A/N: Okay so I feel bad for having to rewrite this for you guys, but the other work was crappy and it didn't show my talents, as I wrote a yearish ago.

I am in misery

and there ain't nobody

who can comfort me

I wake up from a beeping sound, which sounds as if it was programmed into my mind, but turns out to be a heart monitor. When I open my eyes, I have to quickly shut them again, the light is too bright. After blinking several times, I scan the room. Machines are all over, concrete floors, black walls, white sheets, people in white lab coats scanning their clipboards.

Then there is the sound of uneven footsteps, as if the person walking could use a cane, but won't because that shows weakness. The unpleasant smell of roses and blood creeps into my nose and stains my sinuses. "Hello there, Miss Everdeen." His low, raspy, guttural voice echoes through my ears and into my brain, where it will remain forever.

His guards fall into order, as the snake himself reaches my bedside. I can't focus; all I hear is the thoughts screaming in an endless circle. "Miss Everdeen, after watching footage of the games I saw that you shot the arrow with the wire into the force field. Care to elaborate the rebel's plan?" I remain silent, not wanting to waste my time on someone as evil as Snow. "Okay, so you are doing this to yourself. Just remember that."

Next thing you know a needle is stuck in my arm. My vision gets black and fuzzy at the edges and then I'm gone.

I wake up in a prison cell. For three people. When I look around, I don't see anything suspicious of another person, but then I see the other bed with a person laying on it. Where's the third person? I stand up, but quickly sit back down as I got so dizzy I couldn't see.

"Hey Katniss, sorry I knocked you out in the arena." Johanna.

"Specify the reason."

"I can't tell you, I am sorry."

Just then the door swings open causing an extremely loud screeching noise to fill the room. "Johanna and Katniss, follow me." A high male voice says.

I follow him and so does Johanna. There would be consequences if we didn't so why make ourselves get hurt? Another guard appears when we pass a door and takes Johanna through it. We make it to another door and they take me through it.

I retract once I enter, slamming into the guard's body. He grips my shoulders and pushes me forward. In the room is a metal chair, like a dentist's, with all sorts of tools and weapons around it.

"Sit down."

I sit down, nervous about what is going to happen. He hooks electrodes onto his forehead and produces a needle. A long needle with a dark green serum in it. I learned somewhere, probably from Gale, that colored serums contain transmitters. He plunges the needle into a vein in my neck. My eyes close immediately.

When they open, I am in a field. A field? Where am I? Then all of a sudden, it starts raining fire. Raining fire? How does that work? And then in a split second, I am burning. The fire starts eating away my clothes, burning my skin, making me scream out in pain. "Help! Help! Please! Someone help me!" It's a crushing feeling. One that makes you want to break down and cry. One that makes you want to die in a hole or something. One that makes you wish you were never born. One that makes you wish that you had a better life. One that makes you wish that you were someone else. One that makes you wish that you had friends. One that makes you wish you had more people in your life that cared about you. One that makes you wish someone else had your life, someone else to understand what you were going through. One that makes you realize that you are alone in your life, that you are all alone wherever you go.

The burning keeps coming, but then all of a sudden I fall. I can't breathe anymore. Smoke coming up my nose. I sputter and cough trying to get the smoke out of my system. It doesn't work. The smoke making me die inside. The smoke makes me have to cough my intestines out. I pull my hand up to my mouth to cough in it. When I pull my hands to my eyes they are blood red. I gasp, causing me to go into another fit of coughs.

Then Finnick comes out of nowhere, so does Mags, Johanna, Beetee, Wiress, Peeta. I scream when I see they are all blistery and covered in blood. Probably the blood rain, since we are back in the arena. The jungle behind them, I am on sand, on the beach. They all smile sadly at me, then produce knives from behind them. They hold the knives out in front of them then plunge it into their abdomen, making blood soak their shirt. This can't be happening. They can't all die. Not now. Not ever. I love them. Even if I just realized this. I can't go on without them. They have become a part of my family. A family that is difficult, a family that I have grown to love.

I scream and scream and scream until my throat aches for me to stop. Finnick comes over to me. He strokes my hair as he speaks in a soft voice, "Katniss, you are dying. Hence the blood," pointing to my own abdomen. "Gloss stabbed you. We will not go on without you. So we will die with you. We love you, our little Mockingjay."

They all come over to me, lay down in a line, with Finnick and Peeta on either side of me. We all join hands and whisper a quiet 'I love you' to the other members of our alliance and our families, if we have any, saying goodbye.

My eyes close and when they open, I wish they didn't. Prim stands in front of me, a spear wedged in her abdomen. Rue's death, this was Rue's death. Rue dying was too much to bear. I can't lose both of them. I already lost Rue and I can't change that. But I can't lose Prim too. She collapses into my arms. Looks at me with fire in her eyes. "I hate you! When will you understand that? I hate you! You killed me! You didn't save me! I hate you!" That's when her eyes close and her last words to me were words of hate. And I cry. I just cry. The only feeling to this is agony. Pure agony. I just lost my entire family. The family that I love is gone. There is no one left.

When I open my eyes again, I am back in the metal chair. Does that mean that everything I just saw was fake? That it was a hallucination? A simulation? That my loved ones are still alive? The guard sits in a chair next to me. He looks at me, eyes filled with sadness. He whispers, "I am sorry this happened to you. But I will try to get you out of here alive, to District 13. But be wary of President Coin. I would know, she was my mother." I admit; I didn't see that coming. But just when I was about to say ask him why I should be wary of her, other guards coming in, with President Snow trailing behind them. I will have to ask him about that later. I can't just not know. I am not one who will settle for not knowing things. I need to find out.

"Hello, Miss Everdeen." He smirks, sending an icy look to his eyes. "I am so glad we were able to get you out of the arena. If we have you, and we can make you show that you are on our side, the Districts will hate you so much; they might kill you for me." He sits down in front of me and crosses his legs. "If they see that you are on the Capitol's side then this whole rebellion thing might just stop if they don't have the Mockingjay on their side." I won't let him ruin my reputation. Make me seem as if I am some piece in the Capitol's games. Make me seem as if I am a tyrant.

"Now on to business, Miss Everdeen. I know you know something about the rebel's rebellion and plan to get you of the arena alive." The last word comes out as a hiss. "I mean why else would you blow up the force field?"

I screech, "I don't know anything about the rebellion, I only blew up the force field because I saw Beetee tried to do it!"

"Sure you did." The snake hisses. He makes a gesture to the guard in the corner. He comes over and puts a bucket down by my head. He picks me up by my hair and drops me on the floor. I am forced on my knees. Snow takes a remote out from his pocket and hovers his thumb over the only button on the remote. The guard grabs a handful of my hair. The next thing I know my head is submerged and water is filling my sinuses. Then there's this shock that makes my whole body shudder.

My head is pulled back to the surface and I take that opportunity to spit the water out and gasp for air. "I said what do you know about the rebellion!"

"Nothing! I swear I know nothing!" They hold me under for longer this time, making my lungs sting. The electric current goes through me again.

(A/N: I decided since they had Enobaria, Peeta, and Johanna captured in Catching Fire cause they were close to each other. That I am making Katniss, Johanna, and Finnick be captured. Because first off, Johanna just has to be captured. It wouldn't be the same if she wasn't. Okay, and I have this weird like passion to have Finnick and Katniss be a couple. So this is a Katniss/Finnick fanfic. Is that bad?)

I scream from under the water, while Snow holds the button down longer. The shudders that go through my body make me feel like my intestines are going to blow up.

When I am brought back up from the water, I hear a blood curdling scream that make my bones ache. I turn my head to the side, since I know that the walls are made of glass in this room. I see Johanna, being beaten. I close my eyes and turn my head to the other side, even though it is hard with this guard's hand in my hair. When I open my eyes, I wish I hadn't. Finnick is there, still hooked up to his simulation thing. His mouth is open, so he must be the one screaming. I wonder what he is seeing that had brought so much pain to him. It doesn't really matter what it was that he was seeing, but seeing the combination of the two of them in pain hurts me as well.

3 hours later and I am brought back to my cell. My body painted red, blue, purple, no skin color left. I can barely walk, so the guards practically drag me to my cell. I am thrown onto my so-called bed. I lay down and close my eyes, not even bothering to see if anyone else is in the cell.

I am almost into the darkness when I hear a soft voice, one that has endured so much it is hard to believe it hasn't broken yet, whisper. "It was you, Kat."