Questions and Answers

It was night-time in the loft, and Jess felt pretty low; no matter how hard she tried to subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) get Nick to stay, he had left anyway. To be with her.

She didn't understand how Nick could fall for her again. Jess had only met Caroline once before Nick got back together with her – at the wedding of the guy's friends last year – and there didn't seem to be many redeeming qualities about her then. Her fashion sense wasn't 'pretty'; her hairstyle was boring; the way she spoke was irritating; and even though she had a boyfriend, she still led Nick on and had hurt him. Bad. What kind of woman DOES that? She was so casual when admitting her non-single status too!

An almighty sense of rage filled Jess, she could feel her muscles tense in irritation. She cared too much about Nick, she knew he'd be hurt again; it was a question of 'when' and 'how'.

Breathe IN for five seconds, breathe OUT for five seconds. It wasn't doing much to help, and she knew she wasn't going to be able to sleep, but she had to try. At least if she fell asleep, she wouldn't be thinking about Nick and Caroline in their gorgeous new apartment, in love and ludicrously happy.

Grr, mustn't think about THEM. As she drew the curtains, Jess breathed out a sigh of sadness and annoyance…when something caught her eye. Was that a Roving Moving truck? Why was it back on their block? Was someone else moving from the building? Or could it possibly be..?

*Hey WNICK listeners! This one is going out to all the ladies I meet when I grow up!* "NAAAT!"

Jess felt a 100 mega-watt smile spread across her face, inside she was dancing with sheer joy, she wouldn't (no…COULDN'T) let herself get too excited – she needed to check. Five whole seconds were spent adjusting her face to look more cool and casual as she heard AC/DC starting to blare from across the hall.

As she opened the door to see Nick leaning against his door-frame, Jess wasn't able to stop the corners of her mouth from lifting up a little.

"Welcome back, you clown" was all she could muster, before having to dive back into her bedroom, in order to dance around like a loon without Nick witnessing how happy she really was that he had come back. She needed to be alone for this, as if Nick were in a five metre radius of her, she would have jumped on him without any thought.

Two hours had passed, and Jess was still on a high, but calm and collected enough to try and speak to the man she was so ecstatic to see back in the apartment already. She tip-toed across the hall, as not to wake Winston and Schmidt. This was a conversation she didn't want them to be around for. She had a question to ask. She wanted to be alone with her second best friend (hoes before bros as Cece had always said) for a while. It was crazy how close the two of them had become, but she just felt that spark of happiness and humour, yet total calm and ease around him.

She heard some kind of old reggae track playing from his room, so she knew he was awake. She only had to knock twice before she heard Nick get up from his bed. He opened the door to Jess, who had put her chocolate brown hair into a kind of bun, with a few stray curls hanging slightly out.

They spoke for a while chilling out, sat on Nick's bed, as Nick explained her what he's said, and what Caroline had shouted back. He told her how her realised that Caorline just wasn't the right woman for him, and chuckled when he mentioned how it turned out Caroline had lied about her age for so many years, and ridiculous he felt when he realised how long he didn't know his own girlfriends age for in their previous relationship.

Jess was completely relaxed, except for the question nagging at her mind, that she knew she needed to ask sooner rather than later.

"Was that what made you come back? Her lies? Or was it something else…like, some other reason?"

The pause that followed was so thick with meaning it was almost tangible. Jess regretted loading her urgent question with such purpose almost instantly after aking it, as Nick's facial expression changed from laughter from the conversation before, to a look of deep thought.

Nick didn't know how to answer Jess' question. On one hand, he could tell her that their goodbye outside his new apartment hurt in a way he didn't expect, in some deep place within his brain; and that he didn't think he was ready to give up the happiness and comfort of living with his best friends, just so that he could force himself to feel mature, with a sense of more responsibility – as misplaced as it would be. However; on the other hand, he could come up with a quick and funny answer to keep the tone of their conversation light, and save the truth for a time when wasn't caught completely off-guard.

"Did Schmidt and Winston ever show you the tape I made for myself about not getting back together with Caroline? I can't pull off that 'hobo-beard' look, can I? It would've happened again at some point, and beards are just too much maintenance for me. There's also the avoiding Schmidt's Fredo-kissing, whenever he would visit. I don't think my gag-reflex could handle it…"

"Oh right, yeah." Jess was amused by his answer, but felt a sense of disappointment. Maybe she didn't mean as much to him as he did to her.

Hello! Thanks for reading guys, it was my first FanFic after a long time of just reading other people's fanfics. I know it's quite late to be adding a See-Ya based Fic now, since Season 2 is about to start, but i just think the ending of the episode was perfect, and wanted to add my own bit to it. Please review so i can know if it's truly terrible or not, be honest!

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