Raido woke up to the sound of something tapping on his window, Yugito was still asleep in the crook of his arm and she had no intention of letting him go even when she was asleep. Raido found out that the source of the noise was a hawk bearing a letter holder on its foot, the symbol of Kumogakure stamped proudly on the harness that held a letter.

Raido looked at the sleeping form of Yugito and quickly substituted himself with a pillow. He then quickly strode over to the window and opened it. The hawk was a messenger hawk, its beautiful plumage was dark brown with white tips, it's gold beady eyes were set on the Raikage's son.

Raido grabbed the letter from the holder, he noticed that the letter was sealed by the tradition red wax stamp with the symbol of Kumogakure etched to it.

The second the young Cloud Jonin had grabbed the letter the messenger hawk ruffled his feathers proudly before flying out of the window and headed north where he would return to the building where the messenger hawks were taken care of.

"What does it say?" Yugito said, startling Raido who had not noticed that the Nibi Jinchuuriki had awaken.

"Letter from home, I guess." He broke the seal and unfurled the scroll. His brown eyes darted to the sides as he quickly read the contents, suddenly his eyes bulged slightly and the scroll crinkled as he gripped it tightly.

"What's wrong?" Yugito asked in concern, she grabbed the scroll from Raido's hands and read the letter for herself, as she read more and more she could feel her eyes widen in surprise.

Jonin Nii Yugito and Yotsuki Raido,

By order of Kumogakure and its leaders, you have been given another mission to protect a small Lord in Yukagakure (Hot Springs Country), you are to leave immediately and arrive there in three days on the day you receive this order.

The Lord's name is Himei Odan, his castle is located in the south east of Yukagakure, the exact locations have been marked on the map we have provided for you.

The exact details of the mission will be discussed when you arrive at the Lord's home. You two will be the only one's to complete this A-Rank mission.

We wish you good luck on your upcoming mission.

There was no signature but instead the ornate symbol of Kumogakure's council. Yugito looked at it closer but found that the symbol was genuine and was thus an actual order.

Yugito and Raido shot each other concerned looks, "Do you think dad knows about this? He barely let us go to Frost Country, but now we're being ordered to go to Hot Spring Country, and the southern part as well… but the letter is genuine."

Yugito sighed wearily as she came to the same conclusion as her best friend and boyfriend, "We have to go. Jinchuuriki and Kage's son or not, the Cloud is very strict with missions and if we refuse one and return home we could get into big trouble, not to mention give A-oji a big headache."

Raido exhaled through his nose, "We should get packing."

The two Jonin quickly set to work on grabbing all of their possessions, which were mostly necessary supplies and weapons that all smart shinobi had at a close hand.

The two then set off after bidding a goodbye to Takare. Yugito was wondering why the man was beaming at her with some knowing look in his dark eyes. The two then ran as fast as they could towards Yukagakure.

Futotta Haisha was by no means a soldier, neither a civilian soldier or a shinobi. He had been born and raised in a perfectly normal prosperous family household, when his mother and father died he inherited a large amount of money and immediately found success by building stores in Kumogakure.

Haisha had managed to use his wealth and influence to bully his way into the Council of the Village Hidden in the Clouds as a civilian member. Few people liked the oily politician who would do anything for a pretty penny. Everyone else hated the man and his ideals of power. Lord Raikage being one who often wished he could throw the man across the Village and into one of the surrounding lakes. After all cowards could float, was his saying when Raido asked him why he wanted to practically murder the man.

Haisha didn't like his leader either, he was blunt and hot-headed but he was the strongest and fastest man in the world, the only one able to match him in speed was his son and heir, Raido. What he really hated was his affection towards Jinchuuriki, which he thought as a weakness that the Raikage should not have.

Jinchuuriki weren't heroes. They were demons and weapons. When the Hachibi Jinchuuriki had earned the hearts of his people and become their Guardian he wanted to scoff. A Jinchuuriki, a Bijuu itself, protecting the Village it often tried to destroy when it broke out of its host? He wanted to laugh at something so ludicrous. But the Jinchuuriki had the last laugh, the people adored their savior and when the Nii girl had become the Nibi Jinchuuriki nobody cared at the thought of another demon walking among them.

They were conspiring against them. When the Hachibi had broken free from one of his earlier hosts the tailed beast had destroyed many of his shops, nearly making the man titter towards bankruptcy, it was then he decided something had to be done with these sacrifices.

Of course he couldn't do anything, especially when the Hachibi was sealed within Killer Bee, A's surrogate younger brother and under the protection of the Sandaime Raikage, the toughest and manliest Raikage to ever live.

Like he had said earlier, he was no warrior, he was in fact overweight due to living the life of luxury where he didn't have to even lift a finger to do something, why should he do it when he could have another do it?

So he hired rouge ninja and even some of Kumo's more prejudice ninja to try and kill the new Jinchuuriki, but he always failed due to the strength of Killer Bee and sometimes A himself.

He had gone into a drunken rage when the Jinchuuriki regained full control of his powers, and the people rejoiced! They never thought that the Hachibi was playing them and simply waiting for the right time to strike.

Many times he had tried to exile Bee from the Village itself on trumped up charges, but each time they were refused by the Third Raikage, Raizen, and then later A himself when Raizen died and he took up the title of the Fourth Raikage. That was the reason the two never liked each other.

And then the Raikage had a son, the whole Village was overjoyed at their leader's bundle of joy, but Haisha was wary. He watched from the shadows as Raido grew up as a child, his teeth gritting whenever he saw the young child being given a piggy-back ride by the Hachibi, or 'Uncle Bee!' as the young Yotsuki heir would cry out.

And then the Nibi showed up in the form of a girl called Nii Yugito, the demon appeared to him in the form of an innocent three year old with big blue eyes, but her eyes were slits showing the demon inside, waiting and plotting for the destruction of mankind.

He watched with burning eyes as the Yotsuki heir and prodigy grew up in the very compound with the Nibi as a friend and the Hachibi as an uncle, they were corrupting him, a little boy who had the blood of the fastest and strongest Raikage running through his veins.

What if he became the Fifth Raikage? The thought itself made his blood ice cold, a puppet of the Bijuu as the leader of a Great Nation? That would spell nothing but disaster and chaos for the world.

It became even worse three years ago. Until then Raido and the Nibi disguised as a human had been just friends and comrades, but somehow the Two-Tailed Monster Cat had managed to enslave his heart with its demonic powers, making the boy fall in love with her. The heir was now a pawn for the Nibi, a powerful pawn both physically and politically. He should have suspected that the Nibi would target the Raikage's son, now he was ensnared in her spell and nothing could break him out of it.

It seemed that hope was lost, nobody would believe him due to his reputation and would certainty be on Raido's side as well as the 'Guardians' side.

It was when he heard of Akatsuki did he have hope restored after so many years of misery.

From the shadows of the hotel room he was currently staying in for a 'vacation' a tall figure emerged from the darkness. Pale green iris staring coldly into his eyes, the cornea itself was a light red. Beside that the only color the civilian council member could see was the crimson clouds that seemed to glow eerily off of the black robes.

"The Nibi and her companion are on their way to the castle," Haisha's face turned into a cruel sneer, "Little do they know it's a trap."

The figure was silent before the man spoke, his voice grave and grim, as though he had eaten gravel, there was a hint of something akin to amusement laced within his emotionless tone. "I'm surprised someone from the Cloud would send one of their Jinchuuriki to her death, along with your Raikage's son."

"Don't mistake me as the fools of my village. The Nibi has managed to worm her way into the hearts of the people and our Raikage, hell the Nibi managed to make Lord Raido fall in love with her. He is no longer Lord Raido though, merely a puppet for the Nibi and Hachibi's plans to destroy Kumo… That is why I have given you all the information you will need to take her down free of charge."

The figure's eye remained unchanged at the proclamation that would have been considered treason had any loyal Kumo subject heard him, not to mention that Kakuzu was smart enough to tell the difference between a Jinchuuriki and their tenants, not that he would say that to the fat council member. "And what of her companion?" He asked though he already knew the answer.

Haisha turned somber, "Lord Raido is gone, just like I said earlier. I'm doing him and the world a favor by freeing his soul from the Nibi's control… Kill him as well."

"You've been helpful, council man." Kakuzu stated as he slowly backed up into the shadows. "The Nibi is as good as dead, as well as her companion. No one can beat me, the one who survived a fight with the First Hokage… You won't get any of their bodies though. Yotsuki Raido has a rather large bounty on his head due to his S-Rank status."

"I have no need for a demon's body or the body of a puppet." Haisha smirked, "After you kill them I'll send the Hachibi on a solo mission for your comrades to get rid of him… the joys of being on the council."

But by the time he finished he realized that the Akatsuki member was long gone, ready to head back to meet up with his partner where they would trap and kill the Jonin. Kakuzu was excited to get the large bounties on both their heads, it was a bonus for him.

(Two days later)

Raido and Yugito were walking side by side as they travelled down the road, the castle was barely a mile in front of them. Aside from a couple bandits trying to take their money and somehow Raido ending in a bar fight which quickly ended when the teen punched the drunk man through a wall, the two managed to reach the southern parts of Hot Spring Country with just half a day to spare.

When they finally reached the castle they saw that it was rather ominous. Pitch black in color with the torchlight sending eerie shadows across the walls, the whole thing just seemed to set the two on edge.

Even though they were still easily half a mile away from the castle itself they noticed a guard walking up to them, they noticed that despite the brisk pace they could see the nervousness even though his face was hidden.

"You are Lord Raido and Lady Yugito?" The guard said remembering his courtesies. When the two nodded the guard turned towards Raido, "Lord Odan would like to speak to you privately."

The Jonin's eyes narrowed slightly, Yugito could see a bead of sweat dripping down the man's neck and she was one hundred percent sure it wasn't because of the humid heat.

"Why?" Raido, like his family, asked bluntly, his eyes still narrowed in suspicion. Whether it was the unsigned letter or the eerie castle, Raido's instincts were yelling to him that something was wrong.

The guard swallowed nervously, suddenly aware that even though he was much older than the teenager the Jonin still towered over the shorter man, not to mention his muscles looked capable of throwing him all the way to Tea Country. "Lord Odan has ordered that only you come for the first meeting, seeing as he has deemed you the leader of this mission."

Raido looked ready to bust a gasket but the guard was saved from being punched through the castle at the timely arrival of Yugito. Yugito placed her hand on Raido's shoulder, the boy took a deep breath to calm himself before looking at Yugito with a questioning look.

"Raido-kun, just go and meet this guy." Yugito said where Raido frowned, when he opened his mouth to protest she silenced him with a glare. "Don't worry, I can take care of myself. Just hurry."

Raido knew he couldn't argue with her, and who would try to attack her? She was a perfect Jinchuuriki, if she went full Two-Tails he would immediately know that something was wrong, that much chakra would even make civilians know that something was up, and while Raido wasn't a sensor he knew his instincts would help him.

Raido gave her a curt nod and followed the guard into the castle while Yugito stayed behind.

"Something isn't right," Matatabi mused from within her mindscape.

"You think?" Yugito said sarcastically. "This place gives me the creeps… something isn't right." She watched as the small dots that were the guard and Raido disappear as they entered the castle.

It was then that Yugito heard something faintly, she then immediately did a back flip several feet behind where she had been previously, landing on all fours much like a cat.

The reason was that in that instant there was a flash of silver and red, a scythe had slammed into the ground where she had been but a moment ago. The triple blades were the color of blood while the sharp edges gleamed bright silver. A rope connected to the hilt of the triple bladed scythe, there was the faint sounds of the weapon breaking out of the rocks and the weapon then returned to the owners hand.

When Yugito saw who had attacked her, the Jinchuuriki suddenly felt as though she had taken a dip in the lakes surrounding her home in the dead of winter. Her blood turned ice cold and her breath hitched as she saw the billowing black robes moving faintly in the breeze, the crimson red clouds clashing against the black.


She heard the faint sounds of feet hitting rock to her right, she spared a quick glance in the direction and another Akatsuki member.

"Hey kitty cat," the one who had attacked her teased her as he hefted his scythe of his shoulder. His eyes were a purplish maroon that seemed to burn with a certain madness to them. His slicked back hair was silver much like Kakashi the Copy Cat Ninja, which seemed to clash with his youthful features. His Akatsuki robe was opened at the chest, showing his pale yet chiseled chest, a strange pendant hung around on a simple chain necklace. The symbol was a slightly turned triangle within a circle, the metal seemed to gleam eerily. A slashed Yukagakure hiate-ate hung loosely around his neck. "We've been waiting for you." The man snickered as though mad.

"Hidan…" the other Akatsuki member said darkly. "Shut up before I kill you." The man was tall, easily as tall as A and Raido, hell maybe even taller. He had a lean build to him, making him seem twice as tall. Unlike his partner who was pale skinned, the man was heavily tanned though not as tanned as some of her friends. His eyes reminded her of the pictures she had seen of the Third Raikage, Raido's grandfather, but instead of dark green iris's and black cornea it was instead a soft teal and red. His slashed Takigakure hiate-ate was placed in the traditional spot on the forehead, though his headband was more like the bandana that Killer Bee had.

The one with the scythe, Hidan, glanced at his partner in annoyance. "Shut the fuck up, Kakuzu!" He yelled at his fellow S-Rank criminal, his arm not holding the scythe waving frantically in his direction. "Like hell you could kill me, the day you do is when you realize that money is stupid as shit!" He exclaimed, not caring about his vulgar.

"This is bad. These are the two that Sasori told Raido-kun about, the ones sent to capture me." Yugito thought frantically as she realized that they had ambushed her perfectly, she had to go through Hidan to get to the castle and that was half a mile away. By then the other one, Kakuzu, could attack her from behind.

"Kitten, stay calm!" Matatabi cried out, for once all playfulness gone from her. Instead her tone was as hard as steel, she knew as well as Yugito that both were in mortal danger, well Yugito was.

"This is no coincidence, it was a trap!" Yugito mentally cried out as she wanted to bash her head against something hard. "That's why they separated us, and since Raido-kun isn't a sensor he won't be able to sense a fight unless he hears it."

Hidan then leaned forward, snapping the young Jonin out of her thoughts, Yugito tensed as she waited for the attack.

"Hey, why don't you just give up now?" Hidan suggested as though she would actually consider the suggestion.

Yugito blinked, "What?"

Hidan nodded with a 'mph'. "Yeah, it'll save all of us time. For us it would be capturing you and for you it would make your death faster. Not to mention it goes against my religion." He said as though somewhat embarrassed.

"Religion…?" Yugito could only ask, what was up with this guy?

"Hai!" Hidan said with a wide grin that made him look like a psychopath. "I kill everything in the name of our god, Jashin!... But since we need you alive I'm sinning… tch, Leader's an asshole."

Yugito had let the man rant, if stalling helped her until Raido returned she would gladly listen to the man's rants. She knew nothing about these guys aside from their names and that they were from Akatsuki, she would much rather have Raido here to help take them down. Like his father and uncle they were the ultimate tag team.

"Hidan, shut up and capture her already. She is your target," Kakuzu said almost bored.

"Jeez, get your panties out of a knot, Kakuzu," Hidan said as he held his scythe at the ready. "This will be over in a minute."

"Tch, don't underestimate me!" Yugito yelled as she quickly grabbed shuriken from her pouch and channeled enough fire chakra to make them turn white from the heat. She then let them fly towards Hidan.

She didn't think that they would hit, she had expected the criminal to jump out of the way or at least try and dodge it. Instead Hidan just stood there as the shurikens slammed into his chest, one lodged directly in his heart.

"What the? He didn't dodge even though one was aimed at his vital spot. Maybe these Akatsuki bastards aren't so tough after all," Yugito thought.

"Oww. Bitch that hurt!" Hidan yowled as he yanked the shurikens out of his chest, including the one that had pierced his heart. He didn't even look injured! He just looked annoyed, like Yugito had thrown a pillow, granted a sharp pillow, at him.

"H-How!" Yugito exclaimed as she saw the wounds heal themselves almost instantly. Not even Tsunade of the Sannin could heal that fast without using hand seals, she didn't even sense any chakra! Meaning that he hadn't used a jutsu at all.

This guy… is he immortal? Yugito wondered.

Hidan started to chuckle deeply, but then it turned into a laugh of glee. "I'm coming for you, Nibi Jinchuuriki!" He cackled as he stepped forward and suddenly disappeared.

Fast! Was all Yugito could think as she immediately flipped backwards again, Hidan had appeared above her with his scythe held high. While still suspended in the air, Yugito managed to kick the man in the cheek, making him loose his momentum and flying into the ground.

Hidan got up, his jaw was obviously broken but Yugito watched with dawning horror as she saw the shattered bones snap back in place. When the jaw was completely healed Hidan rolled his head back slightly and cracked his neck. "Ooh, that put a kink in my neck," he said off handedly.

Yugito immediately unsheathed her tanto as Hidan's triple blades nearly cut her in half, luckily she had time to block the attack but Hidan had surprisingly good upper body strength.

Yugito ducked under a swipe and immediately got through his guard, she pierced Hidan in the side in a vital spot, but yet again the man only screeched out swear words but didn't seem to remotely hurt besides being in pain. "You little bitch, you'll pay for that!" Hidan snarled as he ripped the sword from his side and threw it near Kakuzu, who remained in the same spot as he had arrived in.

Hidan charged at Yugito who immediately went on the defensive as the rouge ninja swiped at her with his scythe. She quickly tilted her body to the side to avoid a blade in the kidney.

Yugito felt herself losing ground as she tried to dodge Hidan's weapon, it was near impossible and had Yugito not been a Cloud Jonin with multiple friends who specialized in kenjutsu and practiced with her she wouldn't have been able to keep up and would of have been impaled by now.

I can't stay in the defensive, sooner or later that Kakuzu guy is going to join in the fight. I need to use justu, maybe if I burn Hidan to a crisp he won't be able to move?

Yugito jumped back several feet and went through two hand seals. "Katon: Fire Ball Jutsu!" Immediately a ball of fire easily the size of a house spewed from her mouth and engulfed Hidan with its fiery embrace.

For five seconds the inferno concealed anything about Hidan's fate, instead both Kakuzu and Yugito waited for the fire to disappear to see what happened.

When the flames finally lost the energy to continue burning they slowly started to disappear, and in the center was an unharmed and smirking Hidan. Aside from the fact that the edges of his robes being slightly scorched and soot adorning his chest Hidan looked perfectly fine.

Hidan started to cackle again, his head reared back as his chest heaved. "Is that all you got?" He taunted the Nibi Jinchuuriki.

In response Yugito went through another series of hand seals, Hidan shifted his scythe slightly in his grip before rushing at the Nibi Jinchuuriki.

Still going through the hand seals, Yugito gracefully dodged all the deadly and swift slashes, while Hidan may be an apparent immortal the fact itself made him arrogant and sloppy. Something Yugito would take to full advantage.

"Raiton: Denki Burasuto (Lightning Style: Electric Murder)!" Lighting coursed through the teen girls hands, the electric current sparking every second or so. She threw her fists so that her palms were pressed flat against Hidan's abdomen.

Immediately the current of deadly lightning coursed through Yugito's body and streamed into Hidan's. Hidan screamed in pain as he literally felt every cell, every nerve, and every muscle experience the feeling of his body being torn apart by the lightning.

Hidan fell on one knee, his arms being used to support himself. There was now a large hole on his robe from where the lightning had entered his body. His whole abdomen had third degree burns, and Yugito was certain that was the same with one of his feet as the lightning left his body and into the ground.

"You are a weakling," Kakuzu said in his grim voice as he looked at Hidan who managed to get back on his feet. "Perhaps I should lend a hand?" He asked, his voice while icy sounded amused.

"I got this, god damn it Kakuzu. Go after your damn target!" Hidan yelled at his partner.

Kakuzu looked at him with boredom, "We were supposed to take out the Nibi Jinchuuriki before getting the Yotsuki boy."

Yugito's head jerked upwards when she realized he meant Raido. Kakuzu saw her reaction and chuckled darkly, "Did you think you were the only one we were after? Your little boyfriend has a bounty with twenty million ryo on his head, that should supply the Akatsuki for awhile."

"Don't." Yugito's hair broke out of her ponytail. "Talk." The air seemed to shift around her, making her freed hair rise ever so slightly. "About." Yugito hunched over, her eyes hidden behind her blonde hair. "Killing." Her fingernails elongated into razor sharp claws. "My." Yugito's canines started to turn longer and sharper, until they resembled a cat's. "Boyfriend." She looked up, her sky blue eyes no longer blue. Instead they were amber and it seemed as though an inferno had been lit. "In front of me!"

Immediately there was an explosion as Yugito channeled a large amount of chakra through her body, from where she stood a crater had formed from the excess chakra that had swirled around her, creating a large dust cloud.

When the dust cleared Yugito was covered in dark blue chakra, a single tail moving behind her as though it had a mind of its own.

"So now we get to see Kumo's famed perfect Jinchuuriki in action," Kakuzu said, not alarmed in the slightest. He turned to Hidan who was smirking as well, not afraid either. "I'm helping, I haven't fought a Jinchuuriki in a long time."

Yugito growled at her attackers, despite the chakra bubbling around her she still had perfect control over her actions and thoughts.

Sasori told Raido-kun that these guys can't die, is Kakuzu the same as Hidan or does he have a different way of immortality? Yugito wondered.

"This is my fight, Kakuzu!" Hidan snapped at his partner.

"You were taking too long, for all we know the Yotsuki boy could be almost done with the meeting with Odan, though he should still be stalling. We need to capture her before he gets here, it'd be troublesome to fight both." Kakuzu stated as he looked at the Jinchuuriki with unblinking eyes.

"Tch, fine." Hidan said, "But I get to sacrifice that Raido guy to Jashin-sama!"

Kakuzu ignored his insane partner and instead turned his attention to the young Jinchuuriki in front of him, his unique eyes as cold as the icy mountain tops that littered Lightning Country.

"Katon: Zukokku (Fire Style: Intelligent Hard Work)," Kakuzu said in his grim voice as he spat out a small ball of flames which raced towards Yugito but struck the ground in front of here. Immediately the small ball of fire turned into an inferno, Kakuzu and Hidan waited as the smoke and fire cleared down, when it finally did there was nothing there.

Yugito immediately appeared behind him, Kakuzu didn't even have a chance to glance at her before he was sent flying through the air and was thrown through several trees, making them shatter in millions of splinters before crashing into the ground and creating a rather large crater.

Suddenly Yugito's tail moved without warning, the deadly toxic chakra having wrapped itself around Hidan's hand when he had tried to attack her with his triple bladed scythe.

Hidan merely winced as he saw the skin on his hand and arm slowly peeling away due to the Bijuu chakra that was toxic to every living being aside from those who had complete and total control of the deadly and potent chakra, namely the young woman in front of him.

Yugito turned around to look Hidan dead in the eye, insane purple locking onto burning amber.

"Bring it on, bitch!" Hidan, ever the most blunt and vulgar of the Akatsuki roared.

Yugito's response was a punch to the face sending the immortal flying. Suddenly the Nibi Jinchuuriki's sixth sense screamed at her to move and she quickly leapt into the air before landing on one of the large branches of a convenient oak.

She had moved just in time as dozens if not hundreds of thick grey tendrils burst from the caked earthed where she had been barely a couple of seconds ago.

The tendrils then rushed towards Yugito who used her claws and swiped at the tendrils, using her Nekozume (Cat Claws) to cut through the thick cables with ease. However she couldn't dodge the other cables that came after her, using her tail she put it in front of her. Thanks to the highly condensed chakra they only managed to pierce through the tail and not piercing the young woman.

Yugito quickly backed up and without the use of hand seals yelled, "Katon: Neko kasai sutorīmu (Fire Style: Cat Fire Stream)." Immediately a large stream of fire easily bigger than several Fire Balls erupted from her mouth and rushed towards the moving tendrils.

Immediately the Bijuu reinforced chakra fire burned through the tendrils, leaving nothing but ash and soot in its wake.

"Raiton: Gian (Lightning Style: False Darkness)," a bolt of crackling electric energy in the form of a deadly spear suddenly erupted from the destroyed underbrush where Yugito had thrown Kakuzu with inhumane strength.

Yugito barely had time to dodge it. The bolt of lightning instead hit a large tree behind her and immediately shattered into millions of splinters. The bolt was so powerful that it had even pierced through the ground behind the tree.

I do not want to get hit with that jutsu, Yugito thought wearily. That level of condensed lightning chakra formed into a beam… that's easily a B-rank assassination technique. Tch, and here I was thinking I had the upper hand of them having to be careful not to accidently kill me, not like I'd give them the chance, of course.

"You're becoming a bit of an annoyance, Nibi Jinchuuriki." Kakuzu said darkly as he appeared from the destroyed underbrush like a phantom. The only sign he had been remotely hurt was the slash marks on his robe where Yugito had hit him.

This guy's elemental natures are fire and lightning, the same as me. I guess we just have to see whose trained harder and worked for it. Yugito thought as she prepared herself for another showdown. She knew that this guy wouldn't be surprised by her enhanced speed again.

Suddenly Yugito heard a familiar sound of something moving at a fast pace, she barely had time to pull out her Tanto in time to whack away Hidan's scythe and jump backwards.

Hidan appeared slightly in front of Kakuzu, his eyes gleaming with madness as he looked at the Nibi Jinchuuriki. Despite the fact she had sent him flying through the thick underbrush (which had to hurt, immortal or not), he looked like he was having the time of his life.s

Hidan's body seemed to shudder as he snickered, setting the hair on the back of Yugito's neck raise as she heard the sheer madness and bloodlust coming from the young man, her blue tail waved back and forth anxiously.

"It's such a shame I can't sacrifice you to Jashin-sama!" Hidan crowed as he continued in his fit of mad cackles. "Lord Jashin would have loved you as a sacrifice, oh well." He pulled back on the metal chains connecting to his devilish scythe, making it soar back into his open hands. "I guess I'll just have to settle for your little boyfriend." He decided nonchalantly.

Yugito gritted her teeth. As though Raido would lose to this psychopath, as if she'd even let him get dear him!

"Hidan, shut up about your stupid religion." Kakuzu said annoyed by his partner's antics and his somewhat fanatical beliefs.

Hidan's eyes twitched dangerously and Kakuzu suddenly found the three blades that formed Hidan's scythe pressed against his neck, not that the missing Taki nin cared in the least. As if Hidan of all people could kill him.

"Shut up, Kakuzu!" Hidan roared at his partner and complete opposite in personality. One of his hands were clenched in a fist tight enough to draw blood as Hidan resisted the urge to attempt to kill Kakuzu, even though it wouldn't kill Kakuzu because…. Well it was Kakuzu.

Mata, you don't suppose there is a chance that those two will attack each other instead of me? Yugito asked her lifelong companion and also the reason why she was in this mess while she looked at the bickering S-rank ninja with a look of disbelief.

"We can't always have a miracle."Matatabi mused with a surprising amount of seriousness, though seeing the situation it wasn't that big of a shot. "I think you used all your miracles when you snagged Mr. Hunky." The Nibi couldn't help but add in.

Yugito's eye twitched dangerously, Really? Mister Hunky? Yugito sighed and shook her head, wondering why she even bothered with her pervy tenant. Why do I even bother?

"Aw, you love me!"

"That's a point of perspective," Yugito physically muttered to herself as she watched the two missing nin stop bickering and returning their attention back to their target.

"Gah, good job Kakuzu. Now she thinks we're unprofessional, you're such a bitch, you shitty excuse of a rag doll!" Hidan fumed at his partner.

Had Kakuzu been a lesser man without near a century worth of knowledge and training to keep his emotions at a zero, the former Takigakure Jonin may have sighed with enough weariness to knock him out.

"Hidan… One of these days, I swear I'm going to kill you." Kakuzu growled, his grim voice sounding even more menacing then his icy cold eyes.

"Pft, like you could kill me you little pansy!"

"Katon: Karyūdan (Fire Style: Fire Dragon Bomb)."

Hidan and Kakuzu glanced up to see giant balls of flames raining down on them, the second one touched the ground a giant explosion rang through the clear with enough firepower to make a exploding tag look like a fizzled out firecracker.

"Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Style: Water Encampment Wall)." Kakuzu spat out a large amount of water that quickly formed a circle around the two immortals and immediately raised upwards, protecting the two.

When two of the bombs touched the water the resulting heat turned the water into steam, but the two Akatsuki members were safely protected from the attack.

"So much for attacking when they aren't expecting it," Yugito muttered to herself as she watched the two carefully and waited for one of them to move.

Unsurprisingly it was Hidan who snapped out of it and rushed towards the Nibi Jinchuuriki, his scythe held high above him. Hidan suddenly front flipped and Yugito quickly jumped backwards as the three blades sunk into the caked rock as easily as it was fresh snow.

Using his momentum Hidan leaned forward as he used his scythe as though it was a pole vault, Yugito barely had time to register the threat before Hidan's sandaled feet crashed into her chest with a deadly amount of strength.

Yugito was flung through the air, her body colliding with a large rock, making visible spider web cracks as Yugito struggled for breath as the wind had been knocked out of her.

Yugito quickly turned to the side and rolled out of the way as Hidan's sharp scythe easily cut through the rock as though it was mere thin air.

Hidan cackled as he saw her labored breath, either from the continued use of chakra or the taijutsu or maybe the fact that he had knocked the breath from her, he didn't know nor did he really care. "You're tiring." He crowed in a form of sick glee. "You're not going to last much longer, are ya?"

His satisfaction growing as he saw her chakra cloak slowly going back into her body. He turned his attention to Kakuzu, who didn't seem to care one way or another due to his ability to hide his emotions so well.

"Hidan, just hurry up. We don't have all da-" Kakuzu's statement suddenly broke off as a strangled gasp come from his throat. His chest started to arc back and his hands twitching ever so slightly.

Hidan and Yugito watched as slowly but surely something bright suddenly erupted from where Kakuzu's heart was. The sound of crackling electricity was the only sound as they now clearing saw that whatever had stabbed Kakuzu was completely made of the deadly element. Rouge sparks of lightning crackling and jumping onto Kakuzu, hence the spazing.

Hidan looked confused while Yugito looked relieved, having seen this technique before and knew who the user was.

Raido stood behind the tall missing nin. His brown eyes were fiery infernos as his face was set in a snarl as he looked at the Akatsuki, his whole bulky body shuddering in rage.

His fist was through Kakuzu's chest, right through the heart. The infamous and legendary Hell Stab of the Third Raikage had been activated by the legend's grandson, his fingers crackling with deadly lightning.

S-So fast, Kakuzu thought wildly as he had indeed not noticed the younger Jonin's approach until it was too late. Just like his grandfather and father before him… Damn it Hidan, now we have the two of them to deal with! Kakuzu swore in his head, while he tried and failed to ignore the spikes of pain as the sensation of his heart being penetrated by enough volts of lighting to kill a Boss Summon soon became real to him.

Raido's eyes locked into the one other Akatsuki member that wasn't already dead, seeing as Kakuzu wouldn't be living much longer due to his heart quickly becoming nothing but a gooey mess thanks to Raido's modified version of Hell Stab. Raido then roared with enough volume to make the ground vibrate and the trees to shudder. "I'm going to kill you!"