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Summary: Sequel to Going Rogue. Traumatized and broken, Wally tries to pick up the pieces of his broken life while trying to deal with the nightmares of what Hartley did to him. But fate always has had a wicked streak... Will he ever be free? Or is he still a puppet stuck in a Maze of Nightmares?


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(Wally/Kid Flash's POV)

The room what dark and cold, a heavy snowstorm clouded his view of the window. The silence was deadly; practically telling him that something horrible was about to happen –something that he could not escape. Not even if he died.

He was sitting in a bed hugging his knees with the blanket wrapped tightly around him as he tried to keep in as much heat as possible.

Shadows danced on the walls and watched them with wide, terrified eyes as they crept closer and closer to him…

Wally whimpered as he pulled the blanket tighter around himself, not for the first time wishing that he wasn't too afraid to try and make his way to his aunt and uncle's room. But every time that he made a move for the door the dark shadows converged around it, startling him back into his bed.

"It's not real…" Wally reminded himself softly as he carefully laid down in his bed. "There's nothing there… nothing can hurt me…"

And somehow, even with the dark shadows stalking him Wally managed to fall into a deep sleep…


Suddenly he was in a forest, tall trees surrounded him blocking out most of the light. Swallowing his hope. Suffocating him in solitary…

Except he wasn't alone. He was staring up into the face of a sadistic monster…


The older boy was smirking down at him, a predatory gleam in his soulless eyes. Wally likened him to a lion that had just found a wounded gazelle… and was about to rip it to shreds.

And he was the gazelle…

Wally tried to back away, but as if by some horrible magic his hands and feet were suddenly bound by silvery duct tape. He tried as hard as he could but no matter how much he pulled against his binds they would not so much as loosen. He was trapped, completely at Hartley's mercy…

And mercy wasn't something the sociopath was capable of…

Wally looked up again and saw that Hartley was suddenly right in front of him. In a blink of an eye the lunatic had his hands around Wally's throat and was pushing him into the ground. He didn't squeeze hard enough to suffocate him, only enough to scare and constrain him. But Wally wasn't sure how long that would last for.

"Now do I scare you, my little pet?" The twisted lunatic asked him, leaning forwards so their foreheads were touching.

Wally trembled in response.

Hartley's smirk widened to an impossible angle. "Now that's what I like to see…" He cackled. "Now let's see if I can't make you scream…"

Without warning Hartley pulled away and held a knife to Wally's throat, causing the red head to screech in fear.

"Louder, pet," Hartley demanded as he pressed the knife against Wally's flesh, making a thin trail of blood leak out –and caused another screech, only this one from pain. "Let me hear you scream for mercy… beg me not to hurt you…"

Compliantly, Wally did as he was told. "Please… stop…" He whimpered out weakly, terrified of what might happen next if he didn't. "Please don't hurt me…"

Hartley licked his lips as he listened to Wally's pleas. "That's more like it…" He laughed.

Wally allowed himself to hope that maybe Hartley wouldn't hurt him anymore, but then he caught a dangerous gleam in the older boy's eyes. A gleam that only appeared when Hartley was planning something horrible.

"Do you understand that you belong to me, and only me?" Hartley questioned him in a menacing tone. "That everything that is you, is mine to do with as I please?"

Wally whimpered in response, scared by Hartley's threatening words.

"I'll assume that means 'yes', because if it doesn't then you will be punished… severely," Hartley told him as he slid the knife around Wally's flesh. "And you don't want that, do you pet?"

"N-no…" Wally stuttered down fearfully.

"Good pet…" Hartley told him as he used the hand not holding the knife to stroke Wally's cheek and play with a strand of hair. "Now keep that in mind as I speak. Because if you don't do as I say, don't think I won't punish you for it."

Wally gulped, he didn't like the sounds of that…

"Tell me that you don't care for your old family anymore," Hartley instructed, leaning towards Wally again as he did. "Tell me I'm the only one you need…"

Wally jerked back in response to the closeness. "W-what?" He squeaked out as he stared at his attacker.

Hartley's eyes narrowed at him, obviously he did not like that response. "Are you stupid, pet?" He growled in annoyance. "I gave you a simple order –now follow it!"

"N-never!" Wally refused defiantly. "I… I love my family! And I HATE you!"

"You little brat!" Hartley snapped, wrapping his hands around Wally's throat again, only this time he was chocking the air out of him.

Wally struggled as hard as he could, but no matter how hard he fought back he couldn't shake his attacker. He felt his head spin as it failed to receive oxygen… Dark spotted clouded his eyes as he felt the world around him blur out into the nothingness…


Wally awoke with a start in his bed. Gasping for air as he thrashed around screaming.

His door was thrown open, and in a millisecond he found himself in his uncle's protective embrace. He calmed down instantly and clung to his uncle's shirt, burying his face in his chest as he cried.

"There there… shh… it's ok, it was just a nightmare," His uncle told him gently as he stroked his back. "It wasn't real… it couldn't hurt you…"

Wally whimpered in response, not bothering to tell his uncle what had happed in his nightmare. He didn't need to, during this past month he's had pretty much the same one every night. Some nights were more morbid than others…

He still couldn't believe that it's already been a month since he first woke up in the base to find that he was finally safe… only to find out that he now had permanent brain damage. At first he hadn't noticed anything wrong with himself, but that was probably because he was acting much the way 'Blitz' did, and he had been 'Blitz' for a very long time. But when they had him practice for school it became painfully obvious that he was nowhere near where he used to be.

Now even the simplest of math equations confuse him, and the science that he used to love is a bunch of gibberish to him. Don't get him wrong, he still loves swishing chemicals around and all that, but it will take a while for him to relearn everything he used to know. The Rogues never saw it necessary to have him study for school; he was expected to act like a mindless five year old after all…

Speaking of the Rogues…

Wally was wary of them; with good reason considering what had been done to him. At the same time he couldn't bring himself to hate any of the Rogues (Sans Hartley of course) as he now knows that they had no idea how much danger they let him be in. He can't even begin to count the amount of times they've apologized to him, many of them even sent him gift baskets with 'Sorry' notes. Those he really didn't mind, he'd gotten a lot of cool action figures and the candies where yummy; his uncle didn't like it much because he knew that they were all stolen goods.

His nightmares of Hartley though, kept him wary of the older boy. He's come to the house a few times to try to apologize for his actions (Only in the past week, mind you.) but he was unsure whether or not he could trust him again.

While Wally has been going to therapy sessions with Black Canary twice a week, Hartley has been forced to attend daily therapy sessions with a therapist Wally did not know. From what he has heard, though, Hartley actually suffers from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and that the 'scary Hartley' (As named by Wally) was being caused by his obsessive need to make things perfect. Hartley apparently refuses to tell anyone why this is though. In any case, that's not what Wally cared about –he was more focused on the possible of 'nice Hartley' (Also named by Wally) eventually being the only Hartley.

Wally remembers a lot about his time with the Rogues, and how nice Hartley was able to be. Part of him really hopes that this is true, but he's not about to get his hopes up just yet.

"Wally?" Barry said, snapping his nephew out of his thoughts.

Wally looked up at his uncle. "I love you Uncle Barry," He told him as he hugged him. "Thank you…"

"I'll always be here for you kiddo," Barry promised him. "Now let's get you ready for school."

"Is it really ok for me to go back?" Wally questioned skeptically. "I didn't really do all that good on the practice tests…"

Barry smiled at his nephew. "You did fine," He assured him. "Besides… we'll be putting you in some special classes' to help you out with your studies. And of course your aunt and I will be more than happy to help you with your homework."

Wally grinned and hugged him.

"Now, get dressed and I'll go help Iris make breakfast."


Wally bounced up and down excitedly in his seat in the back of the car. He was happy to finally be allowed back at school, he hadn't liked being cooped up in his house all the time; it reminded him of them Hartley kept him inside all the time. Plus he would finally be able to see his old friends!

Wally paused his bouncing when that thought crossed his mind, as it raised another though. He couldn't remember who his friends were. None of them. No matter how hard he searched his memories he couldn't bring forth any memories of his school life, let alone any friends he might have there.

He debated asking his uncle if he knew who his friends were, but decided against it. If his uncle knew that he couldn't even remember simple things like friends then there was no way he would let him go back to school. No, for now he would keep quiet about it and hope that he recognizes at least one of his fellow students.

"Here we are!" His uncle announced.

Wally looked up and smiled when he saw his school. He jumped out of the car but stopped from running into the school when his uncle caught his wrist to stop him.

Wally looked at his uncle with a look of confusion.

"Are you sure that you're ready for this?" He inquired.

"Of course," He answered with a carefree grin. "It'll be fun. Don't worry about me."

Barry smiled at him. "Ok, Wally," he said, "Just call me if you get overwhelmed, and I'll be here in a flash."

Wally laughed at his uncles joke before taking off into the school.

Once he was inside the building he smiled at everyone he walked past, hoping that someone would show signs of being his friend. Sadly, all he got were a bunch of pity filly smiles and a couple dark chuckles –Wally deduced that that were the school bullies and made a mental note to greet them with a glare next time instead of a smile.

Eventually he was able to use his school map and his changed schedule to find his first class of the day. It was math. It was a different math than the one he had taken before, this one was for people who struggled in class. It wasn't that it was easier; it just had fewer kids and two extra teachers helping out. They say it's so he can get all the help he needs.

When he stopped in front of the room he noticed that the door was half shut, and the sound of someone laughing could be heard on the other side. He opened the door and revealed a rather ordinary looking classroom with a bunch of posters with really crappy math jokes on them.

He continued to look around and saw about ten other students. Most of them were sitting in their desks listening to their IPods, but a group five stood out to him…


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