Was it something I said or something I did
Did my words not come out right
Though I tried not to hurt you
Though I tried
But I guess that's why they say


March 30, 2000

On April 13, 1995 couple from Louisiana found an infant at their door step, the female child was quickly examined for wounds of sickness, the two claimed that it had stem like markings around the wrist, ankles, and neck, the police were contacted immediately, before the authorities could arrive a few men claiming they were FBI agents demanded custody of the child and-

"Daddy daddy!" Screamed Amanda while running into the kitchen.

"What's wrong are you hurt, sick, hungry!?" Asked a startled Phil Coulson dropping the old newspaper he held.

"No but but look!" Said the five year old while taking a dusty flower pot from behind her back. "it likes me" Amanda smiled as the dry seeds in the pot slowly start to sprout and a long vine wrapped around her fingers.

"Oh god" said Coulson slowly reaching for his phone. "Furry, we have a situation"

May 08, 2012(A few days after the events in Manhattan) S.h.i.e.d H.Q

"God I hate it here.." Said Amanda sipping lemon tea in the nearly empty cafeteria.

"Well at least the foods good." Said a familiar voice who sat beside her.

"Barton you know as well as I do the dirt outside tastes better than this muck that's supposed to be digestible." Replied Amanda laughing lightly.

"Well you do have a point…." Admitted Clint smirking slightly.

"I saw you on T.v a couple of nights ago, you kicked major ass!" She complimented.

"Amanda L. Coulson did you just say ass." Asked Clint you was trying to keep a poker face.

Yes. Yes I did" replied Amanda smiling slightly. "And speaking of where's daddy? Did he get back yet?

"That's what I'm here to tell you about…. He made it back, just without a pulse, Coulson died a brave man that day, saved Thor's sorry behind from what I've heard." Said Clint waiting for a reaction. He wasn't used to having to be gentle about this sorta thing and didn't want to hurt her to much. Amanda was very fragile, almost like a flower and he didn't want anyone, himself included to break her.

"This isn't funny Barton!" she screamed as tear falls from her face "y\You must be joking, you. You have to be.. Right?"

"I'm so sorry Amanda, bu-" He got cut off by the angered girl.

"NO SHUT UP" Screamed the girl as she stood and stormed out the room.

"Nice going Barton….." murmured Clint.