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It was a mild spring day in Geneva, Switzerland. The nations of the world were once again gathering to attend another world conference meeting to discuss and solve some issues ranging from the environment to foreign affairs. Switzerland, with his stern facial expression, quietly agreed to have a meeting in his land three weeks ago, since his country has a history of allowing nations to settle disputes. Also his country was home the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations based in New York.

Around 45 nations were present, and would be holding the meeting in one of the building's conference rooms. Most of the countries were either standing around and talking. Switzerland stood by himself, wearing his usual military fatigues with a rifle slung around his back, and scanned the room of talking nations, when he spotted his little adopted sister Liechtenstein, who was ditributing refreshments to the other nations, handing a tall glass of orange juice to a young smiley boy wearing a sailor's suit.


Switzerland walked over to the boy and said, "Hello young man. What are you doing here?" he asked very modestly. The boy looked up and said, "Oh hello! I'm Sealand, the world's smallest nation! Jolly good to meet you mister Swiss." He said with a cheerful British accent.

"Ahh you're the young boy Germany told me about. I'm suppose to provide you with a group of at least 10 of my finest soldiers." The blonde nation said.

"Thanks but is that really necessary? I can take care of myself." The boy said before taking a sip of his orange juice.

"All things will be said in the meeting. You studied the rules given to you?" Swiss asked.

"Studied it like France does with women." He said before taking a big sip.

"Teeheehee. I find zat funny." Said a French accented feminist voice. Switzerland turned to find the familiar source of the voice and spotted two smiling female nations coming their way, Belgium and Seychelles.

Seychelles the short French-speaking island nation wearing her usual knee-length blue dress, but her long, dark brown hair that was usually tied into two pigtails wit red ribbons was tied back into a ponytail, going down to the middle of her back, with a red ribbon, and Belgium in her usual green military uniform with her usual short blonde hair style with a green hair band.

"Hello miss Belgium and madame Seychelles." Switzerland greeted.

"Hello Switzerland!" Belgium greeted with her usual smile.

"Bonjour Monsieur Swiss." The French speaking female greeted too.

"So whose this cute boy?" Belgium asked sweetly about Sealand who blushed in return as he took another sip.

"This is Sealand. World's smallest nation." He introduced still with his stern facial expression.

"Nice to meet you!" Belgium said in her cheery tone.

"Bonjour." Seychelles repeated with a smile.

"Jolly good to meet you too." He responded.

"But wait. How come I never see you at meetings?" Belgium asked as her smile left her face.

Sealand looked down while taking a small sip, "Its because I haven't really been recognized as my own independent country yet. Except for Latvia, my good friend." He explained.

"That is until he heard about Ludwig's efficiency and asked him for help and agreed." Switzerland added.

Seychelles mind started to wander at the mentioning of the name of a certain country.


"Sealand what are you doing here!" Said Britian who was pissed at the sight of his younger who he thought snuck himself in the conference room.

"Well I-" Sealand was a little scared, but luckily was interrupted by Switzerland.

"Germany invited him England! He agreed to help him out to obtain recognition as his own country." The gun loving nation defended.

"Fine." Britian bluntly said as he turned away.

"Sealand!" An Eastern European accented voice called out.

Sealand turned his head and spotted Latvia waving his hand, gesturing him to come over. He got up from his chair and hurried over to him calling out, "Sorry it's been nice meeting you. And thanks for your help Mister Swiss." He waved at the trio.

"Monsieur Germany iz great isn't 'e?" Seychelles muttered as her eyes became dreamy, who barely paid attention to the scene.

Switzerland noticed the day dreaming face that Seychelles unknowingly had on. He and some of the other countries have noticed this about Seychelles, from time to time, whenever Germany is present.

"Miss Seychelles your not going to let your feelings for Germany distract you again?" The trigger happy blonde nation asked raising an eyebrow.

"W-what? I don't know 'at you're talking about." Seychelles face then produced a noticeable splash of red as she snapped back into reality.

"Awwww little Seychelles has a crush on Germany? So cute!" Belgium teasingly asked, bending at a 45 degree angle to meet the shorter nation's height, while pinching her left cheek.

"Non!" She lightly smacked Belgium's hand away.

"Everyvone settle down!" Commanded Germany. "Its time to begin our vorld conference meeting."

'Merci Germany' Seychelles's mind said lightly sighing in relief as she found and took her seat at the long oval shaped conference table. A/N (Merci is thank you)

Germany, who was wearing a light brown suit and a red tie, was standing in front of a large board with maps and other papers of importance on it, made the French island nation's heart flutter a bit with admiration.

"Oh Germany you never fail to look so 'ansome, so professional, so fiery, and strong." Seychelles's mind was saying.

As everyone, except for those already seated, went to the their seats, an angry Italian voiced called out, "Hey wait a minuto! Who made the potato loving bastard in charge of meetings now!" Yelled Romano standing up from his seat pointing at the tall blonde nation who lightly grumbled at the Italian's trademark insult, but still managed to preserve his famous stoic facial expression as he stared at the Southern Italian.

Seychelles stood up from her seat trying to keep herself calm, she didn't like the Southern Italian's attitude or tone towards Germany. "Becauz Romano, with Monsieur Germany's chairmanship we can actually get zings done." The brunette woman said.

Everyone looked at her in astonishment since she actually stood up for Germany. In fact, nobody has really stood up for Germany as much, ever since he was reunified with his older brother in late 1991. Much of that was done by America.

"The chica is right amigos. I think we should all show some gratitude for Germany for once." The male nation Cuba agreed while smoking a cigar and having his arms crossed. Romano was embarrassed but yet still somewhat pissed, and took his seat again. Seychelles followed, having pink shade form on her cheeks, feeling rather proud of her self.

"Danke herr Cuba und fräulein Seychelles." The German responded.

"Dude! Dude! Older Italy just burned by a girl! Hahahaha!" Said none-other than America who was standing and pointing wildly at the Southern Italian.

"Let's justa getta over with this meeting." Romano sighed with annoyance and simmering anger.

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