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Leaf, a young girl at the age of eight, have finally arrived at Pallet Town, a small secluded quiet town. Her family had decided to move away from the Sinnoh region, due to the fact that it's being plagued by wild Pokemons left and right. They wanted to stay in a peaceful area, not to mention that Leaf's father was hired as the professor's assistant.

Leaf's mom carried a brown box that says 'fragile' into the new house they have just moved in. Her father on the other hand, is painting and decorating the master bed room. Leaf just stood there watching her parents doing their own things until Leaf's mom glanced at her and smiled.

"Leaf dear, why don't you go out and play? I saw a couple of kids down at the sandbox and maybe you can go out there and play with them?" Leaf's mom suggested. Leaf was really shy and timid just muttered and shook her head. "I don't want to go mom. I'm scared on meeting new kids. Besides, what if they don't like me?"

Leaf's mom dropped the box she was carrying and walked over to Leaf and patted her daughters head. She gave Leaf a warm smile and kissed her head. "Don't worry Leaf I'm sure they'll be friend with you in no time. Pallet time is a nice peaceful place after all." Leaf just nodded her head. Leaf's mom walked over to a box that says 'hats' and was scavenging around for something. Leaf tilted her head over to the side and looked confused at what her mom's looking for. That is until her mom shouted "Ah ha!" in the air and walked back to her daughter.

"Her Leaf, this hat will bring you that one special friend you'll never want to part ways with." Leaf's mom smiled as she put the hat on Leaf's head. Leaf walks into the nearest restroom and look at herself in the mirror. She had the white pokeball hat on going along with her long brown hair that reaches down to her waist; she has a light blue tang top on that goes along with her light blue socks and her shoes are white with a red strip that goes to the side. Finally she wears her favorite red miniskirt. She smiles at herself in the mirror and looks back at her mom who was standing next to her. "Okay mom I'll check it out" Leaf said. She gave her mom a hug and walked out the door and head towards the sandbox.

"Yo Red! Check this out!" a boy with light orange hair wearing a black sweater and purple long jean pants called out to a boy named Red. He was on the swing and so was the other boy as he jumps off from the swing and landed on the sand with ease. The boy next to him nods and smile acknowledge his acrobatic skills. He wears a red cap with an insignia on it that rests on his black hair; he wears red clothes that go along with his hat and long light blue jeans with red and white sneakers. Red just slowly drops his speed from the swing and jumped off too. His jump however wasn't as great as his partner. The boy in the black sweater laughs at him. "Ha Ha Red you can't even jump as good as I can." The boy in Red just shrugs at him.

"H-Hey guys. What are you two doing?" asked a nervous girl wearing at white pokeball hat. The boy in the black sweater just glares at her and shouted "Hey! No girls are allowed in here! This is the boy's sandbox! Oh wait…there are only boys here in Pallet Town. So scram!" The girl looks hurt as her face fell down looking down at the sands. Red on the other hand looked at his partner dumbfounded and shook his head in disappointment. The boy in the black sweater started to yell at her again. "Hey! Didn't you hear me? I said scram! Nobody enters Blue and Red's territory that isn't a guy!" This time the girl's eyes were foggy from the upcoming tears that are about to spill.

"Hey come on Blue, she didn't know it was ours to begin with. Give her a break man; she must be new her in Pallet." Red tries to reason to his friend named Blue. Blue instantly looked back at Red and glared at him and grinned."Awwww if it isn't Red's little girlfriend and is here to defend her. That's so sweet." Blue cooed in a silly manner that got Red annoyed a bit.

"That's not what I meant Blue, I just mean that your pushing the-" Red tries to retaliate back but only to be cut off by Blue's shout.

"What? Are you saying you're going to defend this stranger!? This stranger is a girl and is walking into our territory! The Blue and Red's territory!" Blue shot back glaring back at Red. Red didn't know what to say. That is until Blue kicked some sand at the girl as she cried out. "Ah! Stop it!"

"Blue! What are you doing!?" Red yelled out to his friend. He looks back at the girl who was crying and trying to wipe sands out of her eyes. Blue just laughs and responded "Defending our playground Red; it's ours, and whoever invades it must be punished!" Blue laughed. Red gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

"Do it Red! Kick sand at her! Defend our playground from the girl!" Blue shouted at Red and pointed his finger at the girl who was still trying to wipe sands out of her eyes. Red shook his head slowly and walks towards the girl who towered over her by a few inches. The girl stopped crying and peek an eye open and saw the boy named Red looking down at her. Red eyes meet blue eyes. She stiffed in fright and tries not to cry. Red on the other hand turned around and faced Blue and shook his head.

"No Blue. I won't play your dirty games. This has gone far enough and I'm ending our friendship here unless you say sorry to her." Red stated as he put his hands in his jean pockets. Blue was dumbstruck as he just heard the impossible. Anger and rage boiled inside of Blue and walks towards Red and unleashed a punch that connected to Red's cheeks. Red fell backward next to the girl and look up at Blue.

"Our friendship is over. Get out of my face." Blue turns away and walks back to the swing set.

The girl kneels over Red with worries "Are you alright? I'm sorry about that…" Leaf muttered as she sniffed. Red sat back up and dusted his clothes. He tilted his hat straight "No worries, I was starting to hate him anyways. He was always Blue this and Blue that. The only thing I ever mattered was the territory." Red stated.

"I'm Leaf by the way, and thanks for sticking up for me." Leaf smiled at Red who blushed a bit. Red clears his throat and looks back at Leaf "I'm Red. Are you new here in Pallet?" Red asked.

"Yes. My mom and dad moved here from Sinnoh and I just arrived." Leaf smiled. Red smiled back and asked "Hey do you want to hang out?" Leaf was suddenly over come with joy and smiled at Red and nodded. "Yeah! What should we do?" asked Leaf. Red giggled and responded "We're going to play tag! Oh by the way. You're it!"

Red taps her on the shoulder which caught Leaf by surprised. Red then made a mad dash for it. Leaf on the other hand laughed and chased down Red "Oh no you don't! Get back here now!" They both laugh and giggled as they chase each other all around Pallet Town.