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"Dude Italy! This pasta with beef is fucking awesome!" America declared.

"Not as awesome as the awesome Prussia! But ja dis is pretty kick ass. Especially vis BEER!"

"For reals dudes, I should have this stuff served at school cafeterias at my place! That'll help out with teenage obesity!" America exclaimed before stuffing his face like a pig.

"America try not get too excited about ideas in regards to food." Sighed the scolding Englishman pouring some cola into a small glass of scotch.

"Sealand eat your vegetables, I want you to be strong enough one day to fight off France's possible future sexual advances towards you." He successfully ordered.


Barely 30 minutes had passed, the countries were either sitting down happily eating their meals or signing last minute paperwork. Countries like Seychelles, sat with a pen in her hand, trying her best not to mess up her signature. She had accepted Germany's offer of buying several arms factories. But she struggled to remind herself that this was business deal between nations.

'Come on Michelle! Your almost zere. You don't 'ave a crush on Germany. Or 'is awesome biceps, from vhat you 'eard from Italy. Or 'is 'ansome face zat is so shiny zat I just vant to lick!' She thought.

(A/N: Michelle is Seychelles's human name.)

Seychelles' eyes widened and her cheeks flushed with a new wave of blood, as she mentally smacked herself a thousand times for thinking such dirty things. After about five minutes controlling her romantic feelings (feelings that she denies having) from making her gush out to Germany, she completed the forms required to purchase the factories from Germany. Seychelles sighed heavily in relief and sank back into her cozy leather chair. 'Great! Now I'm even starting to zink like France. Which is worse zan Belarus!'


"Vell zat vas a delicious meal." Complemented the Austrian noble, wiping his mouth with a napkin, before sipping some of his tea.

"Ve! Grazie Austria. It was Japan and I's pleasure!"

"Vell alright everyvone. Our meeting for today is adjourned!" Germany announced after finishing his second tankard of beer. All the nations got up from their seats and started to converse with one another.

Prussia, France, and Switzerland unchained Belarus from her seat. Fortunately she was too exhausted to run to Russia's side, or cause any more trouble, especially since Switzerland had a Desert Eagle with armor piercing bullets aimed at her as a warning.

"Hey... does anybody have an idea on what to do later today... as a token of completing this meeting?" Finland asked aloud after gathering up his notes, before joining the other Nordic countries.

Almost everyone who heard the Finn stopped to think for a moment.

"Hey I know! We can probably go to Switzerland's private bar!" Denmark replied.

"Dude, dude! Switzerland you totally have a private bar!?" America asked jumping up to the Swiss, with his face in his.

"Yes I do. And before anyone can ask... I'll make a reservation." Switzerland offered with out any objections while getting out his Swiss made iPhone.

"Alright!" America shouted pumping his fist.

"But everyone has to pay! No discussion or compromise!" He declared.

"Damn it!" The American, and several others pouted.

Switzerland has a known history of being rather strict and conservative about his personal finances and is always on the watch to find any oppurtunities to save or earn some more money for himself and Liechtenstein of course.

"I hope the drinks aren't too expensive. Barack might kill me if he saw a large bill from me." America said to himself.

"Go upon on a'ead Bel, Ai'll catch up vith you. I'll gazer ze notes." Seychelles told the Belgian who complied.

"England can I go too!?" Sealand excitedly asked.

"Fine, just behave yourself." He reluctantly allowed. His eyes shifted to a certain light hair colored German, partial-nation, who overheard them, winked at him.


The Hetalian nations, most of them, started filing out of the conference room. As Japan walked towards exit with a briefcase in his hand, he stopped and turned when felt someone's finger tap his shoulder, and there was the nation called Turkey, wearing his trademark mask.

"Oh, konnichiwa Turkey-san." The Japanese man bowed.

"Hey nice to see you too Japi." The Turk bowed in return. "Hey listen, my driver said he wouldn't be able to pick me up after the meeting, since a politician from my place is borrowing him while he's vacationing here in Geneva. And the Italians are car pooling with you, can I join in?"

"Hai, you may!" He politely said.

"Thanks man! I owe you one!" He said slapping the Japanese man's shoulder lightly as a friendly gesture.

Japan then noticed Germany was still sitting at his seat.

"Mista Germany, are you coming?" Japan called out to his long time friend from a distance.

"Ja I shall be vith you in a few minutes. I just have to do qvuick review of mein notes before I gather mein sings." He replied still sitting with his back to him.

And with that, Japan and Turkey turned and left. "So I hear that 2500 young Turks joined the miritary." Japan stated which led to a conversation.


"Ve. Hey Germany can we hang out after tomorrow's meeting pretty please?" The north Italian asked cheerfully with a big smile.

"Nein Italy. Vii hang out every time. Und I need to do some verk sroughout ze veek. Important vork." The blonde nation's response was rather blunt.

Italy's smile disappeared as it was replaced by a clueless facial expression, before it changed to sign of rejection. "Ve! But Germanyyyyy! You always say you say you have to do work. All you do is just sign papers and read stuff!" Italy whined.

"I'm sorry Italy, but if you und your brother would pay your bills instead of me having to pay them I vouldn't have so much vork. But even if I didn't have to clean up your mess, I'd still be vorking a lot. Plus, another reason is that I caught you in bed vis me zis morgen."

"What!? But Germany you never complain about me sleeping with you before!" He whined like as if Germany just made it a new rule that he couldn't sleep with him.

"Because I can't complain about somesing if I don't know about it. I vont be able to know if your in my bed vhile I'm sleeping!" Germany countered. "Now go vait mitt Japan und your bruder, und I'll try to find some time for us this veek." He ordered.

"Okay. At least thats better than nothing." Italy sighed, in defeat with a hint of hope, leaving the room and Germany to his last minute review of his notes before packing them up.

A certain French speaking island nation, stood next to the double-wide doors as she watched the two nations argue about something. She tilted her head, and wondered


"Oh excuse me comrade Germany." Said a familiar Slavic accented voice.

Germany turned towards the speaker and saw the mighty Russian nation, famous for his child like smile and cruelty towards others, standing beside him. At first he thought Russia was gonna ask Germany if he wanted to become one with him, for the third time this month. But that was forgotten when he noticed that Russia appeard to be a little nervous. Odd, since Belarus was not in the same room.

"Russia, is their something that you vant?" Germany raised an eyebrow.

"Da. I overheard that you were having argument with Italy about hanging out throughout in parts of the week. I was wondering... if I uhhh... could be doing the hanging... outs with him?" He asked sweetly with clear nervousness.


Germany stared up at the Russian in disbelief. "You... the mighty Russian nation, who had half of the European continent under his control for almost half a century, including mein brĂ¼der, who vas tortured by your insane sibling, during his time as a vast communist empire, vants to spend time und possibly be friends vit Italy?"

"D-da." Russia felt vulnerable in front of the economic engine that drives Europe. He thought about his hopes and chances of being friends with Italy either were gonna be dashed or become more difficult.

Russia didn't know why he thought he had to ask Germany. He and Germany were never really even friends before. Just rival turned colleagues, who would mostly see each other at meeting and sometimes at parties.

"Vhy exactly do you vant to be friends vith him und his bruder?" He asked with great curiosity. "Normally you just vant to make friends vith the others so you can expand your territory." He pointed out.

"Well... I'll give you that." Russia nodded. "Its just that our bosses have gotten very close in the past few years, and I just want to make some new friends, and well Italy's seems to be eager for friends." He explained.

"Vhatever floats your boat." Germany shrugged.

Russia stared at Germany in shock."Y-you mean I can?" He stuttered.

"Ja. I can probably get Romano off my back anyvay." He said to himself.

"T-thank you Germany! I'm in your debt!" He shook his hand before leaving the conference room and the German alone, as a large sweat drop appeared on the back of his head.


Seychelles walked, by herself, down the hallway towards the exit that lead outside. She carried her bag with both hands that contained her notes and other important documents. The island nation sighed in frustration, she couldn't get her mind off of Germany, no matter how hard she tried. Was it the agreement forms she signed? No it couldn't be. It was just a minor trade agreement. Speaking of which, she would probably have to ask Germany to take her to see the factories, before finalizing the exchange.

Her thoughts were interrupted, when she heard somebody running in her direction from behind. She stopped to investigate, but it was over in a few seconds when Russia zoomed past her in a joyous mood. She didn't have much thought about the large nation's reason for being in a hurry or his good mood, so she shrugged it off and continued her way back outside, after about two minutes she reached the doors.

When she made it outside, she stood atop the stone staircase, and saw the other nations standing around their the cars and still talking to each other.

She looked around for Belgium, since not only was she carpooling, she was also rooming with her at the hotel everyone else was staying at.

"Seychelles!" A European woman called out.

Her head snapped toward the direction of her name being called. She saw Belgium standing right next to her red Camry, eyes closed, laughing, and waving at her.

She hurried over to the Belgian who opened the back door of her car, so Seychelles could put her bag inside.

"Guess what Seychelles!" Belgium said.

"You 'ave a boyfriend?" She teasingly asked.

"No!" She laughed. "Switzerland was able to make our reservations at 7pm."

"Hey vhere's Germany? Prussia asked scanning the area who stood from his black Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid.

"I don't know." Somebody responded.

"I rast saw him with Itary." Japan said.

"I was with him last actually." Russia confirmed.

"Why is everyone interested in the potato loving bastard's whereabouts?! Lets forget about the fucking bastard!" Romano demaned angrily as usual, as he sat in he and brother's silver Ferrari, with the door open.

Seychelles was just about lose it, she was very tempted to get her large fish out, and beat the living day lights out of Romano. But someone else intervened.

"Because he's mein bruder you fucking tomato, shit eating Italian!" The former East German said in a angry tone.


Everyone in the area was shocked at Prussia for what he just said to Romano.

"What the hell did you just call me!?" Romano who exited his vehicle stomped towards the Prussian.

"You heard me you fucking lazy, cowardly, pasta-pizza loving asshole! Now shut up und go make yourself useful, you lazy bastard, und go fetch mein Bro-hass." He commanded.

"Fuck that beer drinker!" Romano was now pissed, which was probably either the under- or overstatement of the year. He always pissed about something, mostly about Germany, for little or no reason.

"Wow! Hey dudes, theres totally no need to make a scene." America tried to intervene, but was prevented when Austria held him back by grabbing his shoulder.

"Nein, zis should be interesting." Austria said.

"Fratello and Prussia! You guys please don't fight!" Italy pleaded at them while attempting to take a step towards them, but was stopped when he felt a gloved hand land on his shoulder, holding him back.

Italy turned his head to the side, and saw Russia behind him with a minor concerned look on his face. "Best its that you stay out of this one Italy." He advised.

Normally Italy would cower in fear at the thought of being Russia right next to him, but he just looked up in confusion at the largest nation and just lightly nodded.


Romano threw a punch at Prussia's chest with all his might, but he took it like it was a baby's kick.

Prussia responded by grabbing the Southern Italian's curl, which, somehow, easily over powered him.

Amidst the violent scene taking place, the nations who were watching had mixed feelings about it.

"Seychelles, why don't you go get Germany? And hurry, before things get... ugly. More so than it is now." Belgium instructed the island nation.

Seychelles didn't have to be told twice, she nodded silently and quickly walked back up the stairs.

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