Hurt her eyes loose it's sparkle sad ,simple things she used to do that made her herself slowly fade. Becoming what no one thought was possible, empty, alone and consumed with darkness, another angel who lost the light, fallen is she.

"You called director?" Clint asked slightly out of breath from running, Five flights of stairs! He knew it wasn't not alot for an awesome assassin, much like himself but hey if your boss wanted you urgently and Fury was your boss even god would trip over his own feet, ok maybe not god but...

"She's been in there for three days now..." Said Fury standing in front of Amanda's room.

"Really? That's not good, has she even been to her garden?" Replied Clint stroking his chin while thinking.

"No this isn't like her, Phil wouldn't have wanted her to be alone this much, it's not healthy. Your task is to get her out the room and as far away from here as possible." Whispered the director slowly heading back to his office.

"Why is it always the archer..?" He sighed while knocking softly on the door. "Manda can I come in?" There was no answer. "Amanda open up!"

No reply. She usually left the door open, as she was never in there maybe she hacked into the system and left the room without anyone noticing.


"Some of us are trying to sleep Clint!" said Amanda while opening the door slightly.

"Manda we need to-" Clint Barton had known Amanda for a long, Long time and she's never EVER cut her hair, A few days ago it was just past her tailbone always in a neat braid with a lily behind her ear and-

"Like the new look?" Asked Amanda ruffling her now shoulder length straightened black hair.

"Umm why did you...?" He started to question.

"Nothing I just wanted to try a new look is all." replied Amanda looking back into her room. "Did you want something... I'm kinda in the middle of ..." she muttered while spinning garden scissors on her fingers.

"Why do you have those? and I thought you said you were asleep." He replied slightly easing into her room out of curiosity.

"I said some people are trying to sleep I never said I was, and what are you doing?" blurted Amanda rushing after me.

Clint looked around the room slowly turning his attention to the glass stained vases broken into seemingly a million pieces, at the ripped purple drapes barely hanging from the window at the newly cut flowers that were shoved into a corner of the room. and finally at the broken picture frame that always stayed on Amanda's bed side. I picked it up and wiped off the shattered glass, it was one of my favorite pictures that's why she kept it there. It was of Amanda on her 16th birthday last year. She was sitting next to Phil, long golden brown hair in a ponytail, she looked happy, like herself. I stood up and sighed.

"We should probably get going..."I muttered remembering my task.

"Where we headed?" asked Amanda grabbing her jacket.

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