw it back at the fourth. A resounding CLANG! was heard upon impact. Jiraya nodded with satisfaction.

"How did I do?"

"I'll give you your overall score when I finish with them all." He informed the blonde. He then held up a few rocks in his hand, there were about ten of them.

"I'll test your pain tolerance in your endurance test. I'm going to pelt these rocks at you and when you think you can't handle anymore hits, just say when." Jiraya instructed. The disciple of the Gama Sennin nodded before slipping into the stance Jiraya had made when he was doing his strength test earlier. He then tensed his muscles and nodded to the black eyed man.

Jiraya hurled the rocks. One. Two. Three. They struck Naruto with amazing force, but Naruto refused to go down. His determination and pride refusing to let him do so. Four. Five. Six. Seven. The four stones hit him in the chest simultaneously and Naruto gritted his teeth, but suddenly released a loud 'oof' as the eighth and ninth struck him in the solar plexus hard enough to knock the wind out of his lungs. He coughed as he aimed to retrieve the oxygen and looked up at his teacher.

"When." He wheezed out earning a chuckle from Jiraya, as well as from his two tenants.

"Now for your final test...stealth. I've heard of your pranks gaki and I gotta say I'm impressed from what I've heard. At the age of six you were able to sneak into the Hyuga compound and hit them with glitter cannons and rainbow paint, you were able to make the Nara's look like giant chickens with the classic glue and feathers with a red rubber glove atop the head and a yellow paper cone for a beak, venture into the Academy which is guarded by a few high level chunin and stick all the chairs up against the ceiling by nailing them down...or up I should say. At age seven, you broke into the Uchiha compound and face painted all of them in their sleep so that they had moustaches, monocles and whatnot on their faces as well as plastering a clown face onto Uchiha Fugaku's face." Jiraya and Naruto laughed as the white haired listed all of Naruto most notable accomplishments as a master prankster before stopping at the final one.

"And the cou't de resistance, at the age of twelve...two years ago...on the day before you became a genin. Oh boy, I really laughed when I heard about this one. You were wearing that..." He pointed at Naruto's jumpsuit, "horrid orange piece of shit you call a jumpsuit, in fucking broad daylight and you painted the fucking Hokage Monument." Naruto blushed in embarrassment before registering what he said.

"OI! What's wrong with orange?" He growled out, huffing in mock anger at his sensei. Jiraya chuckled before ruffling Naruto's hair.

"Well then, if you want to prove me wrong about the orange piece of shit...then hide. I'll give you ten seconds to hide from me and then I'm going to see how long it will take me to find you. However, I'm going to put a limit as to how far away you can hide. About a ten metre radius should be suitable and..." Jiraya smirked evilly, causing Naruto to shudder in his mind. "I'm going to make this a game, if you exceed that radius or if I am able to find you within one hour, I will teach you a fuuinjutsu technique that the Yondaime knew." Naruto grinned and bounced up and down.

"Really?! That's so coool. Let's go!"

"Wait...if you lose however..." Naruto frowned as Jiraya uttered the 'l' word, "You will have to read my Icha Icha Paradise Volume 1, admit that Icha Icha Paradise is a good novel and how that I, the author, am a god among men for writing them." Naruto's eyes widened and his jaw hung loosely. He couldn't...it wouldn't be possible. He couldn't say those things to the perverted man, it just wasn't humanly possible for a boy like Naruto to-the blonde shuddered- compliment the pervert on his literary works, but he weighed his options. On the plus side, he could learn a cool jutsu. On the cons end of the scale he would have to swallow his pride and compliment the pervert for his perverted deeds.

"Jutsu...or read a piece of smut." He muttered this to himself before sighing and complied with the bet. Jiraya grinned wider at that.

"Okay then. Ready?" He asked. Naruto grinned like the bijuu within him. Stealth was his element. There was no way he'd pass up the chance to hide from a member of the Sannin.

"You know it, Ero-Sennin! Dattebayo!" Naruto exclaimed, jumping to release some excess excitement. Jiraya held up ten fingers as he told Naruto to go. However, as soon as Jiraya blinked...he realized he made a very grave mistake. The boy had disappeared within that split second and Jiraya's face paled slightly as he tried to feel for the blonde's chakra.

'Impossible...he's able to suppress that large chakra supply of his? Just what the hell is this gaki?!' He thought as he began his search for the blonde.


One Hour Later

Jiraya scowled as Naruto was riding atop the older man's shoulders on their way back to the camp site.

"Ero-Sennin lost! I'm going to get a cool Fuuinjutsu too, Dattebayo!" He laughed. Jiraya's eye twitched.

"I can't believe it. I'm a seasoned ninja, a member of the Sannin...and yet I was unable to find a baka of a fourteen year old gaki." Jiraya muttered.

"I resent that comment about being a baka, Ero-Sennin." Naruto deadpanned.

"Now I see those Anbu have good reason as to why they were unable to catch you." Jiraya said as he dropped down with Naruto and the blonde was roughly dropped down on the ground as he had fallen off of the older man's shoulders.

"Itai! Ero-Sennin, that hurt!" Naruto said as he rubbed his hurting cranium. The two males then looked up at the sky and noticed that it was almost sun down if the sky's colour was any indication. No longer was it blue, but reds, yellows and shades of magenta were beginning to bleed into the expanse of blue. Jiraya then walked over to the sizeable pile of firewood and threw in a few sticks within the already prepared set he had made prior to Naruto's tests. He then set it aflame with a small katon jutsu.

"So how did I do, Ero-Sennin? You said you'd give me my overall results when we were finished." He said. Jiraya nodded as he sat down on the grass next to Naruto.

"Now Naruto, you are good shinobi, but it appears that whoever was your jounin sensei didn't do a very good job since you appeared to be self taught. Kakashi was your sensei, right?" He asked. Naruto frowned and nodded.

"All he taught me was tree climbing. There were a few team building exercises and he made us do a few tactical training drills, but there was nothing he taught me and Sakura-chan individually. Everything was given to the teme. I know he needed to train him with the Sharingan, but he got taijutsu training, he got speed enhancement training...Chidori." Naruto held his hand up to his chest where the Uchiha had stabbed him in the chest at the Valley of the End. Jiraya's eyes narrowed. He would have to have a word with the silver haired scarecrow when the trip was over.

"Hey gaki, listen the Uchiha gaki may have gotten all that shit, but you're training with me now. You're going to learn some epic stuff that's going to make the Uchiha look like he was still a newborn. And plus...Rasengan trumps the Chidori any day." He smirked. Naruto chuckled.

"Arigato, Ero-Sennin. I needed to hear that." Jiraya ruffled the blonde's hair.

"Sure thing, gaki. Well moving along...the results of your tests. I will be putting you on a scale from genin to jounin since your abilities do not exceed that of an anbu or kage. Well actually, stealth and chakra supply are in those levels, but other than those two..." Naruto nodded.

"Alright, your strength. Your strength, I would place you at low chunin level. You're a rather strong boy Naruto, even for a kid of your age and the lifestyle you had and given your diet. However, when Sarutobi-sensei was still alive he told me you had a ramen based diet with only milk and a few vegetables to add variety to your diet. So to build up your strength, you will be given a better diet. Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals for example." Naruto was about to yell out against being denied his beloved ramen, but was silenced by Jiraya's hard stare. "Naruto, you can't keep having ramen all the time. It's the reason why you're shorter than everyone else in your age group. No doubt that by the time this is over with, you'll be at least up to my cheek in terms of height and I'm past six feet tall."

"Fine." Naruto huffed, "But can I at least have it sometimes?"

"Three times a week on days of your choosing, but it will only be as a snack. Nothing more. One ramen on every one of those three days. Now then, also to increase your strength, like I told you before, I'm going to be giving you some weights inscribed with gravity seals. These will allow you to increase the weight of the weights that I will give you when you get used to them so that way your body will always be working to adjust to become stronger to handle the new weights."

Naruto nodded in understanding.

"Your speed is rather good. A high chunin level of speed, but I'm guessing that from your recent battles like the one with the Hyuga during the Chunin Exams, your speed is much better when you're under the influence of adrenalin."

"You saw my fight?" Naruto asked. Jiraya gave Naruto a soft smile, noting the hunger for acknowledgement in them, and nodded.

"You performed rather well and the tunnel tactic was rather good, but the chess and shogi lessons will help increase your tactical mindset. The Kyuubi's chakra saved your ass though so even though I will be teaching you how to further your control of the fox's chakra, I will be teaching you to handle yourself without it. I don't want you to be too reliant on the Kyuubi."

"Okay, Ero-Sennin." Naruto said, 'Plus I have Raiju Arc, but I don't want to be too reliant on that either. Ero-Sennin has a point with that.'

"I concur with the boy's sensei. You can't be too reliant on the powers that are given to you." Kamina's voice entered Naruto's mind.

"I deny that. The more the gaki uses my chakra, the weaker the seal will get. I WANT MY FREEDOM!" Kurama rammed his body against the bars of his cage to emphasize his want for freedom. Naruto silenced his his two beasts so that he wouldn't hear the sound of rattling cage bars continuously.

"Your agility and flexiblity are great. Jounin level for sure as you dodged my weapons like it was no one's business. Nice touch with the snatching the third one out of the air and hitting the last one." Naruto swelled with pride at being praised. "Your endurance on the other hand, you were down after nine hits. Enemies are going to hit much harder than my rocks and I wasn't even throwing them as hard as I could. The Kyuubi will be there to heal your wounds yes, but that doesn't mean that it will heal them as fast as it can for ALL of your wounds."

"What's that flesh bag talking about? My ability to heal the kit's wounds make it seem as if the boy is practically immortal!"

"That and his heritage as well." Kamina added.

'What's this about my heritage?' Naruto asked. Though silence was all he was met with. He scowled before focusing back on Jiraya.

"Your stealth is superb as I told you. High Anbu level for sure and it can become even greater if you keep training in it. Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you shouldn't keep practicing it. I learned that the hard way when I found out I was good at peeping...but then I stopped after a few days to write the Volume 3 for Icha Icha Paradise. "Kuso...if only I hadn't sneezed." Naruto sweatdropped.

'Is that really the comparison he wants to use?' Naruto thought.

"He sneezed?!" Kamina laughed within Naruto's mind, Kyuubi snickering as well.

"But I have to hand it to the ningen, peeping on women is not such an easy task sometimes."

'How would you know, Kyuubi?'

"Pfft. Listen gaki, when you're as old as me you tend to do things that you're not proud of to pass the time...but it was worth it in the end. Such nice figures those women had."

"BOOBIES!" Kamina yelled out with glee as Kurama shared the images of what happened during the early days of his creation. Naruto's eye twitched.

'Great, now I have three perverts to deal with.' He thought.

"The gaki's in denial." Kurama said.

"It's sad really." Kamina added shaking his head. Naruto's eye twitched even more before he completely severed the link, not even allowing a single piece of the connection to be left until he wanted to contact the Raiju and Bijuu again.

'Baka-kitsune, Baka-Raiju...Baka Ero-Sennin.' Naruto thought as he glanced back at his sensei who was now crying, beating the ground with his fist and wailing about not being able to see the glorious parts of the female anatomy.

"Oh the things I could have seen." He muttered. Naruto rolled his eyes at the white haired Sannin before getting up.

"Ero-Sennin, I'm going for a walk okay?" Jiraya froze slightly before looking at the blonde.

"Don't come back too late, you need to get up early for training tomorrow." Naruto nodded with a casual wave of his hand.

"Yeah, Yeah I'll be back. Don't worry, I'll be fine -ttebayo." He then headed off into the deep, dark woods. Once he had found that he had travelled a suitable distance, Naruto activated his link to Kamina the Raiju.

'Kamina...I'm ready.' He thought. The thunder beast nodded.

"Excellent. It is now time to begin your training in Raiju Arc."

"Your training in the kata for your taijutsu styles will occur after you manage to draw upon your Raiju powers, kit." Kurama added. Naruto nodded and cracked his neck and knuckles.



The Next Day

Naruto shot up from his slumber and found himself cold, wet and shivering.

"N-N-N-Nani?!" He exclaimed, hugging his body for warmth. He then turned in the direction that the water had seemed to have come from and he looked to see Jiraya standing with an empty bucket and a small smirk of satisfaction on his face.

"E-E-Ero-S-S-S-Sennin, y-y-you s-s-s-s-s-suck!" He yelled. Jiraya chuckled as he pulled Naruto out of his sleeping bag so it could dry out along with its user.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Naruto." Jiraya said as he tossed a towel at Naruto. The towel was caught and used to the best of its ability to dry the orange shinobi. The blonde was groaning silently as he felt the pain from last night's Raiju Arc training come back to him. Kamina had run him into the ground with drills on how to properly attune his chakra to that of the storm in order for him to even get a grasp of his Raiju chakra. However, he had failed in his many attempts to grasp the thunder beast's energy, but the Raiju let him off saying how that this was the first time a human was given the powers of a mythological creature such as himself so he wasn't expecting Naruto to learn the ability overnight.

Kurama on the other hand, had different views for Naruto. He sent mental picture after mental picture into Naruto's brain depicting the stances for the kata for his first taijutsu style. Hiryuu Ken, the Flying Dragon's Fist. His body was sore from the constant shifts in posture and he had literally collapsed into his sleeping bag when he returned to the camp site, finding Jiraya sleeping.

Who knew the two creatures could be such slave drivers?

"We can hear you, gaki!" Kurama roared. Naruto ignored the kitsune as he continued to dry himself.

Once Naruto was warm and dry, Jiraya then had Naruto go through a set of physical training exercises, now with the gravity seal-weights that Jiraya had supplied for Naruto from within a scroll via pocket dimension. Once the physical training was over, Jiraya continued to have Naruto practice his chakra control for an hour before giving him the task of trying to master the Rasengan.

"But didn't I already do that, Ero-Sennin?"

"You can make a perfect Rasengan, gaki...however, I want you to learn it until you can do it with only one hand. You may not get the time to make a kagebunshin to help with making the Rasengan, so I will be having you work on this so that you can become a TRUE master of the Rasengan." Naruto nodded and began trying to master the Rasengan. Many times it had blown back in his face, the chakra backlash causing a few cuts to form on his body only for Kurama to heal the damage. After two hours of watching his pupils struggle to form a stable spheroid of chakra, Jiraya stopped him and had the blonde sit with him on the grass. Naruto then saw Jiraya pull out two wooden objects from his scroll's pocket dimension seal.

"What are those?" Naruto asked. Jiraya rested them on the ground before smirking.

"This is your tactical warfare training. This one is a chess board..." He pointed to the object decorated with a checkerboard pattern, "and this other one is a shogi board. I'm going to show you how to play them and then we will begin playing." Naruto groaned as he was explained the rules of each game. It was long and boring to listen to, but Naruto found himself to be rather interested in the games when they began playing.

He liked chess better due to it being less complex, but he still found it had required a lot of patience and strategy in deciding what to move and where to move it. Hours had passed and by the time it was noon, Jiraya found that Naruto had finally gained a good grasp on both games as the blonde seemed to be learning as he was going along. Also, Jiraya found that Naruto's rather random and haphazard moves were actually part of a strategy in their own right which resulted in throwing off the opponent and allowing Naruto to go in for a kill.

'But he still needs to develop better tactics rather than just going in there without any plan whatsoever.' The white haired man thought as he packed away the games. "Now that you've gotten a grasp of the games, tomorrow we can start playing more seriously. If case you want to review anything, here's a rule book for both games." Naruto was handed a small dark brown book that read, "Board Games for Dummies" on the cover.

"Really? For Dummies?" He deadpanned. Jiraya shrugged.

"It was the only one in the store when I went to learn how to play the games myself. Anyway, now that your tactical training is out of the way, I shall begin your training in Fuuinjutsu." Jiraya took out a few scrolls and rested them in front of Naruto. "Fuuinjutsu requires knowing a great deal of theoretical knowledge so for the rest of the day, I will be making sure you read your scrolls. You will have breaks to eat in between, but that is all." Jiraya said.

"But Ero-Sennin how will I finish all these scrolls in time? There's more than ten of these things and I doubt that any of them are short and concise." Naruto whined. Jiraya chuckled.

"So the master of Kagebunshin no Jutsu doesn't even know what the jutsu was originally for? Gaki, you really are something else." He laughed. Naruto blinked in confusion, scratching his head. He then wondered for a while.

'Kagebunshin...what does that have to do with anything?' He thought. He tapped his finger against his knee as he sat cross-legged on the ground, adjusting positions as he tried to think as to what the older man had implied by saying that the Kagebunshin had another purpose.

'Well I normally use my clones to overwhelm the opponent, to be able to use certain combos on them, but that's it. Kuso...if only I was able to remember like when my kagebunshins dispelled and I would gain their...' Naruto blinked before slapping himself in the face. "BAKA!" He reprimanded himself for not thinking of it sooner.

"Got it?" His sensei asked. The blonde Raiju Arc user nodded before forming the clones and began reading. By the end of it all, Naruto had fallen unconscious from memory overload when he dispelled his clones all at once when they had finished their readings. Jiraya sighed.

"I should have mentioned that he could get memory overload. A normal person would die, but you jinchuriki really are lucky to have your bijuu give you a healing factor that allows you to survive any kind of trauma."

An hour later, Naruto woke up and yawned. He sniffed the air and found himself greeted by the scent of freshly cooked fish.

"Good, you're up. Eat and we can start your Fuuinjutsu training." Jiraya said. Naruto nodded as he and the perverted hermit dug into the fish. A few, non-poisonous, berries were also gathered to build up Naruto's immunity despite the Kyuubi being there to prevent such ailments from occurring in the first place. After eating, Jiraya then began to explain the practical use of Fuuinjutsu.

Fuuinjutsu is described as the use of seals which are written in the form of elaborate kanji in order to create the seal formula which can be made either through the use of a handsigns, but most commonly through the use of a scroll, brush and ink. The ink for Fuuinjutsu is made with the constituents of regular ink, but there must be a slight amount of blood mixed in with the ink in order for the Fuuinjutsu to work since blood was a part of the body and thus, the blood possessed chakra within the cells. The blood was also a good conduit between the seal and the users chakra in order to the fuuinjutsu formula to become active.

Fuuinjutsu had a large number of seals used in its methodology, but the main types seals used were the 'Open' and 'Close' seals, used in Space-Time fuuinjutsu such as when sealing an object into a scroll and then releasing said object from said scroll; the 'Elemental' seals which were used in conjunction to the 'Open' and 'Close' seals in order to perform feats such as sealing away an element by having the users chakra seemingly absorb the element in question before using the 'Open' seal to open a pocket dimension to store away the element before the 'Close' seal, closes the pocket dimension.

'Open' and 'Close' seals could also be amplified through the use of a 'Matrix' seal which allowed one to increase the size of a pocket dimension. It was found through a large amount of study that a pocket dimension actually had a limit to the amount of objects it could store. The 'Matrix' seal was invented in order to split apart the pocket dimension made and make it into the shape of a mathematical matrix, a grid-shape if you will. This created small 'pouches' within the pocket dimension where items could be stored within each 'pouch'. The amount of 'pouches' made in the pocket dimension was determined by the size of the 'Matrix' being used. As a result, 'Number' seals were made to vary the amount of space one could make in the pocket dimension.

'Time' and 'Space' seals were used to create teleportation seals and were what the Yondaime Hokage had used alongisde through some very elaborate fuuinjutsu methods and formulas before coming to the final product which resulted in the formation of his prized jutsu, the Hiraishin no Jutsu. These sort of seals were also used in the Kuchiyose no Jutsu.

Certain fuuinjutsu techniqued required a 'sacrifice' or 'payment' in some cases in order for the jutsu to work. In some cases it would be chakra, in others it was blood, but in rare cases, the case concerning Naruto's Shiki Fuuin, it could come at the cost of a life in order for it to be performed.

"Ero-Sennin...just how is my Shiki Fuuin made? I mean, now that I understand what you're talking about since I now have my kagebunshins' memories I can now better understand how the seal works." Naruto said.

"Your seal, the Shiki Fuuin is comprised of two 'Tetragram' seals or 'Four Symbols' seal as some would call it. The 'Tetragram' seals, as you would have learned from your reading, is used to seal away an object within the human body. The double 'Tetragram' seal on your body was created with the intent to seal away larger and more powerful beings, the Kyuubi being the being in question. This double 'Tetragram' seal is connected so tightly that it is more durable than the 'Iron Armour' seal, another type of seal that is currently being used in Kumogakure to seal away the Hachibi."

"Hachibi? Eight tails?" Naruto asked. Jiraya nodded.

"Now then, the double 'Tetragram' seal, when combined, merges to form the seal that is on your on stomach when you activate your chakra. This is know as the 'Eight Trigrams' seal."

"But, Ero-Sennin, if this seal is so strong, then why is it that the Kyuubi's chakra is able to merge with my own. At least...that's what I was told by the baka-kitsune." The growl of said baka-kitsune was heard in the back of his mind, but he ignored it.

"The reason is because the Yondaime left a space between each of the 'Tetragram' seals. This space is what allows the Kyuubi's chakra to harmlessly leave its body and go into your own system thus increasing your reserves as well as slowly, but surely, taking away the strength of the beast. However, as you have come to notice, the Kyuubi's chakra seems to come out in higher quantities at the points when you are in emotional or physical distress. As a result, due to the large amount of chakra being forced through the seal and the fact that the seal weakens with age, you are thereby weakening the seal even more."

Naruto's eyes widened, "Is there anyway to tighten it back? Can't you use like, I don't know a 'Bind' seal or something to hold it together." Jiraya shook his head.

"There is a way to hold the seal, but Naruto your seal is the most developed seal that was ever made to hold a bijuu. Only the former members of this society in Uzu no Kuni would be able to create a more powerful seal than the one you have now, but sadly they are all gone. Now then as to how your seal could be tightened or loosened, it is because there is a 'Key' formula to your Shiki Fuuin."

"A 'Key' formula?" He asked. Jiraya nodded.

"It will be able to weaken or strengthen the seal. You could do what you wished to the seal if you possessed the key. Since the Yondaime's death, I have been holding the 'Key' and you know very well why I will not give you the 'Key' formula."

"Because I'm too young and I wouldn't really understand how it would work until I finish my training?" Naruto guessed.

"Precisely that. You're learning, that's good. Now then...let's make you that ink shall we?" Jiraya grinned as he unsealed a small bottle of ink from a scroll. After developing Naruto's ink that was specific for his chakra nature and type, he began to learn how to make his seals from the perverted Sannin. Despite his other personas, Naruto was always impressed when Jiraya took on his serious shinobi persona. It was amazing just to see the attributes that made Jiraya such a feared and brilliant shinobi.

After his Fuuinjutsu lessons, Naruto left to practice his Hiryuu Ken taijutsu style as well as to practice in drawing upon his Raiju Arc Kekkai Genkai.

The schedule continued in a similar manner. Naruto would get up via bucket of cold water to the face from Jiraya, do his physical exercises with the heavy weights and 'Gravity' seals he always had been wearing since he had put them on, practicing his chakra control and trying to form a stable Rasengan by the end of it followed by a few rounds of Chess and Shogi. After that it was Fuuinjutsu until sun down. Finally, Naruto trained with Kamina and Kurama for a few more hours and then he would get to sleep. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


Timeskip- Five Days Later

Naruto sighed as he sat atop a piece of the broken infrastructure that was once a part of Uzushiogakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Whirling Tides, the capital of Uzu no Kuni. He had been informed a bit as to what Uzu no Kuni was about by the white haired Sennin and Naruto was always still taken aback when he was told just how they suffered from genocide.

After having spent a week on the island, Jiraya had decided to give Naruto a break for the day. All work and no play made John a very dull boy after all. As Naruto stared out at the sea from atop the piece of destroyed building he marvelled at the hidden magnificence of the whirlpools that protected the island. He sighed as he continued to stare out at the open expanse of blue.

"One week. I can't believe it's already been that long, I feel like I just got here." Naruto muttered to himself. "Ero-Sennin really has been working me into the ground." He added as he looked over himself. His orange jumpsuit jacket had to be discarded in the end as the physical training and the backlash from the Rasengan, plus the fact that he was now making progress with drawing upon the Raiju Arc chakra and thus making wind and lightning shoot forth from his body, the compilation of repercussions sometimes left a slash mark or burn on his jacket and was what resulted in the discarding of the jacket in the first place. Thus all he had on only his orange pants, his navy blue t-shirt which he wore over the padded vest that was to prevent kunai or shuriken from going into his chest flesh (though he thought that it did a poor job of doing that if being impaled by such weapons had occurred on a regular basis during his time with Team 7), his blue shinobi sandals and the necklace Tsunade gave him.

He fingered the piece of jade coloured jewellery before jumping off from the piece of rubble. He adjusted his hitai-ate, which now bore a few small tears on the cloth, before walking off to explore more of Uzu's ruins. As he continued to walk, he spotted something caught his eye.

"" It was a piece of red stone that bore a familiar shape. Naruto walked over to it and found the stone was a bit circular in shape and found other pieces of the rock nearby, though they were slightly scattered away from each other. He took up all the pieces of the rock and began to turn them around in different directions so as to solve this new puzzle.

After a few minutes, the blonde jinchuriki managed to piece together the rock-like puzzle causing his eyes to widen as he realized what it was he was looking at. It was the shape of the spiral that was found on the back of his clothes, the orange jacket to be more specific, and on the back of chunin/jounin vests. He then looked up and stared at the building before him, despite being rather old and dilapidated and tilting at an extreme angle that would have been sure to make it topple, was still standing, the large piece of it missing, the original resting place of the spiral he had pieced together.

He let loose an audible gulp of nervousness before he entered it. The blue eyed Uzumaki twisted and turned through it, venturing deepr and deeper into the building, descending down the stone steps that were sure to have extended underground given the fact that after eight flights he still hadn't reached the bottom floor. He then leaped over the railing of the steps, using his better chakra control to skid down the walls before coming to a stop at the bottom floor. He observed the area before holding up his hand.

He took a deep breath and drew upon the power of his Raiju Arc and immediately, lightning coated his hand in a bright blue colour. The sparks of blue voltage flew off from his hand, but it generated a suitable amount of light. He then spotted the single corridor that lay before him and ran down it. He continued to run down the lengthy pathway before stopping.

Dead end. However, it was what was on the dead end wall that caught his fancy. It was the spiral, the crimson spiral that brought the feeling of familiarity to him every time he saw it. He saw it once more and placed his hand against it.

Suddenly a seal array sprung up and Naruto held up his lightning encased his hand to observe it. It was a rather complex dimensional seal array with various 'Open', 'Close', 'Time', 'Space' and 'Matrix' seals written in the shape of a square that had a circle lying within the square. Then in the centre of the circle, two more 'Open' and 'Close' seals lay there with the single kanji for 'Blood' lying in between them. It was a space-time seal meaning that there was a pocket dimension of some sort behind the dead end wall. The numerous amount of 'Guard' seals along with the kanji for 'Blood' which implied a 'Blood' seal was hidden somewhere amongst the array

Naruto placed his hand against the wall before he saw the seals take on a blue glow once he had made contact with it. His eyes narrowed and noticed the glow would vanish upon taking his hand off of it and then returning when he placed it back on it. He pumped a small amount of chakra into the 'Blood' seal and he saw the square and circle that surrounded the seal array suddenly break down and vanish. His eyes widened before he bit his thumb out of sheer surprise to see if his theory, the one flowing through his mind, was true. The blood flowed from the small wound before Kurama could heal it and he placed his bleeding thumb against the 'Blood' seal.

The seal array then released a crimson glow, a glow that was bright enough to meld with his lightning's generated light and make it become a violet colour as the colours mixed. Once the seal array stopped glowing, the kanji for 'Uzumaki' then appeared in front of his face with the spiral beneath it. Naruto's eyes widened as he stared at the kanji for his last name. He tentatively reached out to touch it only to draw his hand back when the wall rippled as if it were liquid. He slowly touched the wall once more and the wall indeed rippled. He pushed his hand further through the rippling surface only to see that his hand could now go through the wall.

He took a deep breath as he wondered just what awaited him on the other side of the wall.

'I've never backed down before. I swore I would never run away from anything so why start now?' He asked himself.

"Because retreating could sometimes kill you?" Kamina spoke.

"Because you're a baka." Kurama added. Naruto's eyes narrowed as the smartasses that lived in his mind began to speak again.

'Urasai, baka-kitsune, baka-Raiju.' He thought back to them.

"He insulted us! HOW PAINFUL!" The two powerful beings released mock sobs of sadness that caused Naruto to sweatdrop. He shook his head to rid himself of the voices in his head...he just realized how insane he made himself sound as he made that thought, though.

He pushed through and then he went through the wall and found himself in a large, spacious room filled with numerous,dust covered scrolls. Most pertained to fuuinjutsu, some were about elemental jutsus, mostly relating to water and earth, but then Naruto spotted one. It was rather large, dusty and the scroll's paper was yellow-brown showing that it was kept here for quite a while.

It was titled 'History of Uzushiogakure'. Naruto then read it through and realized that the scroll was about the Uzumaki Clan, the Clan on Longevity and a clan of Sealing Masters.

'Uzumaki Clan...My...clan?' He wondered. He then continued to read on before coming across one piece of information that dated back about thirty six years before his birth...and the final entry in the history scroll. It was more or less, from a first person perspective thus it was probably the author's entry in the scroll."Uzushigakure no Sato, our once proud home is now afflicted by battle. As a result, our country is now a war-torn area due to people fearing us for our skills in Fuuinjutsu. Uzushio has taken a precautionary measure due to the circumstances our island has been put under. We have done what we could to send away as many people as we were able to, some of the boats were destroyed in the process and killed off the passengers, but at least I was able to see that some of them made it through. I am going to die, I know that very well, but at least we were able to store all of our most treasured secrets and knowledge down here. Only a man or woman of Uzumaki heritage will be able to break these bindings that lock away the last remnants of Uzumaki heritage. Now then...I guess I better write one last historical event before I go off to fight alongside my brethren." Naruto paused as he looked around the room.

'The last of Uzumaki heritage huh?' He thought before continuing to read. But this was what caught him off guard. The piece of information that sparked something within him. What it was, he couldn't describe it, but he knew that the feeling was one that shook him to his core. He read the passage outloud to himself so as to assure himself was he was reading was in fact real.

"Circumstances in Uzushigakure no Sato's economy due to the wars had resulted in us sending away Uzumaki Kushina, one of the noble daughters who had migrated to Konoha for protection. Uzumaki Kushina, due to her having a special chakra that was able to subdue the bijuu, became the second jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko as was decreed by Senju-Uzumaki Mito-sama...wife of Senju Hashirama, the Shodaime Hokage." Naruto dropped the scroll in his hands before looking down at himself, more specifically his stomach.'Previous...jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. Uzushiogakure...former land of the Uzumaki clan.' Naruto's thoughts raced. Confusion, Distress, Sadness...these emotions rushed through him before compiling into one single entity. Naruto's head bent low, his bangs shadowing his eyes before his head snapped up, his eyes flashing to a deep crimson and lightning and wind surrounded in body in small bursts. His chakra flared with his spiking emotions before turning to his 's mouth twisted into an animalistic snarl as he stormed out of the room, the large scroll tucked under his arm. He had to have a little chat with his sensei.