A/N: Hi again! This is still Tom's POV!

It's been a week since "the incident". Since Bellatrix has began her anger at me. She's been skipping all of her classes, sending her other friends to get her food, and wasting away, doing whatever the hell she does in that dormitory of hers. I worry about her all of the time. I want to burst into her room and tell her that she's delusional, but I've long since given up trying to talk to her. It isn't as if she went to all of her classes before, but at least then she came out of her room. Now, she's just living in her room.

Everyone is back from Christmas break, and I have to deal with a bunch of nosy people getting up in my business.

"Tom, where's Bellatrix?", "Tom, what did you do to Bellatrix?", and "Tom, whatever happened to Bellatrix?" are just some of the many questions that I am bombarded with every day. McGonagall wants me to give Bella all her homework, but that's a bit hard when the girl you're supposed to be giving homework to won't talk to you. So, naturally, like any other student would, I threw her homework down a well. If we ever do get back together, she'll thank me.

I have the perfect idea! I'll get one of her friends to get her to talk to me. Unfortunately, she doesn't have many friends to choose from. So I find the girl that she shares a dormitory with, Jade Wells.

I talk to Jade, and now, I wait for my turn to talk with Bellatrix. Finally, I can go in.

Bellatrix POV

That bastard! What is he doing here?! I try to hide all evidence that I've been crying, but it's still evident that I have been grieving.

"Bella, I just want to talk," Tom says.

"Don't call me 'Bella'. My name is 'Bellatrix'," I snarl.

"Sorry, BELLATRIX," he exaggerates "Bellatrix. I swear, I just want to rip him up. He continues, "I want to make things right." I laugh at this. "Listen! 1) I did NOT want to kiss Eliza. She cornered me. 2) I love you. And only you. 3) If anything, I should be hurt by you not trusting you. I love you, Bella," he says.

"I am not saying that I'm going straight back to how we were, but I believe you. I love you, too," I tell him. Tom grins, and hugs me.

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