I have done nothing, yet I am here.

In this place that you call prison.

I am innocent of the charges you put me under.

The sad thing is that I have had something very important to me stolen.

And I can't find it here.

It is my heart.

-Jennifer Daniel

Tony Stark's P.O.V.

Amanda Coulson. I've only heard rumors about her and until last night didn't have any reason to find out if it was fact or fiction. Fury called me late last night explaining the situation. He wanted her to become an avenger, but originally the plan had been trashed. I knew about the avengers team and how it would supposedly not work but never about Amanda.

I drove to my humble abode with Amanda next to me. She seemed lost in her own thought so I kept quiet. I had time to talk to her later but I had to figure out why she was important to Fury. Besides being Phil's daughter I had no clue. It would make sense that Fury would want Amanda safe for Phil's sake, but the avengers? We had arrived. I drove into the parking garage and got out, waiting for Amanda before locking the car.

"So this is the oh so famous avengers tower?" Asked Amanda in a slightly sarcastic tone.

I grinned walking to the elevator door then pressing the up button. "Indeed and this, is where you'll be staying until stuff calms down." I knew from the second I met Amanda I liked her. The elevator opened and we went inside. "24th floor Jarvis." The elevator closed and zoomed up to the 24th floor. We stepped out and I lead Amanda to her new room it was a fairly large room with a walk in closet and no windows. Fury had requested that.

"Great.. I'm in jail even in here." She muttered lowly, probably thinking I couldn't hear her.

"No. Not jail. I honestly don't know why you you're here Mandy but If you were supposed to be in jail, this wouldn't exactly be the pirates first choice." She nodded and cracked a slight smile.

"You have a good point.. So do I get a tour of your lab or something?" She asked now seeming a bit less gloomy.

"Sure. I'm actually working on fixing up Mark 7. I need it to be able to be able to withstand space this time... just in case."

She walked out of the room after me. "Hopefully there won't be a just incase this time."

With that we walked to the room in silence.

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