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Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Chapter 2

"Do you have a name?" Justin asked, attempting to start a conversation as he looked for a way around her so he could reach his intended target on the side behind her.

The woman said. "My master calls me Elsa!"

"Master?" Justin asked. "You know what I'm just gunna go"

He turned towards a door but Elsa grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. Justin's reaction was to deliver a spin kick to her which she took and stayed standing then she tried to fight back. The two fought back and forth for a bit, until Justin managed to knock Elsa down. Turning quickly on the spot, he grabbed his prize from of the side and headed for the exit only to be stopped by a tall and heavily armoured figure, with a few of the lizard creatures behind him.

"Meet Zeltrax," Elsa said.

"Good sake why is there always more of you guys." Justin said before adding. "First it was Elgar, Rygog and Porto now it's you two"

Elsa glared at the back of Justin's head, while Zeltrax lifted the axe he had with him. Deciding to fight Justin stepped back and raised the Dragon Dagger to his mouth and played the activation tune of the Zord. And before he knew it there was a screeching noise in the distance that rocked Elsa and Zeltrax. Justin laughed, before changing his mind about fighting now he saw a way out, he took off running down the tunnel. Turning a corner, Justin skidded to a halt when he saw greenish orb in front of him floating in the air he raised his hand towards it knowing that where ever it went had to better than staying where he was and dealing with Elsa and Zeltrax.

'If only I'd took my Turbo Morpher out of Storm Blasters Glove box this morning, I could have destroyed them both' he thought to himself.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Meanwhile in Reefside at Dr. O's house the teens and Tommy had got in Tommy's jeep and had drove away to try and find Justin.

"So when you said you created those Tyranno things you were just kidding, right?" Ethan asked as they sped down an empty street.

But Tommy shook his head. "They weren't supposed to be used like this," he explained. "Someone's altered their programming. A few years back I was doing research on combining dinosaur DNA with technology, my partner, a scientist named Anton Mercer"

"You mean that rich guy who disappeared a few years ago," Ethan said, recognizing the name.

Tommy nodded. "Shortly after Mercer disappeared, our lab was attacked. All our research was destroyed or at least, I thought it was"

"And the guy who did this is back?" Kira asked.

"Yes, he calls himself Mesogog," Tommy sighed.

"And you think he's after the Gems?" Connor asked.

"Looks like it!" Tommy nodded.

"This is all fascinating, but how exactly is it gonna help us find Justin?" Ethan asked, looking to Connor and Kira.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Justin had just gone through the Green light and had arrived in front of a pedestal that housed the Green Power Coin fully charged and as Justin approached Zordon's face appeared in front of him. "JUSTIN STEWART THE BLUE TURBO RANGER IT HAS BEEN SO MANY YEARS SINCE I SAW YOU?" said Zordon.

"Yes it has been Zordon, but how can you be here you were killed by Andros?" asked Justin.


"So what can I do to help I mean my Turbo Morpher still works so shall I use that and reveal myself?"


"So why did you bring me hear if I need to find a Dino Power?"


"What is my new Morph call?" asked Justin.


"Can I tell Tommy I saw you and what we talked about?"


"Thank you Zordon it will be a relief to finally get back to where I feel I belong and help defend the innocent"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Meanwhile back in Tommy's jeep, Tommy suddenly looked a little drained and almost fainted causing Conner to grab the wheel of the jeep until Tommy was able to bring the jeep to a stop. Then a green light came out of Dr. O and into the sky with a distinctive screech leaving his body flashing between Red and White.

"Dr. O what the hell was that?" asked Conner after the light had left their teacher.

"I don't know Conner" he finally said before adding "I felt a pain inside as if something inside me was ripped out of my body"

"Well it did a flash of Green energy left your body?" said Kira.

"Come on we'll go back to my place so Conner can get his car I need to find out what I lost. I feel so lost like a part has gone, hear Conner you drive back I don't trust my driving"

"Going back's not gunna help I mean, Justin's not gonna fall out the sky and land in front of us!" said Kira.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Meanwhile in her new house Kimberly Hart and Karen Ford were unpacking boxes and putting the stuff in the right rooms. Justin's boxes were left in his room for him to do when suddenly they heard a screeching noise in the sky. "Couldn't be, it's impossible?" said Kim.

"Kim what is it?" asked Karen.

"That noise is reminiscent of something I heard in Angel Grove years ago, it's the screech that original Green Power Rangers Zord would make"

"Do you think that means he's in town?"

"I hope not if he is the towns gunna be invaded by evil creatures just like Angel Grove was"

"Well if it is and he's here at least he can defend the town?"

"Yeah your right let's get on with this otherwise we'll just be talking for hours about when I was in Angel Grove and what I've seen"

"Right do you mind if we stop for a few minutes to have a drink"

"Nah I think we could both do with one"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

No sooner had the words left Kira's lips there was another flash of Green light and Justin landed on the bonnet of the car. He looked up, and stared at the four people inside the car, who were staring at him. After a moment of silence, the four climbed out of the car and rushed to Justin's side.

"How did you do that?" Ethan asked as he and Connor helped Justin stand up.

"I have no idea," he said, getting his balance. "One minute I'm being chased by Frankenlizard through his creepy lab, and the next thing I know I'm a hood ornament" he shrugged and then looked at Tommy with a we need to talk look.

"Invisiportal's" Tommy realized.

Justin nodded "I guess so but next time I'm calling a cab!" he told him. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We came to rescue you!" Ethan said as Justin rolled his eyes.

"Nice job. Show up when I don't need you anymore!" he said, before nodding in thanks to Kira.

There was another flash of Green light, depositing Zeltrax and a flock of Tyrannodrones into the middle of the street. "You sure about that?" Connor asked, and they got ready to fight, Tommy came up and stood next to Justin.

"So I guess Mesogog found a new goon to do his dirty work?" Tommy asked.

"You are not fit to speak my master's name," the monster told him. "Come with me peacefully or suffer the consequences!" he told Tommy and the others who rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna say no" he told the monster, who then sent forward his Tyrannodrones.

Justin quickly destroyed them and turned his attention to Zeltrax as the other three teens watched in shock at how quick Justin had taken care of the Tyrannodrones and turned to face Zeltrax, who was still standing, after a fight with Tommy but when he saw the look in Justin's eyes he backed away.

"Make sure you tell your master, Doctor Oliver's back," Tommy smirked.

"I will inform him," Zeltrax growled. "This battle is over, but the war has only just begun!"

He, and the beaten up Tyrannodrones, disappeared.

"That's the best he could do?" Ethan asked, in awe of the way Justin had fought.

"Trust me, dude," Justin said, patting him on the shoulder. "This is just the beginning!"

"Let's get out of here," Tommy said, seaming back to normal to the other three teenagers. "It's getting late. I don't want your parents to worry"

Connor frowned. "I bet you don't," he said. "Then you might have to explain something!"

"I'll fill you in tomorrow after school," Tommy told him. "I promise!"

He then got into the jeep the four students looked at each other, sighed, and followed him and drove to his house so Conner could collect his car and Justin his jeep and go home.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

They had just reached Tommy's house, Conner and Ethan walked over to Conner's Mustang and waited for a few minutes to see if Kira wanted a lift home.

Meanwhile inside the house Justin and Tommy were talking.

"Tommy I saw Zordon while I was escaping" Justin said.

"What did he say?" asked Tommy.

"He said that this was mine to use and I needed to use it to help the Dino Rangers" said Justin as he revealed the Dragon Dagger. Then he added "When I blew on it I felt the Power and I heard it then Zordon gave me this?" he said showing Tommy the Green Power Coin.

"So that's what that was" said Tommy thinking back to when the flash of green left his body and he felt slightly weakened for a few minutes.

"Zordon also said I needed to talk to you about what the new Morph call is?

"It's Green Ranger Dino Power" came the response.

"So when do the others receive their Morpher's?"

"Maybe tomorrow I need to talk to them about the Gems they have then anyway"

"Tommy do you think the Dragonzord has moved to the Harbor at Reefside or would it still be in Angel Grove?"

"I don't know Justin maybe you should find out go to the harbor tonight and try to call the Zord and see if it responds instantly or if it takes time for it to migrate to Reefside from Angel Grove"

"Right, do you want me to let you know what happens tonight or tomorrow?"

"Let me know tonight you still have your old communicator right?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah I'll contact you when I know what happens" Justin said as he turned and left the house to drive Kira home.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The two vehicles had just reached the bottom of Tommy's drive when Conner signaled for Justin to stop which he did and looked over to Conner.

"What's up Conner?" asked Justin.

"Are we all invited to your house warming tonight?" Conner asked.

"Yes on one condition you don't mention Dr. O's name or even say the name Tommy"

"Why?" asked Kira.

"They have a history from Angel Grove and I want to be the one who tells her Tommy's here and I also want to tell Tommy about Kim so not a word to either of them until I've told them"

"Fine Justin we can accept that so what times the party at?" asked Conner.

Just before Justin could answer his phone rang, Justin looked down to see who was calling and saw it was Kim.

"Hey Kim, what wrong?" asked Justin.

"JUSTIN DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?" shouted Kim down the phone at him.

"Uhm no I've been hanging out with some friends I made at school why?"

"The house warming party starts in half an hour?"

"Ok I didn't realise it was that late. Can I bring my friends?"

"Yes. Can you tell Kira that Karen's been trying to reach her for two hours?"

"Right see you soon Kim by" Justin said as he ended the call.

What did Kim want?" asked Kira.

"To tell me the party starts in half an hour and that your mum's been trying to reach you for two hours" said Justin.

"Shit we were so busy I never heard it ring" said Kira as she reached it from out of her pocket.

"So can we come?" asked Conner, while pulled out her phone.

"No wonder it's not even switched on" said Kira.

"Yes you're all invited as long as you remember what I said" said Justin.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Justin and his friends stood together while at the house warming party and Kira aloud Justin to dance with her a few times. After they finished dancing they were having fun talking about trouble they'd got in during their years in school. When Kim walked over and said.

"Hey Justin I forgot to tell you I have some good news?"

"What is it Kim?"

"I found a new job"

"Cool where?"

"I'm the new Gymnastics teacher at Reefside High" said Kim.

"Wow awesome Kim, mum has told me you're a great gymnast even representing our country at the Pan Globule games" said Kira.

"Wow cool?" said Conner and Ethan.

"Yeah congratulations Kim" said Justin as he walked over and hugged her.

While they were hugging Kim whispered in Justin's ear "We need to talk later?"

"Ok later but let's finish the party first"

"Is there something going on between you and Kira?" Kim asked.

"Mum she's the first friend I've made here so that's it ok" said Justin as he walked away from Kim and back to Kira, Conner and Ethan.

"Hey Justin that's good news right about Kim finding a job isn't it?" said Kira.

"Yeah it is" said Justin a little bit disappointedly.

"Justin what's wrong?"

"I have to tell them both about each other before they find out and realise I knew all along"

"Justin what's the worst that can happen I know you said they have a history together but they're not gunna fight each other are they?"

"I don't know the last time they were in contact with each other was when Kim sent Tommy a letter braking up with him."

"Oh what are you gunna do Justin?"

"I don't know Kira" Justin said as he headed for the door.

"Justin wait up I'll come out with you?" said Kira following him to the door.

"I hope they know they still school children?" said Karen to Kim as they watched Justin and Kira head outside.

"Don't worry they'll be ok I trust Justin with my life" said Kim.

"I trust Justin to its Kira I don't trust I think they might be in love or something?" said Karen.

"Karen calm down they've only just met their friends maybe one day it will turn into more but I think that right now their friendship means a lot especially to Justin he's never had many friends"

"Ok Kim I'll back down but I get to say I told you so if you're wrong?"


Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Meanwhile outside Kira and Justin were sitting on the steps that lead to the front door.

"So Justin what's the plan"

"I'll just let them meet up again on their own like you said what's the worst that could happen"

"You could both get destroyed right now" said a voice. They looked up and there was Elsa with a flock of Tyrannodrones.

"Not you again" said Justin.

"Who the hell are you, do I know you from somewhere?" asked Kira.

"No but I will be taking that Gem from you" said Elsa.

"Only if you can get by me?" said Justin as he stood in front of Kira.

"TYRANNODRONES ATTACK" called Elsa and as Justin fought off the Tyrannodrones Elsa was preparing to attack Kira.

Kira had just thought of a plan and was just waiting until Elsa got just a little bit closer then she unleashed her Ptera Scream at Elsa who went flying backwards and landed on the ground just as the Tyrannodrones flew through the air and landed on top of her.

Justin ran to Kira and said "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm cool and I guess you were right when you told Ethan they'd be back"

"Yeah unfortunately things are gunna get a lot worse" said Justin.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Meanwhile up at Dr. O's house Hayley was busy putting the finishing touches to the three Dino Morpher's that would be offered to Kira, Ethan and Conner.

"Hayley we have a forth Ranger" said Tommy.

"Who and when do they need a Morpher made by?" Hayley asked stopping what she was doing.

"It's Justin the former Blue Turbo Ranger and he already has one"

"Ok how?"

"Zordon gave him it and Justin's gunna see about the Zord tonight" said Tommy as he clipped his old communicator to his wrist.

"Tommy do you trust Justin?"

"Hayley what sort of question is that Justin is trustworthy why would you ask such a question?"

"Tommy do you know who registered Justin at Reefside?"

"I'd guess his dad"

"No he was registered by a Miss Kimberly Hart" said Hayley.

Tommy's face went White with terror at the name and Hayley saw this.

"Tommy what's wrong you look like you've seen a ghost?"

"Hayley are you sure about the name?" asked Tommy.

"I'll check again only because the name freaked you out and because normally you wouldn't ask unless you were really concerned" Hayley turned back to the computer and hacked the schools systems again and brought up the page with Justin Stewart on it. "Registered by Kimberly Hart- relationship adopted mother. Parents-deceased. Mother-8 years ago Father-6 years ago during Alien invasion. Graduated Angel Grove High 6 years ago redoing final year of High School because Reefside Tech said his results were out of date"

"Why didn't he call me I'd have taken him in. I mean he barely knew Kim?"

"I don't know Tommy it doesn't say why I guess you'd better ask him that question?"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"Justin are you ok now?" asked Kira.

"Yeah I'm ok just needed to work out what to do about Dr. O and Kim" said Justin.

"But if you do that what condition will the school be in for us?"

"They're both adults so they should be able to be civil to each other while their around people"

"What about you what if Kim kicks you out and Tommy doesn't want to talk to you?"

"I'll deal with that if it happens. Come on lets go back in"

"Right, hey I have an evil idea?"


"How about we go in with our arms wrapped around each other"

"Is this to annoy Conner again?"

"No I saw mum and Kim talking about us she said that she trust you not to rush in to anything but not her own daughter, so I really want to do it to just mess with their heads"

"Ok but if either of them blow their cool what will you do?"

"Well like you said I'll deal with it if it happens"

"Ok come on they'll start to wonder why we've been so long"

Kira had noticed out of the corner of her eye as she and Justin stood up that her mother was looking out the window at them. So she wrapped her arm around Justin and he did the same as they walked to the door. Just as the y were about to open the door Karen opened the door to see them smirking as she looked at them.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"Hayley find me Justin's address I'm going over there and talking to him and talk to Kim as well" said Tommy.

"Tommy just promise me you won't do something stupid" replied Hayley.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what it means Tommy. Look you haven't seen her for years imagine what it would look like if you turned up out of the Blue?"

"Ok I'll just shout at Justin later when he contacts me"

Tommy finally sat down in a computer chair realising that Hayley was right he wasn't thinking straight at the moment all his thoughts were focused on why Justin hadn't said anything today about his dad dying and that he was living with Kim.

Hayley finished the final touches to the final one of the three Morpher's.

"Right these are finished and ready to go" said Hayley.

"Ok put them in that Silver box in my briefcase then their ready for tomorrow" said Tommy as he opened his briefcase so Hayley could get the Silver box from inside.

"Are you sure those three are the right ones?"

"Hayley those Gems were locked away inside a safe and have been since I found them until they found the cave so the Gems chose them to keep them safe"

"Ok I guess there the right ones then"

"Hayley why don't you sound like you have faith in them?"

"Well they've chosen. A Jock, a Nerd and a Musician?"

"Hayley, Jason was a Jock, Billy was a Nerd and Kim did like to play the guitar it seems to me the three Gems have chosen wisely"

"Ok then what about Justin then what about his Power?"

"Justin's one needs a strong host in both mind a sole Justin is the one for it and I believe him when he said Zordon told him it was his destiny"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The party had just finished and everyone was making their way home, Conner gave Ethan a ride and Justin drove Kira and Karen back home, then he rang Kim.

"Hey Kim I'm gunna drive round Town for a bit get to know the place myself?" he said when Kim picked up the phone.

"Ok Justin could you pick up some shopping while you're out we used most of the food up for the party so we need some more"

"Right I'll find a supermarket and get some stuff"

"Thanks Justin, be careful out there?"

"I will" said Justin as he drove away from Kira's house and towards the Harbor. Once he was sure no one could see him he pulled out his New Morpher.

"GREEN RANGER DINO POWER" said Justin then as the Green suit covered him he realised that the Dragon Dagger was in a holster on one side of his suit and a blaster in the other, that he had a Gold chest plate was the next thing he had noticed. He walked up to the edge of the pier and took the Dragon Dagger from its holster, raised it to his lips and played the six note activation tune and waited to see what happened. After a few minutes nothing had happened so Justin played the tune again just in case the Zord needed to hear it again to make sure it wasn't imagining it. Still nothing so Justin tried the second tune and finally there was a distance screech. Suddenly Justin was shocked as a bright flash hit him as he turned he saw Cassidy and Devin the schools nosey reporters, the screech got louder and Justin turned back round and watched as the ocean started to bubble and then the Dragonzord broke the surface and headed to dry land Devin and Cassidy followed the Green Ranger towards the Zord, until the Ranger jumped up and behind the controls of his new Zord.

"Hello my friend are you ready to help save the Earth again?" asked Justin.

The Zord screeched in response letting Justin know it was ready.

"Right my new friend return to the ocean and I will call you when trouble gets to big" said Justin as he jumped out of the cockpit of the Zord and landed on the beach.

"Excuses me Green Ranger what are you doing in Reefside?" asked Cassidy.

Justin ignored her and played the tune that retreated the Dragonzord.

Cassidy tried again to interview the Green Ranger, but again the same response Justin just ignored her and finally a frustrated Cassidy walked away moaning to Devin "He doesn't have to be so rude I thought Rangers were supposed to be helpful and friendly that guy ain't"

Justin walked around to make sure Cassidy wasn't hiding anywhere so she could see who he really was. Once he was sure he said "POWER DOWN" and returned to Storm Blaster.

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