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Stu's pov

I didn't believe Annie had truly been shot, not at first anyways. At first I did think that she was in some kind of trouble considering how fast and determined Auggie and Joan had appeared when I saw them leave. Then when Arthur went down to Lena's department after that I knew something major was going on, what though I had no idea. Not even a clue.

I figured it out when I saw a news update on my computer.

Shots fired in a home in Georgetown, leaving two victims, one was a man who is deceased, and the other a woman in critical condition, I read.

Then I saw the address, it was Annie's! She was shot! Barber, Greg, and Clara looked up at me when they saw it.

Their eyes begging me to say that it was someone's sick idea of a joke. But we all knew that it wasn't a joke. And because of that Clara cried.

AN: Jai's pov will be him watching everything that has happened.

Jai's pov

Damn you Lena Smith! How dare you try to kill Annie! I thought.

"Poor Auggie, he's still on the phone with Annie. Man, is he gonna be a wreck," I said to myself as I watched everything.

I then switched to watching Auggie and was I right, he was a wreck. Thankfully I knew where he was going, Joan's office. Now she'll have a great reason to hate Lena. I continued to watch and listen as Auggie relayed what had happened. Then Joan called Arthur and when he entered Auggie didn't notice or acknowledging him.

HOLY CRAP! He's worse than I thought he would be.

I knew he would be a mess, but this was beyond even my imagination of how he would be. I could also tell that he wanted to wring Lena's neck and make her pay for hurting Annie, but he wouldn't try it here.

I hated that I could only watch, I wish I could actually do something to help.

"What do they have planned?" I asked myself as I watched the looks on Joan and Arthur's faces.

I knew those looks well, they said that Joan and Arthur had something planned. What though was unknown. If I did know I could determine if I liked it or not. Although judging from the mischievous glint in Arthur's eyes I probably wouldn't like it.

Now I was worried for Annie and Auggie. God only knows what they will be in for soon.

"Good luck, Auggie. You're gonna need it from the looks of things. Annie's gonna need it too, I bet," I said to Auggie though I knew that he couldn't hear me.

I still needed to say it.