Sometime during the night, the rain stopped. The light of a full moon shown through the window over the young woman's face and neck, highlighting the bruises there. "Bruises to the body will heal with time, "Watson thought. "But what of the damage to her spirit?" He felt her forehead. She was still burning up with fever.

The young woman began to have chills so fierce she shook the bed and cried out, "Please don't hurt me! I've done nothing to you!"

Watson touched her face gently and said, "It's alright. No one's going to hurt you now. You're safe here."

She pulled away from his hand. Her voice became louder and louder with each word she said. "No, no. Leave me alone! Let me go!"

Watson tried to calm her down. "Please believe me my dear, you are alright here. No one wants to harm you."

The sound of her cries brought Holmes bounding up the stairs and into the bedroom. "Is there nothing you can do for her Watson?"

Watson turned to his friend with an exasperated look on his face. "Holmes I am trying to help, but it is deuced difficult when she won't let me touch her!"

"Perhaps it would be better if she were in hospital where nurses could take care of her," Holmes suggested.

"Absolutely not! I do not want her in a ward full of other patients. Any nursing required can be done by myself, Mrs. Hudson and you, Holmes," Watson replied.

Sherlock Holmes was horrified at the suggestion that he assist in the care of the woman thrown at his front door. "Carry on Watson. She will be in good hands with you and Mrs. Hudson." He quickly made his way back to his pipe and the sitting room.

The remaining hours of the night passed quietly. Dr. Watson relaxed and fell asleep. When Mrs. Hudson entered the room at daylight, she startled him. He sat up in his chair and yawned. "Oh Mrs. Hudson you startled me. "

She put down a tray with a teapot and cups on the table beside the bed. "I am sorry to wake you Dr. Watson. I thought I should bring you some tea. How is the patient?"

He answered, "She had a difficult night. I hope we will be able to get her fever to go down. At the very least, we can make her more comfortable."

"Doctor, I will be glad to help you with her. Please tell me what you want me to do." Mrs. Hudson told him.

"Mrs. Hudson, please help me move her to the chair and then change the bed linens which have been on this bed for who knows how long, since no one uses this room. Once you have done that, we will put her back in bed."

They carefully guided the woman from the bed to the chair. Dr. Watson held her close as he and Mrs. Hudson led her to the chair.

She opened her eyes and looked around the room. "Where am I? How did I get here?"

Dr. Watson knelt down beside her. "You are at 221B Baker Street. Last night we found you lying at our front door. Do you remember anything before you came here?"

The woman shook her head and asked, "What it is my name?'

Mrs. Hudson told her, "We don't know your name my dear, but you were wearing this necklace when we found you. The locket has the letter "V" on it. Perhaps that will help you remember." She handed the necklace to her.

The young woman took the necklace from Mrs. Hudson and looked at it. "I don't remember."

Holmes appeared at the door. "Until you are able to remember, what should we call you? It is quite inconvenient to call you "young woman" or "miss" all the time."

She noticed the pitcher of water on the table. It was decorated with pictures of violets. She turned to him and said, "Call me Violet."

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