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Chapter 1

It was a part of her life that she just tried to ignore. Ever since the day she'd found out what kind of business her father was really part of she had grown to hate her life. The riches, the brand name clothing, the fancy parties, the expensive gifts, her car… All of it was paid for in blood. Her father was the leader of the most violent and bloodthirsty gang in the entire city of Magnolia. Her father was the leader of the Gremlins. She'd heard stories of the terrible murders and faked suicides that members of the gang committed. She'd always thought it was horrible but when she found out it was her own father who ordered each and every one of those deaths… The thought more than disgusted her. She hadn't stopped throwing up for days after that. Of course, her father had no idea she knew. He still kept up the lie. He gave her gifts and sent her on many vacations with anyone she wanted to go with. This usually meant she went by herself. She wasn't allowed to have any friends. Except her Spirits. They were her only hope. Yes, Lucy Heartfilia was a lonely girl.

Part of her wished she had never found out the truth but another part of her was angry that it had been kept from her. Even her Spirits had known about it. When she'd brought out Loke (or Leo the Lion) and demanded to know why nobody had told her, he looked rather uncomfortable and eventually admitted that while they had known about this, they didn't want her to be sad so they had kept it quiet. Ever since then, they were under oath that they would tell her everything. For the first few weeks, she locked herself into her room, afraid that her father would somehow find out that she knew. When nothing happened, she just tried to ignore it. Then she got to thinking, "Maybe I can find a way to stop him." And that idea has been plaguing her ever since.

In fact, it was that very idea that led her to this alleyway. She was currently hiding behind a trashcan wondering why she hadn't thought to think this plan further. Like maybe decide just how she was going to stop them? Sure, she'd followed her father's thugs to the house of an influential politician but how exactly was she planning on stopping them? It struck her that potentially, the only way to stop these men was to kill them. And could she do that? Could she ask that of her Spirits?

While she was having this internal conflict, she failed to notice the two newcomers to the alleyway. "We heard they were gonna be here baka now where are they?" a distinctly male voice said. Lucy stiffened. Now what? "They are supposed to be in this house here. I know it! This time I got the right information." Another distinctly male voice snapped. Lucy cautiously peeked out from behind the trash can. She couldn't make out the details but she saw two men standing head to head in the alley. "Look just climb up the piping. We have to save that rich guy or we won't get our money." The one on the left said. Lucy's eyes widened. They were trying to help the politician! He was the only possible rich guy near here so that had to be it. Except… the other guy was climbing up the wrong house.

It was now or never. This was her chance to possibly save an innocent man from dying. Though it would also be the start of her life being in constant jeopardy. The man was getting higher on the piping. She had to do something. She stood up fast. "Wait!" she said, loud enough to get their attention but not loud enough to be heard inside. Immediately, she was slammed up against the wall by the guy who was still on the ground. Her air supply was quickly running out and yet she felt strangely calm. "Who are you?" the man asked his voice like ice. "C-can't… b-breathe." She wheezed. At this point the other man had jumped off the pipes to see what was going on. "Let her breathe Gray she's only a girl." He said. Gray reluctantly took his arm off of her throat and she doubled over, coughing. When she'd gotten her breath back, she looked to the man who had been climbing the building. "The guy you're trying to save is in this building not that one." She said. Gray's eyes narrowed. "How would you know that?" he asked. Now it was Lucy's turn to frown. How would she answer that one? "I… I just know. Look if you want to save him you have to trust me! And you don't have much time either!" she said. Her eyes plead with them to believe her.

There was silence for a very tense minute then Gray's partner spoke up. "Fine. We'll climb this one." Lucy sagged with relief. "But you have to come with us." He added. "What?!" she exclaimed. "Natsu what are you thinking?" Gray exclaimed right after her. The man – Natsu – crossed his arms. "Well if she's lying then we can make sure she never tells a lie again. She won't get away that way. And if she isn't lying then… well she can go home." He explained. Gray thought for a moment then nodded. "Alright fine. But you're the one carrying her up there." He said gruffly. "Hey wait! Doesn't my opinion count for anything?" Lucy demanded. Natsu and Gray turned to her. "No." they both said.

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