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"Lu-chan…." Lucy laughed as Levy, Levy, ran out of words. "I'm hoping you're complimenting me with your lack of words. " she joked. Mirajane flitted about the group of girls fluffing skirts here and adjusting bows there. "Lucy you look amazing!" she said, waving a hand at the blushing blonde. Lucy was wearing a white strapless gown that had a short train. Her veil was not long but it wasn't short either. It fell down to her waist and her hair was pulled into a fancy up do courtesy of Mira and Lisanna. She had light make up on which complimented her features. Lucy smiled at Mira in thanks as she smoothed the front of her dress.

Wendy came into the room and handed Lucy a bouquet of pink flowers. They were the color of her soon-to-be husband's hair. "It's time Lucy." Wendy said. "Your father is waiting outside." Lucy made her way to the door and out to meet her father. Jude's eyes teared up immediately. "Oh Lucy…" he whispered. He couldn't speak but he squeezed the hand she placed on his arm and kissed her cheek softly. "Thank you Papa." Lucy murmured back to him. She turned and faced the doors to the main hall of the guild as she heard the bridal march being played. She hadn't even noticed when the other girls, who were all part of the bridal party, had made their way down the aisle.

Natsu stood at the alter in a tux without the jacket. His face was set in his famous million watt grin as he waited for the woman of his dreams to come walking down that aisle. It was a complete turnaround to how he'd been just an hour before the ceremony started…

"What if she doesn't want to get married anymore? What if her father really hasn't changed and he doesn't let her go through with it? What if I do something stupid during the wedding and she refuses to go through with it? What if- OUCH!" Natsu's panicked rant was cut off when Laxus smacked the back of his head. "Don't go insulting my sister like that!" he growled. "You know Lucy would never do any of those things! She would have ended things before they went this far if she was going to."

Natsu considered this and Laxus thought they were in the clear until the panic came back to Natsu's eyes. "Laxus what if I'm a horrible husband? What if she starts to hate me? Oh my Mavis I know she wants kids but I don't know how to be a dad! What if I ruin our children?! Lucy would hate me forever and leave me and- OUCH! Goddammit Laxus!" Natsu had once again been smacked in the head. "Geez Natsu calm down! Since when have you ever been scared of a challenge?!" Laxus questioned. Natsu frowned but then his gaze became rather pitiful. "Yeah but this is Lucy. I want her to be happy. I screw up a lot… what if I mess this up too?" Natsu said.

Laxus sighed. "Look Natsu just stop panicking for a moment and think. You want Lucy to be happy right? Well she is always happy when she's with you so why wouldn't she want to marry you? You make her laugh like nobody else and you pick her up when she falls. And about those kids you're so worried about… Who said Lucy knew how to be a mother? Our mom died when we were young and her father never remarried. Lucy's had as much experience with a mother as you have with a father. So you'll both figure it out together. And if you mess up, Lucy will forgive you. So stop the pity party and just put on the damn tux!" Natsu stared at the older male as his words sunk in. Then he clenched his hand into a fist and a grin tugged on his lips. "I'm all fired up now!" he cried and Laxus knew Natsu would be fine.


The doors to the guild opened and the whole crowd caught their breath as Lucy entered on the arm of her father. Natsu forgot how to breathe. Lucy looked like a goddess. Gray had to lean forward and say, "Natsu! Breathe!" before Natsu remembered to take a breath. Lucy was up at the makeshift altar before anyone realized and suddenly Jude was handing her into Natsu's arms. "Thank you for taking care of my daughter young man." Jude said as Natsu held Lucy's hands. Natsu only nodded, too busy being mesmerized by Lucy's eyes.

"You look like an angel." Natsu whispered. The look on his face made Lucy giggle. "Thanks Natsu." She replied. The couple then turned to Makarov who was presiding over the wedding. Lucy was shocked to see the tears in the old man's eyes. "Jii-chan?" Natsu asked. Makarov cleared his throat and shook his head. "It's nothing. I'm just… so proud of you two!" he said, lower lip quivering like a child's. Natsu and Lucy sweat dropped. "Eheh… thanks Master." Lucy said.

The rest of the ceremony passed without incident though Romeo nearly dropped the rings and Mira had to cling to Laxus so that she wouldn't faint from all the love in the air. Then Makarov was saying, "You may kiss your bride," and people started cheering. Lucy kissed Natsu and when they broke away she cried, "Jii-chan gets first hugs!" She embraced the older man who was her grandfather and Makarov lost it. He began to cry about how proud he was that Natsu finally calmed down and got married. "Now the bills for repairs will go down!" the old man sobbed. "Oi, oi! Jii-chan you're supposed to be happy that Lucy is done with all the troubles with Ivan and that the two of us are going to be happy!" Natsu protested.

Lucy was surrounded in well-wishers and friends who wanted hugs and to say how happy they were for her. Then Cana started yelling about booze and Mira was called on to sing. Food was brought out and the feasting began. Then Mira was demanding the father-daughter dance followed by Natsu and Lucy's first dance as a married couple. As Natsu held Lucy close and looked into her eyes, he couldn't help the smile on his face. "I love you." He said. Lucy reached up and kissed him. "I love you too Natsu." She said. Then, of course, gifts were given. Happy flew up to Lucy super excited. "Lushyyyyy! I got you a fish! See?! I caught it myself! Isn't it the biggest fish you've ever seen?!" Lucy smiled at the cat and took his fish, setting it on the table before plucking the cat out of the air and bringing him down for a large hug. "Thanks Happy. It really is a great fish." She said. Happy purred and looked up at Lucy adoringly. Natsu cooked the fish and Lucy offered it to the rest of the guild, Happy included.

Much dancing and partying followed. Then someone bumped into Gray who splashed his drink on Elfman. Elfman promptly punched the air where Gray's face had been before he ducked. Instead, the big man's fist connected with Loke, who'd come on his own magic to participate. One thing led to another and soon there was an all-out brawl going in the guild hall. Lucy ducked as a chair came flying her way. "OI! ICE PICK YOU NEARLY HIT MY WIFE!" Natsu screamed. "I'LL KILL YOU!" And then Natsu was in the fray punching and kicking to fight his way to Gray who shot Lucy a contrite smile before punching a yelling Elfman. Levy sat next to Lucy and sighed. "I'm sorry Lu-chan. This wasn't supposed to happen…" the blunette said. Lucy just began to laugh and laugh. "It wouldn't be FairyTail without a brawl!" she said through her giggles.

Lucy yawned and blinked a few times as she looked around the now quiet guild. Everyone involved in the brawl was either knocked out courtesy of Erza, or passed out courtesy of Cana. Everyone, that is, except Natsu and Lucy. Erza had not killed Natsu because, "It's your wedding night and it is your duty to be with your wife!" Happy was asleep next to Charle and Wendy who were to take care of him that night. Natsu slipped his hands around Lucy's waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. "That was one rowdy party!" he said into her ear. Lucy nodded and leaned her head against his. "You tired?" Natsu asked. Lucy's next yawn answered his question. She squeaked as Natsu swung his bride up into his arms. "So what do you say Mrs. Dragneel? Wanna head home?" Lucy tucked her head into his chest and smiled. "Yeah. Let's go home Mr. Dragneel." She replied.

Lucy quickly realized they were not heading back to her apartment. In fact, they seemed to be heading to Natsu's house. "Natsu?" Lucy questioned, looking up at him. Natsu realized he hadn't told Lucy what he'd been doing before the wedding. See, early that morning the girls had taken Lucy and left to get her ready for the wedding and to have their last moments with her as a single lady. During the entire morning, Natsu and the other men from the guild had been moving Lucy's things to Natsu's house. Not only was Natsu's home bigger, but it could be added onto if needed and it was rent free. He had meant to tell Lucy after the wedding but with the brawl and the fact that Lucy was now really and truly his forever… it had slipped his mind.

"I kinda had the guys help me move your things to my place. You won't have to worry about rent and it is bigger so we have room to move around. If you really want to live in your apartment we can move it all back tomorrow!" he said, hoping she wouldn't be angry with him. Instead, Lucy tucked her head back under his chin. "It's fine. Wherever you are is home to me." She said quietly into the night. Natsu grinned and squeezed her closer to his chest.

They arrived at Natsu's house soon after that and he was forced to put Lucy down so she could get out of her dress and into some sleeping clothes. She stepped out of Natsu's rather large bathroom to find him already in bed waiting for her. When she slipped between the sheets, he grabbed her and she was swiftly pulled beneath his warm body and melting into a kiss. He parted from her only when they were out of oxygen. "You're mine. Forever!" Natsu said almost gleefully. Lucy smiled and kissed him again. "Yeah. I ran away from home hoping to just get away from it all. Instead I got a Fire Dragon for a husband and a whole guild full of crazy people for a family. But I couldn't be any happier. I love you Natsu." She said.

Natsu squeezed her tightly then pushed himself up so he could look into her eyes. "So what do you say we get working on those twenty babies?" he suggested with a wink. Lucy laughed and pulled him back down on top of her. "How about we start with one or two and see how it goes?" she suggested. Natsu kissed her and mumbled, "Fine by me," against her lips. And that was the last thing Lucy could think of that night.


As it turned out, they had three beautiful children. Luna, Ryuu and Layla. Jude spoiled his grandchildren rotten much to Lucy's dismay. The children had Natsu wrapped around they little fingers; he just couldn't say no to their pouting faces. Laxus and Mira got married about two years after Natsu and Lucy tied the knot. Lucy was happy to have an older sister in law while Natsu was terrified that the Demon Mirajane was his new sister. Laxus and Mira went on to have a little boy and a little girl whom they named Kai and Misuki respectively. The guild hall became a place for the new generation of FairyTail to play and learn. Makarov handed the guild over to Laxus having decided that the man was finally ready to run it. And as all fairy tales say, they all lived happily ever after.

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