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Another year have passed after Red became champion of Kanto and have announced the whole regions that he is going to stay on the top of Mt. Silver for ten years or if someone has the courage and will to battle him and win. However there is one person in particular that wanted to see Red more than anyone else and that she would do anything to achieve that goal; Leaf, the girlfriend of the Kanto champion that was once a resident of Pallet Town home of the champion Red. After she heard and seen him on the news on the television screen in her living room, she immediately wanted to see him, not that she didn't before, but seeing him on the big screen makes her want to see him even more. When she saw his face, she was hurt and sad from the expression he had put on, he was quiet, depressed, and didn't even smile when he was champion when he's suppose to be jumping for joy and she knew why.

It was seven o clock at night, dinner time at a small family at the Sinnoh region in a small house at Twinleaf Town.

"Mom…dad…if it's not too much to ask…will you let me journey to Kanto on my pokemon journey?" A girl with a white hat named Leaf asked as she looked at the both of her parents with concern. Her parents looked at one another and looked back at her.

"Leaf…I know you want to go back to Kanto and see him again, we understand. However, we do not know how you're going to manage on your own on the outside world. Why don't you start your journey here in Sinnoh? Dawn and Lucas have started their journey here, why not join them?" Leaf's mother asked. Leaf shook her head disapproving her idea.

"Mom, the real reason why I've wanted to go back, so would you please?" Leaf pleaded as she looks at her parents. Her dad sighed and grabbed Leaf's hands on his right and looked at her blue eyes.

"Leaf…are you not happy here?" Leaf's dad asked. Leaf shook her head and looked down on the ground; she will tell them the truth.

"Mom…dad…the moment I left Sinnoh for first time was the scariest day of all, there were so many things I didn't know what will happen to me or the future, but things were changing." Leaf looked at her parents and smiled.

"It changed because of you guys, for the best, and I have it all thanks to the both of you. I've met so many people at Pallet Town with bright smiles, and in those smiling faces came a brighter smile than I can imagined; Red. With him I can do almost anything in the world, with him I have the courage to be confident in myself, with him I knew there was always hope, with him I always wore a smile on my face and meant it, and with him I knew my life was perfect. I love him, and I doubt there's anyone in this world that would make me feel this way again. However when we moved back to Sinnoh, I've felt empty and lifeless, like there was no point in living anymore, but I did for the sake of Red, hoping I'd see him again." Leaf said as she looks at the both of them. Her father tightened his grips on her hands and trembled a bit and simply responded.

"Wow…I never thought, my own daughter will fall in love at such an age, they say love is blind, but I can tell this one isn't and Red does reciprocate that feeling back." Leaf's dad said as he wiped a tear in his eyes exhaled a breath.

"Leaf...are you sure you know what you're doing?" Leaf's mother asked as she too placed a hand on her daughter's hand. Leaf nodded her head in confidence.

"Mom…do you remember when you gave me this white hat?" Leaf asked as she pulled the white hat out of her chestnut brown hair that was once resting on it. Leaf's mother nodded her head.

"You said that it will bring that one special friend and you'll never part ways with. I believed it when I was a child and that is why I kept it believing that the effect is still intact. I grew up and realized that it wasn't the hat, but my heart believed in it. I still kept it because another part of me believes that the effect is still there and Red's hat is connected to mine." Leaf said with a sad smile as she placed her hat back on her head. Leaf's mother couldn't believe what she just heard; her daughter still remembered that old trick and till this day, brought it up.

"Mom…dad…please…I…I want to see him again. I need to cure him from his depression; he needs me and I need him, you can't keep us separated any longer, who knows what's going to happen if this keeps going." Leaf pleaded with tears in her eyes. Her parents looked at one another and nodded their heads.

"We won't make any promises Leaf, but your mother and I will talk it over the night." Leaf's father sadly said. Leaf looked down on the ground and nods her head. She slowly pushed herself out of the table and got off the chair and went upstairs to her room, dragging her feet.

"Well honey, what do you think?" Leaf's father asked as he looks at his wife. His wife sighed and rubbed the back of her head.

"I want her to be happy, but it's been over two years already and she's still not happy, and Red too. We have a problem." Leaf's mother replied back. Leaf's father shrugged his shoulder.

Leaf lay down on her bed hugging her pillow with tears in her eyes as she clenches her teeth together. She shook her head and closes her eyes.

"Ten years Red? That's impossible; nobody can live on top of Mt. Silver for that long by themselves, and waiting for an opponent is just as impossible…" Leaf whispered to herself as she held onto the pillow tighter. From what she recall on the television, she remembered that in order to fight Red, they needed both the Kanto and the Johto badges and defeat the Elite Four along with the champion himself. It seems impossible, but she knows that she can do it because she now believed in herself and that she will save Red from that mountain. She soon drifted off the sleep dreaming of Red.

The next morning has arrived and Leaf's mother tries to wake her daughter from her slumber.

"Leaf…honey…wake up; we have decided." Leaf's mother said as she shook her daughter. Leaf groggily opened her eyes and looked at her mother with her father by her side. Leaf then suddenly realized what she just heard and suddenly she was wide awake with her eyes opened widely.

"You did?" Leaf questioned. Leaf's mother responded with a nod and looked at her husband.

"We've decided to let you journey to the Kanto region and if you really are sure about Red, we'll let you go to the Johto region too." Leaf's father smiled as he put a hand on his daughter's shoulder. Leaf's face smiled widely as she embraces the both of them tightly. Tears cascaded down Leaf's cheeks, but smiled happily. Leaf finally let go of her grip and sniffled a bit.

"When do I leave?" Leaf asked her parents.

"In the afternoon, we've already booked you a plane to Kanto and charted a bus to Pallet Town so you can start your journey there." Leaf's mom explained. Leaf's smiled even more as she gave another hug to her mother.

"Alright Leaf, it's time for you to get ready." Leaf's father said. Leaf happily nods her head and went to the restroom.

The afternoon have arrived, Leaf's parents are waving at the plane that their own daughter have booked on as Leaf herself waved back to her parents. Leaf lay against the chair and sighed happily as she rests against the comfort of the chair and slept towards her destination. The time went by fast as Leaf opened her eyes by the interruption from the captain's intercom that they have arrived at the Kanto airport strip and is about to land in the next five to six minutes. Leaf smiled as she looks out of the window and saw some small buildings, she was home.

Leaf packed her things into the bus and she was looking around for a spot, preferably a window; she found a spot on the far left side and sat down looking outside of the window. The bus driver closed the window and started the engine, then he took off towards the coordinated destination; Pallet Town.

The bus has dropped off Leaf at the outskirt road of Pallet Town. The bus drove away with Leaf waving bye to the bus as she makes her way towards the small town. She smiled as she walks down the dirt road until she finally came across a few houses and recognizes right away that she's at Pallet Town. However, once she set foot on the town she was greeted with a few frowns from the town instead of the warm comforting smile; she felt awkward as she kept going looking for the particular house. She took a few steps later she came across her rental home, empty and barren, that is still on rental and hoping that someone will buy it. She stopped and looked at it with a small frown as she recalls the small event that had happen here; she shook her head and continued on towards Red's house. Finally she reached the house until the door to the house opened and Professor Oak came out with a small frown on his face. He saw Leaf and his eyes widen from surprise.

"Leaf!? What are you doing here? I thought you've moved back to Sinnoh?" Professor Oak asks as he stopped walking. Leaf looked down, away from the professor.

"Never mind that, if you're wondering where Red is; he's at Mt. Silver." Professor Oak said as she fixed his lab coat straight. Leaf shook her head.

"Yeah…I know…what are you doing at Red's house professor?" Leaf asked innocently. Professor Oak cleared his throat and responded.

"I'm taking care of his mother for the time being." He said as he looked down at her with a small smile. Leaf nods her head.

"What about Blue? I haven't seen him around at all." Leaf asked again. Professor Oak cleared his throat once more.

"He's the new Viridian Gym Leader, although he's not being a good one; he usually travels around the region, and I heard he's thinking about traveling to Johto for some purpose." Professor Oak replied again. Leaf looked down and ponders; Blue must be working hard to see Red again, but why? After all this time why now? Leaf shrugs off the idea.

"Red's mom is in there; maybe you should go comfort her, I'm sure she'll be happy to see you." Professor Oak suggested as he walks away. Leaf nods and slowly opened the door to the house without knocking. She scans around the area, it was clean, but the atmosphere felt empty and quiet.

"Hello?" Leaf called out as she continues to scan the area. Suddenly a small weak female voice responded back.

"Does…my ears deceive me? Leaf…?" The same voice echoed through a small room near Leaf. Leaf turned to the side and noticed that it was Red's mom's room and entered it. Leaf grew concerned once she saw Red's mom lying down on bed, blankets covered and looking extremely weak and tired with messy hair and wearing old clothes that was worn since two days ago. Leaf kneeled down and held onto her hand. Red's mom weakly turned her head towards Leaf without saying a word.

"Y-Yes…it's me Leaf…do you remember me?" Leaf asked hoping that the answer was a yes. Red's mom made a small smile on her face and nods her head slowly.

"Leaf…oh dear…it is you. My Arceus, you've grown very beautiful. How old are you now?" Red's mom questioned weakly. Leaf smiled back.

"I'm sixteen years old ma'm. " Leaf replied back. Red's mom smiled turned into a frown as she remembers something, Leaf felt that she was the one who caused it and tries to apologize.

"I-I'm sorry, did I offend you in any way? If so, please forgive my rudeness." Leaf apologizes as she made a quick bow. Red's mom shook her head.

"No dear…it's just that…Red…would be seventeen this month…and I'm a bit saddened that he's not here to see you." Red's mom replied back. Leaf sighed relief, but there was something that was bothering her and she had to ask.

"I don't mean to pry, but why are you lying down in bed? Are you hurt by any chance?" Leaf asked as she felt guilty for some reason.

"I'm dying Leaf…I have cancer on my liver." Red's mom simply said. Leaf's eyes widen as she grip onto her hand tighter. Tears were about to spill, but she held it off.

"I'm so sorry to hear that." Leaf apologizes, but Red's mother shook it off.

"No need to apologize dear…it just happened right after Red left…" Red's mom weakly said as she looked up at the ceiling. Leaf knows that something was going on, and that she wanted to find out what it was, so she asked.

"Ma'm, is there something going on between you and Red?" Leaf questioned, hoping that the question wasn't too forceful. Red's mom nods her head.

"We had a small argument about the whole issue on Mt. Silver. I yelled at him saying that he needed to change and forget about you; he was angry and so he left to the mountain without saying good bye." Red's mother sadly said as she looks at Leaf.

"That idiot…" Leaf muttered under her breath.

"I was worried about him, Mt, Silver was my least concern, I let him ago because of what was written on the letter. That damn Elite Four…that Lance…" Red's mother was about to cry, but she held it in. Leaf held onto her hand tighter and looked at her with worries.

"Leaf…please find my son…please bring him down from that mountain…he won't survive in those harsh conditions and he's alone up there." Red's mother pleaded looking at Leaf sadly. Leaf wanted to stay and help nurture her back, but it looks like bringing her son was the only option.

"I will ma'm. Will you tell me what's in that letter?" Leaf asked. Red's mom looked up at the ceiling again and sighed.

"It said, 'If you value your son's life, you must do what we ask you to do. Allow your son to Mt. Silver and stay there for ten years, if you do not comply, we'll come by and kill him without you realizing it. Do not think that the Pokemon Forces will arrest us. We are the government officials. We hold the power.' That is the reason why I let him go." Red's mother finally said as she finally cried. Leaf held onto her hand and shook her head in anger and clenches her teeth.

"T-That's…that's…just…" Leaf couldn't say it; she couldn't believe what she had just heard. The Elite Four and the Pokemon League are corrupted beyond belief. She now knows what she must do, save Red herself by collecting the gym badges from both regions and defeated the Elite Fours along with the champion. It will take some time, but she's willing to risk it all.

"I'll definitely get him for the both of us ma'm…no for all of Pallet Town." Leaf confidently said as she let go of Red's mom's hand and looked down at her. Red's mom looked at Leaf and weakly smiled.

"I'm sorry for putting you through this, but I have no one else to rely on." Red's mom responded weakly. Leaf shook her head and smiled.

"Don't worry…I won't fail, I'll give it my all." Leaf said with confident.

"Thank you so much Leaf…and if you ever feel tired, you're always welcome back here anytime." Red's mom said. Leaf nods her head as she was about to leave the room until Red's mom questioned further.

"Leaf…how did you get here? Do your parents know you're here?" Red's mom questioned as she sat up from bed. Leaf stopped and looked back at her.

"Yeah…but it's a long story; I'll tell you one of these days." Leaf responded with a smile. Red's mom returned the smile as Leaf walks out of the room and out of the house.

"Okay Red…I'm coming for you, this time I'll save you." Leaf whispered to herself as she walks to the lab to receive her first pokemon.

"Well Bulbasaur…it's just you and me." Leaf said as she pet the little light green dinosaur like pokemon with a giant seed on his back. Bulbasaur looked up at his owner and replied with a "saur." Leaf smiles as she took her first step outside of Pallet Town beginning her new and rescue adventure.

One year later, Leaf finally reached the top of Mt. Silver, cold and tired. She looked at her surroundings; it was covered in snow until she looked straight ahead and caught a glimpse of something red…she took some steps and she could see the silhouette much more clearly now and realized who it really was. It was Red. She wanted to hug and collapse in his arms, maybe scold at him for leaving his mother. He turned around by the crunching of the snow boots heaving into the snow and was shocked on who he just saw in a long time. Forgotten? Nope. Lost? Never.

"R-Red…" was all Leaf could say. Too shock to say anything else and too happy to still see him in one piece.

"Leaf…"he responded back with a smile that she wanted to see so desperately again. She charges in.

The End

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