A small idea that I thought of and decided to write, I don't know how far this story will go, if you guys like it I'll probably try and finish it but I will update my other story more often unless this story is more liked. Tell me what you think.

They were an odd pair, the two of them. He was the son of the Yondaime Raikage and she was just the Nibi Jinchuuriki. They had known each other since they were mere children. When he found out she was a Jinchuuriki he didn't care, she was his best friend. After all, his uncle was the Hachibi Jinchuuriki and he thought he was the most badass person ever, second to his father of course. Perhaps his father knew that he has had a crush on Yugito since they were just kids, maybe that's why they were on the same Genin team, which was only them, and were taught by his dad's right hand man Darui. They were unstoppable together; with Yugito learning how to control Nibi's chakra from Uncle Bee, already able to use the one tailed cloak easily by the time she was a Genin, while he was taught by his father in his famed nin-taijutsu and was learning his father and grandfather's famed jutsu, The Lightning Release Armor. His father A had even asked Darui-sensei to teach him the Black Lightning, which had been created by his grandfather, The Sandaime Raikage. Raido was considered to be a prodigy by many as he was able to use the Lightning Release Armor by the time he became a Genin, though to be true he was no where near his father's speed or strength. Soon enough Raido and Yugito became Chunin, passing the Chunin Exams with ease, soon after they became Jonin too. By then his father had learned from Jiraiya of the Sanin that there were people after the Bjuu or to be more specific; Jinchuuriki , that meant a bunch of S-Rank ninja were going to go after his uncle and the one he loved.

Of course Raido wouldn't have that and for the next two years would do nothing but train in his father's jutsu and mastering the Black Lightning, he wouldn't let Akatsuki take his Uncle or Yugito-chan from him. While he doubted anyone could even defeat Uncle Bee besides his dad he knew that Yugito was still a target.

Of course for the next two years she was training too, she went to Turtle Island to become a perfect Jinchuurki as his father didn't want to lose her either. By the end of two years Yugito had achieved the goal of becoming a perfect Jinchuuriki and could call upon all of Nibi's chakra at will. She became one of the most respected person in kumo, after himself, his father, and Uncle.

Outside of training Raido had done something he had always wanted to do, he kissed Yugito. She was surprised but kissed him back which made him feel like the happiest man in the world. Soon it spread like wildfire throughout Kumo that the son of the Raikage was dating the Nibi Jinchuuriki.

Now 18-year-old Raido was staring at his sensei, Darui on a training field. His father and uncle stood off to the side along with Yugito, waiting. This to see how far Raido had come with the Black lightning, Raido had already passed his father's test with the Lightning Armor, he was now as fast as his father though A was still stronger than him and had more experience on his side.

Raido looked a lot like his father, he was dark-skinned with chocolate brown eyes that showed kindness but could easily harden when angered. He was tall, nearly as tall as his father though A was still higher than him by an inch or so but he'd get there one day. He was very muscular as the training his father had put him through had been mainly of physical strength and speed. Raido had platinum blond hair that spiked upwards sort of like his friend Omoi. Raido wore a simple grey jacket that did nothing to hide his physical build and black ninja pants with black shinobi sandals, above his jacket he wore a Kumo flak jacket, a white Kumogakure hiate was worn proudly on his forehead, he also had gold protrudes on his arms, like his father. Under his jacket he had a black tattoo on his right shoulder that had the kanji for lightning, like his sensei and grandfather. A jian sword was strapped to his back, as many ninja of Kumogakure were swordsmen.

A wind swept through the clearing, Raido started to do hand seals so fast it looked like a flash, dark lightning covered the teenager as he yelled out his sensei's signature technique "Lightning Style: Black Panther!" and a black panther erupted from his body, crackling in black lightning with glowing yellow eyes, with a loud snarl it raced towards Darui.

"Hm so he's going in serious," Raido's father, the Yondaime Raikage A said as he watched the panther race towards Darui.

Darui narrowed his eyes as he saw the approaching threat, with great speed that could only be gained through experience he went through the same hand signs and yelled out "Lightning Style: Black Panther!" where a black panther similar to Raido's erupted from him charging at N's panther.

Darui's panther was much faster due to his experience and reached Raido's panther, they collided and a small sphere of energy surrounded them before exploding. Cancelling both jutsu.

Not to be deterred Raido went through another set of hand seal, he aimed his fist at Darui and black lightning gathered in his palm "Black Strike!" Raido yelled out as a beam of dark lightning erupted from his palm.

Darui's eyes widened Shit! he thought before the beam hit him. As soon as the beam hit Darui his body erupted in a poof of smoke while a badly charred log hit the ground, showing that he had used substitution to get out of the way.

Raido's eyes narrowed, he quickly grabbed his jian and spun around, which was good as his jian clashed against his sensei's cleaver sword. Raido then started to fight against his sensei in the art of the sword.

While Darui had a larger blade it meant that it was slower than Raido's jian, which was used for fast attacks where the older man had to rely on his superior sword experience to match the teens sword skills and even then he was getting cut up.

Raido leaned backwards as Darui's sword swung at him that if he hadn't leaned back he would be missing a head.

Raido's jian seemed to dance as he dodged and parried his sensei's attacks. He started to go on the offense as he started to do complex twists and turns of his jian, which Darui could hardly keep up. Often the two swords would stick together as each user would try to over power another, Raido would usually win this but Darui always had a counter attack so he could never beat him. Suddenly Raido jumped backwards away from Darui.

Darui, taking advantage of this started to use ninjutsu, which would hopefully either defeat or at least tire Raido, a bright halo of blue energy surrounded Darui's hands making Raido realize what his sensei was going to do.

He quickly released his weights on his arms and legs making a large crater on the field, getting ready to dodge.

"Storm Style: Laser Circus!" multiple beams of lighting shot toward Raido who started to try and dodge them, but the beams just moved aimed at Raido who was running so fast he was like a blur.

Raido realizing he was going to hit waited. The beams hit him, Darui smiled slightly thinking he won before he saw something that made him frown, the electricity from the beams had hit Raido but instead of it electricity him it seemed to be around him.

The electricity around Raido disappeared and it revealed Raido surrounded in the Lightning armor. Since Raido knew he couldn't dodge the attack he decided to absorb it by using the armor.

Raido grinned, something that made Darui nervous as he had seen that look on A-sama's face whenever he was going to do something that would usually end up with his enemies in broken pieces.

"Let me show you something I've been wanting to show you and dad for awhile, I only just finished it." Raido said before lightning surged through him. Darui, A, Bee, and Yugito stared at Raido in shock as black lightning surrounded him, resembling the lightning release armor but instead it was made of black lightning.

Darui knowing he was in trouble started to go through hand seals.

"Double Black Panther!" and two twin panthers burst out heading towards Raido who grinned before charging up his armor and started to run towards the panthers in a flash.

Raido punched the first panther in the face making it explode violently, after the smoke cleared it showed an unharmed Raido in a deep crater still surrounded by his armor.

Raido then jumped in the air as the other black panther leapt at him, he quickly landed and started to run while he unsheathed his jian and channeled a certain amount of his chakra and converted it into lightning that traveled down the length of the sword before becoming a sharp glowing sword with an tip that looked painful if it got into anything. A few sparks traveled down the condensed lightning covered sword.

Raido quickly turned back towards the remaining panther and charged at the jutsu with his sword at the ready.

Raido blocked the sharp electrified claws of the panther with one of his protrudes and successfully managed to stab the panther through the heart with his sword.

The panther gave a small shriek before slowly fading away into nothing.

Raido powered down his armor before speaking to his sensei.

"Let me show you something that I created when I was doing some chakra flow exercises with Uncle Bee Darui-sensei," Raido said as his jian started to crackle with electricity as that would happen when someone would channel their chakra into their sword. Darui instantly went on guard when he saw black lightning being channeled in Raido's jian.

Raido then swung the sword while yelling "Lightning Style: Dark Crescent Moon!" and an arc of black lightning came out of the sword going at great speed.

Darui seeing it coming from him channeled lightning in his sword and threw it in an arc, the two arcs clashed where Raido's easily beat his.

Darui used his sword which was still charged with lightning chakra to use as a shield, the crescent hit his sword and it disappeared when he sucked in the chakra, of course had he not been so skilled in the black lighting he would have perished, even then his sword was now just twisted metal.

Darui raised his hand "I give up, I'm out of chakra and can not continue and my sword is just scrap metal now and is dull," Darui said before smiling at a grinning Raido "you've surpassed me Raido, your easily an S-Rank ninja," he said where Raido jumped around in joy.

A and the others appeared near the two.

A ruffled the teens hair with a large proud grin on his face as he hugged his son "I'm proud of you son," he said proudly.

Raido hugged his dad back since it meant a lot to him when his dad said he was proud of him.

"Yo good job my little nephew ya got tha guts Raido, and I say your tha king, yo" Uncle Bee said with his usual rhymes.

Raido laughed, as he had always liked his uncle's raps. "Thanks uncle I told ya I'd win, don't be surprised since we are kin," he said back in rhymes.

A then bonked his son on the head making him stumble "baka I'm not going to have my son be some stupid rapper like my idiot brother," he said with a scowl while Bee yelled something about 'stupid big bros hatting his rhymes and doesn't knows' which really didn't make sense, where his father just punched Bee in the face.

Raido winced remembering when he was six, his dad had been gone for a week for Kage things and he had left Bee in charge of him. When A had come home he was greeted with the sight of his six year old son wearing Bee's shades and rapping with his uncle. Needless to say Bee had spent the rest of the day running away from his brother who had been yelling about killing his brother for infecting his son with his stupid rhymes. Needless to say Bee had never babysat him any longer than a few hours, though he still taught him how to speak in rhymes as long as he never did it in front of his dad.

Finally Yugito came up to him with a smile, Yugito was the epitome of beauty in Raido's eyes. She had long light blonde hair in a pony tail, while wearing a dark purple blouse with clouds on it, black pants which had a design with clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of white beads wound around her left arm. Light blue eyes looked up to him, her pupils cat-like in shape. She hugged him tightly which he eagerly returned "Good job Raido-kun," she whispered where only he could hear.

Raido stroked her hair "you know my reason for wanting to be strong," he whispered in her ear, he swore he could hear a purr resonate from her, making him chuckle as Yugito had always acted like a cat, probably because of Nibi, he mused.

Raido then turned towards his father and sensei, Yugito under his arm "so did I pass?" he asked eagerly.

Darui grinned, "Are you kidding, that was the least dull spar I've ever had, when did you create a Black lightning armor or that jutsu?"

Raido grinned "when I was learning the Black Panther I noticed how the lightning courses through my body, however brief, since then I've been trying to keep it coursing through me longer and longer I also just combined the basics of the normal lightning armor with that and viola, super badass lightning armor. Its not complete," he admitted, "I only managed to get it into its form and be able to move and fight without it powering down, it only lasts for around ten minutes, I still need to improve it a little more and then it'll be perfect." He said before continuing, "I got the idea of the Lightning Style: Dark Crescent Moon, when uncle Bee was teaching me how to channel lightning chakra in my sword, I also saw Omoi use his Cloud-Style Crescent Moon Beheading and I asked him about the basics, and after some failed attempts and explosions I started to get it down, I can teach it to you if you want too sensei," Raido offered.

Darui smiled "I'd like to learn one of my student's original techniques, I'll teach you the double panther too."


A chuckled "alright guys I'm guessing we all agree my son is an S-Rank ninja?" he asked where everyone nodded their heads "alright Raido I'm guessing you ready for Akatsuki, but don't try and seek them out unless you chance upon them, they travel in pairs."

Raido looked at his father with determination in his eyes"it won't matter since I'd never let them take Yugito-chan from me."

"And we'll be there backing you two up," A said where Darui and Bee nodded their heads in agreement.

Raido woke up as the early morning sun shown in through his window. Blinking his eyes blearily he heard movement to his right. Looking right he saw Yugito still asleep wearing nothing but a dark purple bra and underwear. When Raido had returned home he immediately took off his clothes just leaving him in boxers where he then crashed in his bed exhausted as it had tired him when he was fighting Darui-sensei, especially since he had to pass his dad's test before Darui's and that was probably one of the hardest fights Raido had ever done since his dad was no pushover and the man didn't hold back. Yugito then joined him in bed after getting out of her clothes save her underwear and bra, they didn't have sex as Raido was too tired and Yugito was as well since she herself had to fight Bee with and without Nibi's chakra to show how much she had improved in the last two years.

Raido smiled before wrapping his arms around her and bringing her close to his chest. He stroked her long blonde hair lovingly, he sensed Yugito waking up when her breathing changed. Yugito didn't want him to know that she was up since she loved the warmth of Raido's arms and him stroking her hair.

Raido kissed the top of her head "morning beautiful." He cooed in her ear.

Yugito lifted her head to softly kiss Raido, "good morning Raido-kun." She said.

Raido then turned his body so that he was now on top of a surprised Yugito, he held her arms above her head. He then kissed her lightly, which she was more than happy to return. The kiss then started to get more heated as the two Kumo shinobi showed how much they loved each other.

"As much as I would love for this to go on we are needed to go to dad's office and see if he has any missions we can do," Raido said where Yugito moaned "five more minutes." She said before passionately kissing Raido again which he happily obliged.

(A lot longer than 5 minutes later)

Raido had finally convinced Yugito to leave the bed after promising to get back to what they were doing after they saw his dad.

They entered the Raikage's office and was surprised to see Bee, Darui, C, and A looking over a mission scroll with a serious expression on their faces.

"Uh dad what's wrong?" Raido asked.

A looked at his son and Yugito with a serious expression on his face "The Kazekage has been captured." He said alarming the duo.

"Are you sure dad, I mean he's the kazekage who would be crazy enough to capture him?" Raido asked him.

A's answer immediately brought chills down their backs, it was only one word but it meant so much to them, "Akatsuki."

Raido looked at his dad alarmed "I thought we had more time before they struck," he stopped when he realized something "dad if they successfully seal away the One-Tails… they may go for the Two-Tails next." Yugito tensed next to him.

"I know son," A said before he looked at his only son and heir with an expression that was well known. The expression of a leader taking charge "that is why I am sending you along with Darui and C to try and rescue the Kazekage, I have no doubt that the Sand has asked for aid from the Leaf, ally yourselves with them stating that you are to help any Jinchuuriki in need. I want you to save the kid, and to get rid of the akatsuki threat, killing two out of ten will no doubt help us and give us more time to prepare."

"What about me A-ojisan? Me and Raido-kun work the best as a team." Yugito asked.

"You will not be going Yugito," A saw that Yugito looked like she was about to protest against this but continued on "Yugito I know that you are probably one of the most skilled kuinoichi in Kumo but you must remember that this is Akatsuki, while I doubt that they could get past any Konoha ninja or C and Darui not to mention Raido there is still a chance you could be captured." Making Yugito fall silent.

"…Fine" she then glared at the Fourth Lightning Shadow "just this once, there is no way you can stop me and Raido-kun from kicking those bastard's butts."

A chuckled "very well."

C then decided to speak up. C was a tall man with pale skin and blonde hair that was much brighter than Yugito's. He was one of the strongest shinobi Kumo had to offer, and was their best Genjutsu user. "There may be a problem Raikage-sama," he said gaining the man's attention "you've forgotten that some of the Konoha dogsmay be a little on edge with us since we aren't exactly on the best of terms."He said bitterly as it was well known how much he disliked Konoha ninjas. They were responsible for the deaths of his parents and his little brother after all.

A cursed under his breath as he had forgotten that small detail. It would make sense for Konoha to be wary of them, especially with the Hyuga/Kumo incident. "It does not matter, whether they like it or not you will be helping them. C, I know of your grudge with Konoha ninja but I'm asking you to control yourself, we need to save the Kazekage and we can't be fighting with allies." A commanded where C nodded his head and said "Hai Raikage-sama." A then turned to Bee and Yugito "I want you two to stay inside the village, no exceptions, I won't have akatsuki try and sneak up on you two and try and capture you."

Yugito and Bee nodded their heads "don't worry bro, those guys don't know who they messing with! We can fight those guys with a splash and a bang and by the time we're done the winner shall reign!" he said in typical rap making everyone groan.


"It's about damn time," A sighed in relief as he entered the Yotsuki clan compound after being away from Kumo for over a week going over a peace treaty with a minor country. A was never the type of person to sit around and just discuss politics. He was a warrior by heart. So being stuck in a room with multiple politicians trying to benefit directly from the treaty and moaning about how things could be added or removed. By the end of the week A was ready to just punch them all, now that he was home he could finally relax and be with his son.

The Yotsuki clan was small, with only himself, Bee, and Raido his son and only child being members, with Yugito being a sort of surrogate member. Seeing as when her parents died when she was just a kid, Bee adopted the young Nibi Jinchuuriki and A had not complained. He was very happy that Yugito hadn't adopted his brother's rap 'talent' and seemed annoyed by it as much as himself.

With a smile in place he headed towards his house to find Raido and Bee. He heard movement to his right and he saw his six year old son, who for some odd reason was wearing Bee's shades, running towards him yelling "daddy your back!" he cried happily as he quickly hugged his dad's knee and laughed happily as A easily picked him up with one arm.

Raido giggled as he sat on his father's shoulders and messed up his father's neat combed back hair.

A chuckled as Raido continued to mess up his hair, "hey kiddo, how was uncle Bee taking care of you?"

A then saw Bee coming out of the main entrance to the compound. Bee greeted his surrogate brother "yo big bro I see ya got back from that show!" in typical bad rhymes.

A sighed at Bee's rhymes, having heard them for many years, buy his heart stopped when he heard his son say, "I told ya he'd come back! He is my dad and that is a fact!" Raido said in similar bad rhymes making his dad freeze.

A's head lowered so you couldn't see his eyes and he quickly picked Raido off of his shoulders and placed him on the ground before slowly walking closer to Bee. When Raido was a far enough distance from his father, A finally looked up.

Bee backed up from the Raikage, trembling like a kitten as he saw his brother's eyes, his blood seemed to have frozen and his heart seemed to stop before franticly beating in fear.

A was quivering in anger the ground around him was starting to crack due to the pressure of his chakra spike. His eyes blazed with an inferno of anger and a wanting to give pain. To him. Bee saw lightning starting to gather around his brother, before forming into his brother's famous Lightning Armor.

"Beeeeeeeee!" A roared and with a blur of speed he ran towards his surrogate little brother, who had the sense to run with everything he had.

"Daddy where are you going? Don't hurt Uncle Bee, that's not cool ya see!" Raido unknowingly added fuel to the fire, which only made A want to pound Bee into a paste even more.

"Big brotha don't hurt me, I'm your little brother the mighty Killa Bee!" Bee yelled in rap, still running for his life.

"I'm going to kill you Bee! My son will not be a stupid rapper like you with your stupid rhymes! A roared as he chased the Hachibi Jinchuuriki out of the compound.

Raido stood in the middle of the compound staring at where his dad and uncle had stood moments before.

"What happened?" a girl's voice asked from behind him.

Raido turned around to see a six year old blonde girl staring at him curiously.

Raido shrugged, "I don't know Yugito-chan, but I think dad's pissed cause I think stuff's gonna hit the fan."

A suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, his anger grew even bigger as he chased after Bee, "GET BACK HERE BEE!"

For the entire day Kumo had to deal with a fleeing Killer Bee who was trying with all his might to not have his brother kill him and just ran until his brother cooled down. Unfortunately for Bee, A was way to pissed off to cool down; when he finally caught his brother all of Kumo heard his yells of pain.

Needless to say A never allowed Bee to babysit Raido for more than a few hours after that incident.