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Chapter FINAL: ...


How long has it been since this all started? It's been a few months at least. Wally supposed it didn't really matter now. This mess was finally over.

This was the thought he had as he looked around the med bay. The plain sterile white walls glared at him with their brightness, while the emptiness of the room absorbed all interest he could there were people though, and a radio that was playing some soothing classical music. Everyone was busily moving around and in and out of the room. Sometimes they'd stay and talk to him for a bit, ask how he's doing or if he needs anything. Other times someone would come in to check on his vitals or take blood from him to run tests on. Wally wondered what they hoped to find.

Speaking of finding things...

He's been interrogated by Batman even, and it'd not exactly easy to pull the wool over his eyes. Even now he worries that the big bad bat may suspect he's keeping secrets from him. As of right now Batman wasn't pressing the matter, and so long as things stayed that way he supposed he was in the clear.

If only his team was. That evening the rest of the Underdogs will be brought to the cave, along with the Garricks', to have a proper sit down with his uncle and him. To be honest he was still in shock that Bart had stood up for them like he had, it was quite surprising. Something must have happened while he was with the voice that changed Bart's mind about them.

Ahh, the voice. He was going to miss that guy. Girl? Guy? Gender neutral? Ya, he'd go with that. Still had no clue where it came from or what it wanted, or why it helped him. Something was very familiar about it though, something that made him feel safe enough to trust it so completely. Like a friend that he knows so well…

How did it communicate with him? His mind goes so much faster than everyone else. The voice would have been having to move at the same speed…

Was it?

It couldn't be!

Could it?

Was it… the speedforce?

Wally laughed out loud at the absurdity of it but at the same time was it really so far-fetched? It was an oddly powerful entity of mysterious origin that had a specific interest in helping him. And as they say: weirder things have happened.

As Wally was finishing up his thought his eyes caught sight of movement coming towards him and, pun intended, in a flash his uncle was in the seat beside him.

Barry was smiling, though it looked forced. The bags under his eyes from not sleeping and the general tiredness of his face gave it away. Still he smiled. Wally had to wonder if the smile was to convince him that everything was ok, or if his uncle was trying to convince himself.

"Everything ok?" Wally asked when his uncle didn't speak.

Barry blinked, seemingly knocked out of a thought. "Jay's on the way with them," He said finally. "They'll be here soon."

Despite the dreary way his uncle had told him, Wally was still ecstatic to see his friends again. Even if he wasn't allowed to tell him that happened he knew somehow that they would know that he's alright.

"You won't regret this, I promise!" Wally insisted, practically bouncing in his seat.

Barry groaned. "I already do…" He sighed into his hand, then looked at Wally directly. "What is it that you like about them anyways?"

"They treat me like a normal teenager, not like a china doll," He replied, letting the bitterness out finally, then he softened a bit. "And well, when we talk it's like I don't have to be afraid of saying anything I want. Even when I'd tell them things that were private they never judged me. Even when things aren't serious we have a great time! You should see the treehouse we're building! I can't wait to have sleepovers in it! And they've been helping me remember things too like at school and –"

"Ok, ok, I get it," Barry shushed Wally, smiling genuinely. "You care a lot about them."

Wally nodded in response.

"Do they… Know about you being Kid Flash?" Barry asked, his tone was hard to decipher as he kept his emotions out of his words.

There wasn't an immediate answer. Wally wasn't quite sure how to say what he wanted to say. Maybe blunt wasn't the best way… But it's what he's good at.

"Well, you know how there was a team of six young heroes who stopped that creep in Jump City?" Wally asked and his Uncle looked confused at him, but nodded. "Well… that was us."

Barry stared at Wally for a solid minute, which is practically an eternity in speedster time.

"They're… all… Metas?" Barry asked slowly, eye twitching.

Wally smiled meekly. "I found out about them after they saw me use my powers to avoid Bart," he admitted, thinking back to the day fondly. "They took me to a park and told me about how they came across their powers and what they can do. Jay heard us talking and brought us all back to his place, then he offered to train all of us. We've been a team since."

Barry frowned and sighed. "I guess I kind of knew already, though I tried to deny it," he said, shaking his head. "You probably don't remember, but a few months ago you ran up to me saying you and your friends were making a team and that you were going to be called 'The Underdogs'. So when I heard the name used I suspected it… But I didn't want to believe it. I had hoped they'd made a team without you."

"Wow, I had told you?" Wally rubbed the back of his head. "I have to work on keeping secrets…"

"Please, not from me," Barry insisted. "Not anymore."

Wally looked away from him, so his uncle couldn't read his emotions. "I didn't think I could trust you. I still don't know if I can."

He'd said the last part very quietly, but his uncle did hear him.

"I have things I need to tell you too," His uncle said softly. "I've been keeping secrets from you. After all this, I guess I'm the one to blame for you not trusting me. If I had told you sooner…"

Barry sighed and looked down, in thought Wally guessed. He seemed even more tired now, if you could believe it, almost like he was being dragged down by something.

"I've been lying to you for a while, because I've known more than I've let on," Barry admitted, almost sounding ashamed. "Because I've been communicating with Hartley since before he started tutoring you. Actually, the tutoring was my idea."

Wally stared wide eyed at his uncle.

When Wally stayed quiet, Barry decided to continue. "Not long after we returned from camping Hartley approached me on my way home from work. He was playing a tune and I felt dizzy, then I had a sudden realization that I'd been acting crazy," The older speedster said, now sounding totally ashamed of himself. "I snapped at him to tell me what was going on, and he confessed that Zoom had hired him to drive me insane, and as payment Hartley would get to keep you. Zoom's plan involved you being injured. Severely. Between that and the medicine Hartley's been on he had a change of heart."

This part wasn't too big of a surprise for Wally, as the voice had told him a rather similar story about the other timeline. Hartley and Uncle Barry deciding to team up was news though. He supposed that Hartley didn't try to kidnap him in this timeline because he didn't have an opportunity? Either way, things had changed. For the better.

"Don't worry about Zoom, I won't let him hurt you," Barry assured his nephew, becoming more and more concerned with his lack of a verbal response.

Wally snapped out of his thoughts. "I know you wouldn't, and whatever plans he's cooking up I know we can stop him," He said, feeling confident in his answer.

Barry smiled weakly at his nephew. There was still so much he wanted to explain to him, but that could wait. Right now he knew that Wally wasn't ready for everything. He's been through enough. The rest could wait.

Before Wally could ask his uncle what he was thinking about, there was an electronic alert letting them know that Jay and the Underdogs had arrived.

"I'll be right back," Barry promised before quickly zooming off.

Patience was never Wally's strong suit, so the long wait for his uncle to return with Jay and his friends was a painful one. He was also starting to worry that they were just fighting away from him and that they'd never even make it to the room. Then he'd never be able to convince his uncle to let him be an Underdog...

"Stay positive," Wally told himself. "Everything is fine. Everything is fine."

He clenched his green eyes shut and took a few deep breaths. When he opened them again he saw the door being opened and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw who was on the other side.

Though his uncle still didn't look happy his friends sure did, and Grampa Jay had a look of satisfaction.

As soon as they saw him, his friends pushed past the adults and rushed to his side. They were all talking over one another, so Wally didn't quite make out everything, just…

"-You ok?"

"Who hurt you?!"

Over and over again.

"Slow down!" Wally insisted, starting to feel overwhelmed.

Everyone stopped talking.

Wally smiled at them. "I'm ok, no one hurt me," He assured them. "Nothing to worry about."

"You were lured by a disembodied voice into a shack in the middle of the woods," Seymour said between gritted teeth. "That sounds like the description of a horror movie. So ya, we're a little worried about you."

A pang of guilt hit Wally's heart. "I know I should have told you guys about what was going on," he told them sincerely. "Honestly, the thought of telling you never crossed my mind. Or telling anyone. It just felt like I should not even think about the voice existing whenever it wasn't talking to me. Does that make sense to anyone, because it doesn't to me…"

His words were met with pity filled looked from his friends, eyes filled with worry. He wished he could explain more to them. They wouldn't understand.

"Sounds like a subliminal message thing," Mikron said, scratching his chin in thought.

"Just promise to tell us next time this happens," Jenny insisted, and Wally finally noticed that her eyes were a little red, as though she had been crying.

Well if he wasn't feeling guilty for he should would now. He never wanted to hurt them...

"I promise," He said, and he hoped he'd really be able to keep it.

"If we're done with this 'touching moment', I guess it's time to talk," Barry said, still not looking to happy about the situation.

Seymour turned around. "How about you stop being a dick."

"Watch your mouth," Barry snapped at him. "This is what I'm talking about -this isn't the kind of behavior I want my nephew to be around! He's going to start talking like that too!"

"He's not five, and he goes to high school -he's heard worse," Jay countered.

Barry grit his teeth.

Wally shook his head at the situation. How was he supposed to get his uncle to see past everything? Was that even possible? No, he couldn't think like that -he needed to stay positive and figure this out. There was a way and he was going to find it.

"How about we talk about our powers?" Wally suggested.

"Fine," Barry replied, still not sounding happy about it. "So what can you all do?"

Jenny went first, snapping her fingers to cause the lights flicker. "I can cause bad luck, at least that's what I call it," She shrugged.

Billy grinned and duplicated himself. "I can make many of me."

"I'm a super genius," Mikron said, tapping his head. "I can create anything in my head and then in reality."

Wyatt teleported around the room, finishing by going beside Wally -giving him a high five.

At this point everyone looked at Seymour. He let out a sigh and took his hat off, receiving a look of shock from Barry.

"My powers are x-ray vision and other eye-related ability, I don't know what exactly I can all do," Seymour explained, putting his hat back. "Side effect is my physical mutation. I only have the one eye."

Barry didn't respond right away. He just sort of stared, but at the same time didn't look like he was focusing on what was in front of him.

Then, as though through another force, the radio cut to a breaking news story.

"-This just in, there has been a break in at the new learning facility being constructed in the outskirts of Jump City. Authorities state that the man whom is having the building built has been taken hostage for ransom," The news woman said in a panicked tone. "We have also heard that this villain, whom called himself 'Doctor Light,' is the same one as the one that broke into the electric plant just days ago. We suspect this to be revenge for the failed robbery. He is saying he wants a group he refers to as the 'Underdogs' to come and face him. Now we had heard of them when they stopped the robbery before, and since then Sebastion Blood, current hostage and owner of both facilities, has been saying words of praise about them. Likely this has enraged the criminal more and -"


Everyone was absorbed by what they were hearing, but were snapped out of it when Barry banged his hand on the wall.

"Uncle Barry?" Wally said nervously.

To his surprise, Barry smiled. "Stop listening, and go," he told his nephew.

Wally went wide-eyed. "You serious?" He gaped, not believing his ears. Did his uncle? Was his uncle saying what he thinks that he is saying?

Barry nodded his head. "If you're feeling better, then it sounds like this guy could really use you -and your friends- help." Barry said, looking at all of them. "This 'Doctor Light' has challenged you guys, that officially makes him your first villain."

Grins spread across the group of friends, and Wally pushed himself out of the medical bed.

"Just promise not to push yourself, you're still recovering," Barry insisted, rushing to his side to make sure he could stand on his own. "And if you need to sit down just run a ways and rest. Or if you need help I'll be right there. And if-"

"He'll be fine," Jay interrupted. "He has his friends with him."

Barry turned around and looked at the teens, whom looking back at him with faces filled with determination. He lowered his head to the sterile white ground and let out a heavy sigh that seemed to be letting go of all his dark emotions.

He raised his head back up and smiled at the new team, the Underdogs.

"I guess he does," He admitted finally.

Wally hugged his uncle and whispered. "Thank you."

Barry returned the hug. "Be safe."

After his was released, Wally ran to his friends.

"Let's get changed and go," Seymour told him. "We need to move fast and rescue Mr. Blood."

Wally nodded. "You guys have your costumes?"

Jenny pointed a finger to her large purple Night-time-bat backpack. "It the bag -yours too," She said.

He smiled more. "I'll show you were you can change," he said, leading them out of the room.

After the Underdogs left, Barry and Jay looked at one another. Each was wearing a matching frown. What was wrong?

"Sebastien Blood?" Barry said, trying to remember where he had heard that name before.

"I knew his father -same name- but I think you might better recognize another name of his," Jay informed Barry gravely.

This raised an eyebrow. "And what would that be?"

"Brother Blood."


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