Director Fury

A director must be a policeman, a midwife, a psychoanalyst, a sycophant, and a grade A bastard.

"Good grief Agent Hill." I sighed as I watched the recent footage of Stark strolling into my Damn HQ. "How the Hell did he get in here? This place has the best security system in the country, no the world!" I ranted on and Maria kept silent nodding as I went.

Hill took a slow breath and said " Maybe for once Tony was trying to step up and be nice?" We both stopped for a second then Maria smiled slightly. Quickly enough that if you blinked you'd miss it. Very few people got to see that smile around Shield lately or anyones infact. Well there was always one person who keep everyone smiling even for a little while. Amanda. She was so much like Phil, and it killed to say so.

"Agent keep tabs on Amanda, I trust Tony but." She nodded twice then turned to leave, the door slammed behind her and a slew of papers fell off my desk.

I bent to pick them up but then I saw something that even I haven't ever seen before. A letter, from coulson.

I spent minutes staring at the small blue envelope that read To Nick Fury. I started to open it and a drop of something fell on my hand. Was it sweat? Why was I so nervous it's just a letter. No, it's from Phill. Anyone who knew him could tell from the messy but readable handwriting that showed he was rushing. I slowly pulled the thin yellow paper from the ripped envelope and started to read.

Phil coulson Pov february 12, 2009

I stared at a blank page. "Nothing." Not one word could come to mind. My will. Maria suggested to me a long time ago that I should make one. I guess with my line of work and all it makes sense. But i've been putting it off. But now, now with Amanda here I had no choice. Something, anything could happen to me and god forbid no one knew what to do with her. I doubt shield would let her go out on her own, with her abilities but I don't want her to get into the wrong hands. The wrong hands, Ha I make it sound like she's a weapon, but she's not. Amanda is so much more and wouldn't hurt a fly. I've grown to love Amanda, as many of my colleagues have, and I want to protect her. "I got it."

I started to write smiling as I knew I could keep her safe.

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